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HOW IMPORTANT IS THE CONCEPT OF SITUATED KNOWLEDGES TO THE CRITICAL EVALUATION OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY? ILLUSTRATE ESSAY WITH REFERENCE TO TWO TOPICS OF RESEARCH IN DD307 This essay will explore the concept of situated knowledges, and assess the importance of this concept to the critical evaluation of social psychological topics. The concept of situated knowledges is used as an interrogative theme to assist in evaluating knowledge produced in research. All knowledge produced, is situated historically...

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Dd307 Tma5

(2007). Chapter 6: Prejudice, conflict and conflict reduction. In W. Hollway, H. Lucey & A. Phoenix (Eds.), Social Psychology Matters (pp. 145-172). Milton Keynes: The Open University. Haslam, A., (2007) Contemporary methods and perspectives [DVD 1, DD307] Milton Keynes: The Open University....

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Outline the Main Features of Experimental Social Psychology and Consider the Influences That Led to Its Emergence. What Do You Think Are Its Strengths and Weaknesses?

will therefore refer to this approach as experimental social psychology (ESP). My aim is to argue that despite some downfalls, ESP provides an indispensible contribution to understanding how the mind is structured by society (Haslam, 2007, DVD 1, DD307). To argue this I will outline the key characteristics of the approach which will involve looking at its historical development. This will give us an insight into how the discipline became grounded within scientific principles and was the dominant...

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DD307 - TMA 01 Outline and assess the use of experiments in social psychology drawing on the cognitive social perspective and one of the other three perspectives in the module (discursive psychological, phenomenological or social psychoanalytic). This essay will provide a description of the experimental method for both the cognitive social perspective and social psychoanalytic perspective. A compare and contrast will be given for the two perspectives in a critical evaluation as an approach...

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Compare and contrast the aims and methods of Trait Theory with thos of the personal construct theory

collected is statistical. Trait theory employs the use of measurements in their approach to personality. Here I will be using the psychometric test as a method to critically evaluate the two theories of personality. P. 63 Holloway (2012) p.14-19 Glossary DD307 (2012). I will begin by looking at the aims and of both theories, which use “personality” in their endeavour to explain individual differences of behaviour between individuals, and to critically compare and contrast the two. Trait theory’s ontology...

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Experimental Social Psychology - Strengths and Weaknesses

significant. Experimental research is primarily quantitative based and produces results which can be presented statistically. The ability to show objective statistical results to experimental questions is something, according to Professor Haslem (DVD1, DD307, 2009), that is seen as valuable, as they can be easily understood by many people. However, this objectivity is brought into question when researchers interpretations of results (as shown above) can differ. Also, by Milgram ignoring the level of disobedience...

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Comparing Mainstream and Critical Psychology

Pheonix (eds) Social Psychology Matters, Milton Keynes, Open University Press. Zimbardo, P (1971) cited on DVD 1, DD307, The Open University Potter, J. and Wetherell, M (1987) cited in Hollway, W. (2007) ‘Social Psychology: past and present’, in W. Hollway, H. Lucey and A. Pheonix (eds) Social Psychology Matters, Milton Keynes, Open University Press. Haslan, A (2007) in DVD 1, DD307, The Open University...

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‘the Methods Available to Social Psychology Have the Potential to Reflect the Richness and Complexity of People’s Lived Experience in Its Setting, but They May Also Limit, Constrain and Distort It’(Hollway, Lucey and

Methods and Knowledge in social psychology. In W. Hollway, H. Lucey & A. Phoenix (Eds.), Social Psychology Matters (1st ed., pp. 36-60) Milton Keynes: The Open University. Raabe, B. (speaker). (2007) Contemporary Methods and Perspectives (DVD 1, DD307). Milton Keynes: The Open University....

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How Do Different Theoretical Perspectives and Methodologies Create Different Forms of Knowledge About Close Relationships? Discuss with Reference to the Cognitive Social and Social Psychoanalytic Perspectives.

will first be presented and then those approaches will be linked with the topic of close relationships, looking at their ways of applications and methods and the kind of knowledge produced. The Cognitive Social Psychology (Haslam, 2007, DVD 1, DD307) focuses on information-processing in social context; in other words, our socially structured minds and thoughts. Researchers’ aim is to assess and discern, in controlled social conditions, individual cognitions in term of causal relations and patterns...

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How Might de-Individuation Theory Explain the Looting Behaviour That Sometimes Accompanies Crowd Riots? What Are the Strengths and Limitations of This Kind of Approach to Understanding Collective Behavior?

(2012), Crowds in Hollway, W., Lewis, G., Lucey, H., and Phoenix, A., (eds), Social Psychology Matters, Milton Keynes, The Open University. Stott, C., (2012), Block 1 audio: Cliff Stott’s assessment of the 2011 riots, Download this audio clip., DD307 website, Milton Keynes, The Open University....

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Outline and assess the contribution of the social psychoanalytic perspective to the study of family relationships

psychoanalytic research into siblings highlights how the inner psyche and social life are intertwined, and how the older sibling can become part of ‘critical inner voice’ that siblings will use as a measure for their own desire and impulses (Lucey DD307 Guide). In conclusion therefore the writer is inclined to support and agree with the psychoanalytical perspective and accept that it is important to take account of a multitude of interacting factors such as individual, historical, cultural and...

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Social Psychology

forcing their power and control maybe the outcome of the peaceful protest would not have escalated into the riots and looting behaviour. Word count 1600 Reference Cliff Stott’s assessment of the 2011 riots (2012), Block 1 audio, DD307 Social Psychology: critical perspectives on self and other, Open University. Dixon, J. and Mahendran, K. (2012) ‘Crowds’, in Hollway, W., Lucey, H., Phoenix, A. and Lewis, G. (eds) Social Psychology Matters, Milton Keynes, The Open Univeristy. Hollway...

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Explain the place of anonymity in theories of crowd behaviour. Is it always associated with a ‘loss of self’

from this module. I am guessing that social psychology focuses more on observing people than on processes within the brain, however, at residential school for DD303, I was told that I would have to dismiss everything I had learnt on DD303 because DD307 disagrees with it all, which doesn’t fill me with much confidence. Whether it does or not is not yet clear to me. My main hope is to make it to the end of the module and finally claim my degree, my main fear is that I will not last that long if chapters...

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Outline and Assess the Use of Experiments in Social Psychology Drawing on the Cognitive Social Perspective and One of the Other Three Perspectives in the Module (Discursive Psychological, Phenomenological or Social Psychoanalytic).

353-8. Taylor, S. (2007) ‘Introduction’ in Landridge, D. and Taylor, S. (eds) Critical Readings in Social Psychology, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes. The Open University (2006) ‘DVD1 Contemporary Methods and Perspectives’ in DD307...

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Outline and Assess the Use of Experiments in Social Psychology Drawing on the Cognitive Social Perspective and Phenomenological Perspective

Outline and assess the use of experiments in social psychology drawing on the cognitive social perspective and phenomenological perspective. DD307 Social Psychology: Critical Perspectives on Self and Others Chris Hall P.I: B8172344 Hand in date: 29/02/12 Word Count: In this essay I have been asked to outline and assess the use of experiments in social psychology. For the last century scholars have often...

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Billigs Evaluation of Tajfel Theory of Intergroup Conflict.

Theories. Stanford University Press, Stanford California. Hogg, M.A. & Vaughan, G.M. (2002). Social Psychology (3rd ed. ) London: Prentice Hall. Jung, C. (1958) ‘The Undiscovered self’, Routledge Classics (2006), Abington, Oxon. Kelly, C. (2007) in DD307 Course Guide, Milton Keynes, The Open University, 34-44 Phoenix, A. (2007) in Langdridge, D. and Taylor, S. (2007) Critical Readings in Social Psychology, Milton Keynes: Open University, 103-117. Phoenix, A. (2002) in Miell, D., Phoenix, A. and...

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Phenomenological Project

Journal of counselling psychology, 27,5, pp.524-527, psycARTICLES. Retrieved from www.ehis.ebscohost.com.libeproxy.open.ac.uk Sclater.D.S (2012) close relationships, in Critical Reading in Social Psychology (2nd) Milton Keynes, Open University The DD307 Team (2012) project booklet, Milton Keynes, Open University Appendix 1 Overarching themes | subthemes | EK Transcript 2 | BK Transcript 1 | Expectation of a long-term friendship | -sharing-trusting each other-honesty-communication with ...

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