• The Cyber Defamation India
    Introduction Communication is a skill that has developed immensely over the years yet continues to refresh itself to an unimaginable pace. With the advent of the printing press in the nineteenth century, to the Information era that we are living in today, communication either in verbal or non-verba
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  • Communal Voilence in India
    COMMUNAL VIOLENCE IN INDIA AFTER INDEPENDENCE Contents i. Acknowledgement ii. Religious violence in post-modern India iii. Instances of religious terror in India iv. The Babri Masjid Demolition v. The 1992-1993 Bombay Riots vi. The 1993 Bombay Bombings vii. Anti-Christia
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  • Brochure, Young India Fellowship Programme
    INQUIRIES For general queries about the Young India Fellowship programme, please contact: Young India Fellowship Sri Aurobindo Society Campus, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, Adhchini, New Delhi - 110017, India Tel: +91 011 6565 2643 For admissions related queries write to admissions@yifp.in For other quer
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  • Business Newspapers in India
    Research on the Business Coverage in Marathi Newspapers A Comparative Analysis of Business News Coverage in Marathi Newspapers by Anvaya Kharde University of Mumbai Research Guide Sanjay Ranade Department of Communication & Journalism Aims & Objectives The purpose of this r
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  • Judicial Corruption, Accountability and Democracy
    JUDICIAL CORRUPTION, ACCOUNTABILITY AND DEMOCRACY Ronak Karanpuria1[1] “Justice howls when she is dragged about by bribe-devouring men whose verdicts are crooked when they sit in judgment.” Abstract The aim of the paper is to discuss whether the judiciary should be he
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  • Incredible India
    Bamboozling. There’s simply no other word that convincingly captures the enigma that is India. In a country as diverse and complex as India, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations and t
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  • Khadi Workings in India
    A STUDY ON THE WORKINGS OF KHADI AND VILLAGE INDUSTRIES IN TIRUCHIRAPALLI DISTRICT [pic] “If villages prosper, India Prospers” “Khadi is the sun of village solar system the planets are the various industries which supports the Khadi in return for that heat and substance they d
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  • Freedom Fighters of India
    Freedom Fighters of India Vallabhbhai Patel His brave deeds earned Vallabhbhai Patel the title of the iron man of India. For his role in the Bardoli Satyagraha, Patel came to be called the Sardar. Sardar Patel was a famous lawyer but gave up his practice in order to fight for the freedom of the co
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  • Democracy
    Democracy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Democracy (disambiguation) and Democratic Party (disambiguation). A woman casts her vote in the second round of the French presidential election of 2007. Part of the Politics series Basic forms of government Power s
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  • India Since Independence
    INDIA since independence India was a British colony. It earned its independence from the British on 15/08/1947. Day before that Pakistan which was created as a result of partition of British India was established and flanked on two sides of India: West Pakistan which is called today Pakistan, and
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  • Remakes of Films in India
    School of Law University of California, Davis 400 Mrak Hall Drive Davis, CA 95616 530.752.0243 http://www.law.ucdavis.edu UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper Series Research Paper No.239 December 2010 Bollywood/Hollywood Madhavi Sunder This paper can be downloaded without charge from
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  • Perspectives of India
    India is a country that is ethnically dissimilar and geographically divided, which is why the Indian statesman Shashi Tharoor says, "Indian nationalism has...always been the nationalism of an idea." It is the idea of unity in diversity, sustained by a historical chronicle stretching over thousands o
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  • Hallyu Wave and Otaku Culture in India
    Influence of South Asian cultural content on Indian media: A study of ‘Otaku’ and ‘Hallyu/ Hanryu’ wave. Introduction Korean wave The Korean wave refers to the noteworthy increase in the fame of South Korean entertainment and culture starting in the 1990s, in Asia, and more r
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  • Danone in India
    Danone in India History of Danone India Danone India is today a huge part in the work of internationalization of the French group Danone. This subsidiary was established in two steps. Danone first established in 1989 a merger with an Indian group called Britannia, they were just particip
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  • India vs Japan
    Area: 377 829 km Capital : Tokyo (pop : 13,9) Currency : Yen (JPY) Language : Japonais Population : 127,8 in 2012 Demographics : ▪ Decrease of the population since 2007 fecondity rate : 1,21 child per women. ▪ life expentency : 80 years for men and 86 ans for women ▪ fu
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  • Fifty Years of Language Planning for Modern Hindi
    FIFTY YEARS OF LANGUAGE PLANNING FOR MODERN HINDI The Official Language of India 1. ABSTRACT Hindi - according to the 1991 Census of India, is the mother tongue of 233,432,285 persons (22% of the entire Indian population), and is spoken as a language (which includes 47 or so mother tongues cobb
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  • India
    India Outline of today  Stereotypes about India  Key country & demographic facts and short history review  The Indian economy  Indian culture  How to do business in India / Dos and don’ts  Leo’s experience in India Stereotypes about India  The "Real India" is D
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  • Education System in India
    EDUCATION SYSTEM IN PRE INDEPENDENT INDIA ANCIENT INDIA The Hindu tradition India is the site of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The Indo-European-speaking peoples who entered India in the 2nd millennium BCE established large-scale settlements and founded powerful kingdoms.
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  • India
    National Diversity Overview Ethnic Demographics Ethnic groups • Indo-Aryan 72% • Dravidian 25% • Mongoloid and other 3% Literacy rate Definition: age 15 and over can read and write Total population: 61% Male: 73.4% Female: 47.8% (2001 census) Population 1,
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  • Muslims Condition in India
    We The Muslims BY [pic] Synopsis “Status of the Muslim community today, i.e in the post Independent India” is the main concern of this book. For the last many decades, it has been the burning issue in India as to whether the Muslim Community has gone down much
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