• Corporal Punishment
    Corporal Punishment: Is It Needed To Discipline Children? Desjarnetta M. Fields PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology Professor Donna Thomas 29 October 2012 Corporal Punishment: Is It Needed To Discipline Children? Spare the rod, spoil the child. Many people have either heard this phrase or r
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Corporal Punishment People a few years ago,thought of the only way to punish someone who did a sinister deed was to use corporal punishment.This is meant to enforce pain to someone who has done wrong by hitting them,beating them,strapping them or even whipping them.These are only a few exampl
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  • Should Schools Be Allowed to Use Corporal Punishment?
    James Ingraham, a student from Drew Junior High School in Dade County, Florida, was paddled by his principal twenty times on 6th October,1970 just because he was a few seconds late in coming down from the stage of the auditorium. Ingraham was punished so violently by the principal of the school that
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Introduction The child is father of an adult. The child is an abridged adult with rights which cannot be abridged. The Child is a person for all practical purposes. The child observes, thinks and imitates or reacts to happenings around. The child is a person. Either at home or school, the child is
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  • Corporal Punishment in Schools
    Corporal Punishment in Schools Corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable (Miller, Vandome, & McBrewster, 2009). Corporal punishment
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  • Contemporary Challenges of Corporal Punishment -Mun
    Contemporary Challenges of Corporal Punishment HRC- Abolition of Corporal Punishment in Schools: Corporal punishment, a form of physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to de
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  • Corporal Punishment and Children
    Is corporal punishment needed to discipline children? This is a very controversial question that is often debated. Even with as many arguments as there are against corporal punishment, there are also arguments for such punishment for children. This is something that tends to happen in both home and
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  • Corporal Punishment Is Physical Abuse
    Corporal Punishment Is Physical Abuse Corporal punishment is the execution of a judicially imposed sentence that inflicts a manner of physical pain upon the offenders body without killing him. In the past corporal punishment included flogging, whipping, branding and facial or bodily mutila
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  • Corporal Punishment
    By: Laura McCreanor Dear Sir, I am writing in reply to the recent publication of an item on the topic of corporal punishment. I do not agree that it is needed to bring discipline back into our schools. It is assumed that a child who has been caned would be less likely to commit another offence ,
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Using corporal punishment in schools is not benefiting our children. In fact, it may be hurting our children more than helping them, and teaching them the wrong way to deal with their problems. I feel that discipline starts at home, and should not be left for the schools to handle. Corporal punis
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  • Corporal Punishment
    "The fundamental need of American education is to find ways of engaging today's children in the thrill of learning. Fear of pain has no place in that process." - The Christian Science Monitor. Because Ms. Peña and I are in compliance with this statement, we have decided to bring to the attention of
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Corporal punishment is a very controversial topic that is being discussed amongst educators across the nation. Corporal punishment refers to any physical form of punishment, but in this case it refers to in schools. Currently there are many different terms used to label corporal punishment, for exam
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  • Should Corporal Punishment Be Illegal?
    Should Corporal Punishment be illegal? In order to answer this question we need to some definitions. What does the word ‘corporal' mean? For the purpose of this essay we define corporal relating to the body. The word ‘illegal' means prohibited by the law. And by the phrase ‘corporal punishment
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Position Paper Admonishing the Use of Corporal Punishment in Public Schools The position this paper represents does not delve into the historical theories or the moral philosophies as to whether or not corporal punishment toward children is, in and of itself, effective or morally acceptabl
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Corporal Punishment: Questions On Its Effectiveness Deciding a punishment for a child can oftentimes be a difficult task to accomplish. Standard Pavlonian conditioning dictates, when considering reinforcement and avoidance learning, that a certain stimulus, followed by a negative punishment/stimul
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  • The Spanking Issue: the Ethical Dilemma of Corporal Punishment
    The Spanking Issue: The Ethical Dilemma of Corporal Punishment This issue of corporal punishment is a current issue that many people have on their minds. The issue strikes an emotional chord for many whom were or were not punished by spanking during their own childhoods. The issue generally fo
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  • Corporal Punishment: Helping or Hurting Your Child?
    Corporal Punishment: Helping or Hurting Your Child? Child abuse! Spankings! Discipline! Beating! People have different thoughts when they hear the words corporal punishment. There is a fine line between corporal punishment, disciplining your child out of love, and child abuse, beating your child ou
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Corporal punishment is defined; A form of physical discipline that is intended to cause pain and fear and in which a student is spanked, paddled or hit on any part of the body. The dictionary gives different meanings on corporal punishment but they basically all have the same understanding, the infl
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  • Corporal Punishment
    With quivering hands and wobbly legs I made my way slowly through the long rows of my classroom. Beads of perspiration ran across my forehead to the tip of my nose and I instantly wiped the away, anxious not to show my immense discomfort and very keen on attracting as less attention to myself as it
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  • Corporal Punishment
    Corporal punishment is a type of treatment that many cultures practiced in either schools or homes. Such a practice evolved with time, some cultures decided to use different strategies and others enforced the old tradition. In some Middle Eastern schools, educators believe that they can force studen
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