• On Electromagnetic Environment Effect on Wireless Communication Systems
    Research on electromagnetic environment effect On wireless communication systems Gohar Rouhani Zeidanlou Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. University Tenaga Nasional E-mail:gohar.rouhani@hotmail.com Abstract¬—The protection against electromagnetic environment effec
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  • Precoding Techniques for Digital Communication Systems
    Precoding Techniques for Digital Communication Systems C.-C. Jay Kuo · Shang-Ho Tsai · Layla Tadjpour · Yu-Hao Chang Precoding Techniques for Digital Communication Systems 123 C.-C. Jay Kuo Department of Electrical Engineering EEB 440 Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Building
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  • 3g Wireless Communication
    CHAPTER 1 1.1 Introduction The future wireless communication systems beyond the 3G are expected to have high data-rate in order to support a large number of users with fairness in the service. With the increasing numbers of subscribers, multipath fading and path loss become more significant. So, imp
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  • Robust Downlink Power Control in Wireless Cellular Systems
    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2004:2, 261–272 c 2004 Hindawi Publishing Corporation Robust Downlink Power Control in Wireless Cellular Systems Mehrzad Biguesh Department of Communication Systems, University of Duisburg-Essen, Bismarckstrasse 81, 47057 Duisburg, Ger
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  • Wireless Communication
    CARLETON UNIVERSITY Department of Systems and Computer Engineering SYSC 5608 Wireless Communication Systems Engineering SYSC 5608 ≡ ELG 6168 ≡ CRN 33905 Course Objectives: • To learn the fundamental analytical dynamics of wireless communications (theory) • To become familiar with the curren
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  • Communication Systems
    COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Barriers to Human Communication „X Language „X Distance Electronic Communications The transmission, reception, and processing of information using electronic circuits. History mid-19th century ¡V James Clark Maxwell studied electromagnetic wave and predicted t
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  • Wireless Communication
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  • Computer Hardware Is No Longer a Major Barrier to Wide Use of Wireless Information Systems.
    Computer hardware is no longer a major barrier to wide use of wireless information systems. This is due to the number of different systems available to connect on. I will be discussing 3 of these, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G. The Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) standard is based on the 802.11 specif
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  • Wireless Communication
    The radio is a wireless form of communication which is transmitted through sounds or signals by electromagnetic waves directly through space to a receiving set. Some types of radio communications are HAM radios, CB (Citizen Band) radios, Cell Phones, Radio Scanners and Walkie-talkies. Radio communic
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  • Wireless Communication
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  • 'Wimax' the Future of Wireless Communication.
    “Wimax” The Future of Wireless Communication Mirza Rafeeq Ahamed Baig Stratford University Abstract The new era of communication, currently employed in some parts of the world, is (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WIMAX). It is the latest t
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  • Distributed Wireless Communication
    INTRODUCTION With the rapid progress in telecommunications, more and more services are provided on the basis of broadband communications, such as video services and high-speed Internet. With worldwide fundamental construction of a backbone network based on optical fiber providing almost unlimited c
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  • Wireless Communication
    Clarice Cougar Mr. Kay English 104 28 march 2008 Wireless communication Wireless communication are everywhere. People around the world regulary send and recevies message wirelessly, that is , transmitted thought the air. Three types of wireless communications inculde wireless messaging ser
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  • L (Wireless) Communication System
    Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks: Algorithms and Architectures by J. Nicholas Laneman B.S. E.E., Washington University (1995) B.S. C.S., Washington University (1995) S.M. E.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1997) Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Compu
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  • Wireless Communication
    What is Wireless Network Wireless network is a network set up by using radio signal frequency to communicate among computers and other network devices. Sometimes it’s also referred to as WiFi network or WLAN. This | network is getting popular nowadays due to easy to setup feature and no cabl
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  • Computer Software Is No Longer a Major Barrier to Wide Use of Wireless Information Systems
    Over the years there have been significant improvements with wireless thechnology. Wireless options are available whether we are connecting device to device or to the Internet. There are now numerous ways that we can connect wirelessly, including Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity), Bluetooth, and mobile netw
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  • 4g (Fourth Generation) Mobile Communication Systems
    ABSTRACT Mobile devices are getting smaller, lighter, and more powerful; they have bigger screens and longer battery life, more features and more capabilities .With the rapid growth of user demands, and the limitations of third generation (3G) mobile communication systems, it is expected that fou
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  • Wireless Communication
    Wireless Communication Alex Pappas Ms. Singh English 104 March 28 2008 Wireless communications are everywhere. People around the world regularly sends and receives messages wirelessly that is transmitted through the air. Three types of wireless communications include wireless messaging ser
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  • Ipt Communication Systems
    KIPT: Communication Systems study notes. The Characteristics of an Information System. * Communication System – Allows people to send and receive data and information. All communication systems have five basic components: * Data Source: creates or supplies the data being sent
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  • 3g Wireless Communication Technology
    An Essay on 3G Wireless Communication Technology Branch: EEE The advent of Wireless Communication Communicati
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