• Mobile Phones: Tools for Development and Empowerment of People in Rural and Remote Areas
    Proceedings of 24th Indian Engineering Congress – 2009 Mobile Phones: Tools for Development and Empowerment of People in Rural and Remote Areas Abhinav KRISHNA1* 1 B.E. – 2nd year, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engg (ECE), BIT Mesra (India) E-mail address*: abhinavkrishna007@gma
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  • Compar Health of Aus Pop to Rural and Remote
    Question 1 ‘Using the various measures of epidemiology, compare the health status of the group you have chosen with that of the Australian Population’ Australia is considered to be one of the healthiest nations in the world with the fourth highest life-expectency because of easily accessible h
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  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Living in a City
    City Life-Advantages and Disadvantages Towns and cities are the boon of the modern civilization. With the coming of industrial revolution, a large number of industries sprang up. Machines replaced manual work and labourers failed to compete with the quality as well as quantity of the machine produc
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  • Rural and Remote
    Assessment task 1 PD H PE Health Priorities in Australia People living in rural and isolated locations Population groups living in rural and remote areas have distinctive health concerns that relate directly to their living conditions, social isolation and distance from health services. The he
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  • Rural and Remote Population
    What health status you are comparing: * Compared with people in major cities, those in regional and remote areas were less likely to report very good or excellent health. * People living in rural Australia don’t always have the same opportunities for good health as those living in major c
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  • With Reference to Case Study Material, Outline the Way in Which Population Change and Migration Can Affect the Character of, and Service Provision in, Rural and Urban Areas (15 Marks)
    Q6: With reference to case study material, outline the way in which population change and migration can affect the character of, and service provision in, rural and urban areas (15 marks) Rural and urban areas in Northern Ireland have been impacted in different ways by population change and mig
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  • People in Rural Areas Experience Better Health Than Those in Urban Areas. Compare and Contrast the Social Constructs of These Populations.
    People in rural areas experience better health than those in urban areas. Compare and contrast the social constructs of these populations. The people living in urban and rural areas have varying social constructs for health and physical activity. This is due to the different social circumstances
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  • Rural Living
    Rural Living: Life in Rural America Living in a remote location such as a rural area can have its advantages as well as its disadvantages. One of the more obvious advantages would be privacy. In many rural communities neighbors are fewer and far between than they are in the suburban areas, allowi
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  • Feasibility Study for Wimax for Rural Areas in Ghana
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  • A Socio-Economic Study on Rural Women and Food Security in Some Selected Areas of Mymensingh District
    Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Background of the Study Bangladesh is known as one of the developing countries in the world. With a per capita income of US$ 750, an estimated 49.8 percent of its population is living below the national poverty line and 41.3 percent are living in absolute pov
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  • Discuss Why Broadband Services Are Now Considered an Essential Infrastructure in Facilitating Development in Rural Areas
    Journal of International Development J. Int. Dev. 22, 625–640 (2010) Published online in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com) DOI: 10.1002/jid.1716 POLICY ARENA DO INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICTs) CONTRIBUTE TO DEVELOPMENT? RICHARD HEEKS* Centre for Development Info
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  • How Is Living in a City Better Than Living in a Rural Area
    How Is Living In a City Better Than Living In a Rural area Some people prefer to live in the countryside because they consider that living in the countryside is more healthier. But here is a fun fact: city counties ranked healthier than the rural. Generally, people might think living in the country
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  • Compare/ Contrast Rural and Urban Living
    Would you rather a life where everything in right at your doorstep in exchange for a calm peaceful life? Or maybe live within a united community in exchange for a closer job, and everything seemingly easier. Well this is the reality we live in. Everything has its advantages and its disadvantages, we
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  • Service to Improve Healthcare in Rural Areas
    Teleconsultation service to improve healthcare in rural areas: acceptance, organizational impact and appropriateness ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Abstract Background Now
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  • ict for rural areas
    Introduction ICT (information and communications technology) is a term that includes any communication device such as radio, television, newspaper, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications...
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  • Rural Poverty
    Rural areas are defined as "open country and settlements with fewer that 2,500 residents," (Measuring Rurality, 2003). Rural areas in the United States compromise over 2,000 counties, contain 75 percent of the nation's land, and include 49 million people—7.5 million of which are living in poverty
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  • Competitiveness. Its Advantages and Disadvantages
    Introduction The world economy has entered an era of total competition. Traditional barriers have begun to fall, new-sophisticated competitors have emerged, and global rivalry increased. There are many examples around the world where the traditional sources of comparative advantage are less valua
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  • Rural Health Issues - Ageing
    The ageing of the Australian population is becoming an issue of increasing political and strategic importance. In addition to government concern with funding of aged care and health services, retirement income and intergenerational and workforce issues, there has also been an emphasis on promoting
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  • Rural Tourism
    RURAL TOURISM After the introduction of the concept of sustainable develop¬ment by the World Commis¬sion on Environment and Development (1987), this concept was widely accepted by the vast majority of Western countries including the European Union as a star¬ting point for their policies. The acc
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  • Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Focus Groups as a Research Tool
    This essay is going to analyse the use of focus groups as a research method in modern day social sciences. The disadvantages and the advantages will be discussed, and furthermore the use of focus groups as a research method against using other research methods will be evaluated. A case study will al
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