• Devolution of Local Government in the Philippines
    DECENTRALIZATION AND DEMOCRATIZATION In the later part of the 20th Century there has been a dramatic shift in the manner governments around the world managed their states. Instead of having a centralized form of government, most nation nation-state now somehow adopts the idea of shifting some of
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  • Debate Between Parliamentary and Presidential Forms of Government
    CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ASSIGNMENT MADE BY: MANSUMYER SINGH B.A.LL.B (2010-15) SEC: A; ROLL NO: 09 A3211110009 DEBATE BETWEEN PARLIAMENTARY AND PRESIDENTIAL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction....................................................................................
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  • Authoritarian Government for the Philippines
    Closing Government, Rebuttal research Motion: “This house believes that an authoritarian government will help the Philippines progress.” I. Expected Argument “The form of government doesn’t matter and the progress of the country will depend on the kind of leader we have as a preside
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  • Comparative Study of Education System of Philippines and England
    Chapter I: Introduction One of the biggest problems and focus of government in the Philippines is to find solution of the current problems facing our education today., is the decrease of quality students produced by secondary level thus the Department of Education is planning to implement add
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  • Ngo(Non Government Organization)
    Non-governmental organization Non-governmental organization (NGO) is a term that has become widely accepted as referring to a legally constituted, non-governmental organization created by natural or legal persons with no participation or representation of any government. In the cases in which NGO
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  • Taxation: Tax on Income (Philippines)
    ALLOWABLE DEDUCTIONS - A SEC. 34. Deductions from Gross Income. - Except for taxpayers earning compensation income arising from personal services rendered under an employer-employee relationship where no deductions shall be allowed under this Section other than under subsection (M) hereof, in com
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  • National Territory of the Philippines
    [pic] Map of the Republic of the Philippines National Territory of the Philippines (Article I) The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jur
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  • Guide on Making Different Papers
    Guide for Making Different Papers University of the East Prof. Laine Espuelas In Partial Fulfillment for BCO 101 - 2T, 1:30-3:00 p.m Alda Mae M. Murillo March 12, 2010 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Thesis 4 Format of the Thesis 4 Guide for Thesis 5 Sample for
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  • What Is a Government
    1. What is Government? Government.  From the Latin gubernaculums.  Signifies the instrument, the helm, whereby the ship to which the state was compared, was guided on its course by the “gubernator” or helmsman, and in that view, the government is but an agency of the state, distinguished as i
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  • A National Security Strategy for the Philippines
    RP-NSS FOR 2010-2016 A NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY FOR THE PHILIPPINES 2010-2016 17 September 2010 NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY (2010-2016) Republic of the Philippines INTRODUCTION The common experience among nations upon becoming sovereign states is the immediate launching of a coll
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  • Information Literacy in the Philippines
    Literacy Information in the Philippines by Dr. Norma L. Salcedo T he 2003 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS) is a national survey that gathers information on basic and functional literacy status of the population which will be used as basis of education policies and
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  • The Armed Forces of the Philippines in the Politics of Today
    The Armed Forces of the Philippines in the Politics of Today “Now the general is the bulwark of the State; if the bulwark is complete at all points; the State will be strong; if the bulwark is defective, the State will be weak” - Sun Tzu (Giles, 1910).
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  • Wow Philippines
    CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Despite Crises, Wow Philippines Campaign Made 2003 Tourism Succeed In 2003, 1.9 million tourists arrived in the Philippines compared to 1.93 million in 2002. The slight drop of .03% was a result of the Oakwood mutiny, the threat of Severe Acute Respirato
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  • Patentability Criteria in Different Countries
    WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE Booklet nº 2 This is one of a series of Booklets dealing with intellectual property and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions/folklore Disclaimer: The inf
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  • Republic of the Philippines
    Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Tenth Congress Republic Act No. 8293             June 6, 1997 AN ACT PRESCRIBING THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CODE AND ESTABLISHING THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE, PROVIDING FOR ITS POWERS AND FUNCTIONS, AND FOR OTHER PUR
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  • Online/Automated Elections in the Philippines
    Computerized voting is a superior form of casting ballots. It allows for fairer and faster voting. It takes many forms with different processes but how it is implemented depends on the technological facilities allocated for the elections procedure. Automated election system (AES) is a system that us
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  • Corporation Code of the Philippines
    THE CORPORATION CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES [Batas Pambansa Blg. 68]     TITLE I GENERAL PROVISIONS Definitions and Classifications Section 1. Title of the Code. - This Code shall be known as "The Corporation Code of the Philippines". Sec. 2. Corporation defined. - A corporation is an artificia
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  • Non-Bank Thrift Institutions in the Philippines
    NON-BANK THRIFT INSTITUTIONS Non-bank thrift institutions - form a small segment in the country’s financial system and are not so well known as the others. Organized as non-bank entities, they do not perform any banking or quasi-banking functions. Two kinds: 1. Savings and loan association
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  • Government and Law
    LESSON 1 UNDERSTANDING POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ________________________________________________________________ LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you finish this lesson, you will be able to do the following: * Define politics and political science * Internalize the importance and goals
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  • Mining in the Philippines
    Mining in the Philippines Concerns and conflicts Report of a Fact-Finding Trip to the Philippines July-August 2006 Acknowledgments The Fact Finding Mission wishes to thank all those who took time to meet with us. The right to enjoy human rights and development is universal. We wish to encour
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