• Icici Bank Annual Report-Fy 2010
    16th Annual Report and Accounts 2009-2010 khayaal aapka Over the past decade ICICI Bank has redefined the banking landscape. Through a deep understanding of customer needs, it has leveraged technology to introduce several innovations to make banking simple and convenient for the consumer. Conti
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  • Institute of Corporate Governance
    ISSN 1045-6333 HARVARD JOHN M. OLIN CENTER FOR LAW, ECONOMICS, AND BUSINESS THE INSTITUTIONS OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Mark J. Roe Discussion Paper No. 488 08/2004 Harvard Law School Cambridge, MA 02138 This paper can be downloaded without charge from: The Harvard John M. Olin Discussi
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  • Corporate Governance
    CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PRESENTATION TOPICS Enron Case & SOX Audit 2. Indian Model and International Model Comparison.(Syllabus topic) 3. Ethical Issues in Marketing 4. Ethical Issues in Finance 5. Ethical Issues in Media 6. Ethical Issues in Insurance sector.(Syllabus topic) 7. Ethical Issues in
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  • Corporate Governance Lessons from the Financial Crisis
    The Corporate Governance Lessons from the Financial Crisis Grant Kirkpatrick * This report analyses the impact of failures and weaknesses in corporate governance on the financial crisis, including risk management systems and executive salari
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  • Corporate Governance Analysis
    TABLE OF CONTENT Items | P.No | 1. Introduction: corporate governance | 2 | 2. Introduction: selected companies | 3 | 3. Analysis of the two companies on the practice of corporate governance | 4 | 4. Application of corporate governance (detail review) - Malayan Banking
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  • Icici Bank
    ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 3,634.00 billion (US$ 81 billion) at March 31, 2010 and profit after tax Rs. 40.25 billion (US$ 896 million) for the year ended March 31, 2010. The Bank has a network of 2,044 branches and about 5,546 ATMs in India and presence in 18
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  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance in Banks* V. LEELADHAR Let me at the outset commend the achievements of your bank in almost all the performance parameters. It is indeed heartening to see a well functioning and sound bank in the otherwise none too rosy co-operative sector. In fact, ther
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  • Crm by Icici Bank
    Business Overview ECONOMIC OVERVIEW The year 2001 witnessed a continuation of the global economic slowdown that had begun to set in at the end of the year 2000. This recessionary trend deepened in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the United States in September 2001. This broad-based nature
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  • Report Thesis of Icici Bank
    45th annual report and accounts 1999-2000 contents Message from the Chairman ......................................................................................................... 3 Board of Directors ...........................................................................................
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  • Corporate Governance in India
    [pic] ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN INDIA Presented by: NEETI SOM (66) PRIYANKA RASTOGI (68) POOJA SACHDEVA (74) SWATI SARDANA (76) MBA II A ABSTRACT While recent high-profile corporate governance failures in developed countries have brought the subject to media att
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  • Icici Bank
    “ COMPARISION BETWEEN ICICI AND HDFC BANK” CONTENTS Topic Page No. (PART-A) • Introduction 8 • Company profile 10 • Banking structure 14 • product 19 • Majo
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  • Mis of Icici Bank
    M.O.P VAISHNAV COLLEGE FOR WOMEN CHENNAI-600 034 POST GRADUATION DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2010-2011 MIS OF ICICI BANK By Group 3 -Deepti Achpalya -0918111 -Namrata R-0918124 -Nidhi Pandiya-0918126 -Nita Bhattacharjee-0918129
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  • Corporate Governance
    ESSAY: “Corporate Governance in INDIA: Past, Present and Future” The term Corporate Governance refers to the relationship among the three groups (Top Managers, Board of Directors (BOD) and Shareholders) in determining the direction and performance of the corporation. Corporate Governance is th
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  • Icici Bank Analysis
    [pic] PROJECT REPORT CERTIFICATION LETTER Table of Content |CHAPTER No. |PARTICULARS |PAGE No. | | |Acknowledgement
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  • Corporate Governance Report
    Corporate Governance Report With the continuous implementation of the on-line controls self assessment framework, the Company is one of the few companies in India to have a transparent framework for evaluating the internal controls over financial reporting, thereby reinforcing the commitment to
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  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate governance is a very poorly defined concept; it covers so many different economic issues. It is difficult to give a first class definition in one sentence. Corporate governance has succeeded in attracting a great deal of interests of the public because of its obvious importance for the e
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  • Corporate Governance
    The Initiative for Policy Dialogue Corporate Governance Task Force Meeting September 25, 2003 Columbia University New York, NY Notes taken by Tomasz Michalski. Bolton: What is corporate governance? This is what I picked up from the NYT on Monday. It's not very encouraging for us. (shows slide
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  • Corporate Governance in East Asia
    Corporate Governance in East Asia The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-98 was seen as a consequence of poor corporate governance throughout East Asia. Lax corporate governance could be seen in weak internal controls, poor financial reporting and auditing, lack of discretion by boards of directors,
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  • Corporate Governance in the Uk
    Introduction This essay aims to examine the history, meaning, practical function, legislation and development of corporate governance in the United Kingdom. Corporate governance is a subject that has become increasingly important over the last few decades and looks set to continue with continu
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  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance Executive Summary In this report I am going to discuss the issues concerning corporate governance that have caught the attention of the business world in recent years. I will be looking at what sort of corporate behaviour created scandals and how the regulators and authori
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