• Dawn at puri
    Jayanta Mahapatra`s poem "Dawn at Puri" narrates by describing the Oriyan landscape, especially the holy city of Puri. Mahapatra is deeply rooted in Indian culture and ethos with which he is emotionally attached as a poet. Though the language of expression is English his sensibility is 'Oriya'. In o
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  • The pearl: summary
    The Pearl: Summary Kino, a poor Indian fisherman, lives on the Gulf of California with his wife Juana and son Coyotito. Their simple hut is made of brush, and the couple sleeps on mats thrown on the dirt floor, while Coyotito sleeps in a hanging box. Like others in their poor village, they depen
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  • Dracula summary
    Chapters 13-15 Summary John Seward's diary continues the story, describing how Lucy Westenra and her mother are buried together. Before the funeral, Van Helsing covers the coffin and body with garlic and places a crucifix in Lucy's mouth. He tells a confused Seward that, after the funeral, they
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  • Short summary of the great gatsby
    Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald About F. Scott Fitzgerald Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, the only son of an aristocratic father and a provincial, working-class mother. He was therefore the product of two divergent traditions: while his father's family included th
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  • An army at dawn
    Atkinson, Rick. An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943, Volume 1 of the "Liberation Trilogy." New York: Henry Holt, 2002. The 2003 Pulitzer Prize for History praised Rick Atkinson's An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943, Volume 1 of the "Liberation Trilogy": as a
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  • Dawn bread
    MACRO ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS The bread industry in Pakistan has seen many changes in the last twenty-five years. It has emerged as a small-scale bakery processing industry to numerous industrial bread making units all over Pakistan. The bread industry in Pakistan is flourishing very quickly and b
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  • Something wicked this way comes summary
    SETTING The text is set in Green Town, Illinois during October 23 - October 25. The year is not listed, but it seems probable that it takes place in the 1950's era. Several things might lead a reader to conclude this fact, including the simple freedoms the boys enjoy, the respect the boys offer to a
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  • Summary of heart of darkness
    Part I Beginning through Marlow's being hired as a steamboat captain. Summary At sundown, a pleasure ship called the Nellie lies anchored at the mouth of the Thames, waiting for the tide to go out. Five men relax on the deck of the ship: the Director of Companies, who is also the captain and host
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  • The treasure of math island lecture summary
    "The Treasure of Math Island Lecture Summary" This lecture that professor told us, showed how math is every where and in everything. Math is so important that without it the world wouldn't be able to function. All information from nature to everyday life that we have now is in some way, somehow
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  • Executive summary p&g
    Designed to Grow... Sustainably 2007 Global Sustainability Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CEO Statement October 2007 marks the 170th year P&G has been in business. We’ve sustained our Company’s growth over such a long period of time by staying focused on P&G’s Purpose: improving consumers
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  • Puri, the land of the divine
    Posted by: visualizer | April 12, 2010 Holiday Home at Puri HOLIDAYHOMEINDIA in association with STATE BANK OF INDIA STAFF RECREATION CLUB, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, HOWRAH proudly announce the launch of our new Holiday Home at SEA VIEW HOTEL at Swargadwar, Puri. The features of the holiday hom
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  • Summary of the poem the rime of the ancient mariner
    The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - Summary In the poem's first line, we meet its protagonist, "an ancient Mariner." He stops one of three people on their way to a wedding celebration. The leader of the group, the Wedding Guest, tries to resist being stopped by the strange old man with the "long grey
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  • Excecutive summary
    Acknowledgement I sincerely feel that the credit of this research study must not be narrowed down to only one individual. This work is an integrated effort of all without whose assistance and guidance this project would not come to final completion. I take this opportunity to express my gratit
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  • Summary of midnight's children by salamn rushdie
    Plot Overview Saleem Sinai, the narrator of Midnight’s Children, opens the novel by explaining that he was born on midnight, August 15, 1947, at the exact moment India gained its independence from British rule. Now nearing his thirty-first birthday, Saleem believes that his body is beginning to
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  • A horse and two goats: detailed summary
    A Horse and Two Goats Detailed Summary "A Horse and Two Goats" is the story of a comical and fateful meeting between two men, neither of who speak each other's language. Muni and his wife live in poverty in a remote village in India called Kritam. In his prosperous days, before pestilence too
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  • Breaking dawn
    Title: Twilight Breaking Dawn Genre: Romantic, Science Fiction Author: Stephanie Meyer Summary The story Breaking Down is divided into three individual books. During part 1 we read about Bella’s wedding and marriage to Edward. They spend their honeymo
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  • House made of dawn
    Like Abel in the novel, Momaday grew up on Indian reservations, where his parents—his father was a Kiowa Indian while his mother was part Cherokee—worked as educators. He learned much about several Native American cultures throughout this childhood, and he appreciated the land, language, and ora
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  • Hobbit summary
    THE HOBBIT SUMMARY During this journey our characters will encounter many different situations and people, in which they show their different personalities and how they manage to succeed in reaching their goal. Bilbo Baggins: Gandalf chooses him for the journey to Lonely Mountain. Although the t
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  • Billy budd summary
    ------------------------------------------------- Chapters 1–2 Summary: Chapter 1 The narrator begins the story by recalling a time, in the days before steamships, when it was common to observe in port towns a group of sailors gathered around a “Handsome Sailor” type—a man who stood out
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  • Great expectations summary
    Summary: Chapter 1 As an infant, Philip Pirrip was unable to pronounce either his first name or his last; doing his best, he called himself “Pip,” and the name stuck. Now Pip, a young boy, is an orphan living in his sister’s house in the marsh country in southeast England. One evening, Pip s
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