• Corporate Responsibility
    CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: THANK YOU, BUT NO THANKS? THE INFLUENCE OF CSR FEATURES AND GRATEFUL EMOTIONS ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Final Thesis Master International Business Concentration Strategic Marketing Michèle Overdevest I282669 Supervisor: Dr. Elisabeth Brüggen Maastricht University Fa
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  • Individual Corporate Responsibility
    INDIVIDUAL AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE SOCIAL TEACHING OF THE CHURCH Domènec Melé and Juan Fontrodona Introduction In recent decades an enormous body of literature has emerged regarding social responsibilities in business. Nevertheless, discussion continues on one of the most crucial q
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  • Ibm Corporate Responsibility Report 2009
    2009 Corporate Responsibility Report IBM Corporate Responsibility Report 2009 letter from the chairman Samuel J. Palmisano Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer our company IBM basics The role of the ibmer A world of global citizens employees Investing in the IBMer ibmers in service C
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  • Islamic Bank Corporate Responsibility
    8th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility in Islamic Banking; Towards Poverty Alleviation Muhammad Yasir Yusuf 1 Zakaria bin Bahari 2 One of the goals of Islamic banking operations is to increase the economic growth towards a better and
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  • Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
    Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Entrepreneurial Firms: Research in the United States Melissa S. Baucus, University of Louisville, m.baucus@louisville.edu Tara Radin, University of Pennsyvania, Tara.J.Radin@cox.net Philip Cochran, Indiana University, plcochra@indiana.edu Paper pre
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  • Corporate Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing: An Integrative Framework Isabelle Maignan Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands O. C. Ferrell Colorado State University This article introduces a conceptualization of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that emphasizes the role and po
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  • corporate responsibility
     Responsibility that is ethical and social of a business is usually that they use all of their resources in such a way that it will not affect individuals and their communities, socially or physically. It is the principles or habits of the companies that they...
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  • Csr Arguments of Broad View and Narrow View
    In my view the statement ‘the social responsibility of business is to increase profit’ is true to a point, however, I believe a corporation’s responsibilities spread beyond just maximising profits. The ‘Narrow View’ argues that profit maximisation is the only objective for a business. L
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Living Dangerously in Two Worlds In my paper I will be discussing the topics related to corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, and responsible business) is a concept whereby organizations consider the in
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking And Financial Institutions Corporate Social Responsibility The world we live in today is more connected than ever before. The global village that has emerged as a result of the Information and Communication Technology revolution has redefined the way
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the Marketplace
    In understanding the subject of social responsibility in business, there are many varying views and theories presented. The argument, at the extremes, is one that is purely economic in nature and the other that requires corporation’s responsibility to society. Today society demands social...
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  • Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
    The turbulent financial times we live today have no doubt been exasperated by the unexpected and unforeseen downfall of some of industryʼs giants, ie: Enron, Parmalat, Lehman Bros and in Australia, the likes of OneTel and HIH. These recent events have accelerated the transformation of corporate rep
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  • Chinese Consumers’ Perceptionof Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr)
    Journal of Business Ethics (2009) 88:119–132 DOI 10.1007/s10551-008-9825-x Ó Springer 2008 Chinese Consumers’ Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Bala Ramasamy Mathew Yeung ABSTRACT. The findings of this article increase our understanding of corporate social responsi
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
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  • The Role of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Management
    INTRODUCTION It is important to note that business ethics and CSR go hand in hand. In order to understand CSR, one must also understand ethics. Also, a socially responsible firm should also be an ethical firm and an ethical firm should also be a socially responsible firm. However, one migh
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  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Driving Organizational Success for Multinational Companies in Oil/Mining Industry
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Altruism, Opportunism and Points in Between Trends and Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility By Mark Schacter (with Elder C. Marques) Institute On Governance Ottawa, Canada http://www.iog.ca This report was made possible by the support of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility : Supply Chain to Value Chain
    387 From supply chains to value chains: A spotlight on CSR Malika Bhandarkar and Tarcisio Alvarez-Rivero* 1. Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR)1 has become a hot topic in boardrooms across the world. Changes in corporate value systems are being driven by pressures from different
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    ialCHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED STUDIES AND LITERATURE To give a better view about the problems cited in this work, the researchers gave a review to these related literature and studies. These literature and studies, both local and foreign, summarized and discussed below concerns with the subjec
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  • Statistical View of Starbucks
    Starbucks got its start when three friends decided to take their love for exotic coffees and teas and invest to build a customer base in Seattle. The first location was the Pikes Place store, inspired by their mentor, a Dutch immigrant Alfred Peet who opened Peet’s Coffee and Tee in Berkley, Cali
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