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Debate Against Cce Pattern In Cbse

Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades. The main aim of CCE is to evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at the school. This is believed to help reduce the pressure on the child during/before examinations as the student will have to sit for multiple tests throughout the year, of which no test or the syllabus covered will be repeated at the end of the year, whatsoever. The CCE method is claimed to bring enormous changes from the traditional chalk and talk method...

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Cce Pattern

talent within the child.” The Ministry’s decision to do away with examinations at the end of the year, replacing them with a Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE) system in a bid to de-stress children, was a step in that direction. [Link] Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation has its benefits. It has to be, however, said that CCE will not de-stress the children all by itself. Students are under stress due to the range of competition. Imagine a candidate appearing for IIT JEE during +2. He...

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Aspects of Cce

Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) A reform in Indian Education Introduction As a result of Government policy over reform in Indian Education system , the CBSE has introduced the new system Continuous Comprehension Evaluation to the secondary classes. Since then lot of feedback are coming to CBSE in contrast to the CCE pattern. The parents and general public are showing unsatisfactory to this present system. On the contrary, the eminent educationist are keep on advocating in favor of CCE system. The new...

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CCE debate

10/9/2014 CCE Debate – Is CCE Good or bad? | Education to Home CCE Debate – Is CCE Good or bad? Posted on July 17, 2012 by admin 1 Comment After the implementation ofCCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) by CBSE, there’s a lot of confusion among schools, teachers, students as well as administrators. The system was started to minimize the exam stress. But now, every day the students are the victim of undue exam stress. There are more evaluations than learni ng. Students...

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Cce 2010 (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation)

Advantages of CCE System in CBSE CCE helps in reducing stress of students by - * Identifying learning progress of students at regular time intervals on small portions of content. * Employing a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students. * Desisting from using negative comments on the learner’s performance. * Encouraging learning through employment of a variety of teaching aids and techniques. * Involving learners actively...

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Cce Continution and Comprehensive Evaluation

CCE Guidelines and Pattern Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system of school based assessment that covers all aspects of student’s development. It emphasizes two fold objectives.Continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning. CCE helps in reducing stress of students by :- Identifying learning progress of students at regular time intervals on small portions of content. Employing a variety of remedial measures of teaching based on learning needs and potential...

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Cce Boon or Bane

first time on this site. Since, being concerned with education of +2 level, I want to share my views on CCE system initiated by CBSE for the evaluation of all round activities of the students. Undoubtedly, the system should be seen with all the broad- minded view- point, but if you ask the teachers as well students currently studying in CBSE affiliated schools, you'll find most of them saying CCE to be a great blunder. No doubt, it has its advantages too--- it will provide wider scope to the students...

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cce system

disincentive to performance. In addition to CBSE, Secondary School Certificates by state boards and those governing the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education are also conducting exams for Standard X and continue to follow the marks system and percentage of mark in each subject. Marks percentage and percentile are not comparable. This leads to an open ended situation particularly for the Standard XI admission process and those seeking admission from CBSE to other boards. This issue is still to be...

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Against Mandatory Sentencing Debate

Congress for a second sexual offence against children. The British government has proposed a mandatory five year minimum prison sentence for anyone convicted of carrying a firearm illegally. In addition to these mandatory prison terms, some countries employ a system of ‘mandatory restorative justice’, whereby the criminal has to apologize to the victim, rather than one of imprisonment.( Jacqueline Rose Claire College idebate.org) The reason why I am against mandatory sentencing is because studies...

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Debate Against School Uniforms

when they disobey and not to let them run wild. Uniforms cause regularity. We need free thinking children to become the thinkers of tomorrow, not drones who will continue making the mistakes of previous generations. When we argue against school uniforms we argue against an education system that seeks to produce workers and for an education system that seeks to produce open-minded all-around human beings. One major argument of school uniforms is that they will save money for less fortunate families...

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In Favour of Grading System and Cce Pattern

Main Subjects Effective from the academic session 2008-2009 of Class IX and for the Board Examination (Class X) to be held in 2010 CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION Shiksha Kendra, 2-Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Vikas Marg, DELHI-110 092 © CBSE, Delhi - 110092 Feb. 2008 Copies : 10,000 Price : Rs. Note : The Board reserves the right to amend Syllabi and Courses as and when it deems necessary. The Schools are required to strictly follow the Syllabi and text books prescribed by the Board...

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Cce Introduction

Effectiveness of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Trainings By Surendra C Herkal Ph.D Student, Dept. of Education & Extension, University of Pune, Pune The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 has brought forwarded the need for a series of radical changes. Quality Education is the intense aspiration of this act. For meeting well-timed and aimed changes are in the pipeline. Educational research and experiments have given rise to new thoughts, principles, methods...

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weekend, you may not be smoking. But peer pressure is powerful. It can turn you from an always-at-home boy/girl to a complete party animal. It can turn you from a total non-smoker to a chain-smoker. There are so many teenagers who take to drinking against their will, just because their peers force them to. In many cases, peer pressure has been the culprit in creating drug addicts. At that vulnerable age, teenagers do not understand that they are actually ruining their life by giving in to pressure...

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Debate Against Concealed Weapons

violent crimes, such as murder or robbery, in some situations, while encouraging them in others. For example, he said, an attacker may wrestle control of a handgun away from his victim, who may be less experienced in handling firearms, and use it against the victim. Also, otherwise law-abiding citizens may become "emboldened to do bad things, some of them violent" in the heat of the moment. More guns = more crime - or at least a much smaller reduction in the crime rate. A 1999 study by the Brady...

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of Secondary Education (An autonomous Organisation under the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India) ‘Shiksha Sadan’, 17-Rouse Avenue, New Delhi – 110 002 CBSE/ACAD/Dir(Arti)/2013 Circular No: Acad-73/2013 Dated : November 06, 2013 All the Heads of Institutions affiliated to CBSE, Subject: Modified syllabus-2014 , Design of assessment and sample questions in the subjects Hindi (A), Hindi (B), English(Communicative), English(Language and Literature), Mathematics...

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America's Debate Against Gun Control

claiming it would reduce crime and save lives. (“Guns” 51) In Tom Diaz’s book he asks; “Why, when other articles of the Bill of Rights – such as those involving searches, wiretaps, and preventative arrests – are “balanced” Frazier 3 against the fear of terrorism, is the second Amendment fiercely claimed to be “untouchable” by the gun lobby and the politicians who hew to its line, and is slavishly protected by activist conservative judges”? (The Last gun Pg 3) In 2013 after the Newton...

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Introduction DEBATING: A BASIC INTRODUCTION BEGINNER Let’s start at the beginning. Every debate needs a topic. This is a contentious assertion that forms the basis for the debate. For example, the topic might be “THAT IT IS BETTER TO BE SMART THAN TO BE KIND” or “THAT THE UNITED NATIONS HAS FAILED”. This book relates to a specific but common style of debate. It is the style used in most schools throughout Australia and in many other countries, at the Australian National Schools Debating Championships...

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war of independence was between 1919-1922 after World War I. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first President of Turkey, made many changes that made Turkey more modern. But some people did not like some of the things he did because they thought they were against Islam. Religious secondary schools were gotten rid of, for example. Many civilizations were located in the area that is now Turkey, like the Hittites and the Byzantine Empire. Many important events in the history ofChristianity happened in Turkey...

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benefits and disadvantages for the economy of having workers from outside the country? government In many countries such as the USA, Singapore and many Gulf countries, foreign workers make up a large part of the labour force. However, there is some debate about the advantages of this for the economy of the country. In this essay, I will look at some of the arguments in favour of foreign labour and discuss some of the negative effects it can have. There are several advantages to foreign labour. First...

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Secondly, Hema will elaborate further the effects on business risk and personal risk. Thirdly, Nazrul will touch on the topic of productivity and cyber-criminal activities. Last but not least, Joshua will briefly wrap up about this debate. This is a 5-round debate, and we look forward to challenging our opponent in this controversial topic. Social networking sites are websites that facilitate communication between 2 or more individuals. When we are communicating with 2 or more individuals,...

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A Debate

debate ADVANTAGES OF CITY LIFE Sometime you may be think, the city life is better than village life. However there are so many advantages in city life. Actually the city life is more comfortable. As well as there are more opportunities for people to progress in their lives. There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. Children living in the city can get a good education, because there are better schools in the town than in the village...

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Cbse Focus June 2013

Awakening India- Gender Sensitization ............3 JEE NEET u .........................4 JEE/NEET u CBSE-i Training Programme ....7 u ........................10 Interview CBSE New Vision of Education sensitization may be more effective as the children in their formative years easily absorb values and virtues which are taught at school. Keeping this in perspective, the CBSE has committed itself to Values Education and gender-sensitive education. The schools were also sent an advisory...

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CCE information

Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades. The main aim of CCE is to evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at the school. This is believed to help reduce the pressure on the child during/before examinations as the student will have to sit for multiple tests throughout the year, of which no test or the syllabus covered will be repeated at the end of the year, whatsoever. The CCE method is claimed to bring enormous changes from the traditional chalk and talk...

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Center for Immigration Studies, wrote in an article entitled, “Birthright Citizenship in the United States: A Global Comparison” in August 20101: The two citizenship benefits that have drawn the most attention in the birthright citizenship debate are, first, food assistance and other welfare benefits to which a family of illegal aliens would not otherwise have access, and second, the ability of the child when he grows up to legalize his parents, and also to bring into the United States his...

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wrong kind of legislators that’s been chosen by voters who are given the wrong kind of choice. I want to ask my friends won’t you agree that there is growing trend of criminalization in the parliament. Let me tell you there are criminal charges against 161 MPs. Platitudes on rape but no action! Politics has become the last refuge of criminals and the parliament------- very skillfully steers them out safely. What a wonderful parliamentary system! Another major aspect of the failure of the parliament...

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cce has made lerning hard

achers talk on CCE Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) has been touted as one of the most progressive developments in the otherwise orthodox Indian education system. image What is its aim? To decrease students’ stress of board exams To introduce a uniform and comprehensive pattern of education for children all across the country How does it work? CCE helps in improving a student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals. The...

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advantages of cce system

Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades. The main aim of CCE is to evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at the school. This is believed to help reduce the pressure on the child during/before examinations as the student will have to sit for multiple tests throughout the year, of which no test or the syllabus covered will be repeated at the end of the year, whatsoever. The CCE method is claimed to bring enormous changes from the traditional chalk and talk...

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Discuss the arguments for and against mixed schools

Assignment 1: Argument / Discussion Essay (15%) Due date: 28 March 2013 800-1000 words Mixed or Single-sex schools (the jetnewspaper.com) (sanix-sports.info) Educators debate whether separating boys and girls in schools might improve students’ academic performance. Although some parents and educators prefer mixed schools, there are those who believe that separating boys and girls yield positive results and provide for...

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CBSE 10th Results http://cbseresults.nic.in/class10/cbse102013cvb.asp http://cbse.nic.in Examination Results 2013 Brought to you by National Informatics Centre CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION Secondary School Examination (Class-X) Session 2011-2013 ( Results of Class - X ) Roll No Mother's Name Date of Birth 6101875 SANGEETA BANKA 16/01/1998 Name Father's /Guardian Name HARDIK BANKA RAS BIHARI BANKA Part 1 - Scholastic Areas - Academic Performance : Subject 101 085 041 086 087...

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700000242 CBSE 12 Physics SamplePaper1

CBSE XII | PHYSICS Sample Paper - 1 CBSE Board Class XII Physics Sample Paper - 1 Time: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 70 General Instructions (a) All questions are compulsory. (b) There are 29 questions in total. Questions 1 to 8 carry one mark each, questions 9 to 16 carry two marks each, questions 17 to 25 carry three marks each and questions 27 to 29 carry five marks each. (c) Question 26 is a value based question carrying four marks. (d) There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice...

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presidential debate

United States, it has become mandatory for the main candidates of Democratic and Republican Party to engage in a debate. The topics, which they discuss in the debate, are the most controversial issues of the time. Presidential debate is the last cycle in the election process after the political parties have nominated their candidates. The first nationally televised general election debate was held on September 26, 1960, between U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee, and Vice President...

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LD Debate Case Against Compulsory Voting

argument against compulsory voting is that it is not consistent with the freedom associated with democracy. Voting is not an intrinsic obligation and the enforcement of the law would be an infringement of the citizens' freedom associated with democratic elections. It may discourage the political education of the electorate because people forced to participate will react against the perceived source of oppression. Is a government really more legitimate if the high voter turnout is against the will...

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The Euthanasia Debate

bring about their death against their wishes. Euthanasia is categorized as active and passive (Euthanasia.com/definitions). Passive euthanasia means failure to provide life prolonging medical treatment and letting a disease take its natural course without intervention. Active euthanasia means to take measures to end a person’s life (Euthanasia.com/definitions). When the topic of euthanasia is discussed, active euthanasia is typically to what is being referred to. The debate over whether euthanasia...

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debate paper

 Debate Paper For decades gay rights has been at the forefront of national debates, especially the debate on gay marriage. In today’s society gay marriage is being pushed to be legal in all 50 states, currently it is only legal in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland, Maine, New York, Vermont, Iowa, Washington and most recently Rhode Island. The debate over whether gay marriage is moral is really up to which side of the debate one stands on. Currently in the United States same...

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The Greate Debate: Nature vs. Nurture

The Great Debate: Nature vs. Nurture Intro The Debate The great nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest controversial issues. Some people would prefer to call this issue heredity versus environment. To this day, psychologists ask whether a child’s development is governed by a pattern built in at birth or if experience shapes a child’s behavior. On the nature side of the philosophical argument, theorists believe that learning depends largely on genetics. On the nurture side...

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Page 1 of 3 STATEMENT OF WORK MARSOC CCE/ISR Support 1.0 Task Purpose and Overall Objective MSOC I has a requirement to conduct precise and effective full spectrum special operations that are fully coordinated and synchronized among all components of USSOCOM and key interagency organizations, with an ongoing imperative to swiftly evaluate emerging TTPs, and subsequently integrate proven methodologies. The Company Collective Exercise is designed to exercise and evaluate MSOTs in the collective tasks...

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marijuana debate

-1 Marijuana Kara Vedros College of Dupage Final Assignment 6 For decades there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes and or for recreational use. This debate is now out in the open, and for the first time Americans are seriously considering legalizing marijuana throughout the United States. The controversy regarding marijuana is The first and most important reason marijuana should be...

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The Gender Debate

The Gender Debate Shawn Simmons Grand Canyon University Contemporary and Ethical Issues in Psychology 510 Michael Kellam August 29, 2012 The Gender Debate When a small boy puts on a girls clothing and wants to play with Barbie dolls the reaction might one of alarm. When a little girl refuses to play dress up or house parents may give up all hope of having grandchildren. The response to this type of behavior is to stop the child from engaging in the wrong gender type of play, and reinforce...

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Debate on Peer Pressure (Against)

Good morning Respected judges and dear friends, I greatly appreciate the opportunity given to me to debate on the subject of peer pressure. I am against the statement that peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. My position is that peer pressure is definitely more harmful than it is beneficial and I would love to present some compelling statistics that lend credence to my position. But first, what is peer pressure? By definition, it is pressure from one's peers to behave in a manner...

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Format for Debate

of the Negative Side Rebuttal of the Team Captain of the Affirmative Side Duration Constructive Speech: Minimum of five (5) and maximum of seven (7) minutes Interpellation: Five (5) minutes Rebuttal Speech: Three (3) minutes Issues for Debate A. Whether or not it is Necessary? (Necessity) B. Whether or not it is Beneficial? (Beneficiality) C. Whether or not it is practical? (Practicability) Criteria for Judging A. Evidence - 25% B. Delivery - 30% C. Interpellation - 30% D...

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THE PORN DEBATE XBCOM/275 THE PORN DEBATE One of the most controversial topics in the United States today is the pornography industry, a multiple billion dollar industry. The porn industry is even bigger than professional basketball, football and baseball put together. Americans spend more on pornography “in a year then they do on movie tickets, more than the do on all the performing arts combined” (Rich, 2011). The controversial porn debate is nothing new to the US, in fact as...

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Room for Debate

Kriti Singhvi WR100 A3 May 23, 2014 Room for Debate Over the years, sustainable achievements have been made in controlling many diseases through vaccination. Yet, there remains the question whether vaccination should be made compulsory or not. On March 23, 2014, in the Room for Debate column of New York Times, five qualified people way in their opinion on the topic “Making Vaccination Mandatory for All Children”. Kristen A. Feemster, a physician and health services researcher, feels...

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The Abortion Debate

Abstract The history of the abortion debate has continued for decades. In today’s society the topic is very demanding and controversial. Prolifer’s as the name proceeds, frame the debate as the right to life for the baby. Individuals who are for Pro-choice may or may not address whether the fetus is in fact a life, and frame the debate in terms of woman having the right to choose what’s best for their bodies without worrying about the government getting involved. In the following paper I...

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Comprehensive: Formative Assessment and Secondary Higher Secondary

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation CCE's official logo Board of education CBSE Examinations Formatives 4 Summatives 2 Scale 9 points Grades 6th to 10th Course Main subjects English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, Geography and Economics. Additional subjects (optional) Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian...

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immigration debate

the US. III. The Debate: An Economic Opportunity Republicans have been reluctant to afford illegal aliens any type of relief regardless of the reasons they are here. As a New York Times editorial puts it, “Republican politicians have overwhelmingly embraced an approach to immigration reform that offers only misery, arrest and punishment to the undocumented”. (NY Times, Editorial) This hard line approach only baffles many considering how crucial a role the immigration debate has been in the recent...

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Cce-an Introduction

Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)- An introduction The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), for instance, through the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) has come out with specific guidelines called “descriptive indicators” for teachers on how to comment on a student’s performance in both scholastic and non-scholastic areas. The teachers’ manual asks them not to “label learners as slow, poor or intelligent.” It also cautions them against making comparisons...

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Debate Is Good

infections, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases 4. Elimination of violence against women 5. Counseling on sexuality and sexual reproductive health 6. Treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers 7. Male involvement and participation in reproductive health, prevention and treatment of infertility 8 Reproductive health education for the youth Now what are the basic reasons of those who are against the Reproductive Health Bill anyway? When you look at it, all their arguments can be...

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The Malala Debate

The Malala debate There is a groundswell of sympathy for Malala and also a strong demand for the Pakistani state to do something about the issue. Much of the discontent is directed toward the Pakistani Taliban, the extremist group that has claimed responsibility for the shooting and declared it has vowed to kill Malala if she recovers from her injuries. Also, it has issued fresh threats to another girl Hina Khan of Islamabad who is also known for her female rights activism and pro education stance...

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Subject and Verb Patterns

The dictionary marks these verb patterns in bold print followed by pattern sentences. These pattern sentences can help you decide how to arrange the words in a sentence. For example, the verb recommend shows the following patterns and pattern sentences for the first definition: recommend that Doctors recommend that all children should be immunized against measles. recommend doing sth The manufacturers recommend changing the oil after 500 km. The pattern sentences are important because...

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Polygamy Debate

The Polygamy Debate Is Polygamy Next? from the July 02, 2013 eNews issue Many homosexual activists claimed that Christians were promoting a “slippery slope” argument that did not exist, that legalizing homosexual marriage would lead to legalizing other forms of marital unions which, today, are outside of the mainstream. They contend that just because homosexuals would be able to marry, that does not mean that polygamous (same-sex) or polyamorous (many mixed-sex partners) unions would eventually...

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The Pornography Debate

The Pornography Debate The Pornography Debate Pornography has been the topic of discussion in the court systems for years. Many would like to see legislation against it and software to filter it. The problem is it's not that easy and making laws against it would pose a problem against the first amendment. There have many issues brought up on the grounds that it is demoralizing to women and is filth for the eyes of children. But, is pornography really that harmful? There are many reasons...

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Debate on Euthanasia

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Debate on euthanasia Introduction Today we will discuss the dilemma of euthanasia. Euthanasia also known as mercy killing is a way of painlessly terminating one’s life with the "humane" motive of ending his suffering. There are different types of euthanasia: voluntary, non-voluntary, active or passive. * Euthanasia is passive when it merely allows the death of the individual. * Euthanasia...

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Design Patterns

Introduction What is a Design Pattern? A design pattern solves a problem within a given context. The solution that is offered by implementing a pattern results in a system design structure, which balances the concerns of the design problem in a manner most appropriate for the given context. In “Understanding and Using Patterns in Software Development”, Dirk Riehle and Heinz Zullighaven offer a rather nice definition of what a design pattern is: “A pattern is the abstraction from a concrete...

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Kennedy-Nixon Debate Analysis

Ganivet SPC 3540 – Persuasion October 22, 2013 Kennedy-Nixon Debate Analysis There may be more truth to the old saying, “it’s not what you say but how you say it.” On average, 93 percent of meaning found in communication comes from nonverbal messages (Mehrabian 1967). Nonverbal communication is the wordless transmission of information through body language, gestures, tone, space and appearance. The first televised presidential debate is a pivotal example of how pervasive nonverbal communication...

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Leadership Pattern in Pakistan

without a proper and pragmatic leadership one cannot form a workable organization. An organization sans a good leader would be nothing but a pipe dream because leadership and organizational behavior are interdependent. Moreover a concord leadership pattern and organizational behavior are the guarantors of a strong and stable nation state. Pakistan a country that came into being on 14th of August 1947 was the product of two nation theory. It was quite evident right from the beginning that country...

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Legalisation Debate

a spiritual euphoria. However, in most western countries this drug has been criminalized and made illegal by the Geneva Convention Dangerous Drugs Act (1925). Australia has decriminalized cannabis in all states since 1987. There has been a heated debate surrounding the legalization of cannabis. In order to further understand the reasoning between both sides I will be looking into the advantages and disadvantages of both the legalization and criminalization of cannabis. There are numerous advantages...

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The Abortion Debate

Gideon Brown PHILL 111 Lisa McLeod 10/31/2011 The Abortion Debate The permissibility of abortion is a highly debated ethical dilemma. There have been many valid arguments for both sides. Don Marquis is an author who presented his view on the topic in his article titled “Why Abortion is immoral”. An equally convincing paper has also been written by author Judith Jarvis Thomson debating the other side of the argument. Her work is titled “A Defense of Abortion”. Both of these papers attempt...

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The Provocation Debate

lesser charge * Can be relevant in a court’s assessment of a defendant’s mens rea, intention or state of mind at the time of the incident * In some cases in UK, Canada and several Australian states, the defence of provocation is available only against a charge of murder- and can reduce to manslaughter * Known as ‘voluntary manslaughter’ * In USA the Model Penal Code substitutes the broader standard of extreme emotional or mental distress for the comparatively narrower standard of provocation...

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Outline of Debate

OUTLINE OF A DEBATE Use this as a guideline in planning your speeches. For two-person teams, each person will give one constructive speech, and you may either have one person do the rebuttal or share it. For three-person teams, each person gets one speech. FIRST AFFIRMATIVE CONSTRUCTIVE SPEECH (1AC) • 4 minutes • Establishes affirmative’s advocacy of resolution.—STATE RESOLUTION “Resolved, that capital punishment should be abolished…,” etc. • There is a problem that could be solved...

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Against Abortion

ABORTION Pro-life and they believe that abortion is murdering an unborn child. Abortion is an issue that impacts human society and the world, because of the debate about moral, religious, health problems, and ethical issues. For many years people had fought about abortion if it should be illegal or legal. Many people believe that it should be legal and these people are called pro-choice. Pro-choice advocate believe that it’s the woman’s right to choose to have the child. There are many people...

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