• Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dictum
    RATIO DECIDENDI AND OBITER DICTUM The decision or judgement of a judge may fall into two parts: the ratio decidendi (reason for the decision) and obiter dictum (something said by the way). RATIO DECIDENDI - The ratio decidendi of a case is the principle of law on which a decision is based. When a
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  • Ratio Dicidendi
    DETERMINING RATIO DECIDENDI – EFFICACY OF WAMBAUGH’S TEST I. INTRODUCTION Judicial precedents are an important sources of law. They are the former judgements of the superior courts which the judges in common law countries are bound to follow. This bindingness of previous decisions on the
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  • Ratio
    Ratio decidendi and obiter dicta Learning objectives At the end of this module, you will be able to: * distinguish between ratio decidendi and obiter dicta. * apply well-established rules to identify the ratio decidendi in a decision. This module is intended as a useful exercise in revi
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  • Ratio Decendai
    LIST OF ABBREVIATION 1. ¶ : paragraph 2. AC-Appeal Cases 3. AIR: All India Reporter 4. ALL: Allahabad 5. AP: Andhra Pradesh 6. Art. : Article 7. BOM: Bombay 8. CAL: Calcutta 9. Corp: Corporation 10. Edn. : Edition 11. Etc: et cetra
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