• Difference Between Islamic Economics and Conventional Economics
    Difference between Islamic economics and conventional economics? In Islam there is no conflict between matter and soul, as there is no separation between economy and religion. Although Islamic economics is young in comparison with conventional economics, its characteristics, value and essence are
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  • Islamic Banking vs Conventional Banking
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  • Comparative Analysis of Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking
    TITLE PAGE: COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PERFORMANCE OF BANKS IN MALAYSIA:ISLAMIC AND CONVENTIONAL BANKS FROM 2006 to 2010 By: SATHESH A/L GOPINATHAN B0702069 Graduation Project Submitted to the Department of Business Studies, HELP University College, in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements f
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  • Islamic Finance vs Conventional Finance
    International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 2 No. 2; February 2011 Differences and Similarities in Islamic and Conventional Banking Muhammad Hanif Assistant Professor, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Islamabad PhD-Finance Scholar at International Islamic U
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  • Similarities and Differences Between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking
    Content Introduction 1 How Islamic banking system is different from conventional one? 1 Maintenance of CRR/SLR: 4 Project appraisal and evaluation: 4 Basis for collection of deposit 5 Moral Dimension 5 Emphasis on Productivity as compared to credit worthiness 5
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  • Islamic Banking vs Conventional Banking
    Money and Banking: Islamic Banking & Conventional Banking Submitted By: Rehman Sohail Hamza Arshad Submitted To: Ms. Shehla Akhtar [pic] Management Sciences Department National University of Modern Languages
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  • Difference Between Commercial Bank and Islamic Bank
    Product Differentiation between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking Submitted to: Quazi Sagota Samina Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration. East West University, Dhaka. Submitted by: Name ID Arafat Rauf 2009-2-10-345 FIN 380 Section: 2 Group: 10 Fall: 2
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  • Islamic Banking in Pakistan
    Islamic Banking: Problems and Prospects | | |Islamic Banking | |Before I discuss about the problems and prospects of Islamic Banking, I am discussing some primary issues  such as defi
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  • Islamic Banking's Role in Controlling Inflation
    ISLAMIC BANKING’S ROLE IN CONTROLLING INFLATION ABSTRACT Inflation has become a fact of life in nearly all countries, but it is a very serious problem in the developing countries. As far as commercial banking is concerned, it erodes the value of the depositor's savings as well as that
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  • A Study on Perception of Graduate Students in Iium: a Comparative Analysis Between Takaful and Conventional Insurance in Malaysia.
    A study on perception of graduate students in IIUM: A comparative analysis between Takaful and conventional insurance in Malaysia. Md. Mahmudul Haque (0823925), Khairina Binti Narawi (0733734), Amal Hakimah Mohd Zuhari (0822490), Eduart Nogu (0826619 Bank Management: section 1 1st Draft 1.0
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  • Islamic Banking in Pakistan
    Muhammad Bilal CH;Kanwal Talib 2012 Islamic Banking in Pakistan Muhammad Bilal CH;Kanwal Talib 2012 Islamic Banking in Pakistan Islamic Banking in Pakistan has been the idea based on Islamic laws derived by Quran, Hadith and sharia. The idea was first promoted in 1960’s which was never co
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  • Islamic Banking
    A Comparative Study of Islamic Banking in Pakistan: Proposing and Testing a Model BY Ashfaq Ahmad PhD Scholar 117/FUIMCS/Ph.D(MS)-2006 FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES 2009 A Comparative Study of Islamic Banking in Pakistan: Proposing and Testing a Model A thesis submitted to the FUIEMS Foundatio
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  • Islamic Banking
    Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Background Islamic legal principles regulate the conduct and content of commercial transactions in Islamic Banking. The most important of these principles is the prohibition of riba, any predetermined or fixed return in financial transactions. As stated in Quran:
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  • Islamic Banking in Bangladesh
    Assignment on: Islamic Banking in Bangladesh. Submitted to: Ms Sabina Yesmin Lecturer, School of Business, Asian University of Bangladesh Course: Comparative Economic System Course code: ECON 2308 Submitted by: Md. Moinul Islam Shaon ID: 201020179
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  • Islamic Banking
    COMPLETE THESIS Thesis Title: Benchmarking of Financial Solutions Offered by Islamic Banks Supervisor: Fredrik Jörgensen Author 1: Name Email Registration Number Junaid Ahmad juaa09@student.bth.se 830826-P737 Author 2: Name Email Registration Number Muhammad Abdul Majid maml09@student.bth.se 801
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  • Why Are Islamic Banks Becoming Popular
     Why Are Islamic Banks Becoming Popular? Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Writing & Research, COMM 1312, Section 102 25 January 2010 Abstract The Islamic banking system is currently spreading fast through many Arab and Muslim countries....
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  • Islamic Economics
    Declared Purpose of Islamic Economics The declared purpose of Islamic economics is to identify and establish an economic order that conforms to Islamic scripture and traditions. According to the Islamic economic system, the economy, like all other aspects of the Islamic “way of life,” should be
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  • How Fas Islamic Economics Has Progressed in Last 30 Years
    Table of contents Abstract Introduction: 2 Is Islamic Economics Necessary? 3 Monitoring the progress of Islamic economics 4 How far Islamic economics has been able to fulfill its promises and what are the major concern areas that still need attention? 6 Difficulties associated with Islamic E
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  • Islamic Economics: a Survey of the Literature
    MP A R Munich Personal RePEc Archive Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature Zaman, Asad International Islamic University of Islamabad (IIUI) June 2008 Online at http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/11024/ MPRA Paper No. 11024, posted 10. October 2008 / 14:39 Islamic Economics: A Surv
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  • Problems of Research in Islamic Economics.
    Problems of Research in Islamic Economics - By Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yalcintas | | | | When a seminar on the "Problems of Research in Islamic Economics" was included in the "First Annual Programme of Research Activities of Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI)", in 1982 (14
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