"Demonstrate Strategies That Can Be Used To Clarify Misunderstandings" Essays and Research Papers

Demonstrate Strategies That Can Be Used To Clarify Misunderstandings

SHC 3.1 3.4 demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings. There are many ways when situations can be misunderstood, this doesn’t just mean verbal. It could mean body language, attitude and the ways that you interact with another person. When you support somebody you will always have to get to know how is best to understand some one and then you as a support worker to approach situations and deal with. Language differences When providing support for some one that speaks a...

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Reading Comprehension Strategies

Teaching Reading National Reading Panel Reading Comprehension Strategies Strategies that can help improve text comprehension. Monitoring Comprehension To understand what you are reading, one must learn how to be aware of understanding what you are reading. Teaching metacognition strategies help students learn ways to understand what they are reading before, during, and after reading required information. Before reading, students need to understand the purpose for reading. They also...

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Strategies Can Be Used by Businessman to Protect Their Firms’ Market.

Summary This article is giving experience suggestion that certain definite strategies can be used by businessman to protect their firms’ market. Corporation today compete on an international basis, so must have an appropriate international business strategy which can give comparative advantage. Yet the managers rarely have a systematic approach to their international business operation. The insular company with unattractive options is losing market share and margin. To deal with this dilemma requires...

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Strategies Used to Overcome Barriers to Communication

Task 2- P4, M2 & D1 Strategies Used to Overcome Barriers to Communication P4 Pick two examples from placement experience that may have been mentioned in the first task. Examples should deal with situations where you or another worker were faced with barriers to effective communication. Explain the strategy used to overcome the barriers met. A strategy is a plan of how things are intended to be done. You may not have done what was intended to the full. Explain your intentions as well as what actually...

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Four Teaching Strategies That Increase Curiosity in Math

There are many strategies and techniques that could be used in the classroom to encourage curiosity in math, but the four I chose to discuss I thought would be the most beneficial. This is due to the way they support auditory, visual, and kinesthetic styles of learning. The four strategies teachers could use to encourage curiosity towards mathematics in a classroom include co-operative learning, guided or discovery learning, simulate real life experiences, and active student learning. These four...

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Evaluate strategies used in health and

 Evaluate strategies used in health and social care environments to communication and interpersonal interactions. Effects of alcohol/drugs with rehab/AA To overcome the effects of alcohol/drugs barrier to communication, there are many types of organisations available. For example, rehab is a place where individual’s will slowly learn to give up drugs and adapt to clean blood in their body. There are classes such as AA classes which help individual’s clean alcohol from their system. Alcohol and...

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A Misunderstanding

 AP English 27 March 2014 A Misunderstanding The fact that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a fictional book, has caused such an outcry from certain people is downright ridiculous...although somewhat understandable. Those who believe the word nigger is an unacceptable insult in every circumstance are completely narrow minded and stubborn because they are choosing to associate “nigger” with the worst type of connotation instead of emerging from David Foster Wallace's “water” and viewing...

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Active Learning Strategies

Some Basic Active Learning Strategies Engaging students in individual or small group activities–pairs or trios especially–is a low-risk strategy that ensures the participation of all. The sampling of basic activities below can be adapted to almost any discussion or lecture setting. Using these strategies, or variations on them, ensures that you'll hold your students' attention in class and throughout the semester. Ice Breakers Background Knowledge Probe Two Column Method Think / Pair / Share One...

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Sustainability Strategies Used in Woolworths

where it achieves its sustainable economic growth, now a days their is no company that can grow economically indefinitely without causing any environmental harm, but they can reduce the harm through using of alternative and new methods to preserve the resources of renewable and economic growth such as Woolworth. From Woolworths point of view the sustainability means doing the right thing and implementing it can have huge impact on their organizations, but at the same time they believe that sustainable...

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Publicity Strategy Used by the Dot in Bukidnon

the public. Promotional tool is to very important in commercial and non commercial industries like hospitals, school and universities to arouse their marketing interest. Televisions, radio, newspapers, internet and word-of-mouth are some common forms used in promotion. A very good promotional tool will help a particular business to gain more profit because of the market popularity about the product. The more familiar the product is the more possibility that he market will demand on it, that is why...

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Malunggay can be used as water purifier

Malunggay can be used as water purifier By Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 12, 2008 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines – Aside from its potential as biofuel feedstock, the seed of moringa, locally known as malunggay, could also be used for treating water, a Filipino scientist said yesterday. Dr. Isidro Sia, a professor of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of the Philippines-Manila, said moringa seeds have been found to be one of the most effective water...

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Continuum of Strategies

continuum of strategies using the SIOP model and the appropriate situations to use each within the classroom. It will also discuss when these strategies may be used inappropriately in the classroom.In research literature, learning strategies of three types have been identified, which are cognitive strategies, meta-cognitive strategies, and social/affective strategies. Cognitive strategies assist students in organizing information through learning that is self-regulated. Meta-cognitive strategies use awareness...

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address major issues facing the organization. 3. Identify specific approaches or strategies that must be implemented to reach each goal The strategies are often what change the most as the organization eventually conducts more robust strategic planning, particularly by more closely examining the external and internal environments of the organization. 4. Identify specific action plans to implement each strategy - These are the specific activities that each major function (for example, department...

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cultural misunderstandings

 Cultural Misunderstandings Darcy Lingg PSYC3540 – Culture, Ethnicity & Diversity Capella University March 2014 My example of a cultural misunderstanding is between a doctor and a Chinese patient. Are you drinking plenty of fluids? < Patient thoughts: I wonder why he is asking me that, what it is with these people and water > I don’t like the water here. It’s too cold. I don’t know what’s wrong with people here that they drink that. Really??? And what happens when...

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Strategy is a plan of action which is designed to help achieve a long term goal. It is how the plan of action is decided that determines whether the strategy developed will be achieved. It is all about the analysing the strength of businesses' position and understanding the important factors that may influence that position. Strategy is of paramount importance in the business world, as without it managers and employees will be unable to coincide with each other and therefore the organisation will...

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Differences in Sociolinguistic Rules and the Misunderstandings

Differences in Sociolinguistic Rules and the Misunderstandings Language learners are used to taking advantages of knowledge of their mother tongue language when they are studying foreign languages, they may have some misinterpretations that caused by the differences in sociolinguistic rules. For a better understanding of sociolinguistics, Wardhaugh (2006, p.13) stated that sociolinguistics how people’s talking are influenced by the society and how people’s class, gender, and age contribute to...

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Strategies Artifact

Briarcliffe College HU105 Artifact Master Student Strategies Name: Isai Fuentes______________________________ Date: August 1, 2015______________________ Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following is not a strategy of a master student? a. Setting short term goals b. Setting long term goals c. Assessing your positive traits d. Avoiding an open‐minded approach to problem solving 2. Completing self‐ discovery exercises assists students in a. Assessing employment locations b. Assessing computer...

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Strategy, Management and Leadership Individual Report 1 Business-level Strategy of Nestle Nestle is an international brand with a portfolio in almost every food and beverage category. The brand is consumed daily by a majority of people, from its confectionary to it dairy brands and on to it’s beverages. With around 8000 brands it is hard to stay away from them. The company shows it’s size when figures such as 468 factories spread over 86 countries are some statistics, with the company employing...

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Processual Strategy

Processual, Rational, Fuzzy, Evolutionary 1. Processual approach: Strategy is produced in an incremental fashion, as a 'pattern in a stream of decisions'. Fuzzy approach: Companies sometimes adopt an incremental approach to change. What's different between these two approach? The Processual approach is really talking about strategy emerging from the many different day-to-day decisions taken by the staff. It’s incremental, in that it is occurring by being added to with each decision taken. Each...

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Bowman Strategy

1.0 Introduction Strategy is a long term directions for companies. Bennett (1996, cited by Cousins 2000) describes strategy as: “The word strategy is used to describe the direction that the organisation chooses to follow in order to fulfil its mission”. Today, strategies are vital for businesses, in many cases it helps to achieve a competitive advantage. Increasing competition in most sectors and technological development has led to accelerated changes in the global economy. In order to meet...

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Unit1 –D1 Strategies used in health and social care.

 In this essay, I will be evaluating how effective strategies are in supporting service users within the health and social care sector. The use of human aids requires a lot of training and knowledge. However human aids make it easier to communicate and create a better understanding. Advantages of advocates is that they are able to help communicate on behalf of service users who can’t do so themselves. They also try to understand service users and would try and assist them in dealing with their...

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A Study on Non-Verbal Communication Strategies Used by Doctors

A STUDY ON NON- VERBAL COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES USED BY DOCTORS IN DOCTOR PATIENT INTERACTION. AREA OF INVESTIGATION This study seeks to investigate the non-verbal communication strategies used by doctors in doctor-patient interactions during the initial consultation in a clinical setting. Non-verbal communication can be conceptualised as any form of communication that does not use the written or spoken word. (Birdwhistell: 1990, Melirabian: 1981).It is more than just body language since it includes...

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Teaching Techniques and Strategies

| | | | THE DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES OF TEACHING TECHNIQUE * Approach, manner, style * a detailed list of rules or guidelines for any activity. It is based on the description of steps, or a set of do’s and don’ts, and can often be linked to a method or a strategy. * it is a method or a way of doing things * technique of teaching refers to the skill employed by the teacher in carrying on the procedure or act of teaching * teachers gain techniques and skill in...

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Does the Rewarding Strategy Can Improve Employee’s Motivation

rewarding strategy can improve employee’s motivation? Introduction Vibrancy of a company derives from the positive and creativity of each employee, kinds of motivation methods are provided in accordance with a variety of demands and motivation. Targeting at a better performance and making employees try their best to accomplish company's objectives; many managers tend to reward their subordinates for the outstanding employees to reinforce the good behavior. However, whether the reward strategy can become...

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Tactics and Strategies Used in the Civil War.

TACTICS AND STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS IN WAR. The American civil war was one of the toughest and deadliest wars in American history. This was where the Confederate States of America fought for their independence. It took place from 1861 when the war broke out till April 9th 1865 when confederate commander Robert E. Lee surrendered at the McLean House in the village of Appomattox Court House. It was one of the earliest true industrial wars. Industrial knowledge was used to produce weapons in mass-production...

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Evaluate the strategies used to reduce the impact of tectonic hazards.

Evaluate the strategies used to reduce the impact of tectonic hazards. Tectonic hazards are comprised of earthquakes and volcanoes; they are named ‘tectonic hazards’ as it is ultimately the movement of tectonic plates that cause these events. These hazards have the potential to kill thousands and devastate the region it strikes. Although the main hazard causes destruction, events that follow can be equally, if not more, devastating, for example an earthquake can often trigger a tsunami. Many strategies...

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process through which, based on the analysis of changing external and internal conditions, management defines the desired future state of human resources. A systems perspective of the HRP process: strategy formation-HR planning-implementation of HR action plans A processual perspective of the HRP process-strategy formation-hr planning-HR actions in a two way relationship Key features of SHRP: -a process -directed at meeting current and future needs -progresses through phases from forecasting to developing...

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PRESCRIPTIVE STRATEGIES Prescriptive strategy is one where the objective has been defined in advance and main elements have been developed before the strategy commences. Prescriptive strategy starts with the analysis of the competitive environments and resources of the organization. Then an agreed purpose is established such as a maximization of return on capital involved in a business. PRESCRITIVE MANAGEMENT PROCESS 1. Develop and define organizations objective 2. Analysis and projection...

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Writing Strategies

Scholarly Strategies: Building an Argument Within the first few pages of an article, professional writers can portray an effective means of building an argument. Among these writers and articles are Arthur Kirsch’s “Virtue, Vice, and Compassion in Montaigne and The Tempest,” Jürgen Pieters’ “The Wonders of Imagination: The Tempest and Its Spectators,” Melissa E. Sanchez’s “Seduction and Service in The Tempest,” and Evelyn B. Tribble’s “The Dark Backward and Abysm of Time: The Tempest and Memory...

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Literature Review of Operation Strategy & Cvp

Operation Strategy In today’s fast moving world, it is very important for companies to have a clear operation strategy to achieve their business goals. An operation strategy is a long-term development plan which uses the major resources in order to achieve the business strategy in a company. Speaking simply, the operation strategy is to add value for the customers (Davis, Aquilano &amp; Chase, 2002). The role of operation strategy is to offer a plan for operation function in order to make the best...

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How can social media be used to improve customer care? How can organisations improve their advertising and marketing strategies as a result? Give examples.

ELCM 211 Assignment Name: Ecommerce and Social Commerce Topic: How can social media be used to improve customer care? How can organisations improve their advertising and marketing strategies as a result? Give examples. Word Count: 1347 words excluding references Date: 11 April 2013   How can social media be used to improve customer care? How can organisations improve their advertising and marketing strategies as a result? Give examples. Customer care is the provision of service...

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Marketing Strategies for Business Growth of Huddesfill

identify the suitable marketing strategies for the business growth of Huddesfill in UK. 2.0 Objective Being the third largest sport shoes producer in UK, Huddesfill’s market share in UK was about 8% in 2005, so that, the objective of the marketing strategies is to increase the company’s market share in UK by 10% in order to catch up the market leader – Cantermony, which market share in UK was about 15% in 2005. 3.0 Target Audiences The target audiences of Huddesfill can be divided into segments according...

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Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Strategies are the foundation for driving the direction of any business company. Successful business growths and maintenance of market lead is as a result of implementing the best strategies properly. A number of strategy categories exist and a business organization should implement those that fit the nature of its business. This paper analyses several important business strategies through making a choice in each category that should be implemented...

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Teaching Strategies for Science

TEACHING STRATEGIES IN SCIENCE TEACHING THINK, PAIR AND SHARE (T.P.S.) PURPOSE: Is a simple technique for getting students to think and communicate and to work together quickly. PROCEDURE: The teacher poses a question for students to think about. The students generate responses and share them with their neighbors. The teacher then collects the students’ ideas. STEPS: THINK, PAIR AND SHARE 1. Teacher poses a question. 2. Students think and construct a response. 3. Students share their...

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Can an Organization Operate Without a Strategy?

Strategy is the means by which objectives are pursued and obtained over time. It’s the unifying idea that links together the functional areas of an organization. Therefore an organization cannot operate without a strategy. The essence of strategy is in choosing a unique and valuable position rooted in systems of activities that are much more difficult to match by competitors and therefore translating into sustainable profitability for the organization. Some organizations are successful while others...

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Assess the effectiveness of strategies used to manage the impacts of glacial processes and landforms on Human activity.

Assess the effectiveness of strategies used to manage the impacts of glacial processes and landforms on Human activity. Guidance: Candidates: (i)should show knowledge and understanding of the problems arising from the impact of glacial processes and landforms on human activity or from the impact of human activities on glacial environments; (ii)should show knowledge and understanding of the strategies put in place to manage these impacts; (iii)should show an assessment of the effectiveness...

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How Can Modern Technology Be Used to Aid Learning in Schools

------------------------------------------------- Use Of Modern Technology In Education The system of imparting education and learning is changing with changing times. Modern science and technology is being used in each and every field in today’s world. The modern education system is also imbibing the use of modern technology in order to make the system far more convenient and reachable to the mass. We all are aware of the need of proper education so as to enjoy a secure future. Education also...

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Understanding of Working Practices and Strategies that Can be Used to Minimize Abuse in Health and Social Care

Understanding of working practices and strategies that can be used to minimise abuse in health and social care. The discussion within this essay is about some of the sections of the children’s act, it will explain the existing working practices, which are designed to minimise abuse and neglect within health and social care contexts, also evaluating the effectiveness of working practices and strategies used to minimise abuse and neglect within health and social care contexts, also discussing possible...

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Listening strategy

Chapter 1: Chapter goals: Learn a Listening Strategy: Recognize lecture language that introduces the topic and lecture plan Learn a Note-taking Strategy: Organize your notes by outlining Learn a Discussion Strategy: Express your ideas during a discussion Listening Strategy: Review what you know: To help you get ready to take in new information during the lecture, first think about what you already know about the topic. Recognize lecture language for topic and lecture...

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Strategy: A Fundamental Element in an Organization's Performance

Strategy is fundamental in an organization's overall performance. The strategy selected depends upon numerous factors. The environment has a direct influence on the relationship between strategy and performance. The combination of several factors contributes to the strategies chosen and influence the performance of an organization. The current dynamic and competitive business environment influences companies to survive, grow and be profitable as an essential goal for all industries. Organizations...

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Can Organizations Survive without Strategy?

 Can an organization survive without a strategy? Why? Provide evidence to support your claim. To best address the above question, an understanding of strategy and strategic management must first be established. The MGT330 lecture 1 slides provide a concise definition of both. Within the context of business, strategy refers to the plans and actions a company selects to achieve its targets. By extension, strategic management is the process of setting goals for an organization, planning and implementing...

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What Is Strategy. M.E. Porter

What Is Strategy ? By Michael E. Porter Porter is a very well known economist specially appreciate for his work on strategic environment for firms ; and how to get competitive advantages. The article we are about to discuss was written in 1996 for the Harvard Business Review. The first thing this document tells us is to be certain to distinguish operational effectiveness and strategy. A - STRATEGY: A MISUNDERSTANDING For the last 50 years, companies struggled to reach the best productivity...

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Memory Improvement Strategies for the Classroom

Memory Improvement Strategies for the Classroom Brooke Keber University of Cincinnati April 4, 2013 Abstract This paper will explain how the brain encodes, stores, and retrieves information as memories. Many theories about memory exist, but this paper will focus on the theory of information processing. It will discuss the different types of memory including sensory memory, working memory, and long-term memory. It will explain the process of how a sensory memory is put into working memory...

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Strategies Used by Rite Aid Pharmacy

(Taken March 28, 2013) Business Strategy Analysis Rite Aid Pharmacy is positioning itself in the national drug retailer industry as a cost leadership company. The cost leadership strategy focuses on “gaining advantages by reducing costs below those of competitors” (Barney &amp; Hesterly, 2012). Firms pursuing a cost leadership strategy tend to emphasize their reliability and low costs. Rite Aid has taken several major strategic actions to execute this strategy. Over the years Rite Aid has worked...

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5 Ways Technology Can Be Used

5 Ways Technology can be used Today’s Technologies Newer technologies have overcome some of the constraints of traditional arrangements. In addition to traditional interactions with classroom teachers, learners now have the possibility of gaining information from many other sources. For example, they may receive Web-based instruction from a teacher located hundreds of miles away from the learner. Although learners can continue to receive this instruction in a traditional classroom setting, it is...

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With Reference to Your Media Clip, Write a 2000 Word Report/Essay, Using Literature and Theory to Support the Writing, to Demonstrate Understanding of the Communication Strategies Used Within the Clip and to Identify

With reference to your media clip, write a 2000 word report/essay, using literature and theory to support the writing, to demonstrate understanding of the communication strategies used within the clip and to identify aspects (within the clip) relating to security and belonging in relationships and the importance of effective communication within relationships. In 2006 the BBC made a documentary called ‘I’m a child anorexic’ (appendix 1) it focuses on "Rhodes Farm" - a treatment clinic in north...

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Draft: Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies used by beach resorts in the City of Mati

Marketing Strategy is undeniably an essential part on having a business; this would determine what are the things needed to be done in order in order to accomplish the establishment goals. According to (David Aaker, 2008) he defined marketing strategy as a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. In other words, creating or developing a marketing strategy is...

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Care at Hom

Assessment of this unit must adhere to the requirements of Skills for Care and Development/Skills for Health assessment strategy Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for Wales and Northern Ireland (4222-32) 25 Unit 4222-301 Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings (SHC 31) Assessment Criteria Outcome 1 The learner can: 1. identify the different reasons people communicate 2. explain how communication affects relationships in the work...

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Review on 'Strategy as Revolution'

Introduction After reading what precisely the article expounds and analyses, revolution stays as the core of strategy. 'The article 'Strategy as Revolution' clarifies the role revolution plays in the markets and declared ten principles to help a company discover revolutionary strategies and put into practice. All the third kinds of companies mentioned in the article have opportunities to reach what they want, however, the different roles determine the market hierarchy. 'In a growing number...

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Theories of Learning and How They Can Be Used to Inform Practice in the Classroom.

This essay discusses two of the theories surrounding children's learning and development. It further goes on to discuss how they could be used to inform practice in the classroom. The two theories to be discussed are Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory. Lev Vygotsky was a Russian psychologist who lived from 1896 to 1934. He was widely involved in developing the education program of the emerging Soviet Union. At the time of his death, his theory was...

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Marketing Strategy and Types of Strategies

Marketing strategy Marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. A marketing strategy should be centered around the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. Marketing strategy is a method of focusing an organization's energies and resources on a course of action which can lead to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market...

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A Study of Learning Strategies in L2 Acquisition

A Study of Learning Strategies in L2 Acquisition 【Abstract】With the concept of autonomy being part of the mainstream of research and practice within the field of language education, the study of learning strategies in L2 acquisition has drawn much attention. This paper discusses the issues covering the fundamental aspect: identification and classification of learning strategy. The problems are reviewed concerning the definition and classification of learning strategies and then the paper tentatively...

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Cultural Misunderstanding during International Business

backgrounds. This essay tries to present the main elements of cultural misunderstanding during cross cultural business and then find some effective ways to avoid or mitigate those problems. Different cultures make the world diversified. However, unfortunately, it also causes some negative effects on international business, which can lead to misunderstanding, confusion even anger. It usually appears in following aspects: 1). Misunderstandings based on power distance: According to Gallois and Callan(1997...

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‘Religious Experience Can Be Used as Evidence for the Existence of God’

‘Religious experience can be used as evidence for the existence of God’ A religious experience is an encounter with God when you experience transcendent reality and it you cannot will it to happen. A direct religious experience refers to events where God reveals him/herself directly to the person having the experience. The experience is not chose or willed by the person; the person experiences or observes God in some way. An indirect religious experience refers to experiences, thoughts or feelings...

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Negotiation Strategy Analysis

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis Negotiations are handled differently by everyone. Some Negotiators are more passive and others extremely direct. Some love the bargaining process and begin the offer extremely low or high for the purpose of playing the negotiating game with their opponent. Others just prefer to have their best cards on the table with a take it or leave it attitude. Negotiators should learn when and how to use different negotiating styles. After all, negotiations play a huge...

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Master Student Strategies Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not a strategy of a master student? C a. Setting short term goals b. Setting long term goals c. Assessing your positive traits d. Avoiding an open‐minded approach to problem solving 2. Completing self‐ discovery exercises assists students in C a. Assessing employment locations b. Assessing computer programs c. Assessing themselves as students/employees d. Assessing travel itineraries 3. Characteristics of a master student include B a. an unwillingness to change ...

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Finance Theory and Financial Strategy

Finance theory and Financial strategy Strategic Planning means several things. But it certainly is a part of the decision-making in resource management of the business benefits. Finance theory has significant advantages in understanding the function of capital markets, the valuation of real assets and financial assets. Discounted cash flow analysis(DCF) is a tool that derived from finance theory which has been widely used. However finance theory also has little effect on strategic...

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or spending a large amount on re-training the existing ones. Discussion 1. Could the management of the HI team have been more culturally sensitive and was its strategy correct to achieve its goals? 2. How could HI have better prepared for the takeover? 3. Could Tian Wen, the former Chinese general manager, have been used in a more advantageous way? In this case, the main focus is collision of the two different business cultures. To Roaring Dragon Hotel, their local Provincial government...

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Team Strategy and Conflict Management

 Riordan Manufacturing Team Strategy and Conflict Management plan MGT311 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to develop a usable plan to build teams and alleviate conflict that has arisen between to employees of Riordan Manufacturing. A number of possible solution types are presented and the most appropriate ones, for each set of circumstances, are chosen. The purpose of this exercise is to allow the study of particular situations in the classroom setting rather than...

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Catch Me If You Can

Knowledge and Ideas CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.1.7 Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events. Objective: To strengthen student’s comprehension strategies and develop their active reading abilities by teaching readers that they can use aspects of a book to infer meaning using illustrations as well as text when they are reading to help them to think about what is going on in a story and then better comprehend what the story is about. ...

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