• Food inflation
    Food inflation, fast food, and the rising price of healthy alternatives In America, the healthy foods that keep our weight in check and our bodies healthy are fast becoming unaffordable to many, and requiring a larger portion of the common household's budget to purchase. With the
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  • Alcohol advertising and advertising bans: a survey of research methods, results, and policy implications
    ALCOHOL ADVERTISING AND ADVERTISING BANS: A SURVEY OF RESEARCH METHODS, RESULTS, AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS Jon P. Nelson Department of Economics Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802 Tel.: (814)-865-8871 Fax: (814)-863-4775 jpn@psu.edu ABSTRACT This chapter surveys the literatures
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  • Language of advertising
    The Peculiarities of Advertising Language
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  • Advertising
    University of Huddersfield Repository Al-Juhiam, Osama M. An Empirical Investigation of the Cultural Impact on Consumer Perception and Attitude Towards Advertising Original Citation Al-Juhiam, Osama M. (2008) An Empirical Investigation of the Cultural Impact on Consumer Perception and Attitude Towa
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  • Influence consumer purchase behaviour for the coffee bean
    1. Introduction: In this 21st century, a demand of the coffee and tea is ever-increasing in complexity due to the new life style of modern people. People become more particular in choosing the coffee brand. Buyers hence may have to mainly rely on the brand image and the reputation of the manufactur
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  • Online advertising
    www.pwc.fr Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising Study conducted by PwC for IAB France and the SRI Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising Study conducted by PwC for IAB France and the SRI PwC | 63 rue de Villiers 92200 | Neuilly-sur-Seine Summary Introduction
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  • Report case-battling the onslaught of junk food marketing
    [pic] UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA MGM 3211 PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING Report Case-Battling the Onslaught of Junk Food Marketing CONTENTS |NO. |CONTENT |PAGES | |1
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  • Marketing fast food
    Fast-Food Marketing and Children’s Fast-Food Consumption: Exploring Parents’ Influences in an Ethnically Diverse Sample Sonya A. Grier, Janell Mensinger, Shirley H. Huang, Shiriki K. Kumanyika, and Nicolas Stettler Fast-food marketing to children is considered a contributor to childhood obesit
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  • Attitude of food
    Jae Han Min Instructor: Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Hsieh Attitudes of International Students toward University Dining Services Introduction and purpose Developments in transportation technology ultimately broke cultural barriers that existed between different countries. As a result, it is more possi
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  • Impact of unhealthy food advertisements on children
    Impact of unhealthy food advertisements on children Abstract Studies have shown that a trend toward junk food consumption has been increased among children in Pakistan, which is ultimately leading to childhood obesity. Our purpose of study is analyzing the impact of food advertisements on the
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  • Advertising
    Coffee Cooking Tips Recipes & Food and Drink Wine & Spirits Elder Care Babies & Toddler Pregnancy Acne Aerobics & Cardio Alternative Medicine Beauty Tips Depression Diabetes Exercise & Fitness Hair Loss Medicine Meditation Muscle Building & Bodybuilding Nutrition Nutritional Supplements Weight Loss
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  • A comparison between advertising agencies’ and pr agencies’ internationalization motives and entry modes - eight cases from sweden
    A comparison between advertising agencies’ and PR agencies’ internationalization motives and entry modes - Eight cases from Sweden 1. Abstract The firm internationalization literature is extensive, but dominated by studies of technical, often large, firms. The service firm internationalizat
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  • Social influence of television advertisement on children a case study of selected primary schools in somolu local government area
    CHAPTER ONE 1. BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Social influence is defined as “a change in an individual’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or behaviors that results from interaction with another individual or a group of people”. Social influence is distinct from conformity, power, and author
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  • Fast food industry
    Salt in Hamburgers You might want to reconsider that next Big Mac - New Zealand has saltier burgers than the United States, Canada and Britain, researchers say. The Canadian Medical Association analysed the salt levels in common fast foods in six countries, and found that, while New Zealand was n
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  • An analysis of the correlation between food marketing and childhood obesity
    An Analysis of the Correlation Between Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity Karima Kaddouri Spring 2012 Research Paper # 2 Overweight children are an increasingly serious problem from the public health perspective, as they are at risk for a large number of diseases and medical issues like d
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  • Fast food marketing to children
    Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity [pic] Integrated Marketing Communications Dr. Yaniv Gvili June 6, 2012 Karen Levi Yehuda Marcus Tom Di Capua Marketing fast food to children has been associated with the growing rate of childhood obesity and has been a serious concern for pu
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  • Food advertisment
    Negative Effects of Food Advertisements on Children Advertisers always keep in mind their audiences and competition is the force which causes advertisers to target children. Targeting involves the intentional pursuit of specific segments of society – groups and even individuals (Turow 82). Childr
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  • Reseach on determinents of junk food habbit of youngsters
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  • Food life course
    FE 6001: Advanced Food Consumer behaviour Food Life Courses 10/12/2010 Abstract This model by Furst et al 1996, consists of an overview and analysis of the food life course model. It comprises of three main components. The first element of this model is the food life course. This involves
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  • Children and advertising
    CHILDREN AND ADVERTISING a.) Children’s understanding of advertising Children enjoy and remember advertisements but this does not necessarily mean that they have an impact on their behaviour. Research conducted by Dr. Brian Young has shown that children do understand the difference between ad
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