• Advertising: preying on america's youth
    Advertising: Preying on American Youth Parents face many challenges as they raise children which include how to raise their children in a culture that is not always friendly. When thinking about predators people tend to picture a lion stalking its prey on the Serengeti, a kidnapper or a child m
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  • Fashion business in china
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  • Youth
    Youth mark out their identities in various ways. The article on “On Teenagers and Tattoos” by Andres Martin examines how youth mark out their identities through tattooing and body piercing. Besides, it also explores the various underlying reasons that lead to the decisions of youth to tattoo. In
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  • Spectacular youth culture
    Spectacular Youth Cultures Youth Culture is the collective cultural practices of groups of young people (typically between the ages of 15 and 25) these are groups that apart from the dominant or “mainstream” society. Youth subculture groups are often distinguished through distinctive forms of
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  • Youth marketing
    After a moving target by Jo Bowman    5-Nov-04, 08:49 Asia's youth may be a moving target but targeted traditional media, from print to radio, can still work Parents used to bemoan the fact that their kids were constantly glued to the set; now they despair that young people don't seem to f
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  • Internalisation of spanish fashion brand zara
    INTERNATIONALISATION OF SPANISH FASHION BRAND ZARA Carmen Lopez Ying Fan Brunel Business School Brunel University Uxbridge UB8 3PH England +44-1895-267239 Key Words Internationalisation, fashion retailing, market entry, branding, international marketing, Zara 1 INTERNATIONALISATION O
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  • Fashion and the marketing environment
    Chapter Two The Fashion Market and the Marketing Environment 2.1 Introduction A market is a place for buying and selling, for exchanging goods and services, usually for money. The fashion market is unusual because until early in the twentieth century it was almost solely the domain of kings, que
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  • Youth unemployment in nigeria
    INTRODUCTION Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world with a population of 154, 729,000 citizens. Our nominal GDP is $207. 116 billion and we have a nominal per capita income of $1,4011. Nigeria also has the second largest economy in Africa
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  • Indian youth media habits
    10 Special Tuesday, February 9, 2010 New Delhi NATIONAL YOUTH READERSHIP SURVEY 2009 NATIONAL BOOK TRUST-NATIONAL COUNCIL OF APPLIED ECONOMIC RESEARCH Indian Youth: Demographics & Readership Youth Demographics Population (Million) Census 2001 Total (All India) Youth (13-35 years) Li
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  • Influence of reference groups on spending patterns among college students
    PGDM-RMM (2009-11) Institute for Technology and Management Global Leadership Center Kharghar, Navi Mumbai MARKET RESEARCH REPORT Influence of reference groups on spending patterns among college students : SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTEDBY PROF. (Mrs.) SHELJA JOSE KURUVILLA Group No. 7 Manoj Th
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  • Marketing fashion to china
    Notes about the final paper: * Consumer model (fishbein, behavioral) * Gate keeper, influencer(celebrities, friends)….roles of people? * Buying process * Buying motives * High quality @ low price? * Maslow? If you see a behavior and you need to change it,
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  • Maseno youth polytechnics curriculum in kenya
    A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF CURRICULUM OFFERING AT MASENO YOUTH POLYTECHNIC,EMUHAYA DISTRICT OF WESTERN PROVINCE. BY CHRIS PHELIX OKOTH ED/MPHIL/7017/09 SUPERVISOR- CIM 898 DR. ANN KISILU A research thesis submitted in partial, fulfillment for the requirement of the award of Master of Philo
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  • Impact of internet and media on modern youth
    Cultures of Consumption Working Paper Series Children online - consumers or citizens? Professor Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics and Political Science Nothing in this paper may be cited, quoted or summarised or reproduced without permission of the author. Abstract In t
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  • Mary quant's influence on youth power in the 60"s
    Essay Question - Discuss either how Mary Quant led the youth power movement in the 60’s or how Azzedine Alaia led the body conscious movement in fashion in the 80’s. Briefly analyse how the movement start, how does it influence fashion. Where it is particularly evident in the designers’ collec
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  • The youth and the culture of globalization
    The Youth and the Culture of Globalization Prof. Adib Akeil Faculty of Letters-Department of Sociology A-The Methodology of the Study : 1-The Problem of the Study : The word "Globalization" has been widely used in the last ten years of the last century especially after the collapse of the Sovi
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  • Advertising in fashion industry
    Introduction Today's society is based on gaining money and spending it. The media is there to give us the ideas how to do it. The mass media spreads the ideas, especially the one that the most important thing in life is appearances; they make us rely too much on fashion and the way we look. The bes
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  • Fashion through decades
    From the 1800’s to now the fashion of our society has changed dramatically. Ranging from the clothing to hairstyles and accessories, nothing has remained the same. In the 19th century showing skin was not an option, whereas here in the 21st century one wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a girl wi
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  • Fashion
    Definitions of fashion on the Web: http://www.google.com.pk/search?hl=en&biw=1024&bih=677&defl=en&q=define:fashion&sa=X&ei=k1VGTZuVAo2DhQfMpPTTAQ&ved=0CCMQkAE • manner: how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of ex
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  • Indian youth and social media
    Introduction In the 1950s and 1960s, United States, UAE, Switzerland were internationally pre-eminent in economy and technology. After 30 years the economic landscape has changed considerably and indeed continues to change with amazing rapidity. Situation of strategic economic equality has come to
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  • Youth for christ magazine
    Hey guys proud to present to you the first issue of the YFC NEWSLETTER. It’s taken us a long time to complete this edition and we (the team) hope that you’ll enjoy reading every page of this newsletter. Each and every one of the team members have put in a lot of hard work to make this issue poss
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