"Do You Consider Outsourcing As A Pro Or Con In Reaching Health Care Strategic Goals Why" Essays and Research Papers

Do You Consider Outsourcing As A Pro Or Con In Reaching Health Care Strategic Goals Why

Pros and Cons of Information Technology Offshoring Outsourcing Information Technology (IT) has many advantages and disadvantages. IT Outsourcing is just similar to any other type of overseas development services. Nowadays Offshore Software Development is expanding all over the world. Previously, outsourcing decision was as simple as checking the budget, experience of the service provider and present in-house ability. Outsourcing is a hot button issue for many Americans. There are some that agree...

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Outsourcing - Pros and cons

Outsourcing BUS 630: Managerial Accounting Outsourcing The pros and cons of outsourcing varies by industry, size of organization, organizational structure, and many other components. The pros and cons are highlighted and the fall of Satyam to encompass a full range of accounting aspects. All size organizations outsource a portion of his or her business. Therefore, taking time to reflect on the points identified in this paper may enlighten or create ideas for consideration regarding outsourcing...

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Pros and Cons of Obama Care

Affordable Care Act withstood many trials on its way toward becoming reality, from epic congressional battles, to a pivotal Supreme Court ruling, to — finally — yesterday's Presidential election. Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images Obama's reelection means his health-care reform act has dodged its last bullet, and the age of universal mandates, penalty taxes and tax credits will almost certainly go into effect, although probably not exactly as scheduled on Jan. 1, 2014. What do you need to do to get...

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

International Business 14 Feb 2013 Outsourcing Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization. The term "outsourcing" became popular in the United States near the turn of the 21st century.(6) Outsourcing is big business today even for small businesses. Like every business decision we are faced with the advantages as well as the disadvantages of relocating part or all of a business. Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing trends in business...

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Should You Offer Employees Health Care Benefits?

Should You Offer Employees Health Care Benefits? Health care benefits are optional for most employers, but of critical importance to most employees. Employers should be aware of the pros and cons of offering health benefits to their employees. Benefits are a critical piece of an employee compensation package, and health care benefits are the crown jewel. Health care benefits, along with time-off benefits, are the most popular of benefits to employees. Every employer must at least consider whether...

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Health Care Plan

ObamaCare pros and cons Lack of doctors, more spending, and distressed Americans is what we can relate to The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. The ACA was signed into law on March 23, 2010 intended to reform the healthcare industry. “ObamaCare's goal is to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance, and to reduce the growth in health care spending in the U.S” The general American population go back and forth on the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act. Personally...

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Pros and Cons of Managed Care

Pros and Cons of Managed Care Some of the pros for managed care are; Preventive care — HMOs pay for programs, they are set up and are intended at keeping one healthy (yearly checkups, gym memberships, etc.)The idea is, so they won't have to pay for more costly services when and if one gets sick. Lower premiums — Because there are limits set as to which doctors one can see and when one can see them, HMOs charge a premium and usually they are lower premiums. Prescriptions — As part of their precautionary...

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Outsourcing & America: Doing it Ethically Are outsourcing and offshoring considered unethical? Do the costs of outsourcing outweigh the benefits? Should we withhold our trust from companies who are currently offshoring jobs? These are just some of the compelling questions the American consumers and business professionals of today are asking. The true blue U.S. economist and I both agree the answer to all three of these questions is, “No!” However, with all ethical debates and dilemmas, the...

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Outsourcing It Jobs: Pros and Cons

Outsourcing IT Jobs: Pros and Cons In 1973, a monumental shift was prevailing where U.S. companies were sending low skilled jobs within the manufacturing industry to offshore countries to reduce labor cost while maximizing profits. The effect of the jobless manufacturing work force was a shift of those laborers to focus on and perfect the service industry of what it is today (Koch 1). During the high tech recessions of the late 1990s and a nominal expansion of the present time, the Information...

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Strategic Management Pros and Cons

What does strategic management mean to widen in hospitality management? Hotels and restaurants are among the most competitive businesses in the world. The hospitality Industry primarily consists of businesses that provide accommodation, food and beverage, Or some combination of these activities. Hospitality businesses provide services, which differ From tangible products because they are immediately consumed and require a people - intensive Creation process. They differ from other service establishments...

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Pros and Cons for Outsourcing

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing services in the US By Berend Schoute (1713035), student of the VU university Amsterdam. INTRODUCTION Hillary Clinton, "I don't know what reality the Bush administration is living in, but it's certainly not the reality I represent, from one end of New York to the other." This response came on the statement of the head of U.S. President George W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, Gregory Mankiw. He said: "outsourcing is just a new way of doing international ...

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Riordan Manufacturing Inc. What role should ethical and social responsibility considerations have in Riordan’s strategic management plan? Ethical and social responsibility should be strongly considered in Riordan’s strategic management plan. Companies that support strategic corporate social responsibility focus on factors such as identifying opportunities and threats facing stakeholders, managing relationships with stakeholders, creating sustainable business practices, and most...

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Federal Health Care

Federal Health Care Federal health care is one of the biggest social and economic problems Americans face today. Due to the rising cost of medical care and health insurance, many Americans are either uninsured or do not have adequate coverage. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly known as Obama Care, is part of a decade-long effort to reform the nation’s health care system and ensure that more Americans have adequate and affordable health care coverage (Salem Press Encyclopedia...

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why do you care

individual in-class assignments. An essential part of course participation is taking notes. Written Assignments All formal drafts must be submitted following APA guidelines. When submitting final writing assignments, you must include all the work you have produced during the writing process; please organize this work appropriately and submit it in a clearly labeled file folder or envelope. Be sure to keep all returned assignments until the end of the semester. Academic Policies ...

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Outsourcing: Strategic Management and Company

Outsourcing Outsourcing is a business strategy that has been around since the eighties and has grown in popularity year after year since. There should be advantages to outsourcing for this trend to occur. There are however certain types of companies that would disagree with this method. Outsourcing has become one of the most controversial issues in business today. This report will explore different approaches on this matter to try and understand whether outsourcing is always the best option or...

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Gatekeepers' Pros and Cons

gatekeeper is a primary care provider who acts as an agent for patients. They coordinate medical care so that patient receives appropriate services and also provide referrals to specialists. Typically, primary care physicians include family practitioner, generalist physician and pediatrician. Ideally, gatekeepers are much like family doctors, they focus on the health of the person as a whole instead of a single organ. They help emphasize prevention care and establish appropriate health screening based on...

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Creatine: Pros & Cons

Creatine: Pros & Cons Presented to Dr. Joel A Bloom In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements For HLT 4397-Medical Terminology By Michael Esparza The University of Houston College of Education Health Program Department of Educational Psychology April 28, 2013 Section I: As with any supplement, there are always going to be some pros and cons while using that supplement. This paper is designed to do just that, list the pros and cons of using creatine so you can get a better understanding...

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Pros and Cons of Online Business

The pros and cons of an online business With the advent of the internet, businesses have taken to new found markets according to a Jupiter study more than $107 billion was spent over the internet. This has opened new doors to entrepreneurs to start a business using the internet. Not to be confused with the dot.com business that busted in early 2000, but a legitimate businesses. Starting an online business like everything else in life has its positive and negatives aspects. These are some...

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Pro and Cons Team Work

Pro: A small number of people working as a team can accomplish more than the same people working individually. Effective teamwork involves maximizing the strengths of a team Con: Conflict, Because individuals often have different ideas about how tasks should be accomplished Con: Passing the Buck * When someone is working alone, he is aware that if he doesn't do something it isn't going to get done. There is no possibility of passing the buck or waiting for someone else to take care...

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Health Care

b Running Head: OBAMACARE The Obama Care Policy American National Government POL 201 Jacqueline Arnold Instructor Kimminau January 8, 2013 OBAMACARE 1 In this short essay about the “Obama HealthCare Policy,” I will discuss the problems of the policy. I plan to explain the history, and the meaning of this policy. In this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of the Obama HealthCare Policy, as well as the issue’s with the Federalism...

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Pros & Cons of Textbooks

Central Idea: Pro and cons of textbooks in the classroom. Introduction: Textbooks, they have always been a part of our lives, right? However, have you ever wondered why, when, and where did they actually come from? Books, in one form or another, have always existed whether on clay tablets, papyrus rolls, or on sheets of vellum. When Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1448, it ushered in an era of mass-producing books. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Gutenberg Bible...

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Pros and Cons

better listeners than men. | Pro (yes, for, good) | Con (no, against, bad) | 1. Women are nurturing by nature. | 1. Tend to get too emotional. | 2. Like to listen and be supportive. | 2. Don’t see a problem in sharing your personal issues with others. | 3. Care to know all details and facts, no matter how long it takes. | 3. Will tend to feel they know it all. | 4. Will give advice based on personal experiences. | 4. Can often talk endlessly while trying to give you advice. | 5. Women try to...

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Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants

Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants Project Unit 9 Marycelis Rodriguez Lopez KU 109-21 Professor Andrews October 26, 2010 Health Care for Illegal Immigrants Health care is a very complicated subject especially lately with the new reform that the government is implementing. A highly increasing portion of the population it’s currently uninsured not including a large percent that are immigrants in need of health care coverage. For this population we have to keep...

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Epidemiological Principles and Health Care System Strategic Planning

Epidemiological Principles Incorporated into the Strategic Plan The University of Washington Medical Center is ranked #6 for diabetes and endocrinology, #8 for cancer, #16 for neurology and neurosurgery, #23 for genetics, #26 for nephrology, as well as five other specialties. Specific to epidemiology, the opening section of the organization’s strategic plan states “…supports the three major activities that advance this mission: providing outstanding patient care and health promotion programs, advancing medical...

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Pros and Cons of Abortion

Pros and Cons 1 Pros and Cons of Abortion Gloria J. Brown Pros and Cons 2 Some people believe that an embryo is not a life until all the parts are defined as human. Life begins with a cell. From the moment the cell or egg is fertilized it becomes an embryo, an organism in its early stage of development, a life. So life starts at the moment it is fertilized and removing it or destroying it, aborting it, is ultimately...

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Selecting Childcare: Pros and Cons

Description of assignment Suppose you were seeking a child-care setting for your 6-month-old baby. What would you want it to be like, and why? Address issues such as (but not limited to): Physical setting Personnel qualifications Health, safety, and nutrition Mental, emotional, and cognitive stimulation Cost Proximity Support your opinions with citations from at least three academic sources (not websites or popular press). Selecting child care for a young baby can be an overwhelming...

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Environmental Issues on Global Health

University of Phoenix Material Environmental Issues on Global Health Seven Environmental Issues Complete the following chart by identifying seven environmental issues that affect global health. In the second column, describe in complete sentences how the issue affects global health. |Environmental issue |How does the issue affect global health? | |Conservation |It is an ethic resource use...

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Set you goal for success

Why Set Goals? Goal setting is used by top-level achievers in all fields. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make most of your life. By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take necessary steps in the achievement of those goals, and you'll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed impossible to achieve. You will also...

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Pro/Con Paying College Athletets

Pro Con- Paying College Athletes Even though paying college athletes may be fair in some people’s eyes, there are many negatives to this topic that could affect college sports for today’s athletes and the future of their sport. The NCAA and their colleagues all have different views and they vary from being supportive and backing up the idea, to being one hundred percent against it. No matter what type of fan it is and no matter what sport it is, there are positive and negative views on this argument...

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Universal Healthcare: The Pros and Cons

Universal Healthcare: The Pros and Cons On March 23, 2010 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed by President Obama, raising the question for many of whether this new law was going to be more helpful or hurtful. With universal healthcare, healthcare coverage would be increased tremendously, costs would be reduced, jobs would be created, and consumers would be protected. Conversely, it will also raise taxes and wait times, lead to a smaller number of doctors, and infringe on...

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Outsourci

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing? Outsourcing is often undertaken to provide enterprises a competitive advantage by delegating business process to external agencies and realizing the benefits of low labor, better quality and improved innovation. While this provides a good picture of the fair side of the coin, most managers however need to grope with the possible shortcoming of the process and the corresponding impact on the company’s core processes. To best analyze the opportunities presented...

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Health Care Reform

Adam Creason, Robert Warnock Dr. Ha ECON 232 16 November 2012 Health Care Reform The state of the economy in the United States is dependent upon many different things: tax rates, the national budget, employment/unemployment rates, and the national debt to name a few. However another topic that is still huge, but may not be thought of as an economic issue by some, is health care reform. Health care reform has been a widely debated topic among political parties since the last election in 2008...

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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros and Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is a very common street and recreational drug that comes from the marijuana plant. The plant that produces marijuana, as is well known, is the hemp plant cannabis sativa. The pharmacologically active ingredient in marijuana is tetra-hydro-cannabinol. Marijuana is used to heighten perception, affect mood and relax. It is estimated that about thirty percent of adults in the U.S. use marijuana. Many people think marijuana is harmless. It is not....

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Globalization of Health Care

Globalization of Health Care IBA 301.90, Week 1 Assignment 1 Abstract For the longest time it has been thought that health care is one of the industries least vulnerable to dislocation from globalization. As we see in many service businesses, health care is usually delivered where it is purchased. Some of the trends began with specific diagnostic procedures, such as MRI scans. Some estimates suggest the outsourcing of many administrative procedures in health care could reduce health care costs in...

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HCS 325 Health Care Management Complete Course

HCS 325 (Health Care Management) Complete Course Week 1-5 Click HERE Or Copy & paste below link in your Brower http://www.justassignment.com/HCS-325-Complete-Course-Health-Care-Management-82.htm Or Visit : www.JustAssignment.com E-Mail us at Justassignment@gmail.com) HCS 325 (Health Care Management) Week 1 Week 1 DQ 1 There are four cyclic steps described as the functions of management. Consider only one of the components described in these functions or processes and describe if and how...

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Health Care and Economics

institutions, and the resources used to deliver health care services in order to meet the health needs of a certain population. There are different types of healthcare system including:Privatizedsystem, socializedsystem, universalsystem, community system.The privatized way of system is based on premium insurance. This is where the profits are used to pay the staff and also buy equipment. “healthcare for which an individual chooses a private company that offers health insurance plans---which must be paid for...

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Hcs 235 Health Care Utilization Paper

Health Care Utilization HCS235 Health Care Utilization HCS 235 October 30, 2012 Health Care Utilization The Affordable Care Act was signed into law March 23, 2010 by President Barack Obama; however, the constitutionality of the law remained in question. In a controversial 5-to-4 ruling, The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law on June 28, 2012. The ACA is thought by some as the United States health care rescue, and as its downfall by others. It is estimated that the ACA will provide new...

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2015 Outsourcing Destroys Middle Class Picture this: your company is doing well but you realize that the cost of materials and employees, here in America, is costing your company too much money and the profit you are getting is minimal. You decide the best thing for your company is outsourcing. As a company owner your main concern lies in the interest of the company, not the effects it will have on America’s wealth. You want your company to succeed by increasing your profits; therefore, you want...

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health information exchange

Health Information Exchange The Health information exchange or also known as HIE is the sending of healthcare-related data electronically to facilities, health information organizations and government agencies according to national standards. The goal is to be able to access and retrieve data more efficient, safer, and to improve the quality of care and patient safety and reduce healthcare costs. The Health Information Exchange has existed for over two decades. In the 1990s there were...

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Why Do I Want an Mba?

Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 1 Why Do I Want An MBA? Sandra R. Schubert MGT/521- Management December 10, 2010 Edward Darley Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 2 Why Do I Want An MBA? A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree not only opens many doors of opportunity for the possessor of the degree, it also increases one’s potential for earning higher salaries and developing a better career path. Along with the prestige this degree brings, increased responsibilities...

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America's Health Care vs. Canada's Health Care

American vs. Canada, Who Has the Better Health Care System? Canada In the 1960’s, Canada reformed its system providing a universal single payer health care system which covers all services provided by physicians and hospitals it is mostly free at point of use and has most services provided by private entities. Single payer health care is the financing of costs of delivering universal health care for an entire population through a single insurance pool. The government took over full funding...

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Interview of a Health Care Leader

Running head: INTERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE LEADER Interview of Health Care Leader Jonell Benson University of Phoenix NURS/492 August 16, 2010 Charles Silveri Interview of Health Care Leader A leader is a person who has a vision (Owen, 2002). A leader has drive and is committed to achieving their goals and vision. Leaders focus their attention on problems that need to be fixed, and will tackle the situation at hand. Leaders are determined, motivated, careful planners and effective communicators...

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What Is an Optimal Level of Health Care

Model for Health Care Stephanie Fontes ECON 402—Wednesday’s Class Due Date: November 2nd, 2011 What is an optimal model for health care? This is a highly debated issue internationally. Much of the debate centers around whether health care should be treated as a type of public—good supplied by the government and funded by taxpayers. Others believe that a better system is delivered by the private sector. Another model advocates a public/private mix. This analysis will consider several...

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Pros and Cons of Healthcare

Pros and Cons of Managed care Written by Hassel Hamilton University of Axia Introduction Everyone knows what it is like being sick and cannot afford to see a doctor because of high cost of healthcare well I suggest that we take a look into the mirror and see the reflections of the Pros and cons of managed care , and traditional insurance before Making a change . Managed care ...

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Pros and Cons of Facebook

Pros and Cons of Facebook Kelly Witzka ENG 101 Essay1 April 29, 2013 Pros and cons of Facebook Facebook is a social network on the internet. It was founded in February 2004, by a man named Mark ZuckerBurg. Today Facebook has over one billion users; that is about three times the population of the United States! Even after nine years, its popularity is still very much on the rise, and it has definitely passed the stage where it can be shrugged off as mass hysteria. The site...

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Health Care and Slide

HCS/449 Week Five Outline Team “C” Slide 1: Title Page/Linda Slide 2: Introduction/Linda Slide 3: Technology/ Identify the challenges faced by the health care organization in the case study. Qiana      a. Electronic medical records transformation/purchasing program b. Learning how the program works c. Training staff on how to use program d. Notifying patience of changes e. Converting practice and old medical records f. Backing the system up Slide 4&5:...

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Jamie D’Arco Introduction to Outsourcing Outsourcing is when a company uses another outside company to fulfill goods or services needed for their own company in order to cut costs. Also, it is usually practiced more successfully by larger companies and businesses. For example, one company may use another outside company for call services, email or pay roll because it is cheaper than for them to have an in-house department take care of these tasks. Today there are companies that exist for the...

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Health Care, Do We Need a Change?

Health Care, Do We Need a Change? Desiree Brownell Mrs. Greene April 4, 2010 It was said by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that 43.8 million people were uninsured in 2008 and the number of persons uninsured has elevated since. Could you imagine being ill and not being able to afford the care that you need? Healthcare seems to be a very popular subject, especially these days. Health care is so popular now that the government is even debating over it, and that includes...

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The pros and cons of distance learning opposed

Q. The pros and cons of Distance Learning opposed to Traditional Classroom Teaching AIM 1. 2. To brief you about the pros and cons of distance learning as compared to classroom teaching. To make recommendations of how learners can ensure that distance learning is SEQUENCE      Introduction Advantages of distance learning as compared to classroom teaching Disadvantages of distance learning as compared to classroom teaching Recommendations Conclusion   Traditional Classroom Teaching...

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Pro Con Universal Health Care

I didn’t bulk this into a PRO and CON section per say. I felt like it would flow better and make more sense if I could play pro/con on each system. Should the US have some form of universal health care? I must say prior to watching this video I was very uneducated yet very judgmental on the issue of universal health care President Obama is trying to push right now. I remember reading not too long ago in the paper that by 2016 if a US citizen doesn’t carry insurance they will be penalized on their...

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Pros and Cons of Mcdonalds

Why I will never eat at McDonalds (Pros And Cons Of McDonalds) The golden arches of McDonalds... Fast foods...Junk foods...Processed foods.... They all have taken permanent residence in our lives. They're tasty and some of the best 'anytime' snacks that always have at least a couple of takers. No wonder they are so popular. In this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of fast foods in general and McDonalds particulalrly (as it’s the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants...

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Tap Water Pros and Cons

Tap Water Pros and Cons Pros | Cons | Monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). | Some water is carried in lead pipes from utility companies to homes, which means lead can leach from pipes into the water. | Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA)of 1996 have made drinking water safer. | The EPA allows tap water to have 10 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic in it, although scientists now know there is no safe level of arsenic. | Numerous tests are conducted...

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Pro and Cons of New Health Care Reform

individuals of African and Asian ancestry and is inherited. | -Most of these clients are obese. When weight is lost, insulin resistance diminishes, but reappears if patient regains the weight. A strong family history of diabetes is often evident. Many clients do not require insulin, but eventually one third will need insulin to maintain a normal glucose level. This is what used to be called noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), or adult-onset diabetes. | Hyperglycemia results when the pancreas cannot...

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Outsourcing can be defined as “the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources.: Outsourcing is a strategy by which an organization contracts out major functions to specialized and efficient service providers, who become valued business partners. Sometimes outsourcing involves the transfer of employees from the company to the outsourcing company. Here are some common reasons: * Reduce and control operating costs * Improve company...

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Pros and Cons of Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana for the Use of Medicinal Purposes: The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana Laynee Scarborough-Bowser Kaplan University CM 109-04 Marijuana, For the Use of Medicinal Purposes: The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana The legalization and use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes is a controversial subject within the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress, and Society. Here, the writer will examine the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, who is permitted...

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Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

Pros and Cons of Euthanasia Is mercy killing humane? Do we have the right to assess whether a life is worth living? Should euthanasia be practiced only in the terminally ill people or for the debilitated and mentally ill too? In this write up, we get into the heart of the matter by looking at the pros and cons of euthanasia. The word euthanasia is derived from the Greek language where 'eu means good' and 'thanasia means death'. Euthanasia also known as mercy killing. It is a way of painlessly terminating...

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Reproductive Health Bill

providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and for Other Purposes, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or An Act Providing For a National Policy on Reproductive Health and Population and Development. Also, couple of years passed since divisive arguments started mocking our ears. The pros and cons continually play tug of war in debate of whether passing the bill or not. The Reproduction Health bills, or RH bills, as they are commonly called, aim...

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Pros and Cons of Organized Sports for Youths

 Pros and Cons of Organized Sports for Youths Sports in America are one of the biggest sensations around. They are everywhere you turn and they become a big part of most people’s lives, whether they actually participate in the sport or just watch it on television. Media and television play a huge role in the obsession for sports. Constantly you see a professional athlete on a commercial, and see games on throughout the day. Also sports becomes a business, they sell their jerseys,...

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Pros/Cons of Abortion

Pros and Cons of Abortion Abortion is a very controversial subject that has been continually argued over for the past few years and probably many years to come. The main controversy is should abortion be legalized? First before we get into the many sides of abortion we must first define abortion. Abortion is the destruction of the fetus or unborn child while the child is still in the mother’s womb. This can be done by almost anyone from the mother herself to back alley abortions and even to abortions...

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Pros and Cons of Euthenasia

Microsoft | Euthanasia/Assisted suicide | Where do the people stand | By Melinda Ziesman | | 1/9/2012 | The pros and cons of euthanasia/ assisted suicide and my own opinion | Should the use of euthanasia or physician- assisted suicide be legal? "The right of a competent, terminally ill person to avoid excruciating pain and embrace a timely and dignified death bears the sanction of history and is implicit in the concept of ordered...

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