• Rural
    Rural Development in Bangladesh: Concepts, Dimensions and Significance Policy makers and development planners have accorded top most priority on the development of rural sector. They have pursued strategies for ensuring governance at the micro level as a potent way of promoting rural develop
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  • What Is the Difference Between Listening to and Consultation with Children
    According to Thomas and O’Kane ( 1998) ‘’We live in a society and culture in which children and young people are generally not listened to, consulted or involved in decision-making. Children say very clearly that adults don’t listen to children, they ignore them, leave them out, interrupt,
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  • Rural Marketing
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION TO RURAL MARKET GONE ARE the days when a rural consumer went to a nearby city to buy branded products and services. Time was when only a select household consumed branded goods, be it toothpaste or soap. There were days when big companies flocked to rural markets to establis
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  • Rural Marketing
    RURAL MARKETING Definition:- Rural marketing can be defined as a function which manages all those activities in asserting, Stimulating and converting the purchasing power of rural people into an effective demand for specific products and services thereby achieving the goals of the organisation.
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  • Rural Electrification
    Summer Internship Report Issues and Challenges in Rural Electrification schemes Submitted in Partial fulfillment for the requirements of MBA in Power Management Centre for Advanced Management & Power Studies National Power Training Institute Affiliated to MAHARASHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, R
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  • Rural Development
    Chapter 5 RURAL DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION There are no universally accepted approaches to rural development. It is a choice influenced by time, space and culture. The term rural development connotes overall development of rural areas to improve the quality of life of rural people. In this sense,
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  • The Urban Heat Island and Its Impact on Heat Waves and Human Health in Shanghai
    Int J Biometeorol (2010) 54:75–84 DOI 10.1007/s00484-009-0256-x ORIGINAL PAPER The urban heat island and its impact on heat waves and human health in Shanghai Jianguo Tan & Youfei Zheng & Xu Tang & Changyi Guo & Liping Li & Guixiang Song & Xinrong Zhen & Dong Yuan & Adam J. Kalkstein & F
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  • Rural Development of El Salvador
    National Pingtung University Of Science and Technology | Rural Development of El Salvador | Professor: Lorna Chang | | Rural SociologyStudent: Luis Fernando Valenzuela M范尼思Student ID: B9922006 | | Due date: April17th, 2012 INTRODUCTION Rural life is one of the principal aspec
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  • Mobile Phones: Tools for Development and Empowerment of People in Rural and Remote Areas
    Proceedings of 24th Indian Engineering Congress – 2009 Mobile Phones: Tools for Development and Empowerment of People in Rural and Remote Areas Abhinav KRISHNA1* 1 B.E. – 2nd year, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engg (ECE), BIT Mesra (India) E-mail address*: abhinavkrishna007@gma
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  • Indian Rural Marketing
    ABSTRACT In recent years, rural markets have acquired significance, as the overall growth of the economy has resulted into substantial increase in the purchasing power of the rural communities. Rural Markets are defined as those segments of overall market of any economy, which are distinct from the
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  • Rural Marketing
    Rural Marketing Notes by Faraz.Vehvaria on NOVEMBER 8, 2010 in NOTES (These are notes are for reference, if any topics are missing, please check your ref books) CHAPTER 1 PROFILE OF RURAL MARKETING Definition of Rural                                    Â
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  • Rural Marketing
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  • Changing Indian Rural Consumer Behaviour
    Contributed by members of www.mbaguys.net Changing Indian rural consumer behaviour-soaps and detergents PROJECT REPORT O Changing Indian Rural Consumer Behaviour-Soaps and Detergents SUBMITTED BY ____________ T.Y.B.M.S. [SEMESTER V] SHRI CHI AI COLLEGE OF COMM. & ECO. A DHERI (EAST),
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  • Rural Marketing - Hul Way
    Integral Review-A Journal of Management ISSN :2278-6120, Volume 5, No. 1, June-2012, pp 36-41 http://www.integraluniversity.ac.in/net/journalsAndPublications.aspx MAKING A DENT INTO THE RURAL MARKET (A Case Study of Hindustan Unilever Limited) Dr. Sheela Singh 1, Javed Alam Sheikh 2 1(Direct
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  • Rural Sociology
    What is social? Repeated, patterned subcultured behavior. Atted up, the social behavior of everyone in a society is called its social structure Ex: konwning someone won’t pull a gun out if we say hi Society: Sum of social behavior Two major functions of society (1) Frees us up to specialize
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  • Rural and Remote
    Assessment task 1 PD H PE Health Priorities in Australia People living in rural and isolated locations Population groups living in rural and remote areas have distinctive health concerns that relate directly to their living conditions, social isolation and distance from health services. The he
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  • Role of Nabard in Rural Development
    CONTENTS Message of Chief Minister of Orissa Message of Minister, Women & Child Development Message from Asst. Country Director, CARE-INDIA Message from CGM, NABARD Regional Office, Bhubaneswar Message from CGM, SBI Local Head Office, Bhubaneswar Message from GM, SIDBI, Regional Off
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  • Urban Poverty
    Policing Urban Poverty Chris Crowther Policing Urban Poverty This page intentionally left blank Policing Urban Poverty Chris Crowther Lecturer in Criminology Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College High Wycombe Foreword by Alan Walker Professor of Social Policy University o
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  • Rural Consumer Behavior with Regard to Selected Fmcgs Consumption Patterns and Brand Usage: a Study
    Rural Consumer Behavior with Regard to Selected FMCGs Consumption Patterns and Brand Usage: A Study A Sarangapani* and T Mamatha** Marketing of FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of a country irrespective of the size, population and the concepts
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  • Rural Market System in Bangladesh
    LFE-SPRING 2011-FIVDB CHAPTER 7: RURAL MARKET ANALYSIS TANZINA AHMED CHOUDHURY (0821156) GROUP-07 2|Chapter 7- Rural Market Analysis 1.0 INTRODUCTION This paper has been written as a part of the Group Report on Spring Live-in-Field Experience, 2011 in FIVDB Sylhet. For practical understa
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