• Drama: ruby moon
    How has Cameron Malcher used dramatic forms, performance styles, techniques and conventions to communicate strong social and personal issues in his production of Ruby Moon? Contemporary Australian theatre mainly focuses on the reflection of the ‘real’ Australia and communicating to the audience
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  • Ruby moon
    As the director and dramaturge for a fully mounted production of, Ruby Moon by Matt Cameron for a festival with a focus on Australian society I must select a relevant scene for an audience to promote the entire play. Ruby Moon was written in 2003 by Matt Cameron (1969), a Melbourne playwright who wa
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  • Ruby moon essay
    DRAMA ESSAY Breanna Burgess Australian theatre practitioners use various performance styles, techniques and dramatic conventions to help portray their ideas to their audiences and make them feel a particular way to the ideas presented in a play. Without the use of these styles, techniques and c
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  • Drama essay-ruby moon/the seven stages of grieving
    How are the dramatic forms and theatrical techniques of the plays you have studied used to portray the struggles of the characters? Contemporary Australian theatre employs the elements of drama as well as the conventions and traditions of many theatre movements to portray the struggles of the cha
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  • Ruby moon
    Ruby Moon by Sam Stopforth Ruby Moon written by Matt Cameron in 2003 is a presentational non-realistic, contemporary Australian drama with representational elements in reference to its development of characters. The style is also that of a psychodrama as it exposes the gargantuan holes in Ray and
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  • Use of a thrust stage in ruby moon
    The texts studied in class, Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon prove to have great potential for being performed on a thrust stage. When presented with a space such as this, it allows the director to be exposed to a vast array of ideas, conventions and concepts that would not be effective on a proscenium ar
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  • Ruby moon
    Ruby Moon’s narrative structure can be described as episodic. This episodic narrative is significant to the character development and to the advancement of the plot through several ways. The episodic narrative slowly gives away the many paradoxes of Ray and Sylvie, and reveals these two main chara
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  • The plays we perform often display a frightening view of who we are. how are playwrights able to do this in ruby moon and stolen?
    The plays we perform often display a frightening view of who we are. How are playwrights able to do this in Ruby Moon and Stolen? The frightening view of who we are is explored by Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon and Jane Harrison’s Stolen, where the contemporary Australian theatrical practice is use
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  • Ruby moon
    Ruby Moon, a mysterious and eerie play written by Matt Cameron explores presentational theatre aspects and elements of absurdism. After World War II, many people were questioning life. Was life really what it seemed to be? Was life meaningful? The war caused theatre practioners to question the life
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  • Ruby moon research paper
    Researching the text What do you know about Matt Cameron? What influenced him to write Ruby Moon? * Matt Cameron is an Australian playwright who is known for writing Absurdist play. He puts an absurdist lens on things and distorts the everyday. Cameron has a lot of recurring elements in his w
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  • Australian theater ruby moon and stolen
    Contemporary Australian theatre mainly focuses on the reflection of the ‘real’ Australia and communicating to the audience real and modern issues/ideas that respond to the social climate and community. Australian theatre practitioners use various performance styles, techniques and dramatic conve
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  • Ruby moon essay
    The individual experiences found in Australian society are the fear of the unknown, grief and loss, life in a ‘cul-de-sac’ and identity. Matt Cameron explores these ideas in the play Ruby Moon through the use of cyclical structure, Absurd and Artaud theatre and transformational acting as well as
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  • Ruby moon essay
    Ruby Moon Essay In class we are performing ‘Ruby Moon’, the scene that we have chosen is scene 6 which is between Sonny Jim and Sylvie, this scene establishes the broken and psychotic world they inhabit and contextualises the grief felt by the protagonists. It demonstrates the dark and twisted
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  • Ruby moon
    When reading the play "Ruby Moon" it is easy to pick up on the personal and social tensions between characters. The descriptive nature of the stage directions and the very act of reading as opposed to just seeing on stage, being able to take time to look over each line, means that a reader can see w
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  • Ruby moon and a beautiful life
    Ruby Moon is a gothic fairytale, with the play repeatedly drawing on the familiar tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. A parent’s worst nightmare is to have lost their child, especially if the neighbour is assumed to have been involved. “The child randomly taken from our midst is an all-too-com
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  • ruby moon analysis
    Visual symbols- 7/11/13 One group focused on symbolizing Ray's grief through the use of the Ruby Doll. Ray was cradling the doll like a baby, trying to keep it safe from 'The Lord' in the scene with Dulcie and Ray. "What sort of God would take an innocent little girl" Dulcie makes...
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  • Ruby Moon Monologue
    Analysis of Ruby Moon Ruby Moon is set in Flamming tree grove, about a couple Ray and Sylvie who’s child Ruby goes missing. The worried parents continue to spend all their days and nights trying to piece together any information they can find about their missing daughter Ruby. As they...
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  • Ruby Moon
    How could the personal and social tensions between characters in the plays you have studied be expressed on stage? Australian plays make any normal situation intriguing and unique while exposing Australia’s cultural, social, political and personal issues and concerns. This influences the...
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  • Example of a drama and theatre task
    John Therry Catholic High School Assessment Task Outline Creative Arts: HSC Drama 2013 Area of Study: Contemporary Australian Drama Task Outline Part A) Students are to present a group performance blending two scenes from the texts set for study (Stolen and Ruby Moon). A journal is to be
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  • How does Australian Drama stage a range of theatre involving an individuals experience
    “How does Australian drama and theatre stage a range of the different individual experiences found in Australian society” Living in a multicultural Australian society, the individuals affiliated have adopted the ability to witness its diverse nature through the vast experiences presented...
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