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Distance Learning Democratization Of Education

DISTANCE LEARNING: DEMOCRATIZATION OF EDUCATION Distance education or distance learning is a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technology with the aim of delivering teaching, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom. It has been described as "a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both....

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Distance Learning: The New Frontier in Education

Distance learning has started to become more visible in today’s society. It has been recognized as an integral part of the education system. While still not being utilized in all places, it’s spreading and gaining ground as one of the more popular ways to deliver information. As a means of educating students, distant learning helps plug holes that have been created by a lack of a certified teacher being available. Through distance learning, technology has become an intricate part of how students...

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The Necessity for Distance Education and E-Learning

E-LEARNING: NEW MANTRA FOR DISTANCE EDUCATION Dr.R.Sivakumar Introduction The old correspondence courses were the first Distance Learning courses but with the advent of Internet in the eighties, e-Learning became new mantra for delivering higher education courses over really long distances. The Internet opened new possibilities and now any type of learning content, be it for school, graduate or masters level, employee training, research activity or any other type of academic offering...

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Distance Learning

Distance learning Distance learning has been around for a long time in the form of correspondence, in which assignments were completed without supervision and submitted to an instructor via mail. Most courses were quite basic and did not allow for much, if any, teacher-student or student-teacher interaction. The introduction of the Internet, however, changed this model for delivering and submitting educational content. Computers allow more complicated information, more engaging instructional materials...

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Distance education

 DISTANCE EDUCATION: ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM BEYOND BORDER History Distance education dates back to at least as early as 1728 when an advertisement in the Boston Gazette promoted "Caleb Phillips, Teacher of the new method of Short Hand," who sought students who wanted to learn through weekly mailed lessons. Similarly, Isaac Pitman taught shorthand in Great Britain via correspondence in the 1840s. Distance education has a long history, but its popularity and use has grown exponentially...

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distance education

Many people use distance-learning programs (study material post, TV, Internet, etc.) to study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefits of attending college or university. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 第一次 Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the vehicle of accessing to knowledge and skills. However, whether people should be given access to knowledge by distance-learning programs or by attending college has caused...

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Distance Learning

Education for the Future Every child that grows up in our marvelous country is required to go to school and receive an education. The way that each child receives an education is up to the school. There are over 37,000 public and private high schools across the United States. Some high schools offer the opportunity to take online classes, but the majority of distance learning occurs in the college/university setting. As many people are aware of, college students come from a very wide background;...

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The Transformation of Music Education Through Distance Learning

The Transformation of Music Education through Distance Learning Introduction Having grown up in a rural community in Newfoundland and Labrador, I was taught by only three different teachers between grades kindergarten and grade six, in a multi-grade school structure. These teachers had to do everything from providing canteen services to teaching physical education. I did not have the opportunity to have a music program until I was bussed to another community for junior high. I immediately...

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Distance Learning

Government College University Faisalabad Striving for Excellence tion 6th Posi in nking HEC Ra Distance Learning Education Admission Notice Programs Offered in Spring Semester 2013 B.Com (2 Years) Eligibility 1- Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 45% marks from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Punjab and Pakistan will be considered for admission. 2- In case of ‘A level’, the equivalence certificate from IBCC, Islamabad shall be required. M.Sc Economics (2 Years)...

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Distance Learning

alone, there was a 13% increase in registration for distance learning classes throughout the public university system. (Beverly Creamer, 2003) It is now possible for people to learn conveniently from home or office. People that want to go to school can do so now because scheduling and geographic location does not matter with online classes because the class course is brought to the student rather than the student to the course. Is distance learning as effective as classroom based courses? This study...

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Distance and Flexible Learning.

Assignment 2 Distance learning is the best learning mode for students in the pacific region. Discuss The Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning Distance learning is education obtained by learners who are separated from their tutor by time and distance. It has become an essential model for learning among most islands in the pacific region. University of the South Pacific is a regional University serving twelve island countries: Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshalls Islands, Nauru...

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Open Distance Learning

 LEARNING SKILLS FOR UNIVERSITY STUDIES (WUC131/03) TMA 1 NAME : Bhatumalai a/p Ramachandran STUDENT ID : 033140012 CLASS CODE : 7542762 HANDPHONE : 010-226 9065 EMAIL : suria_17@yahoo.com SUBMISSION DATE : TUTOR : Guan Eng Chan Question 1 Write an essay on why you decided to continue your tertiary education. In your answer also include why WOU was your choice of university. Answer: Tertiary education, also referred to as...

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Long Distance Learning

Distance education allows you to study at home or in your office, according to your own schedule, there are no classes to attend. Generally, each course comes with a manual that may be accompanied by videotapes, audiotapes, audio CDs, computer diskettes, CD-ROMs, etc., depending on the nature of the course. As well, many courses incorporate computer conferencing, e-mail, listservs, computer-based quizzes, and the Internet. Some courses are entirely on-line, using the World Wide Web as an innovative...

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What Is Distance Education

devoting your full time to receiving a university education? Assume that you do. We have just described a very rare person—a person who has easy access to an education, low educational expenses, and all the time he or she needs to complete that education. Few people today fit that description, yet this dilemma has been the case throughout much of history. Access, funding, and time have always impeded many learners from receiving an education, such as a college degree, a certificate, or courses...

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Student Survival Guide for Distance Learning Education

Survival Guide for Distance Learning Education By Paul C. Torr Jr. Axia College of the University of Phoenix Gen 105 Final Project Introduction Learning can be a difficult task to anyone who wants to expand his or her knowledge. With the help of online schools, learning has stepped into a new environment that is growing rapidly. Secondary education is now possible for students who want to complete his or her degree online. This might not necessarily be the ideal education for some students...

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Advantages of Open Distance Learning

Open distance learning is an idea of education system where separation between teachers and learners by space and/or time according to (Prospectus, 2011). The flexible aspect of open distance learning sense that there are no time and location constraints for learners. This means, learners can easily access for learning environment. The objective for open distance learning is to provide opportunities for those who could not commit as a full time student or study in traditional manner. Learners...

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Open & Distance Learning

1.0 The Definition of Open and Distance Learning Open and Distance Learning is a way of learning that focus on releasing learners from constraints of time and place whilst offering flexible learning opportunities. For a lot of married and working adults, Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is a way of combining work and family responsibilities with educational opportunities. "Distance education is any educational process in which all or most of the teaching is conducted by someone...

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Importance of Distance Education in India

Importance of Distance Education in India                                                                    Asif Ahmed               After independence, India had made tremendous progress in the field of education, though mostly quantitative in nature. Earlier, education was available only to the elites in society, and a large majority of poor and marginalized people remained illiterate. Political considerations have an important role in the expansion of higher education, especially at the...

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The Benefits of Distance Learning

The Benefits of Distance Learning I. Easy access for both students and teachers II. Knowledge of instructors and classmates A. Posting of bibliographies III. One-on-one contact between instructor and student A. Phone contact B. Web-site email C. Chat areas IV. Students learn just as easily as in the classroom V. Access to other students through online communication A. Personal emails B. Classroom and group discussion boards C. Online course chat rooms ...

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Distance Learner and E- Learning

1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Distance Learning and E-Learning ____________________________________________________________ _________ Distance learning and E-learning are rapidly becoming popular modes of studies among students and working adults worldwide. This trend is also visible in Malaysia, with the emergence of several higher education distance learning institutions using E-learning to support its learning activities such as the Open University of Malaysia, and Wawasan Open University and...

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Is distance learning as effective as traditional classroom learning?

EN102 Final Draft Is distance learning as effective as traditional classroom learning? Distance education also known as distance learning, e-learning or online learning, is unlike traditional classroom learning. Professor Shelia Tucker of East Carolina University in her article “Distance Education: Better, Worse, Or As Good As Traditional Education?” states that “distance learning allows individuals such as the full-time police officer, the mother of four, and people living in rural areas...

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Distance Learning - Rhetorical Analysis

Should Know About Online Learning." Illinois Online Network. Web. 02 Apr. 2010. The author--John E. Reid, Jr.--clearly writes in favor of Distance Education, or as he calls it, Computer Mediated Distance Education. He argues that for adult learners, the conveniency of being able to take classes, and then work the material, watch lectures, at their own preferable time. Reid claims that the traditional system of education is well on the verge of being swept away by online learning. Many universities...

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What’s the Difference: a Review of Contemporary Research on the Effectiveness of Distance Learning in Higher Education

Journal of Distance Education/ Revue de l'enseignement à distance Spring/Printemps 1999 Vol. 14, No. 1, 102-114 What’s the Difference: A Review of Contemporary Research on the Effectiveness of Distance Learning in Higher Education Ronald Phipps and Jamie Merisotis American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, 1999, 48 pages Available online at http://www.ihep.com/difference.pdf Mark Bullen With the increasing popularity of web-based instruction, it seems there has been an explosion...

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Persuasive Essay - Distance Education Versus Face-to-Face Learning

December 1, 2009 Persuasive Essay – Game Theories Has Virtual Reality Taken Things Too Far? Distance Education versus Face-to-Face Learning In Clive Thompson’s “Game Theories”, the author illustrates how virtual worlds, such as Everquest and Second Life, have surprisingly become much like the real world. Everquest is an online virtual reality video game that allows individuals to create fictional characters to “generate goods as they play, often by killing creatures for their treasure and...

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DISTANCE LEARNING “Running Head” page 1 DISTANCE LEARNING: HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Angel Duncan ENG122: English Composition II Sasha Rae September 3, 2014 Distance Learning page 2 High school is a period of important social and emotional development in a young person’s life. While in high school, we metamorphosis, learn, and grow socially as well as intellectually. The traditional model of high school provides social interaction between...

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The pros and cons of distance learning opposed

Q. The pros and cons of Distance Learning opposed to Traditional Classroom Teaching AIM 1. 2. To brief you about the pros and cons of distance learning as compared to classroom teaching. To make recommendations of how learners can ensure that distance learning is SEQUENCE      Introduction Advantages of distance learning as compared to classroom teaching Disadvantages of distance learning as compared to classroom teaching Recommendations Conclusion   Traditional Classroom Teaching...

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Learning and Education

-Summary- LEARNING-TO-BE: TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING BERNARD LONERGAN TRANSCENDENTAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION. The author postulates that Lonergan’s theory of education is something not to be neglected, as it is grounded by integral philosophy of human consciousness that is, it calls to being aware to oneself. As to learning oneself, is the most authentic way to achieve the fullness of being a human. That, by engaging oneself to learn is an essential aspect for human development. ...

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Knowledge: Education and Distance Learning

 4 Advantages of Distance Learning by Don Georgevich on 3:21 pm Distance learning is a way of continuing your education online, and more people are signing up for courses every day. There are many advantages of distance learning and also benefits of distance learning when compared to the traditional continued education options. This method of learning appeals to students as young as the middle school level, all the way to students who are working to get their Master’s degree. It is especially...

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IT for education and learning

Domain: Education and Learning As we all knew, Information Technology has been well-developed for years. Nowadays, lots of youngsters would study online via the Internet, such as finding academic materials for doing project, submitting assignments to the online learning environment of their schools and so forth; therefore, people started to think what features of information technology can facilitate with education and learning. In particular, people would call this kind of learning as “e-learning”...

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Distance Learning vs. Traditional Classroom Comparative

Distance Learning vs. the Traditional Classroom Non-traditional students are finding it easier and easier to maintain a job, a family, and pursuing a college career at the same time. This is possible because more and more non-traditional students are receiving an education using distance learning, as opposed to traditional, in-the-classroom teaching. Distance learning is basically taking college level, credit-bearing courses via the Internet. One of the most obvious advantages of distance...

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Development of personality traits of learners in distance education

Uddin, M. A. Development of personality traits of learners in distance education // Материалы I Международная научно-практическая конференция (социальная психология в образовательном пространстве), -М. :МГППУ, 2013.16-17. -С.133-136. Uddin Md Akther American Center of Education aktherpu@gmail.com (Chittagong, Bangladesh) Development of personality traits of learners in distance education Distance education has been growing rapidly all over the world and the importance of understanding...

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Study Skills for Distance Learning

Study Skills for Distance Learning Theme A Activity 1 Personal SWOT Analysis Strengths | Weaknesses | EnthusiasticConfidentFocusedResourcefulFlexibilityResolute Knowledge gained during 27 years employment in a multi discipline engineering environment. | Motivation to study after full working day.Time management at home.Studying in Isolation. | Opportunities | Threats | Work a nine day forthright (week one five days, week two four days).Home from work at approximately 1715.Holiday periods...

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Computer and Long Distance Education

easier and simple. Computer creates a great opportunity for us. We are changing our life style quickly through computer. We are using it in education sector, medical sector, research and experimental job, designing, architectural designing, planning, public administration and etc. Computer changed our education system. We can learn through long distance education system. Now we do not need to go far from home to learn something. We can save our time and money by this. Without that we are able to get...

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Literature Review from Qual/Quan Studies in Elementary Distance Learning

Elementary Education: A Comparison of Classroom Instruction and Distance Learning Abstract This review includes a reference list of literature relating to effective classroom instruction with positive relationships built between the student and the teacher. The reference list also includes a relationship between the student, the teacher and another entity using video conferencing. Lastly, the list includes a relationship between the student and the distance learning medium...

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Education & Learning Disability in India

Education & Learning Disability in India Gone are the days, when a child is good at a certain skill, will be groomed for a particular job which required that skill. But now the scenario is totally different. Every other child is groomed to acquire a particular set of skills so that they join a particular job, without even identifying his/her natural skills. This creates a great pressure in students and eventually has become the” norm of Education”. This also contributes fairly, raising the...

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Communicating for Distance Education

== Communicating for Distance Education Jennifer A Gooch GEN 105 September 23, 2012 Currie Gauvreau Communicating for Distance Education Part 1 On my way home today I was in an accident. Nothing major I’m fine. The car isn’t doing too well though. I was going down College and out of nowhere this idiot going entirely too fast tried to pass me. He didn’t quite make it and clipped my front end. I spun around and wound up in a ditch on the side of the road backwards! Luckily the other...

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Distance learning

Writing Essay 2 : Distance learning is becoming an increasingly common mode of study. In what ways do you think that distance learning is a beneficial mode of study over traditional face-to-face education? Nowadays, the development of technology is advancing by strides. Distance learning becomes a familiar vocabulary for the general public. Because of its advantages, more and more students prefer to learn by distance learning instead of traditional face-to-face education. At present, there...

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1111 10 September 2010 Democratization in Mid-19th Century America Democracy in the United States became prominent in the early to mid-19th century. Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, was inaugurated in 1829 and was best known as the pioneer who mainstreamed democracy in America. While market economy grew in the early 1800s, by 1820 U.S, “political life grew more democratic than ever before” (Schaller et al.377). Democratization spread political power to a new class...

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Best: Learning and Education

Education is important because it is the key to a persons future.if I have a good education it will help me achieve all my goals in life.i have a much easier time finding a good job.it will help me become more useful and civilized if better educated and will allow me to be a good provider for both my family and society.education is my best investment for the future because it will help me how to think,how to work properly,how to make decisions and how to face life and to accept successes and failures...

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Higher Education and Experiential Learning

Why I joined the Ei Community Thoughts on experiential education Thoughts on higher education in general As you can see from the breakdown of the question, I am an analyst. I have been schooled in the school of schooling to take things apart in order to gain understanding; to formulate a working knowledge of concepts in order to cogitate how things work. I wonder if I’ve always learned this way or if systems’ thinking plasticized my brain via conformity. Irregardless, there is one thing I know...

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Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others, but may also be autodidactic. Any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. A right to education has been recognized by some governments. At the global level, Article...

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Similarities and differences between studying on-campus and distance learning. Which one is more effective?

and distance learning. Which one is more effective? Introduction There has been a drastic change in the education system by the introduction of new ways of learning. On campus studies has been slowly supplemented by distance education. This education method is characterized by the student being substantially separated from the teacher and classroom. This learning system has enhanced its growing popularity due to the faster and greater accessibility of the internet. As distance education students...

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Distance Education

Distance Education We normally take our studies in a structured establishment called classroom located a place called school. Every day, we wake up early, leave our homes, pay for transportation fees and finally reach to our second home, the classroom. As we welcome ourselves in Mindanao State University, we are lucky to meet different kinds of people from different kinds of places. People from Glan, Tacurong, Marbel and all over Mindanao are your schoolmates and classmates. You share experiences...

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Learning Skill

The attributes of the learners and how they can help the learners to be successful in an online learning environment Education of children is compulsory, formal and standardized. Adult learning is voluntary and intentional. The purpose of adult education is the independent self-directed learner. Adults tend to resist a learning process which is incongruent with their self-concept as autonomous individuals and does not correspond to their needs and interests. Adults focus on direct application...

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Education Psychology; Learning Theories

 Learning theories are conceptual frameworks that asses how information is “absorbed, processed, and retained during learning”. Cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences, and prior experience, all play a part in how we understand or view the world. This information is acquired or changed, and knowledge and skills retained. Education today is based on these basic and fundamental Educational psychology theories. Educational psychology is the study of how humans learn in an educational settings...

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Education: Children with Learning Difficulties

Definitions of inclusion - Definitions of segregation - Who should be taught what? Why? - Purposes of education - Personal EXP Within the United Kingdom over the past few decades, the matter of the way in which children with learning difficulties go about being educated has been a significant issue. Essentially, there are three ways in which these children can be provided an education – through segregation, integration or inclusion. Segregation essentially means that the children who are...

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time we are introduced to formal education is in school. The school years are the grounding years of one's education. Schools are institutions that lay the foundation of a child's development. They play a key role in developing children into responsible citizens and good human beings. It's a school where young talent is recognized and nurtured. On leaving school, we are all set to soar high in life, and enter the real world in pursuit of our dreams. Education provides us with knowledge about the...

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Online vs Traditional Learning

method to receive a college education and many students are switching to online education due to the quality of material, ease, and the level of flexibility in distance education programs. Recently, the internet has developed into a reliable capital of information for college seekers. Everything from applying for financial assistance to taking a course can be done online. Now, a student can even obtain online degrees from one of many schools offering online education as a practical choice to a traditional...

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Outline Research Paper on Distance Leraning

Presentation on the benefits of distance learning to an audience of teachers and students with very little experience with computers and who might be somewhat fearful of the idea: Outline: I. Distance Learning is very easy, easier than one might expect. a. Do not dread distance learning. It is not complicated at all. In fact, it is very easy since new technological advancements have made it very easy and user friendly for people. b. Communication has been made very easy these days...

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Distance Education

Distance Education ‘’Distance Education is a learning system where the teaching behavior are separate from the learning behaviors’. The learner works alone or in a group guided by the tutor. Distance Education may combine with various forms of face-to-face meetings.” (David et al 1984,P.9) Wadood et al. (200,P.9) concluded that Distance Education has grown rapidly during the past years due to economic and social factors prevailing in the world. They declared the DES as effective and useful as...

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Health Education Learning Theories

LEARNING THEORIES TYPES OF LEARNING THEORIES 1. Behavioral Theory 2. Cognitive Theory - Teaching for one to learn 3. Social Learning Theory - Role Modeling Theory - came from the Greek word “Theoria” which means beholding a spectacle or speculation. * An explanation of a phenomena or an abstract generalization that explains the relationship of a phenomena. * Provides professional autonomy and power by guiding and directing the practice education, and...

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Problem of Online Learning

Online Learning Amongst the blessings of technology in the modern age is the ability to receive an education hundreds or thousands of miles away from a classroom in a convenient and efficient manner. A vast majority of universities offer open distance learning for students all around the world which, on the surface, seems like a great opportunity to receive an education without the hassle of dealing with overflowing parking lots, rushing to classes, or fitting classes into the current work schedule...

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Transformational Learning Theory of Adult Education

Transformational Learning Theory of Adult Education Introduction Transformational learning is a relatively new and thoroughly modern yet evolving learning theory, with timeless implications for the educator. Developed initially by Jack Mezirow, it is a theory that involves, at its core, a shift in beliefs, deep self reflection and a discourse of that reflection. This constructivist-based process of making sense of the world is in stark contrast to simply acquiring knowledge. Most assume that Transformational...

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The Benefits of Higher Education for Women

Benefits of Higher Education for Women "Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process." Education is important for everyone, but it is especially significant for girls and women. This is true not only because education is an entry point to other opportunities, but also because the educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within the family and across generations...

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Online Education Versus Traditional Learning

Online Education versus Traditional Learning SCI/162 June 2, 2012 Online education and traditional education have a lot in common but they have different aspects as well. Both are great ways to get a college education and you will be able to make a decision on which one is right for you after hearing all the facts. A student may personally think online learning is a better choice for a college education because of the flexibility in schedule and the comfort and convenience of learning...

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Effectiveness of Open and Distance Education

1, 2012 www.iiste.org Effectiveness of Open and Distance Education and the Relevance of ICT: A North-East Indian Perspective Prasenjit Das, Ritimoni Bordoloi* Department of English, Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University, Guwahati 781006, Assam, India * E-mail of the corresponding author: ritimonibordoloi@gmail.com Abstract In today’sKnowledge Society, it is almost accepted by common agreement that open and distance learning (ODL) has enabled people to develop different levels...

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Learning: a 21st Century Approach

Running head: A 21ST CENTURY APPROACH Learning: A 21st Century Approach AbstractAbstract Learning today is nothing like it was even ten years ago. Today’s learning techniques have evolved in unimaginable ways. One of the major changes in education is distance learning. Distance learning allows working adults to earn a degree with the greatest possible control over the time and pace of education. The internet has allowed both distance and classroom learners to reach their educational goals...

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The Role of Technology in Quality Education

THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN QUALITY EDUCATION Dr.R.Sivakumar Assistant Professor Department of Education Annamalai University Introduction Quality education is a universal goal. It is common to hear arguments that instructional technology will be the key to educational quality as we enter the new millennium. Investment in educational technology is urged upon policy-makers as the path to educational quality. In fact, enthusiasts for educational technology argue that quality...

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Education and Lifelong Learning

City and Guilds 6302 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Unit 001 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning Assessment Task 1 By Contents Task 1 Assignment Page 3 References Page 7 1. Understand own role and responsibilities in the lifelong learning. (1.1) Having been requested to produce a brief on my roles in teaching and professional values whist teaching in this role. I have to deal with variety of personnel...

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Distance Learning in the Philippines

 Distance Learning: Philippine Context Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education II Farrah Princess D. Restauro Portia May B. Magbanua Jeneva C. Carmelotes March 2014 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, a student can earn a college or master’s degree or a doctorate even if he or she does not attend classes. One can also earn a degree in the Philippines while the student is working abroad. This has been made possible by distance education, which has been facilitated by the...

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