• Addiction
    and ideals were most distressing to Dean Emerson, Ieoh Ming Pei’s early mentor at MIT. Such notions were highly suspect in the beaux-arts atmosphere that permeated most schools of architecture in the 1940s. Despite these concerns, Ieoh Ming Pei matured and flourished under the tutelage of the...
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  • Postmodern Architecture
    use them. Humanist Architecture While the avant gardists produce flashy buildings that get all the media attention, another school is doing the hard work of designing buildings that are good for people to live in and to use. This school has developed a new humanistic architecture, but it has not...
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  • Labrouste and Ledoux
    his concept of designing ideal societies. Claude Ledoux and Henri Labrouste were two of the most important neoclassical architects because of their innovative thoughts and designs. Labrouste successfully experimented with the use of iron to innovate his designs and change the way buildings were...
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  • Mechanical Engineering Career
    Springs. UCCS is ideal because of its close proximity to home and my family. UCCS is one of the best engineering schools in Colorado only behind a few. Also, UCCS is cheap enough through scholarships I could not only have my entire first four years paid for but enough to secure two bachelor’s degrees...
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  • Art & Architecture
    building. The Philosophy behind this architectural school of thought comes from the French Philosopher Jacques Derrida, who believed that architecture is a kind of language for communication using the linguistic philosophy. According to Derrida, the contradicting ideas such as presence and absence...
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  • Ping
    of designing opposite Mackintosh’s internationally acclaimed building,” says Stuart Robertson, Director of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society and Chair of the Mackintosh Heritage Group. I cannot wait to see the new building taking shape and I am sure it will be a great asset for the School and...
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  • How will digital 3D printers affect education?
    sketched out the design and printed in on a virtual format. Teaching 3D printing in classrooms is an ideal manner of building potential entrepreneurs. By aggravating the imagination and inventive strength of mind in pupils, there will definitely be high projections that 3D printing will guide pupils...
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  • Virtualism in Architecture
    designing buildings. They possess many advantages. As humans are spatial creatures they respond better to 3-Dimensional visuals as opposed to 2-Dimensional or ‘blueprint’ style plans. Both the client and architect are able to view the same plan, and no grand ‘leap of the...
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  • Case study on TASO
     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: MANAGEMENT ROLE: People Plane - Leading & Linking: Developing individuals Linking externally Motivating employees/individuals Strengthening of culture against thinking negatively about being HIV positive Building teams and energizing individuals. Need to...
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  • Hirosi Hara "A Line Between Fantasy and Reality"
 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ “1986
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  • graduate apply
    will be helpful for my research and analysis on these trends. By taking part in such projects with your faculties who concern not only creative building but also sustainable environment, I will be an ideal architect who dedicates to society, and especially the unprivileged in world-wide. To sum...
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  • new wave concepts
    Design & Technology electronics help your pupils achieve more with our range of software Bright Spark What is Bright Spark? Building your own circuits Bright Spark is a fun circuit simulation package for It’s quick and easy to draw circuits in Bright Spark. exploring the...
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  • Resume
    December 2010 to July 2011. My main tasks as a trainee structural engineer were to design double storey houses for Jurutera TCS Sdn. Bhd. I accomplished designing 3 double storey houses located at Jalan Pustaka, Jalan Dagok and Taman Heritage, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia for Jurutera TCS Sdn. Bhd. during...
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  • Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe – Who, What, Why and How
    technology with the humanism of craft production. (Sparke.p163) This idea of standardization which Mies conceived from the resulting efforts of the Bauhaus had animated the Modern Movement with a vengeance towards designing buildings, and by the mid-1960s a backlash began to form. ‘The task of repeating...
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  • Architechture - Occupation
    ). | | | |I think that this career is an ideal career for me, because i have also enjoyed and like math ever since i was a kid. I enjoyed| |math, because i get to work with numbers. Math is also one of my strongest subjects in school and i...
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  • A Paper on Ideal Cities
    conceived in accordance with the dictates of some "rational" or "moral" objective The "ideal" nature of such a city may encompass the moral, spiritual and juridical qualities of citizenship as well as the ways in which these are realized through urban structures including buildings, street layout...
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  • Developing an Esd Program with Community Participation
    community should be taken into account. The experience of the past and analysis of the present situation have been kept in view in designing a framework of urban rural education linked to challenges of development so that it becomes instrumental in transforming society into really dynamic and...
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  • Lego Mindstorm
    Lego Based Computer Communication for Business and Learning Rapelang Marumo Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana 1. Introduction First launched in 1998, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® for Schools (LMfS) and ROBOLAB™, each year have helped countless...
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  • International Style
    an architect’s duty to encompass the whole visual environment. He also emphasized housing and city planning, the usefulness of sociology, and the necessity of using specialists. In 1925 the Bauhaus moved to Dessau with the promise of better financial support. Gropius designed the school building...
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  • Ideology of Modernism
    beauty.  Linked to love of nature and the need for Utopia, good health lay at the core of Wright and Corbusier’s Modernist ideals.  They designed light filled buildings with opening windows for fresh air and very simple surfaces that would not accumulate dust.  They believed that healthy, well housed...
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