• High School Life and College Life
    High school life and college life are like salt and sugar. They look alike but, in fact, they totally differ in taste. First, we obtain different information and knowledge. In high school, we are instructed with every aspect of knowledge and concentrate mostly on textbooks; while in college we s
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  • Difference Between High School and College
    Contrasting College Freedom with High School Upon attending college for about eight months, I have found that I enjoy being a college student more than being a high school student. In this short amount of time, I have seen that more freedom is allowed to students in college than in high school as
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  • Difference Between High School and College
    Do you want to study in High School or in College? These two options are very dissimilar, although in both you can learn a lot. These differences include homework, tests, and attendance polices. The first difference is homework. In High School most teachers will assign you to turn in your homewor
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  • Difference Between High School and College
    Difference between high school and College There are a lot of similarities between high school and college. They are similar in many ways like in both they use books, notebooks and students take basic classes like math, Spanish, science, etc. But, they still have a lot of differences. One differen
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  • Difference in High School and College
    I graduated high school in 2003 and I am recently just getting back into the whole college thing. I attempted college courses after my first duty station in Germany, but college couldn’t get my full attention. I am now back at attempting to take college courses and it is completely different from
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  • High School Compared to College
    Upon attending college for about one month, I have found that I enjoy being a college student more than being a high school student. In this short amount of time, I have seen that more freedom is allowed to students in college than in high school as far as most of the important decision-making is co
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  • Comparison and Contrast of High School Teachers vs College Professors
    Comparison and Contrast of High School Teachers vs College Professors There are some similarities between high school teachers and college professors but there are many more contrasts. Academically speaking, both teachers and professors have grading styles and policies, deadlines and
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  • High School vs College Life
    High school vs College life Education is considered as one of the important element in life nowadays. A child's education history starts as early as kindergarten period, up until high school. Enrolling oneself in college after graduating from high school is another option to gain higher education.
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  • Life After High School
    I remember that towards the end of my senior year in high school, my parents suggested that I apply to a four-year college. They also offered to pay for the cost of going to college as long as I would go full-time and would start right after high school. They believed that I would be more prepared t
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  • Life After High School
    Anthony Torres February 20, 2005 Academic Writing, Section 302 Vaughn Copey Life After High School I've just entered my senior year of high school. I know that this is a very important year. I have a lot of decisions to make and not much time to make them. These decisions will either make or
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  • The Difference Between College and High School Athletics
    The Difference between High School and College Athletics When I was applying to college I talked to the coach of the University of Central Oklahoma cheerleading squad in hopes that I could tryout for the team. I thought that another commitment in addition to my school work would help to keep me f
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  • Our so Called High School Life
    Our So Called High School Life By: Mekai Veterans say that the most exciting and happiest moments on a student’s life happen in high school. Honestly speaking, I don’t believe in this before. Ask me why? Easy, just because I can’t feel it! I thought, when I first had the knowledge a
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  • Life After High School
    This is my senior and final year in Osceola High School. After high school is going to be a lot of responsibilities I have to take care of. I remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait till graduating high school, but then I realized there was way more to come after high school. This is the bigge
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  • High School Life
    For lots of students, high school is the most exciting time of their lives. High school is where everything starts - your development from a gawky kid to a confident teenager during this stage of your education is full of exciting possibilities. High school is where lifelong reputations and images a
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  • High School vs. College
    High School vs. College There are many similarities, and differences betweeen high school and college. High School was the best four years of my life. I got in a lot of trouble in thoses years, but also had a blast. Now at J.C.C. it is even better than high school, and my e
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  • Adjusting to College Life
    When students are still in high school, college looms in the distance like an ominous cloud. Frankly, all of the students are scared about going to college. When students go to college they feel like going to the great unknown – to go to a place where they don't know anyone. But after all college i
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  • College and High School
    A Changing Lifestyle Last August, as a high school senior, I made a big transition in my life. Not only did I pack up my things and move to another city, I moved with the intention of acquiring higher education. I made the next step in my life by beginning college. High school life as I knew it wa
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  • High School Versus College
    High School Life Versus College Life There are many ways to compare and contrast high school life versus college life. Some of the things to compare and contrast are the student life, the faculty, and the athletic structure. One way to compare and contrast high school life and college life is st
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  • College Life
    College it will be something new because you will be in a new place and have new people around you. With college living is different you get to stay there be away from home and family. College will also be hard work because you have to have good grades or you will get put out. College is going to be
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  • College Life
    Adjusting to College Life Wow! The first week of college was a breeze. All my professors seemed so nice. Class never lasted longer than thirty minutes. I did not have to carry any books to class for that whole week. Finding classes was some what tough, even though my classes are around the sam
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