• Reckless teen driving: teenager's mistakes that cause their accidents
    Reckless Teen Driving: Teenagers’ Mistakes that Cause Their Accidents I had a first-hand experience with the problem of reckless teen driving. It was a sunny Saturday in mid July 2006, when my friend, with a slow and trembling voice, announced to me that a person, who means unimaginabl
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  • Driving age 18
    Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will agree that the legal driving age should be changed to 18 years of age. Introduction I. The driving age should be raised to 18; people at the age of 16 are too young to handle the responsibility of driving a car. II. “The risk of cras
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  • Dangerous driving habits
    Many of Today’s Drivers Have Dangerous Habits The majority of traffic accidents are caused by dangerous driving habits acquired and practiced by drivers. A recently new dangerous habit is the use of a cell phone while driving. The most dangerous driving habit is driving after consuming alcohol
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  • Driving
    Have you ever driven pass someone or someone pass you and noticed that they had dangerous driving habits? Have you ever noticed that you have dangerous driving habits? Many people have very hazardous and risky driving habits and do not care about the safety of the other drivers or passengers around
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  • Cell phones while driving
    Cell Phones and Driving In today’s society we’ve all become attached to our cell phones. Cell phones make our lives easier in many ways we can check our email, receive phone calls, send text messages, listen to music, and take pictures, all at our finger tips. With all this convenience, howev
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  • Texting and driving
    Driving a Thin Line I’d be lying if I said I never text while driving. But I recognize the dangers, and try to do it as little as possible. However, there are still incidents that occur. One day, I was driving down Highway 6, passing Walmart, and received a text from my brother asking what time
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  • Texting and driving
    English 111 26 June 2009 A Fatal Addiction One minute you’re talking on the phone with a friend, driving home from the store, the next you wake up in a hospital bed with serious injuries covering your body, wondering what happened. An estimated amount of traffic injuries and deaths combined are
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  • Texting while driving
    My topic on my argument paper is on distractions while driving. I know that there are a lot of different distractions while we drive. But the one thing that bothers me is the law that there is on texting while driving. I know that it’s not good to text while you drive because how can you be paying
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  • Cell phones and driving, never ending fight
    Cell Phones and Driving, Never Ending Fight Cell Phones and Driving, the Never Ending Fight It’s a difficult issue, and everyone is going to have their own opinions, but I believe that talking on cell phones while driving should not be illegal, while texting and driving at the same ti
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  • Texting while driving
    Almost 50% of all drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 are texting while driving. Texting while driving should be illegal. Texting causes crashes, injury, and possible death. Texting and driving is a huge problem in America, especially among teens and young adults. One reason why texting and drivin
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  • Texting while driving
    The Dangers of Texting While Driving A Review of Some Related Literature Brittany Brown Composition, Summer, Session A Professor June Avant August 25, 2010 In today’s society people have become completely dependent on their cell phones. They make lives easier in many ways b
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  • Texting while driving
    Brandon Zarecky C&C/Formal #3 Prof. Galati March 27, 2010 Texting While Driving The average Joe is sitting in his Honda on Interstate 90 when his cell phone goes off. Of course, hearing the recognizable text message vibration or ringtone creates curiosity, so Joe thinks, “Maybe it’s my fr
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  • Driving
    People Who Drive In this day and age there are so many of drivers on the roads. Each day the number increases, which leads to more and more accidents. Many accidents are caused by numerous of reasons; all of the older people that are driving, people who think it’s alright to not use proper signa
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  • Teting and driving
    Americans today tend to believe that texting while driving is not dangerous, but they are wrong. “U.S. Teen Report Frightening Levels of Texting While Driving” by Ashley Hasley III, proves that just this last year there were over 5,000 people dead and more than 500,000 people injured because of
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  • Talking on the phone while driving essay
    essay for ticket On may third two thousand and ten, at nine o'clock in the morning i received a ticket for driving while in use of a motor vehicle. At the time of the suspected incident, i had just pulled up to a red stop light and was running a little late because of the traffic. So i d
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  • Distracted driver law paper
    Running head: DISTRACTED DRIVER LAW Distracted Drivers; a National Dilemma Abstract Maine Public Law Chapter 446 Section 1. 29-A MRSA §2117 prohibits any activity that may distract a driver thereby impairing their ability to drive. Due to the overwhelming increase of cell phone use while dr
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  • Driving
    Distracted Driving Driving is a part of our every day lives. In today’s society you must drive to survive. Although it is acceptable to be comfortable with driving we must not lose focus on the fact that there are many things to go wrong. If our mind becomes alleviated from the task at hand f
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  • Dangerous driving habits
    Dangerous Driving Habits A few years ago most of the traffic accidents were mainly caused by impaired drivers who were either under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. According to the 2009 Florida Traffic Crash Statistics that number has considerably dropped compared to previous years. I
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  • Ban on texting and driving a good one?
    Ban on Texting and Driving a Good One? Ban on Texting and Driving a Good One? A Review of Some Related Literature August 6, 2010 In today’s society we’ve all become attached to our cell phones. They make our lives easier in many ways because of the useful features and functions that as
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  • Texting while driving
    Kenzie Henderson Mrs. Mann English 4 21 April 2010 Texting while driving is NOT worth the risk The number one source of driver inattention is use of a cell phone. Drivers that text or talk on cell phones while driving are four times more likely to get into crashes serious enough
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