• Management of Dialog Sri Lanka
    Introduction Dialog Axiata PLC Dialog Axiata PLC, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad. The company operates 2.5G and 3/3.5G Mobile Communications networks supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services. Dialog has the distinction...
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  • People Who Complain
    These rainy days have brought my mood down a bit. I want it to be warm and dry again so we can all wear skirts and go to the beach at night and play in the sand. However despite the lousy weather I know that clear skies are up ahead, eventually, so there's no reason to sulk and complain about it.
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  • Dialog
    Dialog "Hello." "Hello, Susan?" "Yes, what is up?" "Hey, can you help me buy something off from eBay? "Sure, no problem, what is it?" "It is a spoiler for my car." "Nice! A spoiler! For your RSX?" "Yes." "When you online tonight, send me the link, okay?" "Okay!" "But make sure you purchas
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  • Why Dont We Complain
    The story why don't we complain, is a story that brings up the face about american worries, or lack there of. The author's first example was when he was on a train, and its freezing outside. Unfortunately the temperature in the train was is the mid 80's. In the 50's ,business men wore heavy black su
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  • Dialog Between Beccaria, Lombroso, and Durkheim
    Dialog between Beccaria, Lombroso, and Durkheim. Durkheim: - Good Afternoon Lombroso. How are you? Lombroso: - Fabulous. I’ve just been reading your theories in The Normal and the Pathological (Durkheim, 1895). Durkheim: - You disagree? Lombroso: - Maybe on some points. Durkheim:
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  • Why Complain?
    People complain for many reasons, possibly because they feel as if they have been wronged in some way. Well, what exactly do they get out of complaining anyway? They rarely fix the problem at hand. Sometimes it can even be infuriating. But maybe, just maybe, it could instill in them a sense of well
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  • Solving Complain and Walk Away Guest Senario
    Title: Solving complain and walk away guest Characters: • Ms An, the guest. She just gets off the plane, she is tired. • Miss Eva, the assistant manager of front office. She worked in the hotel for 5 years. She is kind and willing to solve problems and complains. • Miss Diane, the rec
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  • Deutsche Dialog
    DEUTSCH DIALOG C: Guten Tag der Herr! H: Guten Tag gnädige Frau! C: Kann Ich Ihnen weiterhelfen? H: Nein, Danke, Ich sehe eine Eigenblick an. C: Wenn Sie Fragen haben,… Ich stehe gerne zu ihrer Verfügung. H: Ja, gern. …. Ich sehe das Sie haben eine breite Produktepalette! C: Ja, viell
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  • People Who Complain
    People who complain This assignment’s goal was to share our point of view towards something that we don’t like, or don’t agree with. A recurring theme in high school, more specifically ours, is people who complain about nothing at all, whether it is students, principles, supervisors and eve
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  • Internal Dialog, Blind Side
    Chad Howard Professor Brooks Com 100 14 March, 2011 COM 100 Midterm Exam- Blind Side 1. Michaels self awareness and perception process concerning his internal dialog when starting at the school was negative because he was the “fish out of water”. In regards to self-awareness, Michaels op
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  • Dialog Group Overview
    Group Overview About Dialog Axiata PLC Dialog Axiata PLC, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad. The company operates 2.5G and 3/3.5G Mobile Communications networks supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services. Dialog has the distinction o
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  • Complain to the Restaurant
    The Manager Spots 26 Addison Road Marlow Buckinghamshire SS4 4HT Dear sir/madam I am writing to complain about the unacceptable treatment that my family and I received in your restaurant. My family organized for us all to go to Spots for a birthday meal on 2 August 2009. A friend of o
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  • Customer Complain
    Management Decision Emerald Article: Handling Consumer Complaint Information: Why and How? V.-W. Mitchell Article information: To cite this document: V.-W. Mitchell, (1993),"Handling Consumer Complaint Information: Why and How?", Management Decision, Vol. 31 Iss: 3 Permanent link to this docume
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  • Paid to Complain
    PAID TO COMPLAIN For years, the popular adage “the customer is always right” has prevailed in retail markets. I am sure it is a very good business model and it has proved to be productive over the years. Times have changed; I think people are less honest than they used to be. Like any othe
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  • External Analysis for Dialog Telekom Sri Lanka
    Contents Executive Summary 2 Company Background 3 Issues Faced 6 Competitor Analysis 7 Porters Five Force Model 9 PEST Analysis 13 Factors responsible for Dialog’s Decline 16 Strategies 19 Strategies implemented by Dialog 20 SWOT Analysis 23 Conclusion 25 Reference 26
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  • Financial Report Analysis - Dialog Group
    PART I - INTRODUCTION 1.0 Overview This report provides an in-depth analysis on the financial situation of the Dialog Group Berhad by comparing its financial results in year 2010 and 2011. Consequently, all relevant ratios related to the company’s profitability, asset efficiency, liquidity, capita
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  • Dialog in the Dark
    Dialog in the Dark I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be visually impaired, but never knew I’d get a small taste of it. Dialog in the Dark is an exhibit located in as many as twenty- two countries throughout the world. I was able to take part in this exhibit in Atlanta, Geo
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  • Why Dont We Complain
    In this article William F. Buckley Jr. shows that Americans don’t complain because we have gotten used to waiting for someone else to do it for us. I think that we should get up from our seats and stand up for ourselves. We are considered a sleeping giant. As a sleeping giant we need to wake up an
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  • How to Complain
    How to complain effectively as a customer? Currently, more and more people choose to do shopping in spare time. And there often occurs something which makes customers uncomfortable. There are some common situations below. Such as when you find that it’s difficult to find the goods which you need
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  • Don't Complain
    Often heard people complain why my face is not beautiful, why the weather is so bad, why I live in such a poor family ... why should we complain about it? Just like what Maya Angelou said:”if you don't like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.”
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