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Determinants Of Profitability Of A Bank

1.0 BACKGROUND INFORMATION TO THE STUDY The study of profits is important not only because of the information it provides about the health of the economy in any given year, but also because profits are a key determinant of growth and employment in the medium-term. Changes in profitability are an important contributor to economic progress via the influence profits have on the investment and savings decisions of companies. This is because a rise in profits improves the cash flow position of companies...

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Determinant of Bank Profitability

Determinants of Commercial Banks Profitability: An Empirical Evidence from the Commercial Banks of Ethiopia Birhanu Tsehay Amare ID No. GSR/ 0695/03 A thesis submitted to The Department of Accounting and Finance Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Business Administration in Finance Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa, Ethiopia May, 2012 1 Addis Ababa University School of Graduate Studies This is to certify that the thesis prepared by...

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Determinants of Private Bank Profitabliy

Determinants of Private BanksProfitability in Ethiopia: Panel Data Evidence Yigremachew Benti Addis Ababa Email: yigremb@yahoo.com March 2008 1 Abstract Using the standard static as well as dynamic models, the study tries to find systematic evidence on the determining factors for the corporate profitability of private commercial banks in Ethiopia. The study utilizes data on balance sheet as well as income statement account items of all the domestic private banks, which have at least...

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Determinants of Capital Structure in Pakistan”

DETERMINANTS OF CAPITAL STRUCTURE IN PAKISTAN” Capital structure refers to the combination of asset financing from different available sources. Normally the companies have two choices, either to finance the assets from internal source that is termed as retained earnings or from external source that splits into debt and equity. A firm’s capital structure is than the composition of its liabilities. In reality, capital structure of firms may be highly complex and consist of number of sources. These...

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Southwest State Bank Case - Profitability/Swot Analysis

Key Trends Identified in SSB's Profitability from 1991 through 1993 According to the calculated ratios in Table-1, SSB had the following major trends in profitability during the time of 1991 to 1993: • Decreasing return on equity (ROE) - shareholder return • Gradual & unsteadily decreasing return on assets (ROA) - managerial efficiency • Decreasing net non interest margin – less profit earned on non-interest banking components • Increasing earnings spread – have established effective processes...

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liquidity and profitability

Commercial banks are profit seeking organizations. The way the commercial banks handle their portfolio is how the profits are reflected in their books. Portfolio management is basically how the commercial banks handle their assets and liabilities. Portfolio management refers to the management of assets and liabilities in such a way that the profits are maximized. Though banks want to make profits but at the same time they are concerned about liquidity and safety. In fact these three namely liquidity...

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Introduction What is bank? Finance is the lifeblood of trade, commerce and industry. Now days, banking sector acts as the backbone of modern business. Development any country mainly depends upon the banking system. MODERN BANKING: - The banking, which was known in various forms and guises in The ancient civilization in various parts of the world did not Coincide with the emergence of the modern Banks. The Banking which had its roots in the flourished culture...

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profitability analysis of three banks

EVALUATING THREE BANKING PERFORMANCE USING PROFITABILITY MODEL by Sharmin Akter Id: 0820202 An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Bachelor of Business Administration INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY, BANGLADESH September 2012 EVALUATING THREE BANKING PERFORMANCE USING PROFITABILITY MODEL by Sharmin Akter Id: 0820202 has been approved September, 2012 ____________________ Saquib Shahriar Lecturer School of Business INDEPENDENT...

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Pilgrim Bank : customer profitability

(Winter 2014) Pilgrim Bank (A): Customer Profitability Pilgrim Bank (A) is a case that analyzes customer profitability in a retail banking setting. It explores a business phenomenon common to the retail banking industry and, within this context, acquaints you with the types of managerial questions that can be made by data analysis. As a recently hired analyst, Alan Green (your group’s role) has data on a sample of customers and must make recommendations about whether the bank should charge fees ...

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Bank Performance

the objectives of bank performance analysis? • evaluate progress towards meeting the goals and objectives set out by management, and • compare a bank’s performance relative to other banks • highlight strengths and weaknesses • for management to take appropriate remedial action 2. What are the main external forces that have an impact on a bank’s performance? • Deregulation – unleashed competition on both sides of the balance sheet. • Innovation and Globalisation – expanded banks’ balance sheets in...

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Gujarat Technological University - GCET 2012 LIST OF BANK BRANCHES (PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK) FOR PURCHASE OF MBA/MCA BOOKLET, USER-ID & PIN Sr. No. 1 Name of Branch Ahmedabad - Nava Vadaj Postal Address Shivalik Complex, Ankur Char Rasta, Opp Shashtrinagar BRTS Bus stop, Ahmedabad Opp. Diwan Ballubhai School, kankaria, Ahmedabad-380 022 Ashirwad Complex, Near SBI, Mahalaxmi, Paldi Tower Road, Amreli - 365601 Station Road, Anand - 388001 2 Ahmedabad - Vanijya Bhavan 3 Ahmedabad...

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Pilgrim Bank

customer’s profitability to provide relevant information for Internet strategy in Pilgrim Bank. To get a conclusion from the disagreements between charging online banking fees and offering customers incentives to use online banking, I obtained relevant data and compared online and offline customers’ profitability. Since only comparing balance level will miss some important information, such as, the cost of serving individual customers, therefore, in my analysis, I primarily focus on profitability. To...

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comparative study of financial performanceof nepalese commercial banks.

Nepalese commercial bank 1. Introduction 1.1 General Background of study: In Nepalese banking concept, the history of banking is not long. But it is found that the banking transactions are conducted in ancient time. Nepal bank limited was the first bank in Nepal established in 1994b.s .later Nepal Rastra Bank; central bank was established in 2013 B.S. with an objective to provide the policy decision, guidance and control the banking and to monitor this sector. Rastriya Banijya Bank is a government...

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Influence of Bank Specific and Macroeconomic Factors On Profitability of Commercial Banks (The case study of different countries)

Influence of Bank Specific and Macroeconomic Factors On Profitability of Commercial Banks (The case study of different countries) Tayba Maqsood Master in business administration Department of management sciences University Of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan E-mail: Tayba.iman@gmail.com Abstracts Purpose- The purpose of this paper is to identify the influence of bank specific and...

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Determinants of Profitability of Automobile Sector in Pakistan

Research Research Impact of Working Capital Management and Capital Structure on Profitability IMPACT OF WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AND CAPITAL STRUCTURE ON PROFITABILITY: THE CASE OF KSE QUOTED AUTOMOBILE FIRMS* H. Jamal Zubairi Finance and Accounting Department Mirza Aqeel Baig Economics Department College of Business Management, Karachi Abstract For any business concern the net profit or bottom line for a particular time period is the end result of its investing, financing and operating...

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Determinants of Capital Structure

Assignment No. 2 Determinants of capital structure In finance, capital structure refers to the way a corporation finances its assets through some combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities. A firm's capital structure is then the composition or 'structure' of its liabilities. Simply, capital structure refers to the mix of debt and equity used by a firm in financing its assets. The capital structure decision is one of the most important decisions made by financial management. The capital structure...

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The Theories of the International Expansion of Bank and the Performance of Foreign –Owned Bank in New Zealand

The Impact of New Zealand banks New Zealand’s banking system has its roots in continental Europe. The first trading bank (the union bank of Australia) was established in 1840. After 1860, a numbers of other Australian and British banks followed, three were British overseas banks, two were Australian and one was local. Therefore the New Zealand banking sector has a long history of foreign ownership The government began to ease the restrictions of financial institutions from 1975, and the deregulation...

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Financial intermediaries Done by Mirmanova S., 303 gr. Almaty 2014 A financial intermediary is a financial institution that connects surplus and deficit agents. The classic example of a financial intermediary is a bank that consolidates deposits and uses the funds to transform them into loans. Through the process of financial intermediation, certain assets or liabilities are transformed into different assets or liabilities. As such, financial intermediaries channel...

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economic project on bank profitability


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pilgrim bank

Mel Lazo ISDS 7540 – Marketing Analytics Module Dr. Black 7 December 2012 Pilgrim Bank Case Analysis Introduction and Defining the Relationships The business analyst at Pilgrim Bank, Alan Green, was tasked with guiding the marketing team to a better understanding of customer profitability. With the help of his supervisor and the IT department, he has access to an extensive data set of over 30,000 customers, both old and new. Included are continuous variables for Profit, Tenure, and Satisfaction...

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Role in risk mgt of Bangladeh Bank

FIN 470.1 Role of Bangladesh Bank Risk Management Submitted To : M. Ahsanur Rahim, School of Business Submitted By Ajeyo Patranabish 1120240030 10/3/2014 Introduction Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh. It’s core duty is to maintain the financial fluency of our country. On doing so it performs a lot of activities and among them the risk management of other commercial banks is notable. Because on managing the risk of other commercial banks it keeps the economy standing. Some new...

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Pilgrim Bank Case Study

Pilgrim Bank Case September 26, 2013 How much do profits vary across customers? Provide statistical support for your answer. Out of a sample of 31,634 Pilgrim Bank customers, from a population of 5 million total, and zero missing values, profits vary widely. The average customer profitability is $111.50. The minimum value of this data set is -$221 and the maximum is $2071. This describes that there is a very wide range. The median customer profitability is $9 and the standard deviation is $272...

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People's Bank and Porter's Five Forces

Introduction People's Bank is a multi-service financial institution that has grown to have assets reach nearly $12 billion. When it started in 1842, it opened as a general savings bank aimed at the blue-collar worker who wanted to save his/her money. Now People's offers many services such as mortgage loans, credit cards, checking accounts, and investment advisory and brokerage services. People's also offers many different ways in which to do your banking whether it be at the local branch, the supermarket...

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Bank of America

* Bank of America’s profit Margin stayed consistently on top of the Industry from the beginning of 2000 until the end of 2008. This shows that compared to similar firms, Bank of America had a greater control over its cost when compared to its rivals. From 2000-2008, Bank of America held a 5.439% higher profit margin than the whole Industry. Inversely, during 2009 Bank of America took a huge dip in its profit margin due to the economy having its worst recession in over 70 years. Thankfully...

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Commerce Bank

Business & Entrepreneurship Assignment for Course: OPS 5095, Service Operations Management Submitted to: Dr. Joseph Chavez Submitted by: Xiaoyan Jiang N01438073 Date of Submission: 5/5/2013 Title of Assignment: Commerce Bank CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. I have also cited any sources from which I used data, ideas or words...

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Determinant of Fdi

analyze in the FDI dynamic. In Malaysia, study by Ang (2008) detects the significant effect of the variables in five models that that takes turn excluding some of the variables via 2SLS estimation. Thus, the aim of this paper is to investigate the determinants of FDI in Malaysia during the period 1970-2008 using an autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) technique. 2.0 Methodology and Data 2.1. Autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) An autoregressive distributed lag model allows cointegration...

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Limitation of Banks

10GFC18080 STREAM: FINANCE TITLE OF THE PROJECT: PERFORMANCE OF BANK A Study on performance of bank using Camel modelwith special reference to The Citizen Co-operative Bank Ltd. INTRODUCTION India has large number and broad range of rural financial services providers with formal financial banks at one extreme informal provider such as money lenders or traders at the other extreme and between these 2 a large number of semi-formal...

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Economics Question Bank

Velammal Institute of Technology Department of Computer Science and Engineering MG2452- Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting Question Bank Part A: 1. Define economics 2. Define managerial economics. 3. Define micro economics 4. Define macroeconomics 5. Differentiate micro and macroeconomics 6. Draw economic circle. 7. State the subject matter of economics. 8. What is scarcity? 9. What is firm? 10. What are the objectives of firm? 11. What...

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Electronic Banking and Profitability of Financial Institutions

INTRODUCTION Background of the study In recent times, there has been a keen competition in the delivery of financial service or products which has resulted in financial institutions, especially banks, to developing and making use of alternative delivery channels to enhance their activities, increase profitability and in all, gain competitive advantage. These activities may include: retrieving an account balance, money transfers to and from a user’s accounts, retrieving an account history. Some institutions...

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Springfield National Bank

National Bank Executive Summary Dawson Stores, Inc. is in need of a US $ 1 million credit line from Springfield National Bank on an unsecured basis. This study was conducted to determine if Dawson Stores Inc. will be a good credit risk for the bank by taking into consideration the company?s financial condition, character reference and loan security. Financial ratio and trend analyses show the company?s increasing profitability and long-term stability. It is recommended that the bank approves...

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Credit Risk Management and Profitability in Commercial Banks in Sweden

Credit Risk Management and Profitability in Commercial Banks in Sweden Ara Hosna, Bakaeva Manzura and Sun Juanjuan Graduate School Master of Science in Accounting Master Degree Project No. 2009:36 Supervisor: Inga-Lill Johansson Acknowledgements After several months of hard work our thesis has been finished. Now it is time to thank everyone warmly who provided their kind assistance to us. First of all, we would like to thank our supervisor Inga-Lill Johansson, Associate Professor...

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The Importance of Analyzing Customer Profitability

The Importance of Analyzing Customer Profitability BADM 603 July 30, 2007 Every for-profit business has one main goal: to maximize profits by selling as much of its products or services to as many customers as possible. It seems logical to think that the more customers that a business has, the more profitable the company will be. However, business managers should also be aware that some customers are more profitable to the company than others. Managers should analyze their customers...

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Credit Risk and Commercial Banks Performances

of credit by debtors, known as credit risks, are mostly encountered in the financial sector particularly by institutions such as banks. The biggest credit risk facing banking and financial intermediaries is the risk of customers or counter party default. During the 1990s, as the number of players in banking sector increased substantially in the Zambian economy and banks witnessed rising non-performing credit portfolios there was significant increase to financial distress in the banking sector. Also...

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Impact of Auditing on Bank Profitability

then annual financial statement audited. 2. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMS The banking industry is faced with problems of auditing. These affect the activities of the banking industry negatively. Below are some of the problems encountered by the banks: 1. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set up by Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990, will affect the banking industry. 2. The misrepresentation of the financial statement will affect the banking industry 3. The failure...

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Impact of Private Sector Banks on Public Sector Banks

Banks are basically service-rendering institutions. The existence and success of banks depend on their ability to meet the various needs and wants of the customers. The new millennium has brought with it challenges as well as opportunities in various fields of economic activities including banking. The banking sector in India has undergone several changes in the areas of prudential, regulatory, disclosure and supervisory norms. The financial reforms launched during the early 1990s have dramatically...

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Factors Affect Profitability

Affecting Profitability: An Empirical Study on Ethiopian Banking Industry Amdemikael Abera A Thesis Submitted to The Department of Accounting and Finance Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science (Accounting and Finance) Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa, Ethiopia June 2012 Addis Ababa University School of Graduate Studies This is to certify that the thesis prepared by Amdemikael Abera, entitled: Factors Affecting Profitability: an Empirical...

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Nabard Bank

NABARD BANK HISTORY NABARD was established on the recommendations of Shivaraman Committee, (by act 61, 1981 of Parliament) on 12 July 1982 to implement the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act 1981. It replaced the Agricultural Credit Department (ACD) and Rural Planning and Credit Cell (RPCC) of Reserve Bank of India, and Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation (ARDC). It is one of the premier agencies to provide credit in rural areas. Nabard is India's specialised...

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Thesis Bank Islam

Banking in Malaysia Islamic banks today exist in all parts of the world and are looked upon as a viable alternative system which has many things to offer. While it was initially developed to fulfill the needs of Muslims, Islamic banking has now gained universal acceptance. In Malaysia, the first Islamic bank is Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB). Operated as the only Islamic bank for 10 years since July 1983 before the government allowed other conventional banks to offer Islamic banking services...

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Application of Determinants

Applications [edit]Linear independence As mentioned above, the determinant of a matrix (with real or complex entries, say) is zero if and only if the column vectors of the matrix are linearly dependent. Thus, determinants can be used to characterize linearly dependent vectors. For example, given two linearly independent vectors v1, v2 in R3, a third vector v3 lies in the plane spanned by the former two vectors exactly if the determinant of the 3 × 3 matrix consisting of the three vectors is zero. The...

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Analyzing Bank Performance

Analyzing bank performance Main objective of main performance analysis 1 Due to the inherent rick-reward trade-off in banking and finance, there is a close link between risk taking and profitability. Similar to many other business. The objective profit-maximizing bank will be to add value to the bank equity by maximizing risk-adjusted return to SHs. Risk taking is a double-edged sword. However, for banks, profitability and SH value add will depend on the efficiencies of risk management processes...

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Co-Operative Bank and RBC

1. Co-op Bank started using activity based costing to allocate operating expenses to products and customers. The overall process is important to the ultimate success of the bank, so it needs to be logical and transparent. The bank’s project team came up with 3 questions for the activity-based costing: “How should it define resource pools? What activities should it define? Should it analyze costs by product or by customer?” These questions seem very logical in helping implement the activity based...

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Risks in Banks

supervisors need to understand these risks and be satisfied that banks| |are adequately measuring and managing them. The key risks faced by banks are discussed below. | |Credit risk | |The extension of loans is the primary activity of most banks. Lending activities require banks to make judgements related to the | |creditworthiness...

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Cooperative Bank Case

Title of the Report: Case Analysis of ‘The Cooperative Bank’ The Purpose: The purpose of the report is to submit the analysis of The Cooperative Bank based on the Activity Based Costing methodology To whom it is submitted (Name of the instructor): Prof. Sandhya Bhatia, Professor, Managerial Accounting, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur Name of the Author: Abhishek Sengupta Anubhav Nigam Ravindran Damodaran Saurabh Srivastava Date of Submission: 24 February 2013 ...

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Credit Risk Management and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Kenya

CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT AND PROFITABILITY OF COMMERCIAL BANKS IN KENYA BY ANGELA M. KITHINJI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI, NAIROBI – KENYA. akithinji@yahoo.com or akithinji@uonbi.ac.ke OCTOBER, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION....................................................................................................................1 1.1 Background ............................................................................................................

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Determinants of Health

can influence the health and well-being of an individual. There are twelve determinants of health that help not only to define health, but also to assist in understanding the problems and health concerns within society. All of these determinants are interrelated and can have different effects on someone’s health (Potter & Perry, 2010). A single negative determinant in one’s life can affect a large aspect of other determinants that can result in health problems or other situations that can negatively...

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The Relationship Between Bank Credit Risk And Profitability And Liquidity

The International Journal of Business and Finance Research ♦ VOLUME 7 ♦ NUMBER 3 ♦ 2013 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BANK CREDIT RISK AND PROFITABILITY AND LIQUIDITY Myrna R. Berríos, Modern Hairstyling Institute ABSTRACT This paper’s objective is to study the relationship between bank credit risk and financial performance and the contribution of risky lending to lower bank profitability and liquidity. The sample data comes from the Mergent Online database, which stores ownership, executive, and financial...

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capitec bank

capitec bank: 1. What resources and capabilities made Capitec successful? Capabilities- The individuals who came together to start Capitec came from a strong financial and micro-lending background; they had a very good understanding of the banking systems. They started this business well equipped. Resources- Capitec was originally capitalized with R350 million was worth R2.2 billion and the results which were released in September 2006 showed a 23% return on equity, its profitability increased...

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The Comparison and Best Investment Decision for The Commonwealth Bank and ANZ Bank

decision making of which bank is a better investment decision, whether it is The Commonwealth Bank or ANZ Bank. In this essay I will be talking briefly about things to think about when investing in a bank, environment and global factors that have or may affect the future of the banks and how the ratio’s and percentages relate to these definitions. When investing in a bank you would ensure that the bank is investing to generate further income and cash flows. As an investor in a bank, you would prefer that...

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Foreign Banks Penetration Into Nordic Countries

Critical reading of foreign banks penetration into Nordic countries Abstract Foreign banks’ penetration in Nordic countries is a representative research paper presented by Engwall and his partners to illustrate the evolution of the market share of foreign banks over times. And my paper is organized to provide a short summary of this article, and then analyze the research from a methodological perspective. By discussing some of the methodological limitations inherent in Engwall’s research...

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Determinants of Health

Determinants of Health Introduction Many factors combine together to affect the health of individuals and communities. Whether people are healthy or not, is determined by their circumstances and environment. The determinants of health include: the social and economic environment, the physical environment, and the person’s individual characteristics and behaviours. The context of people’s lives determines their health, and so blaming individuals for having poor health or crediting them for...

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Infinity Bank - Will the Supermarket Strategy Work?

Introduction Infinity bank was one of the 10 largest banks in the UK with over 1800 retail branches. However, due to the change in the nature of the banking industry since the 1980’s Infinity bank had seen a consistent drop in its profitability. Deregulation of the industry had been one of the major changes that had taken place during this time which had increased the competition in the industry. Even though Infinity had followed other major banks in responding to this challenge by cutting costs...

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Performance Evaluation of Banks

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF BANKS – SOME ASPECTS AROOP KUMAR MOHAPATRA ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT INDUSIND BANK BHUBANESWAR ABSTRACT Doing a performance appraisal of banks, especially Indian ones, is not an easy task. What are the factors that need to be considered to differentiate the good, the bad and the ugly. If we just compare the major ratios for a financial analysis of banks, we may reach at conclusions, which will be quite far from reality. Because these ratios do give a picture...

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Bank Profile China Bank

Bank Profile China Banking Corporation China Banking Corporation (China Bank) is the first privately-owned local commercial bank in the Philippines. It was incorporated on July 20, 1920 and started its operations on August 16, 1920. It went public on December 1, 1965. China Bank resumes its operations after World War II on July 23, 1945, five months after the liberation of Manila. The bank played a key role in the post-war reconstruction and economic recovery by providing financial support to...

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Profitability Analysis

behavior---------------------------------------3 3 Evaluation of profitability analysis---------------------------------4 4 Conclusion and recommendation----------------------------------8 References--------------------------------------------------------------------9 Executive summary This report provides an evaluation of Woolworths in respect of ethical behavior and profitability analysis to fulfill an investor’s ethical requirement. The investigation...

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Leading and management Magyar bank

experience with American Capital MBA with a prestigious business school Connection with Magyar Bank Andrew Klein is a new comer to the Bank Andrew Klein represents a new imposed authority Andrew Klein mission is to introduce American bank procedures to the Magyar Bank Connection with Magyar Bank Staff Andrew Klein is assisted by a young American with two years experience hired from outside Magyar Bank Andrew Klein is assisted by Imre Lovey who is the former president No relationship were developed...

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Banking Profitability

May 2012. Pp.157 – 176 Bank Profitability: The Case of Bangladesh Mohammad Abu Sayeed*, Piyadasa Edirisuriya** and Mohammad Hoque*** This study attempts to examine the impact of asset and liability management on the profitability of commercial banks in Bangladesh. Commercial banks are segmented into high profitable and low profitable and private and public banks. While applying Statistical Cost Accounting (SCA) methods study finds high earning banks experience higher returns from...

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Determinants of Health.

Determinants of health. Biological Determinants –body weight & genetics. (Introduction- Biological determinants) Biological determinants of health include those factors that influence the health status of an individual through genetics or as a result of the effect of micro-organisms. Biological determinants are also the structure of the cells, tissues and systems of the body and how well they function. The effect of micro-organisms is both positive and negative to our body. Many miro-organisms...

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Conventional Bank and Islamic Bank

Sunnah. Naturally, it remains a deep cry in their hearts to fashion and design their economic lives in accordance with the precepts of Islam. The establishment of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited on March 13, 1983, is the true reflection of this inner urge of its people, which started functioning with effect from March 30, 1983. This Bank is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. It is committed to conduct all banking and investment activities on the basis of interest-free profit-loss sharing system...

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Firmsize and profitability

P a g e |96 Vol. 10 Issue 2 (Ver 1.0), April 2010 Global Journal of Management and Business Research Firm Size on Profitability: A Comparative Study of Bank of Ceylon and Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd in Srilanka GJMBR Classification (FOR) 150103,150106 Velnampy, T & Nimalathasan, B Abstract- The banking organizations, today, is moving towards the goal of integrated financial services because of the strong competition and quick changes of technology. In developing countries like...

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chase bank

CHASE JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., doing business as Chase, is a national bank that constitutes consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of the multinational banking corporation JPMorgan Chase. The bank was known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. in 2000.[2] Chase Manhattan Bank was formed by the merger of the Chase National Bank and the Bank of the Manhattan Company in 1955.[3] The bank is headquartered in Chicago, since its merger with Bank One Corporation in 2004...

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