• Just in Time Process
    Just In Time (JIT) In today’s market, with the competition being international, aggressive, and customer-driven, it is important to have an inventory strategy. With customer demanding more variety and better quality service, including both reliable and fast delivery, Just In Time (JIT) inventory
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  • Just in Time
    Just-in-time Inventory is an essential part of every business. Without inventory a business cannot produce and will most likely not succeed. Inventory control is therefore as vital because it is about managing and controlling the working asset which aids the business. In essence inventory control i
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  • Just in Time
    Shrinking Core, Expanding Periphery: The Relational Architecture of HighPerforming Organizations Adapted from Ranjay Gulati Introduction • Organizations are built on relationships • Winning organizations understand that capital is not only financial – They leverage relational capital
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  • A Theory Is Just a Model of the Universe
    A theory is just a model of the universe, or a restricted part of it, and a set of rules that relate quantities in the model to observations that we make. It exists only in our minds and does not have any other reality (whatever that might mean). A theory is a good theory if it satisfies two require
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  • Gandhi’s Concept on Education and Its Relevance in the Present Time
    Gandhi’s Concept on Education and Its Relevance in the Present Day V.N. Rajashekharan Pillai The Purpose of Education I have been involved in the university system for more than 30 years. I used to interact with a large number of under-graduate students in the colleges and universities. I
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  • Ifac's Evolution Model of Management Accounting
    Introduction In 1989, the understanding of the scope and purposes of management accounting and the concepts which underpinned it was summarized by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) in a statement. Later on in 1998, the statement was revised and released as Management Accounting C
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  • Time Series
    Unit-1 Analysis of Time Series ➢ Introduction: One of the most important tasks before economists and businessmen these days is to make estimates for the future. For example, a businessman is interested in finding out his likely sales in the year 2008 or as
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  • A Comparative Study of Price Earnings Multiple of Top It Sector Companies of India Using Stable Dividend Discount Model
    “A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PRICE EARNINGS MULTIPLE OF TOP IT SECTOR COMPANIES OF INDIA USING STABLE DIVIDEND DISCOUNT MODEL.” Report By PRIYA BATRA (PGDM No – 11101) Work Carried Out At “Matins Capital Management” Indore Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement Of Summer Intern
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  • Bike Time
    RIDER’S GUIDE to Operation, Safety and Licensing MOTORCYCLES, MOPEDS & POWER-ASSISTED BICYCLES MAXIMUM MAXIMUM rider’s GUide to Operation, Safety and Licensing Motorcycles, Mopeds & power-Assisted Bicycles Introduction A motorcycle rider must have skill, knowledge an
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  • Profit Maximization Model
    SAMPLE ANSWER FOR QUESTION 5 Profit-making is one of the most traditional, basic and major objectives of a firm. Profit-motive is the driving-force behind all business activities of a company. It is the primary measure of success or failure of a firm in the market. Profit earning capacity indicates
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  • Project Formate Just for Refference
    INDUSTRY PROFILE 1.1 Introduction Industry plays a vital role in any kind of business activity. The term “industry” used to illustrate the accurate business activity or a more general business activity with the facilitate man and machine is known as industry. The term industry is having d
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  • The Merits and Demerits of Hoey's Matching Patterns
    THE MERITS AND DEMERITS OF HOEY'S MATCHING PATTERNS By Prof.Dr Lubna Riyadh Abdul Jabbar Abstract Within the realm of the linguistic description of text, Hoey has adopted the approach that sees text as possessing organization, that is, describable in terms of patterns of
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  • Shares and Joint Stock Companies in the New Economic Model
    Shares and Joint Stock Companies in the New Economic Model Elena Torlopova 1st year student The faculty of International Economic Relations Group 3 Maintenance * The main information about joint stock companies * Advantages and disadvantages of joint stock companies * “Blu
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  • Solution to Case on Yale Model - Investment Management Class
    1. How is Yale’s investment philosophy reflected in its strategic asset allocation? Yale’s investment philosophy is one of the critical factors that played into the success of the fund’s performance in the past years. The philosophy is based on 5 principles: focus on equity, diversification,
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  • Merits and Demerits of Tuition
    We all know that every child is unique. Every child has different skills and potential. The same goes with every child's ability to learn at school. Some child can grasp school lessons faster as compared to other children. How the child performs in school should not be compared to other children bec
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  • 20 Merits and Demerits of Laptops Prepared by Zeshan Amjad
    | MERITS | DEMERITS | | 1.The laptop along with references and notes is |1. because | |with you a
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  • Just Want to Say Hi
    TRAINER’S KIT FOR EMPLOYABILITY TRAINING RESUME Sarvesh Kumar Nagwan C-57/A 3rd Floor Street no 4. West Vinod Nagar, New Delhi -110 092 #8882325258 (M), 08899701740 Write2sarvesh@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------- CAREER OBJECTIVE Looking forward to join a
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  • The Roy Adaptation Model
    The Roy Adaptation Model Roy began work on her theory in the 1960s. She drew from existing work of a physiological psychologist, and behavioral, systems and role theorists. She was keenly interested in the psycho/social aspects of the person from the start and concentrated her education on
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  • Historic Model of Science
    The ‘heroic model’ of science is one of the most influential phenomena in history. This surge of value-free knowledge, filled with realism, bold justification, absolute truth and complete objectivity, changed the way in which the world was perceived and how the future would be viewed. T
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  • Toulmin's Theory Model
    This movie talks about the crusades to gain Jerusalem back from the Moslem army that was lead by the great sultan Saladin. At the beginning of the movie the Moslems hear about the misfortunate Moslems that are treated badly in Jerusalem, consequently, Saladin takes over Jerusalem in a battle with th
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