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Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021

Digital BangladeshDigital Bangladesh” and “Vision 2021” are catch phrases in Bangladesh these days. The buzzwords are no longer confined to the lexicon of information and communication technology (ICT) enthusiasts, but have entered the vocabulary of the educated section of the population. In its election manifesto leading up to the Ninth Parliamentary Elections in 2008, the Awami League (AL) coalition envisioned a Digital Bangladesh by 2021. The alliance led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party...

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Vision 2021

Citizens’ Group 2006 A Vision for Bangladesh in 2021 Outline Draft dated June 12, 2006 | | |The purpose of this vision paper is to illustrate a mental image of Bangladesh in 2021. To that effect, the paper will delineate | |the manner in which the future path of politically accountable development should be conceived for Bangladesh, and subsequently | |derive...

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Digital Bangladesh

Introduction: digital Bangladesh is a new world, a new concept, a new dream. Bangladesh is now resounding with the aim of achieving digital Bangladesh. Our present prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, in their election manifesto of 2008 declared to build up Bangladesh as a digital one by 2021. Since then this concept has become almost a lip-word with the people of Bangladesh. Meaning of digital Bangladesh: our life today is governed by the offshoots of science. Science has ushered in new era in the history...

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Digital Bangladesh: Prospect or Mere Dream

Assignment on Digital Divide and The Probability of Digital Bangladesh with reference to Education Submitted To Md. Saiful Islam Associate Professor Chairman, Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Submitted by Md. Toufiqur Rahman BBA (hon’s) 8th Semester Roll Number: 0405002 Session: 2004-2005 Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Date of Submission Table of Contents Chapter | Title | page | 1 | Digital Divide 1.1 Meaning of Digital Divide ...

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Digital Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. She achieved independence 42 years ago but still she depends on foreign helps regarding many issues. She is trapped in a lot of problems such as poverty, over population, unemployment, corruption, health hazard, food and accommodation crisis, illiteracy etc. But, the present government has promised and started taking steps to change the situation and has determined to build a “Digital Bangladesh”. The sense of Digital Bangladesh is not clear yet. We assume that...

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Governance with ICT towards MDG a study on Jessore District Administration, Bangladesh

The modern world is running to become a knowledge based society by 2015. Bangladesh is not out of this. Bangladesh Government proclaimed the vision, targeted to add with the information highway to all in the election Manifesto ‘2008 declared of digital Bangladesh. In this election Manifesto first declared vision 2021 with the aim to develop Bangladesh into a digital country by that the next decade. The government and the organizations become more interested in technologies and overseas consultancies...

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Digital Bangladesh

Effective Digital Bangladesh: concepts, values perspectives of Third world We all love our country Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi, we have different perception, religious beliefs, and contingency of thoughts, available information and correcting response of emerging issues, which are affecting our personal life with changing the environmental. Now all of the Bangladeshi people have been known the emerging concept “Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021”in this Informational age. Digital Bangladesh: Young...

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E learning for Universities in Bangladesh

Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh is aimed to reach a trajectory of high performing growth supported by advanced and innovative technology by the year 2021 in Bangladesh. Bangladesh should be part of a well-crafted national strategy and “Digital Bangladesh”, needs to be the cornerstone strategy for Bangladesh. We have to build a people-centered, development-oriented Information Society, where everyone would be able to access, utilize and share information and knowledge easily and efficiently. The...

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Vision About Future Bangladesh

Vision of Bangladesh Introduction: Bangladesh is situated on the north-eastern side of the South Asian subcontinent and is bordered by India in the east, west and north; by a small part of Myanmar in the south-east and by the Bay of Bengal in the south. Bangladesh is mainly a flat alluvial plain, criss-crossed by the world's three mighty river systems, namely the Padma, the Jamuna and the Meghna and their innumerable tributaries. The borders of present-day Bangladesh were established with...

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International Relations ( Social Power of Bangladesh)

SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SOURCES OF POWER IN BANGLADESH Power is the capacity to direct the decisions and actions of others. Power in international relation means the ability to influence the threat or use of force, economic interaction or pressure, diplomacy, and cultural exchange. There are three sources from where power of a state can be evaluated. These are: Natural sources, social and psychological sources and synthetic sources of power. Natural sources of power provides backstopping...

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Future Vision Digital Services

FUTURE VISION DIGITAL SERVICES INCORPORATION Executive summary: Future Vision Digital Services was a technology consulting and design firm responsible for providing a range of services including multi-platform user interface design and marketing, software engineering and technical program management, systems integration, data analysis and customer relationship management. By 2004 the company expanded its operations from Western Canada to open offices in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam...

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Introduction with Digital Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh Author's name:  Access to Information Programme Prime Minister's Office Digital Bangladesh Concept Note Access to Information Programme Prime Minister’s Office 5/11/2009 DIGITAL BANGLADESH BA C K GR O U N D Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are recognized as a powerful tool for socio-economic development. With appropriate policies, supplemented by realistic strategies, ICTs are known to have brought tremendous welfare to people in terms of better access...

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Digital Bangladesh Problems and Prospects

Introduction: "Digital Bangladesh" is currently the most commonly used words in politics, media, among the intellectuals and the civil societies. The world is becoming a Digital Planet. Almost every state is running to become a knowledge-based society by 2015. Bangladesh cannot remain out of it. We must build a Digital Bangladesh and establish a knowledge based society within 50 years of our independence in 2021. Let’s work for this achievement. Let us build Digital Bangladesh. Back-ground of the...

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Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh means a computerised Bangladesh which is yet to be fully for Bangladesh or any other country going digital is no lunury but a necessity in the 21st century. Realing this fact our admistration under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken up Digital Bangladesh as its slogan. The modern era is ofter called the informatin age or computer age. The digitalisation of century began in the developed countries in the 20th century. Now almot the...

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Digital Transformation The blended use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of the enterprise          Shchegolev  Gleb   Hot subjects in the World Cloud  Compu1ng   Robo1cs   Social  Collabora1on   Media  Tablets   3-­‐D  Prin1ng   Mobile  Healthcare   Internet  of  Things   Big  Data   Speech  to  Speech   Transla1on   Mobile  Payment   What’s the Internet of Things Definition: (1)  The Internet of Things...

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Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of Grameenphone Ltd. and Transparency International Bangladesh

International Islamic University of Chittagong Assignment on:vision, Mission, values and Goals of GrameenPhone Ltd. [pic] and Transparency International Bangladesh[pic] Submitted To: Abdullah Al Mamun Lecturer,BBA Submitted by: ...

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Tourism In Bangladesh

Presentation of Bangladesh Tourism Coordinating By Samiul Hasan Sami ID: 1310 Tourism in Bangladesh The beautiful country of Bangladesh has tourist attractions including archaeological sites, historical mosques and monuments, rivers, tea gardens, beaches, forests, tribal people and wildlife of various species. Along with rich cultural heritage, it leaves an unforgettable impression on the mind of any visitor. SOME TOURIST SPOTS OF BANGLADESH  Dhaka: The capital city of Bangladesh sits on the...

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Ict Bangladesh

ICT in Health: Bangladesh Is Moving Ahead The Daily Star, the famous English daily newspaper in Bangladesh, in association with technology and business partners, organized a two-day leadership colloquium in Dhaka on 6-7 January 2012 on “ICT in Health.” This was the first colloquium of its kind in the country, with both international and national experts discussing the current practice of ICT in health care globally. The global experts further mentioned the Bangladesh’s potential to take the lead...

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The Role of Service Industry in the Economic Development of Bangladesh

Role of banks in socio-economic development of Bangladesh Banking is a very vital part of an economy and plays very significant contribution towards socio-economic development of a country. This sector is considered to be like the life blood the economy as well. As one of the most important components of the financial system it forms the core of the money market and plays very pivotal role in mobilising resources for productive investments in a country which in turn contributes to economic development...

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Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy & Planning: Defining The Interactive Vision Organizations can realize meaningful competitive advantage by developing formal digital strategies that support key corporate business and marketing objectives. By proactively measuring and optimizing these digital strategies and programs, maximum return on investment can be achieved. CATALYST EAST COAST Background Corporate investments on internet-oriented marketing and sales initiatives over the past 15 years have increased...

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Enterprise Resource Planning in Bangladesh

ERP in Bangladesh: Enterprise system promises to greatly change four dimensions of business: firm structure, management process, technology platform, and business capability. At present in Bangladesh, companies can use ERP to support organizational structures that were not previously possible or to create a more disciplined organizational culture. The working force or the employees in the country are not technologically sound enough to get adapted with ERP at this moment, which is a great constraint...

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Mission, Vision and Objectives of Agrani Bank Limited, Bangladesh

Mission, Vision and Objectives of an Organization: Perspective of Agrani Bank Limited Introductory Words: The ultimate challenge for a company in today’s fast growing and rapid changing world is to survive in the competition by achieving superior performance relative to its rivals. To achieve this, it requires strategic planning and one of the major components of the formal strategic planning process is to select...

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telecommunication in Bangladesh

monopoly provider of telecommunications services the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB). Significant changes in the number of fixed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred in the late 1990s and the number of services in operation have subsequently grown exponentially in the past five years. The incentives both from government and public sectors have helped to grow this sector.It is now one of the biggest sector of Bangladesh. As a populous country, it's huge market has attracted...

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Digital Libraries

Ashley Tipton Digital Libraries Introduction A simple definition of a digital library is a library where collections are stored in digital formats instead of physical formats and accessible via computers. The content can then be accessed locally, as in within a library, or remotely such as from other places on a college campus or from a user's home. Many people believe that digital libraries are the future. There are also those that still hold on to the thought that the traditional brick and mortar...

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Investment Incentive in Bangladesh Submarine Cable Network

Investment Incentive in Bangladesh submarine cable network Self Introduction Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) (http://www.bsccl.com.bd/) having its Principal office at Telejogajog Bhaban 37/E, Eskaton Garden, Dhaka-1000 is the only company dealing with submarine cable business in Bangladesh. It has been incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 2008 It deals in provisioning of telecom infra structure service primarily via submarine cable and domestic high capacity optical...

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study guide

Digital Bangladesh Introduction: "Digital Bangladesh" means an ICT based modern country where there will be adequate power supply, well-networked infrastructure, use of internet, use of open-source software, e-banking, e-commerce and e-governance. Of late the phrase "Digital Bangladesh" has been much talked about especially during the election campaign of the political parties targeting the ninth parliamentary election.  Origin of Digital Vision: On the eve of the election, Bangladesh Awami...

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world vision

we are? For six decades, World Vision has been engaging people to work towards eliminating poverty and its causes. World Vision is committed to the poor because we are Christian. We work with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve transformation. We do this through relief and development, policy advocacy and change, collaboration, education about poverty, and emphasis on personal growth, social justice and spiritual values. The action World Vision is committed to includes: transformational...

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mission vision

Introduction This assignment is prepared to find out the mission, vision and value statements of some organizations from different industries. In this assignment I will also try to find out whether these firms put emphasize on quality in their vision and mission statement. This report looked into the mission, vision and value statements of McDonald’s, Bank of America, Rangs Group, BRAC University and IBA, University of Dhaka. Mission statement A mission statement defines the organization’s purpose...

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Airtel Bangladesh

ABDUL WAHID MOHAN DEY MD. SHEKH FARID ANWESHA BASAK AIRTEL TELECOM “Airtel” the third largest cellular operator in Bangladesh according to the market share t and sixth mobile phone carrier to enter the Bangladesh market. In fact originally Airtel did not start their business; its commercial operations started under the brand name “Warid Telecom” on May 10, 2007 in Bangladesh. Warid started with speed, lots of promises and outlets to reach the customer’s door but as the day passes they started...

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Digital Scent Technology

DIGITAL SMELL INTRODUCTION: • The concept of virtual reality introduced digital smell. • Enable the users to smell product before buying p y g them online. • Founders: DIGISCENTS - an interactive media co. • Dexster smith • Joel lloyd DIGITAL SCENT TECHNOLOGY: • Major component used – SCENT SYNTHESIZER. • It is a device which is used to generate the smells. • E :iSMELL Ex – Emits natural based vapours – Turns smell into digital codes DEGISCENTS iSMELL: • SPECIFICATIONS 1. 1 Has cartridge...

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Mission and Vision Statement

Concept of Mission Statement & Vision Statement Every company should have a Mission and or a Vision Statement. But they are very difficult to write - they should short, clear, vivid, inspiring and concise without using jargon, complicated words or concepts. A Mission Statement is generally included in documents such as Business Plans and Staff Handbooks and can be described as a cross between a company or corporate slogan and an executive summary. A highly successful Mission Statement is...

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Digital Land Management in Bangladesh

Synopsis Bangladesh has a very high population density. Scarce land and the rapid increase of population of the country are creating high pressure over land-man ratio. Land ownership record system is insufficient and incomplete in Bangladesh. As a result, it spills out jumbled and spontaneous land development throughout the country, especially in the major cities. In this situation, it is important to establish a compatible land administration and management system for establishing a systematic...

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Access to Global Information—a Case of Digital Divide in Bangladesh

Purdue University Purdue e-Pubs Proceedings of the IATUL Conferences 2007 IATUL Proceedings Access to Global Information—A case of Digital Divide in Bangladesh Anisur Rahman Senior Asst. Director and Head Library and Information Division Northern University Bangladesh Anisur Rahman, "Access to Global Information—A case of Digital Divide in Bangladesh." Proceedings of the IATUL Conferences. Paper 25. http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/iatul/2007/papers/25 This document has been made available...

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Mission & Vision

make it universally accessible and useful. Vision A Vision Statement outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be. It concentrates on the future. Examples: 1. Wal-Mart Stores: To become the worldwide leader in retailing. 2. Metro: To innovate through cooperation. 3. Sony: To have the world look to Sony for comprehensive entertainment. 4. Samsung: To lead the digital convergence movement. 5. BMW: To be the...

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Franchising and Licensing

"Digital Bangladesh" is currently the most commonly used words in politics, media, among the intellectuals and the civil societies. Since our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her party's election manifesto pledged to develop a digital Bangladesh by 2021, it has given a great hope to the citizens of Bangladesh. It turned out to be an opportunity for our prime minister to be in the United States during the time of election, and experiencing the Obama election campaign. Her learning has helped Awami...

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lg vision

Vision (orginal avail in website) LG Electronics continues to pursue its 21st century vision of becoming a worldwide leader in digital—ensuring customer satisfaction through innovative products and superior service while aiming to rank among the world’s top three electronics, information, and telecommunications firms by 2010. Mission The mission of LG is to provide the customers with utmost satisfaction through leadership. The fundamental policy of development is to secure product leadership...

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Telecom Sector of Bangladesh

Telecommunications in Bangladesh : The liberalisation of Bangladesh’s telecommunications sector began with small steps in 1989 with the issuance of a licence to a private operator for the provision of inter alia cellular mobile services to compete with the previous monopoly provider of telecommunications services the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB). Significant changes in the number of fixed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred in the late 1990s and the number of services...

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Mission and Vision

MISSION AND VISION Companies summarize their goals and objectives in Mission and Vision statements. Both these things serve different purposes for the company but are often confused with each other. A Mission statement talks about what the company is now. It concentrates on present; it defines the customers, critical processes and it informs you about the desired level of performance. A Vision statement outlines what a company wants to be. It concentrates on the future; it is a source of...

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bangladesh bank

Regulators of the Financial System Central Bank Bangladesh Bank acts as the Central Bank of Bangladesh which was established on December 16, 1971 through the enactment of Bangladesh Bank Order 1972- President’s Order No. 127 of 1972 (Amended in 2003). The general superintendence and direction of the affairs and business of BB have been entrusted to a 9 members' Board of Directors which is headed by the Governor who is the Chief Executive Officer of this institution as well. BB has 40 departments...

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History of Bangladesh

The history of Bangladesh National Museum is eventful and glorious, connected as it has been, in chronological sequence, with British Indian history, the birth and dissolution of Pakistan, and the emergence of Bangladesh. At the turn of the twentieth century Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, by his policy of provincial readjustment, provided the political ground for the establishment of a museum in Dhaka. He partitioned Bengal on 16 October 1905. The historic city of Dhaka became the capital of the...

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Digital Chocolate

Contents Trip Hawkins Background 1 Core Values 2 Strategy of Digital Chocolate 2 Vast Network 2 Why acquire Sumea? 2 Why acquire Small Device? 2 Why acquire Spanish team? 3 Effective Communication 3 Limitations 3 Competitors & Market Revenues 3 Target Market 4 Mode of Penetration 5 Distribution through Carriers 5 Disadvantages 5 Distribution through Consumer Marketplaces 5 Advantages 5 Alternative Approach 6 Teamwork 6 Proposed Solutions 6 Solution#1:...

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Bata Shoe in Bangladesh

Strategies of Retail Organizations of Bangladesh” A Study on Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited Marketing Strategies of Retail Organization of Bangladesh A Study on Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. In Bangladesh, Bata started its operation in 1962. The company is one of the largest tax–paying corporate bodies contributing Tk. 1.2 billion (year 2009) which represents approximately 70% of tax paid by the entire footwear sector of Bangladesh. Bata is the largest retail organization...

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Telecom Industry of Bangladesh

industry of Bangladesh has entered a phase of growing competition. Even though Bangladesh is regarded as one of the poorest, and a heavily populated country, it has found a way to grow its telecommunications sector. A flourishing mobile telephony business has brought out many positive changes in the country's socio-economy. Foreign operators have been admiring Bangladesh as a budding high-growth mobile market, and have been in discussions with Bangladesh's regulator, the Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory...

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General Brochure of Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd.

eye care scenario is evolving rapidly in Bangladesh. In this era of globalization to keep pace with the modern world, both excellent clinical expertise and latest technology in instrumentation are essential. Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. has begun its journey with the aim of providing the best eye care in Bangladesh which will be at par with the modern world along with a fragrance of warm Bangladeshi hospitality. The specialty departments of Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. Cataract & Comprehensive...

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Digital Divide

digital divide The term 'digital divide' describes the fact that the world can be divided into people who do and people who don't have access to - and the capability to use - modern information technology, such as the telephone, television, or the Internet. The digital divide exists between those in cities and those in rural areas. For example, a 1999 study showed that 86% of Internet delivery was to the 20 largest cities. The digital divide also exists between the educated and the uneducated, between...

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Stakeholders of Bangladesh Telecommunications Sector

Stakeholders of Bangladesh Telecommunications Sector BTRC Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is an independent Commission established under the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001 (Act no. 18 of 2001) published by the Parliament in the Bangladesh Gazette, extraordinary issue of April 16, 2001. BTRC started functioning from January 31, 2002. In the intervening years it has pursued a vision to facilitate affordable telecommunication services of acceptable quality for all...

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Side by Side: the Digital Revolution

Side By Side: The Digital Revolution With the fast progression of technology in the 21st century, cinema has transformed digitally, leaving film in our history. Keanu Reeves and Christopher Kenneally combine their experiences, knowledge, and passion of cinema to create the documentary, Side by Side. Countless respectable film industry moguls are interviewed throughout the documentary showcasing their mastery of the art and expressing their opinions on it’s revolution. Side by Side explores the...

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Kodak: Digital Photography

Kodak’s current position in digital imaging is focused on three areas: 1. Image capture (digital cameras) – cameras are still not boosting profits, but Kodak has secured 15% of the market, and have boosted advertising spending towards s more integrated marketing effort 2. Services (online photo manipulation) - spent significant dollars on R&D developing software 3. Image output (digital kiosks, inkjet printers, paper and inks) – network of 19,000 kiosks at retail stores are highly profitable...

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E Commerce Failure in Bangladesh

What are the basic reasons behind the failure of e-commerce in Bangladesh? E-commerce or electronic commerce, is the process of buying and selling goods over the Internet. Other than buying and selling, many people use Internet as a source of information to compare prices or look at the latest products on offer before making a purchase online or at a traditional store. E- business is sometimes used as another term for the same process. More often, though, it is used to define a broader process...

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Bangladesh Film Development Corporation

Bangladesh Film Development Corporation Introduction: Bangladesh Film Development Corporation or BFDC (more familiar as FDC) works for the development of our film industry by providing sufficient support in the entire process of making a film. Since the very day of its existence, FDC runs its operations under the supervision of the government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. However, the film industry of Bangladesh, as a whole and every locally produced film, in general, are indebted to Bangladesh...

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Art Form for the Digital Age

"Art Form For The Digital Age" Summary “Art Form For The Digital Age,” by Henry Jenkins is about gaming expanding and how it's being considered a digital art. The growing game industry is said to be the most growing form of art in the economy today. The gaming industry has grown tremendously in the past century. It went from silent pong games to intense story plot and mind blowing real life graphics like Final Fantasy. Games are becoming more and more realistic, characters can talk, and...

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Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh

1. Background $The Ambassador of Bangladesh in Korea, Mr. Shahidul Islam, visited ASERC (Advanced Ship Engineering Research Centre) in Pusan National University (PNU) and requested me to find a way of establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration in shipbuilding sector between Korea and Bangladesh. At his request, I paid a short visit to Bangladesh from October 12-13, 2009. In order to understand the shipbuilding related academic and industrial environment, I visited two leading...

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Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund

Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL) is a newly established public limited company which envisages to attract private investments from local and foreign investors and to invest in companies that are implementing infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has already provided BDT 16 Billion (USD 220 mill) to this company as initial equity capital and has taken 100% ownership of the company. But it is expected that the company will...

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Kumar Kar Project Co-ordinator Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Kumar Tripathi Mr. Shailesh Patel Abstract The field of Image Processing refers to processing digital images by means of digital computer. One of the main application areas in Digital Image Processing methods is to improve the pictorial information for human interpretation. Most of the digital images contain noise. This can be removed by many enhancement techniques. Filtering is one of the enhancement techniques which is used to remove unwanted...

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Implementing 4G Network in Bangladesh

 Implementation of 4G Technology in Bangladesh Implementation of 4G Technology in Bangladesh Prepared For: Hasan Shirazi Lecturer School of Business. North South University Date: August 24, 2014 August 24,2014 Hasan Shirazi. School of Business...

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Bangladesh Ministry of Information

1. Historical background of digitization: Bangladesh is an independent country since 1971. After its independence there are lots of Ministries and Governmental organizations have been set up to maintain its governmental activities. Earlier these Ministries and Governmental organizations performed their works manually. But when technology had been introduced, they had realized to provide website facilities to the people. So that, the public can easily get the required information from these Ministry’s...

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Electrinic and Digital Media Paper

Electronic and Digital Media Paper Bobby J. Sims, Jr COM 225 December 2, 2012 Mabelle Reynoso . Historically the role of media in our society was one of delivering news and information for the sake of knowledge. According to Vivian, the news media served as the major watch dog in the gathering and sharing of information across the world. Traditions of a culture, such as China, have long been created an opportunity for free creative and artistic expression as a means of media exposure in...

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2021 Transparent Conductor Market Advancements to 2021

Transparent Conductor Markets 2014-2021: Order report by calling Rnrmarketsresearch.com at +1 888 391 5441 OR send an email on sales@rnrmarketresearch.com with your contact details. During the past year the transparent conductor (TCs) market has continued to evolve. It seems that all the focus remains on the touch panel sector, where alternatives to ITO have genuinely established themselves. As a result, this latestreport in NanoMarkets’ seven years of coverage of the transparent conductor market...

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Bangladesh Copy

Jagannath University Dhaka Bachelor of Business Administration Programme Department Of Management Studies Course Name- Bangladesh Studies Course Code- 2218 A Report And Presentation On Educational Development And Strategic Planning In The Perspective Of Bangladesh 1|Page PRESENTED AND PREPARED BY GROUP NO: 22 8TH BATCH SECTION: A GROUP MEMBERS Serial no 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Name of student Student ID Md. Nafiz Hassan Mahirul Islam Md. Sojol Miaa Md. Masud Chowdhury Habibur Rahman Md. Nahidur...

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Eastman Kodak Meeting the Digital Challenge


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