• News and Current Affairs
    Since the television was invented in 1924, news and current affairs programs have surly become one of our main media sources. With this in mind, reporters and stations alike are able to manipulate their audiences through a variety of techniques, to make them believe a representation of reality as op
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  • Current Affairs
    ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Current Affairs for Civil Services Examination 2010 29th December INDIA AND THE WORLD India-Japan Relation * Japan inks pact for Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMIC). * Rs. 3
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  • Information: Current Affairs
    News abt current affairs Politics & the Nation-23-10-10 * MFIs don't get the kind of relief that they are seeking from the court against the AP ordinance * You might be aware that AP became the first state in the country to come out with an ordinance which tries to rein in some of the un
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  • Current Affairs
    “Current Affairs programmes do more than present us with facts, they also tell us stories to entertain us.” Throughout history, stories have been an essential component of societal customs, and have played an integral role i
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  • Current Affairs June2011
    Current Affairs – Business and Economy – June 2011 1.Which company has stuck a deal with British Library to digitise books? Google 2.which former Vice-Chairman of Hindustan Unilever Limited is all set to join Wipro Board? Mahendra Kumar Sharma 3. which two stocks of Anil Dhirubhai Amb
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  • Current Affairs
    Current Affairs NATIONAL 1. Which date Railway minister Mamta Banerjee has said recruitment exams will be held on a single day across India, so that aspirants donot have to travel to other states for it ? (1) 21 November, 2009 (2) 22 November, 2009 (3) 23 November, 2009 (4) 24 November, 2009 2.
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  • Current Affairs: Haiti Cholera Outbreak
    Current Affairs: Haiti Cholera Outbreak Began in late October, the cholera outbreak triggered by improper sanitation have spread throughout Haiti as well as its capital, Port au Prince. At least 250 people have died and more than 3,000 are sickened by the illness, which causes diarrhoea, ac
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  • Current Affairs
    SPORTS CRICKET Australia Won Test Series against Sri Lanka Test series against Sri Lanka 1-0 when the second test concluded on 20 September 2011 Tuesday. It was Clarke’s first Test tour as captain. In the first test Australia a rain-affected draw. The victory saw Australia and Sri Lanka exchange
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  • Current Affairs 2011
    www.TheOnlineGK.wordpress.com 1. Who has been crowned Pantaloons Femina Miss India World 2011 ? Kanishtha Dhankhar 2. Name of the new revised income tax return form to be introduced for small tax papers? 'Sugam' 3. Minimum Alternate Tax which is payable by companies has been Hiked in budget 20
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  • Current Affairs
    April 2011 1. Who won the European Grand Prix 2011? Sebastian Vettel  2. Who has been named as COO of Unilever? Harish Manwani named Unilever COO 3. Who won the Indonesian Open 2011? Wang Yihan defeated India's Saina Nehwal held in Jakarta, june 26th ,2011 4. Which west part of I
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  • Current Affairs
    Current affairs, is the mainstay of the civil service examination, what with one portion of the exam dedicated to general studies. The current affairs of india and international current event affairs, are an important part of the general studies paper, both in the mains and the prelims. At the inter
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  • Current Affairs of International Business
    Current Affairs on International Business The following NEWS on International Business is compiled from various sources. The source and the date is mentioned on every news. The students are expected to browse more on the same and keep a track depending on their sector specific interests. India
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  • Current Affairs
    Current Affairs Week: 16 Jan 2012 to 22 Jan 2012 International Current Affairs 2012. The Government of India and the World Bank on 20 January 2012 signed an IDA credit of 130 million US dollars to finance the project called NERLP (North East Rural Livelihoods Project) Tags: Union government of Ind
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  • Current Affairs Analysis: Electronic Skin
    Current Affairs Analysis: Electronic Skin Scientists have developed a new technology they believe will be revolutionary in the medical field. They have created an ultra-thin electronic device that attaches to the skin like a temporary tattoo and measures heart rate and other vital signs. The new te
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  • Current Affairs
    Current Affairs Quiz 1 Ques. : 1 Which of the following has recently invited India to be a partner in its ballistic missile defence (BMD) programme? 1) The United States 2) European Union 3) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 4) Russia 5) None of these Ans.) 3 Ques. : 2 Dan Shechtman, who
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  • Current Affairs and Historical Connections
    Current Affairs and Historical Connections Individual Project 1 American History in Transition John Carpenter, Instructor October 15, 2012 Never have I been huge history buff and I’m only taking the course because it is required for my degree field but, I feel that American History should
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  • Nbfc Current Affairs
    NBFC-MFIs Together Set Up MFIN : Thirty-one NBFC-microfinance institutions (NBFC-MFIs) came together to set up Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN), a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) of NBFC-MFIs in March 2010. MFIN will work with regulators to promote microfinance, enhance responsible lendi
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  • Current Affairs
    2011 Current Affairs at a Glance JANUARY The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, UPA’s flagship aam admi scheme, turned five on February 2, 2011. On January 14, the Ministry of Rural Development issued a notification revising the wage rates under the MNREGA from Rs 100 per
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  • Current Affairs India
    1st Oct’10 to 7th Oct’10 COVER STORY C U R R E N T A F F A I R S N E W S L E T T E R The Ayodhya dispute… Data & Statistics Cover Story Personalities of the Week Business News International News Social & Political News Top Cabinet Portfolios 2 3 4 5 9 10 11 COMPILED BY
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  • Current Affairs
    Downloaded from: http://www.upscportal.com National Events: January 2011 Krishna Tribunal grants highest share of waters to A.P. • • • The Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal-II allocated the highest share of Krishna river waters to Andhra Pradesh but distributed the surplus waters, which was
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