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Describing Hometown

“Hometown Glory” Home is a dwelling place where one’s feelings are placed. It is a place where one feels comfortable and happy, but not everyone has the same definition of home. Others may express home in different ways like in a song, like artists who relate their music to personal experiences. Adele’s “Hometown Glory” expresses the definition of home as a country that is united, diverse, and a place to appreciate. This artist uses various literary items in her song to allow listeners to appreciate...

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My Hometown

My hometown is worth visiting Sarawak-my hometown and I am proud of it. The scenery, languages, historical places, interesting places and various foods are very special to me as the resident of The Earth of Hornbill. I am proud to promote my hometown to everybody as Sarawak has its own attraction. I will be gladsome to recommend the most popular places in Sarawak which is also known as the main attraction such as Sarawak Cultural Village, Jong’s Crocodile Farm, Sarawak tribe languages and...

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My Hometown

................................................................................................................. I love my hometown, love views from the windown of my house, the ground which is full with childrens' laughs,love the peace of the simple life here...love houses on the back of mountains, love friendly people, too. I love everything belongs my hometown where i was born and grew in 20 years... But I want a change! ... Because all things i love are the outside of the poor here! ...

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state of mind, I know what I have to do. My security lies with the familiar sent of farm animals, small family owned shops, rocky back-roads flattened by cars playing country songs, and houses smeared across acres of fields. Our roots lie in our hometowns. Mine lie in a peaceful little town nestled in a valley, where small-town values are held and our tight knit community pulls together in times of joy and in times of need. This is where I am given an ease and a sense of belonging in which no other...

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Stage 1

Sanocki November 6, 2012 IFSM 300 The Hometown Deli (Stage 1) “The Hometown Deli was established by my grandfather in 1952 in my hometown. It offers many different kinds of specialized coffees, teas, a full service bakery, homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads. The Deli has been a local hotspot for many years and has served as a community gathering place” (The Hometown Deli Case Study). It has been five years since my grandfather retired from the hometown deli. The deli has been going downhill...

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My Hometown

Hussien My Hometown Changing is inevitable part in our life. We daily see the evidences of changing anywhere. In fact, the changing is nature phenomenon. Also, sometimes the differences which have been resulted of changing can be wide and distinct, other times it can be unnoticeable. There is an ancient quote which says "if people have finished changing, they will finish," this say implies the idea that the variability is a continuous process. My hometown varies a lot for the last ten...

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Business Idea

around 35 years old above, and mid-high level income families. 3. Building a pets company which provide pets hospital and pets market for people adopt animals near by downtown of my hometown. My dog has been ill in recent days, but my families could not find a well performance pets hospital in our hometown. They must go to another city which is about two hours ride away by car to seek a proper pet hospital. Three days ago, my dog became very sick; it could not stand at all at midnight. However...

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you want to write a paragraph about the natural landmarks of your hometown. The first part of your paragraph might look like this: My hometown is famous for several amazing natural features. First, it is noted for the Wheaton River, which is very wide and beautiful. Also, on the other side of the town is Wheaton Hill, which is unusual because it is very steep. (Notice how the first sentence begins with "My hometown..." a few spaces to the right of the paragraph edge. This is an...

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My Hometown

My Hometown Everyone always has their own home town. It is a place that can’t make them forget it, because of it provides many times for them and their people such as their family, friends, relatives and villagers. And sometime it also provides bad times that make they miss it all the times and they want to return. And for my home town is kandal province. Kandal province is an attractive place among other twenty-four provinces in our Cambodia. Firstly, all people in kandal province are friendly...

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The Person I Admire

six people in my family. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my sister and I. Every member in my family works for his or her own trade. My grandfather and grandmother are peasants. They do farm work every day in my hometown. My father is a senior engineer. He is now working in Tibet, helping to build a power station. My mother is teacher. She teaches English in a middle school. My sister, five years older than I, is doctor in the People’s Hospital of our city. She loves...

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Personal Swot

analysis, I have to learn manage my time better, so I try to always carry agenda and make some write down the to-do list. It make mea easily arrange all my tasks and also I enjoy reading in library to get new idea. I want to open a bakery shop in my hometown, and I’ve seen a lot of good bakery shop here. I need to observe a lot,and focus on my main interest. Based on my SWOT analysis, it gives me a basis for examining the variety of factors that will affect my failure or success in obtaining my goal...

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An Experience in My Lfe

restaurants. I started to give the town a chance and the result were positive. The getting familiar with the town was not the only difficulty for me. What took me more time to get used to was the weather. The new town had warmer weather than my hometown. I was used to cold weather and for me the weather in the new town felt super hot. The first days I would just stay inside my house and try to stay cool. The days started to go by fast and when I noticed I had adapted to everything and I noticed...

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The Place I Come from

never want to leave their mother’s couch. Some look at it as a paradise, free of worries or decision making, while others look at it as their own personal hell, full of people and places they despise. I, on the other hand, have a different view of my hometown. It is not exactly what I would call a perfect, pleasant, island getaway, paradise but it is not what I imagine hell would be like either. It has its downfalls, rainy days, and “hellish” things about it, but it would not be the same without them...

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My Hometown Poem

My hometown was a wonderful place to live But there were many times it didn’t forgive Some memories I hold so fond, Others I wish were gone. My hometown’s history made my heart bleed The town no longer has what I need When the war came and took the peace as prisoners we wished to be freed That's when you know it's time to leave Because in my hometown I can no longer believe One day my father told me we must leave town With dismayed eyes as his tears were drawn He said we are fish...

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Tianjin and My Hometown

Tianjin And My Hometown Two years ago, I left my hometown, Dunhua of Jilin province, from Tianjin to college study excitingly. I haven't gone out of my hometown, and certainly don't know the difference between the city and town since then. When I step onto Tianjin, I get whole feelings that it's a international city. There are so many buildings that I haven't never seen in my hometown. It makes my eye puzzled. What's more, a large group of cars and people are fell in the street or...

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china and america

China and America There are two places that have had a profound impact in my life . one of them is china ,and the other is America. China is my hometown . I have been lived there for almost 21 years .then 3 years ago ,I moved to America. I just like a baby in America. I don’t know nothing about America. I need to adapt for the new world .when you compare them ,they seem like dramatically different places, but they have some things in common . in fact ,both of them give me an unforgettable memory...

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Personal Statement

ability and team cooperation ability in some social practices. In freshman summer vacation, I have returned to my hometown. With local friends, we organized a college student’s voluntary teaching program, hoping it could enrich the students' summer life through this activity, also wanting to try our ability to help local children. This event caused great repercussions in my hometown. Local students like me and my friends are happy to work with me. Besides, for as much as possible about the business...

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Hockey Observation Paper

building that can be found all over the state but as you go to other places in the country they much more scarce compared to here. This is the kind of place I pretty much grew up at and have spent plenty of time getting familiar with the one in my hometown, but this one is a little different. It appears virtually unchanged for over half a decade. The peewee net from 1942 hangs over the locker room entrance helping to show its true age. The bleachers are small and simple but not much more than that...

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Writing a Composition

write a paragraph about the natural landmarks of your hometown.   The first part of your paragraph might look like this:     |       My hometown is famous for several amazing natural features.  First, it is | |noted for the Wheaton River, which is very wide and beautiful. Also, on the other | |side of the town is Wheaton Hill, which is unusual because it is very steep. | (Notice how the first sentence begins with "My hometown..." a few spaces to the right of the paragraph edge. ...

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People always help me wherever and whenever I need. I love this city and I want to spend most of my free time to travel around New Zealand. My family has 4 members: my father, my mother, my older brother and I. My parents live and work in my hometown. My mother is a teacher, she teaches math in a high school. My father is an agricultural engineer, he works in Provincial Department of Agriculture. My brother is married and works in the South of Vietnam. He’s an accountant in a petrol company. ...

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Welcome to my hometown My hometown is in Guilin GuangXi province,which is in the southwest of China. I am proud that i am a person of my hometown. I spent my first 17 years in the my beautiful hometown . When i graduated from high school, i decided to come out to the outside world without no hesitation. At that moment ,i thought i was old enough to leave my hometown and explore the other places. I thought i was grown up . I thought if i did’t leave my hometown at that time,i wouldn’t...

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Mystery Egg

I will not tell you about that Sunday activities but I'm going to tell you about my long vacation when I was a student at University, when I have long holidays during my university's study break, I went to travel to Java. I went by bus from my hometown, Bengkulu to Jakarta and stay for few days there with my uncle and his family. In Jakarta, I just spent my time by watching movie at 21 (twenty one) and met some of my friends. Few days after I traveled to Jogjakarta by train to my grandparents's...

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Memories in the Field

MEMORIES IN THE FIELDS. January 3, 2011 at 6:23am Turning back the hands of time is the most splendid thing that has bestowed on us. It is a special ability that encompasses one’s heart and mind. In the field in my hometown where you can see farmers are busy plowing and digging the soil, planting seeds and harvesting crops filled up my childhood memories which I could always reminisce. It has been ten years have passed the last time I spend my daily hours in playing with my cousins and neighbors...

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My Living Room

books: Harry potter, Chicken soup… My family member often spend spare times reading book here. Now I still keep the habit to read books before I go to sleep. I really miss my living room in my hometown and in the future if I can hire the house with a living room here I will decorate it the same with my hometown living room....

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Home Town

 1/28/14 My Hometown My hometown is Kaiping, it is located in the southwest part of Guangdong province. Although is not a big city, but it is a very beautiful and warm city. It is located in the southwest part of Guangdong province. I have been lived there for thirteen years, until four years ago our family moved to San Francisco. I love to live in kaiping and I miss the time that I live in kaiping, for the environment is so comfortable and it around by greens. Like trees, flowers, mountains...

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Comparison Contrast Essay Samples

BETWEEN STRATEGY AND POPULARITY I n my hometown, there are a lot of stores which are dominated by several big families. They compete to gain profits as much as they can by running their own strategies to attract buyers in many ways. Two popular department  stores  in  my  hometown  are  ‘Leo’  and   ‘Anyar’   which   are   run   by   different   families.   In   fact,   although their stores are almost the same in width and offer  similar  products,  ‘Leo’  is  more  popular  than  ‘Anyar’.   According...

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Leisure and Time

My best friend’s name is….   At what time do you wake up? I wake up at 5:30 am   At what time do you sleep? I sleep at 10pam   What do you eat for your breakfast? I do not eat breakfast   Can you tell me something about your hometown? My hometown is Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra State in India and financial capital of India.   Can you describe your home? I have a small house. My house has 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. The total area of my house is 1000 square feet.   ...

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Personal State

represents my homesickness. Since I was a baby, I grew up with my grandparents in a small countryside. The West Bridge always stands there with the river, the farms, the lawn and all the fowls which rely on this land. They constitute our whole hometown. This stone bridge is old enough to let people respect it. My grandpa told me that since Qing dynasty, this bridge had already been here. When I first had the memory, I remembered that the steps on the bridge were very uneven. Also the face...

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essay 1 enc 1101

and many things to see and experience. I never would have thought that at my age I would be sitting and relishing all the amazing times I had in my small home town. The family traditions, slow living and many childhood memories hold my heart in my hometown of Norfolk Nebraska. The boldly colored green grass, light brown cat tails lining the lake shore and fishing poles hanging off a dock all are vivid in my mind when thinking about the weekends I experienced in my adolescence. My feelings of those...

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Science and Technology

more time at home by internet surfing, the conventional method of 'communication' is losing its importance. A lack of connection within the community units may significantly influence the society. In fact, an increase in the amount of crime in my hometown is now one of the vital issues and many of them seem to be solved by the improvement of local communities. To solve the issues, the local counsel should provide more practical community supports for citizens so that people can gather frequently...

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Extra Curricular Activities

assistant. My father is a retired postmaster and my mother is a housewife,they had done lot for us to achieve our targets. My hometown is Tangalle but my native place is Hambantota.My house located near coastal area. I'm extremely interested in music,and my some of hobbies are reading,cycling,watching movies,playing computer...

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Ielts Q & a

that it will determine your destiny to some extent. However, I personally believe that I myself will determine my destiny irrespective of what my name is. I will do this by acquiring good qualifications and by working hard. Hometown 8. How long have you lived in your hometown? I come from xxx. My parents have been living here for the past thirty years or so. I grew up here and I attended a well-known school called School number 163. We live in a respectable area with many shops, restaurants, and...

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Significant Experience, Achievement, Risk Which You Have Taken, or an Ethical Dilemma That You Have Experienced and Its Impact on You as a Maturing Individual.

result, I am waiting for the offer of the scholarships and matriculation. Before the result was being announced, I got matriculation. I was happy that I got the offer but my mother against me because she feels that the college was too far from my hometown. But still I insisted on my decision because I was not confident enough to get any scholarship. Besides, there was a voice deep inside my heart that asks me to follow my own feel. Matriculation college was so different from my secondary school...

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How I Would Change the World

Change the World after College College is definitely in my future. I plan on going to college earning a degree and playing sports. I will change the world after I get out of college by giving my time and money to charity and to the needy in my hometown here in Eastern Kentucky. The first way I would change the world is, when I make it to the NBA in sports I would provide some of my salary to charity, children’s hospitals, and hospice in my home town. Where I live they are a lot of people in need...

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Reading Essay

imagination. Charleston is a beautiful historical city in down south of United States. Unlike my hometown, Chiang Rai is a small town in northern of Thailand, there is a calm place where people used to live with simple life. Charleston and Chiang Rai are different city in two ways. First, the difference between Charleston and Chiang Rai is fashion. The way of people dress up in Charleston and my hometown are divergence. In general, People in Charleston wear very nice clothes with colorful colors....

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My Significant Life Change

We all go through many life changes, some are fairly insignificant, and some of them change us down to our core. I recently went through an eye-opening change in my life, when I decided to move away from my hometown. I am so thankful for the metamorphosis it created in me, and it is my biggest and most significant life change thus far. It taught me about who I am, who I want to be, and what matters most to me in this world. About three years ago, I was miserable with my life, and heartbroken...

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I’ve written this letter, to offer you an explanation for my decision. As I said before, I know this is probably going to be hard to take in, but all I’m asking is that you accept my decision and support me through this time. Cobar will always be my hometown, but I don’t think I can go on living here anymore. Now that I’ve finally finished school, I’ve got the chance to find somewhere where I belong, where I can make a living besides working in the mines every day for the rest of my life. In other words...

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My favorite place

have been living in Florence, South Carolina, for two years now, but there is nothing like being in my hometown. I will continue to go back to Lake View on the weekends for as long as I can, because it helps me escape the reality of life and relax. Lake view will always be my favorite place to be. No matter where I go in life and all the places I see, there will never be another place like my hometown. ...

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the room. When I finally finished my classes for the day, I discovered I had locked my keys in the car and had to wait for my brother to bring another set. My first day of school was so bad that I know the rest will have to be better.    My hometown is famous for several amazing natural features.  First, it is noted for the Wheaton River, which is very wide and beautiful. On either side of this river, which is 175 feet wide, are many willow trees which have long branches that can move gracefully...

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english for management

factory when she was 13 years old. After Hong got married, she opened her own factory. About 6 years ago, with the money she accumlated, Hong bought a big piece of land and built several houses in her hometown. Today, Hong owns a big factory, several houses in her hometown and a big apartment in my hometown Hangzhou which is very expensive. Driving her BMW in the little remote countryside, Hong is definitely a successful woman. Like other areas in today’s China, money means success. No matter how much...

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My Pet

first time in my hometown.                       Few months ago, my family and I went back to my hometown. We decided to bring Puteh too since he never stayed with anyone before besides us. We started our journey early in the morning to avoid traffic jam. He was quite nervous when the car started to move. Then, he slowly adapted with the long journey in the car. I rolled down the window so that he can enjoy the morning breezes.                       Once we arrived at my father’s hometown, Puteh ran excitedly...

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Once a year, with the routine of a Delaware Park, millions of people claiming to be my kin would storm my hometown. The family did not appear little by little, but as an actual overflowing of oddness, and often senility. The family’s elders, in their twenty-year-old gas guzzlers, circled the town like vultures, finally nesting at the middle of the pavilion. As the rusty doors squeaked open in protest, I could almost hear old school songs blasting deathlike through my mind. It was time for the...

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Renan Aranda Engl 1302: Comp II Topic: Hometown Fun Growing up in Hobbs, New Mexico I never really took into consideration what would be “unique” or “attractive” for a visitor. Hobbs is a relatively small town compared to Midland or Odessa, Texas. Being so close to the Permian Basin, the oil business has had the same effect to Hobbs as it has in West Texas. Every small town has its own uniqueness, whether if it is a deliciously decadent restaurant, marvelous park, or a captivating museum. Hobbs...

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Hometown Deli

Hometown Deli Case Study The Hometown Deli was established by your grandfather in 1952 in your hometown. It offers many different kinds of specialized coffees, teas, a full service bakery, homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads. The Deli has been a local hotspot for many years and has served as a community gathering place. Your grandfather recently retired from the business and has asked you to take it over. You are very excited about this opportunity! Unfortunately, business has been steadily...

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My Hometown

My hometown is somewhat historical, diverse, and very small. Far away from the big city lights and glamour, it’s considered to be the middle of nowhere. The endless beauty and sheer elegance has long been neglected, and screams for attention. The place I come from is like a sad garden in need of tending. Located in West Tennessee, amidst a clutter of other small towns, lies a miniscule of land known as Selmer. It’s a keenly place located an hour or two South of Jackson and East of Memphis Tennessee...

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Describing Learners

* DESCRIBING LEARNERS * Age * The age of our students is a major factor in our decision about how and what to teach. * Different needs, competences, cognitive skills. * “Acquisition is guaranteed for children up to the age of six, is steadily compromised from then until shortly after puberty, and is rare thereafter” (Stephen Pinker, 1994) * Age- some beliefs * Adolescents are unmotivated and uncooperative and therefore make poor language learners; * ...

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Describing Food

nDescribing food Describing food is not as easy as it would seem. How many ways can you say something was really tasty? Not enough to keep you interested in what you are writing. That is why we have to borrow words from other areas to describe the food and the effect it has on us. You can compare a dish to a picture, a sports game, a musical performance or give it personality. Describe its sunny or somber mood, shyness, assertiveness, or contradiction of flavors. Knowing the words for describing tastes and...

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David Sheff’s Beautiful Boy is a heart breaking story about the struggles of raising a teenage addict. Raising a teenage addict comes with its ups and downs. No one wants to see their child hit rock bottom. On the brighter side, everyone wants to see their child succeed. Parents of teenage addicts go back and forth through these ups and downs; as a result they start to lose hope. People should become aware of the seriousness of the situation. Teenage drug abuse is becoming more common in...

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Describing California

Describing California (Essay) “Critics say that California is a lie because its reality falls so short of its ideals. They are wrong. California is not a lie; it is a disappointment only because it is also a hope” James Quay. How can would you describe a place which extent over 700 of miles north and south in one word? A lie, a hope, a disappointment, different people would have different judgments. California is one of the places that could be mean different things to different...

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My hometown is healthier than chicago

what affects my weight. For me it is not healthy to have more pounds that what is ideal according to your stature. I think the food in my hometown which is Otavalo, Ecuador is healthier than in Chicago. I think one of the reasons because the food in Chicago affects your weight is because they use a lot of chemical substances in the food while in my hometown the food grows naturally. Chicago uses a lot of food additives which are added to the food during preparation or storage. They use the additives...

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Describing Events Essay

| Learning English Describing a person Author: | sanya | Copyright: | Can use | Corrector's skills: | Native, Perfect | Tags: | Describing a person | Language: | English | Progress: | processing: 0, ready corrections: 1, remains corrections: 0 | He is thirty five. He resides in a small apartment in the south of California. He has dark short hair, dark thick eyebrows and deep-set brown eyes with short straight lashes. He has a middle-sized nose, which is a bit hooked. He has a wide...

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Describing Graphs and Charts

DESCRIBING GRAPHS AND CHARTS The function of a line graph is to describe a TREND pictorially. You therefore should try and describe the trend in it. If there are many lines in the graph(s), then just generally describe the trend. If there is only one or two, then use more detail. So, describe the movement of the line(s) of the graph giving numerical detail at the important points of the line. To describe the movement, there is some language which will always be useful. Below is a list of language...

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English 102 Essay 1 Hometown

Kim Professor J. Durso English 102 3 March 2015 My Hometown The salty and fishy stench fills up my nostrils whenever I think about my hometown, Pohang, South Korea. Pohang is a well-known port city in my country, South Korea, for its size and its almost 1,000 years of history. Many tourists from both inside and outside of my country visite Pohang for vacations or short-term travels. As I am recurring back to my memories about my hometown, I now realize how beautiful and attractive it was, which...

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Describing the Different Types of Abuse

(Ai) Describing the different types of abuse 1. Physical abuse – This is causing someone physical harm, for example hitting, pushing, slapping, kicking etc. 2. Sexual abuse – Any form of sexual activities that a person has not or cannot give consents to or have been forced into, for example rape. 3. Emotional/psychological – This is causing some mental distress by using verbal abuse, threats, humiliation, control and intimidation. 4. Financial abuse – Taking people’s money goods...

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Describing Data Visually

Chapter 3 Describing Data Visually 3.1 [pic] Approximately symmetric, but can be viewed as skewed to the left. 3.2 [pic] Range 91 to 204 with some clustering near 130; distribution appears very slightly skewed right. 3.3 Sarah’s Calls: [pic] Bob’s Calls: [pic] Sarah’s makes more calls than Bob and her calls are shorter in duration. 3.4 a. 7 bins of 20 [pic] b. Answers will vary. Too few bins (less than five)...

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My Hometown

My Hometown Good morning ! My name is Quang Ngoc. I come from Vu Ban district which is to the south of Nam Dinh. I am living with my parents and my sister, .In my free time , reading book and speaking English are my hobbies. Today I am here to tell you about my hometown. Firstly, Nam Dinh province is my home town. It is small but peaceful and beautiful and situated in the south of the Red River Delta. It is surrounding up by some others neighborhood province in the region such as Ha Nam, Thai...

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Describing My Shell

DESCRIBING MY SHELL My object is a shell, a shell like any shell made from the same material like any others, but my shell has a different form that makes it really special. The sandy clear color, and the curved lines on its exterior seem like a finger print to describe its individuality. Its shiny smooth inner part has a hole. A Hawaiian beach without water in it. A black round part on the top seems like its head. The shape of the yellow dog was created on its soft bright side. So sweet this...

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Identifying and Describing the Management Functions

Rogelio Orta-Martin October 10th, 2010 DADI400 Genese Gibson Module 1 Exercise Identifying and Describing the Management Functions When we think of a manager, the first think that most of the time comes to our mind is one person with the responsibility of telling others what to do and how to do it. This is true, but being a manager is much more than that. University programs across the United States train students that want to become health care managers in areas such as structuring...

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My hometown

OUTLINE: Topic sentence: My hometown is a place in Dong Thap Province. This place is developing. The first, My hometown is more advantage to live + Fresh air. not pollution from industrial or traffic. + Product. cheap and safety + Travel. the place for tourism so living cost is cheap . The second, although this place is more advantage ,it's also have disadvantage. + a lot of storm damage my hometown especially in summer. + work . less company or industry. people only work with...

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Describing American Pop Culture

American Popular Culture Sandi Morse Soc/105 December 13, 2010 Clylinda Nixon American Pop Culture Describing American pop culture can entail many facets. According to Wilson, J.R., and Wilson, S. R., (2001), the term “popular culture” replaced the term, “folk culture” in the 19th century. This term consisted of street carnivals, tavern drinking, and...

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