• General Motors
    History: GM was founded in 1908 as holding company for Buick, based in Michigan. (History) In 1920’s, its sales surpassed that of Ford Motors Company and became the largest car manufacturer in the world. Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., (often called the father of the modern corporation), GM adopted the gr
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  • General Motors Case Study-2005
    Case Analysis General Motors - 2005 Course Instructor: Prof Dr Ali Askari Date: October 29th, 2010 Group # 5 Niveen Qadri (29) Muzna Ahmed (28) Maryam Khan (21) Sidra-Tun-Nisa (37) General Motors I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Mission: General Motors is committed to be
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  • General Motors
    Question 1 Which role should marketing managers play in helping to formulate business-level (SBU) strategies in a large diversified firm such as General Motor? Visit the company’s South African website at http://www.gmsa.co.za and use the information obtainable from it to formulate your answer.
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  • General Motors
    Scott Barbieri Management 439 Case Study 1 9/23/11 General Motors Company is primarily in the business of developing, producing and marketing cars, trucks and parts. General Motors is one of the top leaders in the global automobile and components industry. It is headquartered In Detroit, Michiga
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  • General Motors
    Value Chain Analysis The business dictionary defines the value chain as, “Interlinked value-adding activities that convert inputs into outputs which, in turn, add to the bottom line and help create competitive advantage. A value chain typically consists of (1) inbound distribution or logistics,
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  • General Motors
    Causes: General Motors, a competitive manufacturing company, was on the verge of bankruptcy as early as 2005. The economy had seen many challenges in 2005, including rising oil prices and the increase in unemployment. These and other factors caused General Motors stock to vastly decrease. Their s
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  • General Motors
    GENERAL MOTORS Our Company At the new General Motors, we are passionate about designing, building and selling the world’s best vehicles.  This vision unites us as a team each and every day and is the hallmark of our customer-driven culture.   In fact, there are a lot of exciting things to s
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  • The Collapse of General Motors
    MGX 9660 - International Business Theory and Practice Case n°10: The Collapse of General Motors PHAM Trang (23283300) REBOURG Malcolm (23625678) YAO Aileen (20460996) 1 Table of Contents I - Introduction………..………...………………………………………….…
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  • Strategic Management at General Motors
    General Motors (GM) is one of the largest companies involved in the business of designing, building, selling and servicing automobiles and parts in the global market. Company owns several brands such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Oldsmobile, Opel, Hummer, Saturn and Saab Founded by W
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  • International Business Strategy & Success Factors in an Emerging
    S3100622 - Herdianti Wisesaputri - GBC Individual Assignment BUSM3237 - Global Business Context – Individual Assignment ............................................................................................................................................................ Name: Student ID:
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  • Labour Unions and General Motors
    The Workings of Automotive Unions The last bolt is screwed on as a relieved automotive worker marvels at his wondrous creation: a car. With the roar of an engine, the car slowly disappears into the distance. The worker gradually turns around, picks up his tools, and continues to work on a new ca
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  • General Motors
    EVALUATION OF THE GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION Prepared for Prepared by General Motors 2 General Motors Corporation Introduction General Motors Corporation is more than just cars and trucks. This corporation is involved in Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defense, Financial and Insuranc
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  • Overview and Analysis of General Motors
    OVERVIEW AND ANALYSIS OF GENERAL MOTORS "General Motors has no bad years, only good years and better years" (Sloan, 1972). This mantra established in 1950 by former GM president Harlow H. Curtice may have been true at one point, but is called into question today by many, including Wall Street.
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  • Reactionary Essay to If Aristotle Ran General Motors, by Tom Morris
    Introduction In the book, If Aristotle Ran General Motors, Tom Morris argues that the teachings of the ancients can and should be applied to today's corporation. His message is that the four virtues - truth, beauty, goodness, and unity - form the foundation of human excellence. Putting them in
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  • General Motors Research
    Section 1: The Competitiveness Of The Automobile Industry PEST Analysis (Table 1) | |Asia(Africa) |Europe |North America | |a) Political |China r
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  • General Motors Case Study
    Topic: Evolution of a fortune 500 company & link the concept covered in theme 1 & 2 with the management evolution of the selected company Fortune 500 Rank 15 - General Motors “A car for every purse and purpose" – Alfred P Sloan Jr, Former President & CEO General Motors. General
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  • General Motors Value Chain
    INTRODUCTION According to GM.com (2009) General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), is one of the world's largest automakers which was founded in 1908, in Detroit USA. It manufactures cars and trucks in 34 countries. GM employs 252,000 people in every major region of the world, and sells and services vehicles
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  • Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies at General Motors: Transactional and Translational Exposures
    Introduction General Motors was the world’s largest automaker and, since 1931, the world’s sales leader. In 2001, GM had unit sales of 8.5 million vehicles and a 15.1% worldwide market share. Founded in 1908, GM had manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries, and its vehicles were sol
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  • Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategy at General Motors Transactional and Translational Exposures
    Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies at General Motors: Transactional and Translational Exposure Problem Statement In September of 2001 General Motors (GM) was faced with a billion dollar exposure to the Canadian dollar. At the time, North America represented approximately three-quarte
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  • General Motors
    General Motors Company 1. Does the stock market value GM on the basis of its asset backing (book value of equity per share) because it is a cyclical company? No, GM is not evaluated by the stock market because of the cyclical character of its business. Also, although book value is of a high im
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