"Culture Tradition And Beliefs In Cordillera Administrative Region" Essays and Research Papers

Culture Tradition And Beliefs In Cordillera Administrative Region

MOUNTAINOUS REGION As a physical region, the Cordillera — Gran Cordillera Central, to be complete — is a row of great mountain ranges occupying half of Northern Luzon in the Philippines. Its rugged mountainous backbone contains many peaks exceeding 2,000 meters in height, with rolling hills and stretches of river valleys along its flanks. Around 230 km long and 120 km wide, with an irregular shape, the mountainous region's estimated total area is about 17,500 square km. Thus, the Cordillera is both...

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Cordillera Administrative Lit101

* Cordillera Administrative Region (C.A.R) * BRIEF BACKGROUND * The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) is a region in the Philippines composed of the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Mountain Province, as well as Baguio City, the regional center. The Cordillera Administrative Region encompasses most of the areas within the Cordillera Central mountains of Luzon, the largest mountain range in the country. It is the country's only land-locked region. * Cordillera...

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Traditions and Beliefs

tradition is a practice, custom, or story that is memorized and passed down from generation to generation, originally without the need for a writing system. Traditions are often presumed to be ancient, unalterable, and deeply important, though they may sometimes be much less "natural" than is presumed. Some traditions were deliberately invented for one reason or another, often to highlight or enhance the importance of a certain institution. Traditions may also be changed to suit the needs of the...

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The Cordillera Administrative Region Profile

THE CORDILLERA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION * Dubbed as the “ Watershed Cradle of North Luzon” - because it hosts 9 major rivers that provide continuous water for irrigation and energy for Northern Luzon (it will start here the various rivers, the Cagayan River and the Agno River / “La Montañosa” * Is the Philippines’ only land locked region * It is consisted of the 6 provinces – Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province. * It encompasses most of the areas within the...

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Cordillera Administrative Region

a whole other culture, or shall we say a set of cultures, awaits. From Benguet’s Kankanaey to the Ifugao and Kalinga to the Isneg in Apayao, the ethnic groups here are distinct. Each town has its own language or dialect. The highlands of the Philippines have much more to offer than just cool weather and some pine trees. Whether its nature, culture, or just the thrill of finding something new, it’s definitely worth exploring, one province at a time. From the Central Cordillera Mountain Range...

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Amish Culture Religion and Beliefs - Essay

03/06/2012 1100 TR Homework assignment 1 Amish culture religion and beliefs. The Amish culture originated in Bern, Switzerland, and southwestern region of Germany. In the early 1700’s, the Amish culture began to migrate to Pennsylvania due to Williams Penn’s offer for low-priced land. Within the early 1800’, the Amish culture began to spread throughout the United States and some parts of Canada. They would buy land in rural and frontier settlements in order to isolate themselves from other...

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Region 1 Literature

Holy Angel University Literature I Brief History of Region I Region 1 of the Philippines is located in the northwestern part of Luzon. It is bounded by Cordillera Administrative Region and Cagayan Valley to the east, Central Luzon to the south and by the South China Sea to the west. The region is composed of four provinces, namely: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan. Its regional center is San Fernando City, La Union. The region is occupied 70% by Ilocanos and 28% by Pangasinenses...

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Heritage Traditions Beliefs

Heritage, Traditions and Beliefs All around us, there are different cultures, races, and ways of life that we interact with. Even with all of the differences, we still somehow manage to live in harmony with each other. If we think about it, we all live in one place; Earth. There are different perspectives and stories as to how it came about. These stories about the earth’s origin also reflect the different heritages, traditions, and beliefs that we see around us. The stories from the Native...

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Running Head: FAMILY CULTURE AND TRADITIONS � PAGE * MERGEFORMAT �1� FAMILY CULTURE AND TRADITIONS PAGE * MERGEFORMAT �2� FAMILY CULTURE AND TRADITIONS Name: Institutions: Professor: Date of submission: In our family, there are several cultures and traditions that play a very important role in defining our family values and cultures. These traditions and cultures have been passed to our parents from our grandparents. The two most vivid cultural patterns that are present in our family have...

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Traditions -necessary -we were all born into different social groups thus we find traditions necessary to bond us all as different people -Social, religious, political, racial -emerge from culture Traditions still serve a purpose Traditions inculcate morals but how many people follow it? Traditions teach history, culture, belief but how many people care? Traditions bring people together e.g. Chinese New Year provides opportunity...

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Culture Health Beliefs

Why are Culture Health Beliefs so Important in a Health Care Setting? Why are Culture Beliefs so Important in a Health Care Setting? There are many cultures out in the world today that practice beliefs different than those in the United States. America is based off Western Culture and traditional medicine practices which focus on preventative and curative medicine. Most cultures around the world practice folk medicine, which focus more on the person as a whole with remedies and ceremonies rather...

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Traditions and Cultures among the Portuguese

true? Are we all created and treated equally? Integration is a welcoming concept that is often frowned upon by other generations. The ethnic food, the summers of weekend feasts, the language, the traditions, the music, the religion, the dancing, and the clothing. These are all typical aspects of cultures around the world. Some take pride in where they have come from, their roots. Others, steer away from it. They do so for many reasons, society’s influence being the top reason. Portuguese people, also...

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Essay on Culture

An Essay on Culture AN ESSAY ON CULTURE Culture is a term often used while studying society because culture and society go hand in hand, without proper understanding of concept of culture, or more precise the understanding of culture of ‘that society’, the study of society or any of its components becomes incomplete. So then let’s look at some definitions of culture to understand the concept better. DEFINITIONS OF CULTURE E.B. Taylor was the first to coin the term culture in the 18th...

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African American Culture and Traditions

American Culture and Traditions A Research Study and Facts That Will Take Us Into What Makes This Culture So Unique. Jeanette C. Council Dr. Jefferson Rackley COUN 504 5 May 2012 Liberty University Abstract The purpose of this research is to identify the uniqueness and diversity of people and practices of the African American culture. Each culture in life has some similarities and some differences. The similarities and differences that are present in a culture is what make...

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Cordillera Administrative Region and Mountain Province

of the sub provinces of Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao, Kalinga but in 1966 four new provinces were created out of the original mountain province, namely, Benguet, Ifugao, Mountain Province and Kalinga-Apayao. The Mountain Province, sits on the cordillera mountain region range, which runs from north to south. Its capital is Bontoc town, which was also the capital of the former Mountain Province. Bontocs’s skills in fighting discouraged the Spanish missionary work and military penetration until the middle...

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wedding traditions

Wedding Traditions American Intercontinental University Instructor: Cynthia Arms February 23, 2014 I. Introduction Different cultures, different customs very different traditions. That's the way of weddings. ...

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Things Fall Apart Essay on Traditions and Beliefs

There are a lot of reasons why traditions and beliefs play a part in everyone’s life. There is a large roll for them in the book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. The rolls of the traditions and beliefs can decide the fate of everyone and are important to the way of life in the villages and their culture. When the whites came into town it caused many to question their traditions and beliefs and although some of their beliefs would be discouraged in our society, they are acceptable and just...

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Marketing (Culture)

Culture is the complex of beliefs of human societies, their roles, their behavior, their values, traditions, customs and traditions. Culture is an extremely important concept to understand consumer behavior and that needs to be examined. Culture is the sum of a shared purpose among members of society, customs, norms and traditions. The basic reason of person’s desire or determination is culture. Introduction Culture Man should know the characterictics of culture to identify how culture affects...

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Aztec Tradition

Aztec Tradition By Nicola Gunnis - 25178300 Principal beliefs concerning the origins of the universe: * The driving creation beliefs of the Aztec religion begin with the dual god, Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl. * This god created itself and it was both male and female, bad and good and, chaos and order. * The Aztecs believed that the contrasting aspects in the world would create balance and unite the origins of the world. * The god had four children and each of them represented...

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The Importance of Oral Traditions in the Caribbean

Assess the importance of oral tradition in the Caribbean for the development of its civilization from one generation to another. In the Caribbean, oral traditions are a common element in cultures throughout the region. This is due in part to the areas’ origin in colonialism and slavery, which brought to the region various ethnic groups, each with their own cultures and traditions. Many if not all of these groups were illiterate which necessitated the need for oral traditions as a vital means of passing...

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Culture is one of the most important and basic concepts of sociology. In sociology culture has a specific meaning. The anthropologists believe that the behaviour which is meant is called culture. In other words the behavior which is transmitted to us by some one is called culture. The way of living, eating, wearing, singing, dancing and talking are all parts of a culture. In common parlance, the word culture, is understood to mean beautiful, refined or interesting. In sociology we use the word...

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Culture, the Ultimate Barrier to Trade

Course: International Marketing CULTURE THE ULTIMATE BARRIER TO TRADE? The simple speech “I have got something you need and I need something you have got and I want it” [Professor Pedley, lectures] is basically the leading phrase in the world trade and actually the main reason of the trade. The International Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs, not only on level local markets, but also on multicultural international level. Many transformations...

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Korean Traditions

there until the age of 18. While a couple of Korean traditions like upon entering a person’s home shoes were to be left at the door was instilled in me, I still do not know that much about that culture. I thought for the purpose of this paper it would be interesting to explore the Korean culture and religion, traditions, rituals, cuisine, and customs. It would help to get a better understanding of this fascinating cultural group. KOREAN CULTURE AND RELIGION Korean life is centered on a close knit...

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Tok Essay Q1 - Connection Between Truth and Belief

between truth and belief Name: Marianne Janet Class: 12 IB 1 Date: 7 September 2012 Word Count: 1228 Culture is the set of rules and norms, both written and spoken, in which build an individual’s way of living. It affects mostly all parts of our life, as it shapes a person’s way of thinking. Culture has given a major role in our actions and it is likely to determine the basic intellectual settings. In short, culture teaches us the principle of life. On the other hand, belief is what an individual...

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Legacy of the Kazakh Khanate in the Political Culture and Traditions

Kazakhstan is appeared on the map. The history and culture of Kazakhstan is numbered a thousand years. One of the important issues is about aboriginal population’s origin, formation and origins of its nationality, development of culture and cultural traditions, relationships with other civilizations. Applying for written sources we can verify that Kazakhs khanate had been formed to 1470 when on the territory of Kazakhstan in south-eastern regions Semirechye and in vales of Chu Kazakh sultans Dzhanibek...

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 REGION XI DAVAO REGION Located in southeastern Mindanao, Davao offers diverse travel experiences set in lush natural landscapes — from fine white sand beaches to highlands with refreshing cool climates.   The region consists of the provinces of Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur and Davao Oriental. Davao City is the regional center, and its Francisco Bangoy International Airport is the third busiest airport...

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Oral traditions

begins when men take to writing.' He, as well as others who had the same opinion, failed to realize that African communities existed long before colonialism and so had their own history, even though it had not been put into writing at the time. Oral traditions have played and continue to play important roles in the history of Africa as well as its present. Songs, folklores, superstitions, etc. are just some of the things that have been passed from generation to generation orally. We see the evidence of...

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Chinese and German Wedding Cultures

Chinese and German Wedding Cultures The two cultures I chose to analyze for this project were China and Germany. I chose Germany because I lived there briefly while serving in the military and understand some of their culture and traditions but want to know and understand more. I chose China because I believe their wedding traditions as well as their culture varies greatly from our own. I entered into this project with the belief that the German wedding traditions would be very similar to the...

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Culture and Civilization

Perceptions of Culture and Civilization The words 'culture' and 'civilization' have been often used synonymously, though they have different meanings. By definition, culture is the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group. On the other hand, 'Civilization' means the betterment of ways of living, making nature bend to fulfill the needs of humankind. It includes also organizing societies into politically well-defined groups working collectively for improved conditions of life...

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Persian Culture vs. Samoan Culture

COM/172 Persian Culture VS. Samoan Culture Soheyla Sabeghi Professor: Erik Eisel June 5, 2012 Persian Culture and Samoan Culture are from a land of hospitality and warmness, with a rich, glorious, and grand cultural heritage. Family life is huge and they value their family very much. Marriage, loyalty, and family traditions play a big part between the two cultures. In Iran Persians are known to be Multiethnic, multicultural society. Majority of the population...

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Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal Culture Australian Aboriginal culture includes a number of practices and ceremonies centered on a belief in the Dreamtime. Reverence for the land and oral traditions are emphasised. Language groupings and tribal divisions exhibit a range of individual cultures. Australian Aboriginal art has existed for thousands of years and ranges from ancient rock art to modern watercolour landscapes. Aboriginal music has developed a number of unique instruments. Contemporary Australian aboriginal...

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Understanding Culture, Development and Interrelationship

The Relationship of Culture and Development Introduction The center of attention is to see the relationship between culture and development by understanding both the phenomenon’s conceptually. It also identifies the importance of culture in the process of development, especially with reference of developing countries like Pakistan. Understanding Culture For sociologists, culture remains a general concept that serves to draw our attention to the fact that humans develop social solutions...

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Considering That Hinduism Lacks a Uniting Belief System, What Makes Up the Hindu Religion?

uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion? “One big societal element is that India is one of the last bastions of the ancient world’s culture. Its population practices scores of diverse religious tradition. “Hinduism” is actually an umbrella term referring to the people living “on the other side of the Sindhu River.” The actual name is the “Santayana Dharma” or Universal Truth or Way. One of “Hinduism’s” greatest strengths is its ability to unite the diverse beliefs and practices...

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REGION II – Cagayan Valley “Cagayan Valley is a condensed version of the entire country” Location Cagayan Valley is the large mass of land in the northeastern region of Luzon. It is bounded to the west by theCordillera Mountain Range, to the east by the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and to the north by the Luzon Strait. Geography Valley – is a low area between hills. History The earliest man in the Philippines is known to live in Cagayan. The first natives of Cagayan are Negrito/Atta – a short dark...

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Philippine Regions

Philippine Regions of Luzon Area The Philippines consists of 17 regions. The following are in the northern part of the country: Region Regional center Towns and Cities National Capital Region (NCR; Metro Manila) Manila Caloocan City Las Piñas City Makati City Malabon City Mandaluyong City Manila Marikina City Muntinlupa City Navotas City Parañaque City Pasay City Pasig City Pateros Quezon City San Juan City Taguig City Valenzuela City Cordillera Administrative Region ...

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Mbuti Culture

Mbuti Culture Brandon ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology The Mbuti or Bambuti are one of several indigenous pygmy groups in the Congo region of Africa. Their language belongs to the Central Sudanic subgroup of the Nilo-Saharan phylum.1 After researching the Mbuti culture, I think we will see that their government, traditions, and culture is slowly and sadly melting into the surrounding, changing world. Mbuti’s primary mode of subsistence is Foraging. They hunt and gather food...

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Marriage Traditions

Marriage Traditions Sabrina Rivera Anthropology 101 kidney Ford August 23, 2010 Marriage Traditions Many cultures have different views and beliefs on marriage. Marriage symbolizes a union between two individuals that are in love and want to commit to spending the rest of their lives with each other. In some cultures wedding traditions consist of wearing certain ceremonial clothing, jewelry and reciting particular vows. Although every culture is diverse, marriage...

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CULTURE AND ITS IMPORTANCE TO SOCIOLOGY STUDENT ID: 2057434 DATE: 3/12/2012 Culture is the way of life of a certain group of people. It simply describes what different groups of people believe, think and the values of life unto which the strongly hold on. It consists of the beliefs, behaviours, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society. Culture includes many societal elements apart from the above mentioned, they are: language, values, customs...

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What Is the Influence of Culture to the Development of a Country?

of culture to the development of a country? Nowadays, many people talking about culture and its influences to the development of a country in everywhere. Based on Wikipedia, Culture (from the Latin cultura stemming from colere, meaning "to cultivate") is a term that has different meanings. However, the word "culture" is most commonly used in three basic senses; excellence of taste in the fine arts and humanities, also known as high culture; an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and...

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punjab culture

ABDUL HASEEB JAVED .My father name is KHALID JAVED. I belong to the city of Sargodha which is located in province of Punjab. Culture of Sargodha is Punjabi. Culture: Punjabi Culture is one of the oldest in world history. It is famous for Punjabi cuisine philosophy poetry artistry music architecture traditions values history Beliefs: People of Punjab have strong beliefs on pir-faqeers, jogi, taweez, manat-ka-dhaga, saint of repute, black magic, and other superstitions, however recently due to...

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Subject: Culture in International Business Word Count: 1153 words TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction…………………………………………3 Stereotyping…………………………………………6 Culture Shock……………………………………….7 Conclusion…………………………………………...8 Reference List……………………………………….9 Reflection Sheet……………………………………11 Introduction: Culture refers to the integrated knowledge shared and the sum total of behavior of a large group...

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What is culture? Ian Robertson defines culture as "all the shared products of society" Culture is a natural development of social behaviorism- social life and activities of human beings ( by George Herbert Mead). The evolution of culture is based on intelligence reaction to experience and needs. Why is it important for Social Science? Culture is very important to Social Science. The concepts of culture and Social Science are closely related. Social Science mostly refers to the academic...

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REL 134 Religious Traditions

Elements of Religious Traditions REL 134 3/10/2014 Roy Rehberg Elements of Religious Traditions Living in an age of knowledge, we have discovered a vast majority of information throughout the years. This information has allowed us to thrive in this world and furthermore, make decisions on what we believe in. Throughout the world, there are many different religions. Some may share the same elements, and some may be vastly different. Certain cultures may believe in one God, monotheism. Others...

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Culture and Health

the full scope of inherited traditions, religion, and culture.  It can influence the activities and behaviors that individuals draw from. Heritage is something that can give a sense of who, what, where and how a person fits into a society and develops over time. Heritage can be a sense of identity that is valued by a single person or include a wider group of individuals. Many times a heritage is something that is passed down through the generations. Health traditions can be a very important part...

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Hybridity Is a Key Feature of the Culture in Latin America, Given European Colonization of the Region. Use This Notion to Compare Religion in Mexico and Cuba.

Hybridity is a key feature of the culture in Latin America, given European colonization of the region. Use this notion to compare religion in Mexico and Cuba. In the current Latin America a variety of religions coexist and Catholicism has dominated this region since the sixteenth century. It has been widely agreed that European colonization of Latin America actually played an essential role in the formation of such a religiously diverse life in this continent. Firstly this essay will revisit the...

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Culture as an Important Facet of Society

A society without culture is as good as dead. Discuss. A society according to Thomas, L (1995:25) is defined as “a group of mutually interdependent people who have organized in such a way as to share a common culture and feeling of unity”. In other ways society consists of people, and culture consists of products that people create. Culture according to Giddens (2005:45) refers to “the pattern of human activity and the symbols, which give significance to this activity”. Culture is represented through...

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Culture Imperialism

practice of promoting a more powerful culture over a least known or desirable culture. It is usually the case that the former belongs to a large, economically or militarily powerful nation and the latter belongs to a smaller, less powerful one. Cultural imperialism can take the form of an active, formal policy or a general attitude. A metaphor of colonialism is employed: the cultural products of the first world "invade" the third-world and "conquer" local culture. In the stronger variants of the term...

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Culture of West Africa

Culture of West Africa Geography and climate West Africa includes the western part of the Maghreb (Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), occupies an area of ​​more than 6.14 million km2, or about one-fifth of Africa. The vast majority of these lands consist of the plains lying less than 300 meters above sea level, although some elevation exists in many countries along the southern coast region. The northern part of the West African semi-arid terrain is made up of known as the Sahel...

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Aboriginal Traditions

fully appreciate the majesty of nature as he himself does at night with his telescope. Lesson 7: Sources of Aboriginal History a.) An elder tells a story about hunting caribou with his grandfather This example can help us learn about Aboriginal culture because it is a source of oral history that shows the importance of hunting and storytelling in traditional Aboriginal lifestyles. Stories about hunting held significance because it is a method of sharing essential information about how to hunt for...

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backfire in the conservative environment prevalent in the region. On the other hand, too much localization to suit the tastes of the region could dilute MTV's global brand. Moving into the Middle East was one of MTV’s most ambitious and challenging moves. Its success was dependent on getting the balance right between the delivery of international music and localized content to a young audience while at the same time adhering to local taste and culture. To enter the Arabian market MTV have used localization...

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Traditional vs. Nontraditional Culture

and Nontraditional Cultures Comparing traditional and nontraditional cultures is one significant element in the psychology field known as Cross-cultural psychology. In cross-cultural psychology the underlying causes and effects of cultural diversity are examined. This field is a comparative field that involves analyzing behaviors between cultures and how cultural norms can vary. This paper will discuss the comparisons and contrasts among rural and urban African American cultures in reference to cross-cultural...

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Religious Traditions and Religious Studies

Religious Traditions and Religious Studies Historically, religion has influenced the decision making of humankind throughout the world. The decision of believers has significant impacts on how society is governed. The study of religion in most cases begins at an early age. An individual’s childhood beliefs and values influence their religious practices, as an adult. The predominant religion of a region, also influence an individual to practice a religion. Religion and religious beliefs has received...

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Elements of Religious Traditions Paper

Elements of Religious Traditions Paper Deirdre Leffew Rel/133 September 6th, 2010 Gregory Jackson Assignment: Grading Criteria Unsatisfactory Better Best Content and research: 60% No research is apparent. No citations. No references. Two citations and references. Three to five quality sources were used. Research apparent but not cited, not referenced properly. Only the required readings were cited and referenced. Actual quotations used from the sources. Low-credibility sources:...

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Administrative Ethnics Paper HCS/335 Date: 1/15/13 An ethical issue in Health Administration is something that disciplines the considerations of what is right and what should be done in the face of insecurity or a conflict about the values. This is a field which supervises non direct care aspects of medicine and deals with responsibilities in navigating what can often be a conflict of the interest between the economic, medical, social and scientific issues that is surrounded by patient care...

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Australian Culture: the Multicultural Societies in the World

Australian Culture Imagine a place where you can start a new life, a place which also embraces and celebrates where you come from. That's Australia, one of the most multicultural societies in the world. Australia’s diverse culture and lifestyle mirror its liberal democratic traditions and values, geographic closeness to the Asia–Pacific region and the social and cultural influences of the millions of migrants who have settled in Australia since World War II. Migrants have contributed to almost...

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Belief System

Belief System Religion is commonly defined as a group of beliefs concerning the supernatural, sacred, or divine, and the moral codes, practices, values, institutions and rituals associated with such beliefs (Wikipedia, 2006). Most of the major religions have evolved over the centuries into what they are today. In many cultures and times, religion has been the basic foundation of life, permeating all aspects of human existence (Fisher, 2002). Religion is passed on from generation to generation...

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oral traditions

10, 2014 Word Count: 1245 “Native Americans and Oral Traditions” Ethnocentrism is the belief of superiority in one’s own personal ethnic group. Many people into today’s society may not realize that ethnocentrism occurs everywhere around the globe and every day in life. Ethnocentrism plays many roles in oral literary traditions. This impacted the Native American community dramatically. It was an affect that changed their way of oral tradition forever. When Christopher Columbus discovered the new...

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Belief has been defined by dictionary as “An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” or it is a “psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true”. However, this is just the basic definition of belief, and if we think beyond the meanings of this word, we would probably realized that these do NOT make sense. There is a scale for belief, from -10 to 10, from impossible to certain. People believed that after they die, they will go to hell...

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Invented Tradition

INVENTED TRADITION IN MALAYSIA There were various technologies that have been use in order to construct the nation-state. One of the most important things there must be in building a modern-nation state is a national culture which consists of history, heritage and tradition. For example, tradition is one of the branches of national culture that can describe or presents a nation-state identity. This is because each people have their own tradition practiced whether it is inherited from their ancestor...

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Culture of Vietnam

Fall 16 Fall 16 Culture of Vietnam Arlen Huynh Summary of Vietnam Culture. Culture of Vietnam Arlen Huynh Summary of Vietnam Culture. 08 Fall 08 Fall Although many westerners still view Vietnam through the critical eyes of war, Vietnam, in reality is a country filled to the brim with natural beauty and serene villages. Its mountainous countryside and rainforest regions continue to mystify visitors with its exotic wildlife and rare florae. Its many island and beaches are amongst the...

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