• Ranking of Banks: Customer Service or Disservice
    RANKING OF BANKS: CUSTOMER SERVICE OR DISSERVICE? Abstract Banks being the backbone of economy play a very vital role in the growth of economy. They provide a very wide range of financial services to the customers. But with the increasing role of banks in financial service sector, it has becom
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  • History of Banking in India
    Structure of the organised banking sector in India. Number of banks are in brackets. Banking in India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The oldest bank in existence in India is the State Bank of India, a government-owned
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  • Foreign Banks
    A Study on the role of foreign banks in the Indian banking sector- (1991-2009)- (ABSTRACT: The study aims to access the role of foreign banks in the Indian banking sector particularly after the introduction of the new economic policy in 1991.It examines the growth trend of foreign banks in In
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  • Urban Cooperative Bank
    Home >> Brief History >> Functional >> Brief History of Urban Cooperative Banks in India | | |[pic] | | 
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  • Npa in Banks
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  • Risk Management
    The 1 Introduction 4 1.1. Motivation 6 1.2. Scope 6 1.3. Limitations 7 2 Literature Review 9 2.1 Concept of Commercial Banking 9 2.2 Asset Liability Management 10 2.2.1 Types of Risk 11 2.2.2 Risk measurement techniques 15 2.3 Basel II 17 2.4 Bank Ri
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  • Banking System: All About Banks,Insurance And Mutual Funds
    Banking System & all about Banks,insurance,mutual funds .. 2011 APURVA DUTTA 3/9/2011 Introduction:- The banking section will navigate through all the aspects of the Banking System in India. It will discuss upon the matters with the birth of the banking concept in the country to new p
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  • Stock Market in India
    IV CREDIT MARKET 4.1 Credit markets have, historically, played a crucial role in sustaining growth in almost all countries, including advanced countries, which now have fully developed capital markets. Credit markets perform the critical function of intermediation of funds between savers and inv
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  • Comparative Study of Commercial Banks and Co-Operative Banks
    COMPARATIVE STUDY OF COMMERCIAL BANKS AND CO-OPERATIVE BANKS Introduction The robust macroeconomic environment continued to underpin the financial performance of Indian banks during 2004-05, with major bank groups successfully weathering the impact of an upturn in interest cycle. The demand fo
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  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking Sector in India
    MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS IN BANKING SECTOR IN INDIA- A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE ROLES A D RESPO SIBILITIES OF CCI I BA K MERGERS -A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE A Research Paper submitted in partial fulfilment for the requirement of the Internship, May, 2010 Submitted toMr. R.N.Sahay Competition Commission o
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  • Co-Operative Banking In India
    SECTION – II CO-OPERATIVE BANKING IN INDIA 1.6 Introduction of co-operative banks A co-operative bank is a financial entity which belongs to its members, who are at the same time the owners and the customers of their bank. Co-operative banks are often created by persons belonging to the same local
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  • Management Book from Hp
    ECONOMICS ed Revis INDIAN ECONOMY S.K. Misra & V.K. Puri Part 1 Economic Development: A Theoretical Background Part 2 Structure of the Indian Economy Part 3 Basic Issues in Agriculture Part 4 Industrial Development and the Related Issues Part 5 Foreign Trade and Foreign Capital Part 6 Money an
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  • Npa Management
    Case Study on THE COOPERATIVE BANK OF RAJKOT LTD. (RAJ BANK) Attaining zero Non-Performing Asset (NPA) by Transparency, Trust and & Service Analyzed By Tarak Shah Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) Ahmedabad © IIPM, 2006 If you want to be incrementally better: Be
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  • Introduction Banking Sector In India
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION OF BANKING SECTOR IN INDIA Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The first banks were The General Bank of India, which started in 1786, and Bank of Hindustan, which started in 1790; both are now defunct. The oldest bank in existence in India
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  • Working Capital Management for Small Scale Indrusties
    Saurashtra University Re – Accredited Grade ‘B’ by NAAC (CGPA 2.93) Solanki, Ashvinkumar H., 2009, Working Capital Management in Selected Small Scale Industries of Gujarat State, thesis PhD, Saurashtra University http://etheses.saurashtrauniversity.edu/id/eprint/66 Copyright and moral ri
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  • Credit Risk
    International Research Journal of Finance and Economics ISSN 1450-2887 Issue 65 (2011) © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2011 http://www.eurojournals.com/finance.htm An Empirical Analysis and Comparative Study of Credit Risk Ratios between Public and Private Sector Commercial Banks in India Soman
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  • Do India Need Credit Derivatives?
    EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY DO INDIA NEED CREDIT DERIVATIVES? C.Pratap Masters in Business Administration This dissertation is presented to the BMA Degree of Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A) BMA BUSINESS SCHOOL May 2009 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly my
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  • Basel Ii and Credit Risk Management
    Basel II and Credit Risk Management (Inaugural address delivered by Shri V. Leeladhar, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the Taj Holiday Village, Goa, India on September 15, 2007) Mr. Gordy, Mr. Bhattacharya, distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be with you
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  • Crm (Credit Risk Management)
    Source: http://www.reportbd.com/articles/28/2/Private-Bank-Credit-Risk-Management-Policy-With-Bangladesh-Bank---Dhaka-Bank-Limited/Page2.html INTRODUCTION 1.1 Origin of the Report Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Course requires a three months attachment with an organization followed by
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  • Asci Journal of Management 29(1). 39-48 Copyright ? 1999 - Administrative Staff College of India
    ASCI JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT 29(1). 39-48 Copyright ? 1999 - Administrative Staff College of India. R. VAIDYANATHAN Asset-liability management: Issues and trends in Indian context This paper discusses issues in asset-liability management and elaborates on various categories of risk that require
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