• Do artifacts have politics
    "Do artifacts have politics?" Discuss Langdon Winner's question and give some examples. Iva N. Ivanova ivai@ifi.uio.no First semester at UiO Word count: 2103 Introduction The objective of this paper is to discuss Langdon Winners theory on the politics of technolog
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  • Langdon winner, do artifacts have politics
POLITICS? [from Winner, L. (1986). The whale and the reactor: a search for limits in an age of high technology. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 19-39.] No idea is more provocative in controversies about technology and society than the notion that technical things have polit
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  • Artifacts?
    Do artifacts have politics? "Of course not". Such has been for many years the common sense answer: technical objects are as neutral as Aesop's tongue. They simply take the shape given to them. But when the philosopher Langdon Winner raised the question, several decades ago, his answer was a resoundi
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  • “Artifacts of the ancient world”
    “Artifacts of the Ancient World” The great civilizations of India, China, Japan, Africa and Mesoamerica left behind artifacts that are preserved in museums across the world. The Art Institute Museum, in Chicago, carries artifacts from each one of these great civilizations. One artifact from e
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  • Politics
    HISTORY Higher Secondary - First Year Prepared as per recommendation of the Textbook Development Committee, this New Textbook is prepared according to the Syllabus published in 2003-04. © Government of Tamilnadu First Edition - 2007 Chairperson Dr. C. Thiruvenkadam Reader in History, Pa
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  • Roman politics
    Roman Politics If I lived in ancient Rome, I would prefer the empire because during those times, it provided a safer haven to people, and prosperity reigned over the land. The word “empire” comes form the Latin word imperium which means that the rulers of ancient Rome had absolute authority
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  • Exhibiting racism: the cultural politics of lynching photography re-presentation
    EXHIBITING RACISM: THE CULTURAL POLITICS OF LYNCHING PHOTOGRAPHY RE-PRESENTATIONS by Erika Damita’jo Molloseau Bachelor of Arts, Western Michigan University, 2001 Master of Arts, University of Pittsburgh, 2003 Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of School of Arts and Sciences in partial fulfil
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  • The politics of art
    Reviewing current art, both locally and globally, it appears that much of it has or purports to have a political content. One reason for this focus is that technological advances encourage snatching digitized fragments from reality that document the persistent global nightmare of human inhumanity. T
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  • Indigenous tourism: the cultural politics of appropriation, re-identification and re-presentation.
    INDIGENOUS TOURISM: THE CULTURAL POLITICS OF APPROPRIATION, RE-IDENTIFICATION AND RE-PRESENTATION Tourism is an industry: its structures exist solely because profit can be generated. However, it offers a paradox because by offering employment and income by capitalising upon and giving value to a
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  • Short Writing Assignment #2 - Technology, Politics and Values
    This week you have learned from political theorist, Langdon Winner that technological artifacts are political. Examples are aircraft, bus overpasses and tomato harvester. You have also learned that political systems influence technological development with globalization impacting global...
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