• Monsanto: Better Living Through Genetic Engineering
    441 441 CASE STUDIES A summary of the case analysis I N T R O D U C T I O N Preparing an effective case analysis: The full story Hearing with the aid of implanted technology: The case of Cochlear™ – an Australian C A S E O N E high-technology leader Delta Faucet: Global entrepreneurship
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  • Living in Urban or Rural
    “Where to live” is the most common question for young people cause it affects a lot to the rest of their lives. As its modern facilities, some people prefer living in urban rather than in rural areas. However some debate that people will harm their health when live in big city. No one is wrong a
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  • Living with Parents
    R\C:Hello,everyone. R:Today we are gonna have a debate on whether we should live with parents after getting married. And we’ll start from Rice stating her views. R:I think we should live with our parents after getting married mainly for three reasons as following: 1. Living together with our p
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  • urban life is better than life
    Is urban living better than rural living? Related Topics: Home Add a New Topic Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic Report This Topic 22% Say Yes 78% Say No Culture and opportunities abound I understand the other side, but as a younger person, I find living near an...
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  • To Be Healthy, Live in the Big City
    To be healthy, live in the big city TOKYO — Almost everyone is familiar with the famous old fable about the town mouse and the country mouse, attributed to Aesop and widely disseminated by other storytellers. The country mouse, who, at the urging of his more urbane counterpart, visits the city
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