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Control Flow Diagram For Currency Converter

Control Flow Diagram—Main Control [pic] Control Flow Diagram—Display Menu | | |[pic] | Control Flow Diagram—Get_Int_Value | ...

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IT 210 Control Flow Chart

College Material Supplement H Currency Conversion Development Assignment—Flowcharts Complete the flowcharts for the Currency Conversion Development Assignment by typing the appropriate answer in the space provided below each flowchart. The numbers in the flowchart symbols coincide with the numbers in the chart. Use your Week 2 Supplement F assignment to identify the processes and modules for these control flow diagrams. Hint: The names of the control flow diagrams in this assignment should be the...

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Currency Conversion

title of the program with a welcome. 2. A description of how the program will be used. 3. User has 5 currencies (Canadian dollars, Mexican Pesos, English Pounds, Yen, and Francs) to choose from to convert to dollar amount or vice versa. 4. Program displays the dollar amount the chosen currency is equivalent to. 5. User has an option to quit the program or restart any with any other currency to convert. Input-Process-Output Chart Complete the following Input-Process-Output chart for the application...

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Circular Flow Diagrams

Circular Flow Diagrams Introduction Money flows into and out of the economy. The circular flow diagram explains how money moves through the economic system involving households, businesses, the government, and foreign agents (Editorial Board, 2011). Circular flow diagrams are visual models that show firms who employ workers, the workers then spend on goods produced by firms, and the money is then used to compensate the worker and buy raw materials to make the goods and the circle continues...

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Currency Conversion Design

Currency Conversion Design Appendix H Currency Conversion Design Assignment—Hierarchy Chart Complete a hierarchy chart for the application by typing into the textboxes below. Associate Program Material Appendix I Currency Conversion Development Assignment—Flowcharts Complete the flowcharts for the assignment by typing into the textboxes below. Control Flow Diagram—Main Control Control Flow Diagram—Display Menu Control Flow Diagram—Get_Int_Value ...

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Procedure for Preparing Data Flow Diagram

The procedure for producing a data flow diagram • Identify and list external entities providing inputs/receiving outputs from system; • Identify and list inputs from/outputs to external entities; • Draw a context DFD Defines the scope and boundary for the system and project 1. Think of the system as a container (black box) 2. Ignore the inner workings of the container 3. Ask end-users for the events the system must respond to 4. For each event...

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DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Group#7 Nugao Oserin Obongen The Data Flow Diagram (DFD) • a graphical representation of the flow of data through an information system. It enables you to represent the processes in your information system from the viewpoint of data. The DFD lets you visualize how the system operates, what the system accomplishes and how it will be implemented, when it is refined with further specification. • Data flow diagrams are used by systems analysts to design information-processing systems...

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Data Flow Diagram

Assignment 6 Pg 305 2. What is a data flow diagram? Why do systems analysts use data flow diagrams? Answers:  A picture of the movement of data between external entities and the processes and data stores within a system.  Systems analysts use DFDs to help in the analysis phase by accomplishing the following three things: 1. Requirements Determination 2. Requirements Structuring 3. Alternative Generation and Selection 3. Explain the rules for drawing good data flow diagrams. Answers: Process: A. No process...

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Data Flow Diagram

mywbut.com Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) 1 mywbut.com Specific Instructional Objectives At the end of this lesson the student will be able to: • • • Identify the activities carried out during the structured analysis phase. Explain what a DFD is. Explain why constructing DFDs are important in arriving at a good software design. • Explain what a data dictionary is. • Explain the importance of data dictionary. • Identify whether a DFD is balanced. Structured Analysis Structured analysis...

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United States Dollar and Control Flow Diagram

Application-Level Requirements List 1. Value of Dollar 2. Value of comparing currency 3. Calculation of dollar value against subject currency value 4. Display results Input-Process-Output Chart Complete the following input-process-output chart for the application using a structured programming approach. Input | Process | Output | Dollar Value | get | Real number | Florien currency | get | Real number | Calculate difference | Divide | Decimal | Display results...

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Process Flow Diagrams

PRACTICE PROBLEM SET B Process Flow Diagrams 1. Consider the Custom Molds, Inc. case on pages 125-127 of the text. Prepare a process flow diagram of the Mold Fabrication process and the Parts Manufacturing process, showing how they are linked. We will discuss this flowchart in class on March 29. 2. Founded in 1966, DAV is one of the world’s largest insurance companies with locations in 32 countries. Given the description below, flowchart the New Policy Set-up process as it existed...

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Process Flow Diagram Assignment 2

Assignment #2: 25 points Construct and Analyze a Process Flow Diagram This assignment has two parts to it: 1. Creation of a process flow diagram (worth 13 points) 2. An analysis of the process you have diagrammed (worth 12 points) Selecting a Process to Flow Select a meaningful process from your own workplace (present or past) to diagram. Or you can use an organization for which you volunteered, or otherwise have some understanding about. The quality of process chosen and level of thought you put...

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Flow Process Chart

A flowchart (also spelled flow-chart and flow chart) is a schematic representation of an algorithm or a process. A flowchart is one of the seven basic tools of quality control, which also includes the histogram, Pareto chart, check sheet, control chart, cause-and-effect diagram, and scatter diagram (see Quality Management Glossary). They are commonly used in business/economic presentations to help the audience visualize the content better, or to find flaws in the process. Alternatively, one can...

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Behavior Diagrams

Behavior Diagrams Definition: Behavioral models describe the internal dynamic aspects of an information system that supports the business processes in an organization. During analysis, behavioral models describe what the internal logic of the processes is without specifying how the processes are to be implemented. Later, in the design and implementation phases, the detailed design of the operations contained in the object is fully specified. Use case diagrams are behavior diagrams used to describe...

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Prospective Capital Flows and Currency Movements

Prospective Capital Flows and Currency Movements: U.S. Dollar versus Euro This case revolves around fictional foreign-exchange strategist named Luke Anthony, as he attempts to predict the likely future path of the dollar/euro rate. In order to come to this hypothesis, the reader is presented a slew of financial information, ranging from detailed capital flows, interest rate differentials, and recent central bank press releases. This data in turn must be must be analyzed and synthesized in order...

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Software Engineering and Data Flow Diagram

The Existing System 5.5 Company Background 5.6 Description of the System 5.7 Data Flow Diagram 5.8 Data Dictionary 5.9 Problem Areas 5.0 The Proposed System 6.10 System Overview 6.11 Process Specification 6.12.3 Data Flow Diagram 6.12.4 Data Dictionary 6.12 Data Specifications 6.13.5 Entity Relationship Diagram 6.13.6 Tables/Files Layout 6.13 Screen Layout/Specifications 6.14 Report/Form...

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Cot Controlled Buck Converter

ABSTRACT The effect of equivalent series resistance (ESR) of an output capacitor on the performance of a constant -on-time(COT)-controlled buck converter is studied and a pulse bursting phenomenon is revealed. It indicates that the ESR of the output capacitor is one of the key factors causing pulse bursting phenomenon in COT-controlled buck converters, and the critical ESR is derived via. It is pointed out that , when the ESR of the output capacitor is smaller than the critical ESR ,pulse bursting...

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Data Flow

DATA FLOW DIAGRAM - one of the most commonly used modeling tool which graphically represents a system as a network of processes, linked together through input and output flow lines and entities. Data flow Components ▪ Process - transformation of data flow into outgoing data flow. It may represent . . - whole system - subsystem - activity ▪ Data store - repository of data in the system It may represent . . . - computer file or...

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The Science of Catalysts and Catalytic Converters

The Science of Catalysts and Catalytic Converters Hosam Sadek February 19th, 2013 Catalyst is a term that is used for a chemical agent that selectively increases the rate of a reaction without itself being affected. In the human body, enzymes are naturally occurring catalysts responsible for many essential biochemical reactions. These catalysts participate in the reactions, but are neither reactants nor products of the reaction they catalyze. The only difference between a catalyzed reaction...

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Capital Controls

Describe the evolution of capital controls as practiced by governments around the world since WWI.  Summarize the debate for and against the use of capital controls.  An effective answer to the question will involve digging deeper into the information discussed in the case.  Specifically, the best papers will utilize arguments from the sources detailed in the footnotes of the case (say 3 of the sources). Before World War I, there were not that many capital controls simply because of the gold standard...

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Currency Conversion Project

 Currency Conversion Final Project IT/210 Menu Convert United States currency to specified foreign currency Convert specified foreign currency to United States currency Application-Level Requirements List 1. The program will present a series of user screens that prompts the user for specified input. 2. The main user screen will have an application title. 3. The main user screen should have a short description saying how to use the program...

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Context Data Flow Diagram

 TYPES OF DATA FLOW DIAGRAM: LOGICAL DFD PHYSICAL DFD Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) are categorized as either logical or physical. A logical DFD focuses on the business and how the business operates. It describes the business events that take place and the data required and produced by each event. On the other hand, a physical DFD shows how the system will be implemented. Design Feature Logical Physical What the model depicts How the business operates How the system will be implemented ...

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Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converters Catalytic converters are an integral part of converting much of the pollution that comes out of a car’s exhaust. (2) Since the 1970´s, almost every car has a catalytic converter integrated to reduce harmful emissions. I will explain the chemistry behind the catalytic converter and how it works. To solve the huge problem dealing with cars polluting a city, the cities, states and federal governments make clean-air laws to restrict the amount of pollution that...

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Currency Conversion Test Procedure

Currency Conversion Test Procedure Display Menu Test Cases Test Case 1: Valid Selection = Canadian Dollars Inputs: Menu Selection = 1 Expected Outputs: “Do you want to continue with the conversion: Y = Yes, N = No” Currency Type = 1 Test Case 2: Invalid Selection = Russian Rubels Inputs: Menu Selection = > 5 Expected Outputs: “Invalid menu selection, please pick a different selection.” Test Case 3: Quit = N Inputs: Quit = N Expected Outputs: “Do you want to continue...

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Statement of Cash Flows

2012 Technical Summary IAS 7 Statement of Cash Flows as issued at 1 January 2012. Includes IFRSs with an effective date after 1 January 2012 but not the IFRSs they will replace. This extract has been prepared by IASC Foundation staff and has not been approved by the IASB. For the requirements reference must be made to International Financial Reporting Standards. The objective of this Standard is to require the provision of information about the historical changes in cash and cash equivalents...

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Data Flow Diagram

Using Data Flow Diagrams Data flow diagram is used by system analyst to put together a graphical representation of data processes throughout the organization. It depicts the broadest possible overview of system inputs, processes, and outputs. A series of layered data flow diagrams may be used to represent and analyze detailed procedures in the larger system. By using combinations of only four symbols, the system analyst can create a pictorial depiction of processes that will eventually provide...

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Currency Depreciation

We discuss the currency depreciation vs. devaluation. Also, discuss the impact of currency depreciation from Indian economy perspective. Currency Depreciation & Impact Rajesh Kanjani (34473) rajesh.kanjani@hotmail.com SIBM Exe. MBA (2011-2014) Currency Devaluation vs. Depreciation The devaluation and deprecation of currency go more or less hand in hand. Currency depreciation is an economic result, whereas devaluing a currency is an act that results in currency depreciation. Many...

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Exchange control

FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROL Foreign Exchange Control refers to the control of international monetary and economic transactions involving foreign exchange either by government directly or a centralized agency like central bank. These are various forms of controls imposed by a government on the purchase/sale of foreign currencies by residents or on the purchase/sale of local currency by nonresidents. Common foreign exchange controls include:   Banning the use of foreign currency within the country ...

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Data Flow Diagram and Data Gathering Techniques

Gathering Techniques 3. Statistical Treatment of Data (optional) SYSTEM PRESENTATION A. Existing System 1. Company Background 2. Description of the System 3. Process Flow of the System 4. Analysis of the System B. Proposed System 1. Description of the System 2. Objectives of the System 3. Scope and Limitation of the System 4. Process Flow of the System 5. System Specifications a. Features of the System b. Hardware Requirement c. Software Requirement C. Cost-Benefit Analysis IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES SUMMARY...

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Data Flow Diagram

Major Topics Chapter 9 Using Data Flow Diagrams Data flow diagram symbols Data flow diagram levels Creating data flow diagrams Physical and logical data flow diagrams Partitioning Event driven modeling Use case and data flow diagrams Systems Analysis and Design Kendall and Kendall Fifth Edition Kendall & Kendall Using Data Flow Diagrams Unexploded data flow diagrams are useful to identify information requirements Exploded data flow diagrams can be used for presentation, education...

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Chaos in the Currency Markets : Currency Crisis of the Ems

Chaos in The Currency Markets : Currency Crisis of The EMS 1. What does the crisis of September 1992 tell you about the relative abilities of currency markets and national governments to influence exchange rates? The currency markets and national governments both have abilities to influence exchange rates. Like other financial markets, foreign exchange markets react to any news that may have a future effect. Speculators are the part of the currency markets that take currency positions based on...

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Currency Exchange

Essay on Currency Exchange When nations buy and sell goods and services with one another, they need to know how much their money is worth in another nation. Exchange rates determine the value of one country’s currency in another country. If a country has a favorable exchange rate with the United States, U.S. dollars will be worth more in that country than if the exchange rate were unfavorable. Exchanges of different currencies take place in the foreign exchange market. Exchange rates were fixed...

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The Three Types of Foreign Currency Exposure

they are denominated in foreign currencies and  they are translated at the current exchange rate. The three types of foreign currency exposure are; Translation, Transaction and economic exposures Translation exposure Translation exposure measures the effect of an exchange rate change on published financial statements of a firm. Translation exposure results when a multinational corporation (MNC) translates each subsidiary’s financial data to its home currency for consolidated financial reporting...

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diagram practise

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. The following diagram shows how greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. Write at least 150 words. Complete the answer by filling the gaps with a word or phrase from the box below. lead to release result in subsequently fell reach less decades amounts as a result of   Energy from the Sun .................... the Earth as heat. Some of this heat...

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Foreign Currency Futures and Options

contrast foreign currency futures and options. Identify situations where you may choose one or the other. When Barings Bank, the oldest merchant bank in London, collapsed in 1995 after one of the bank’s employees lost £827 million due to speculative investing, primarily in futures contracts, it illustrated the extreme danger and volatility of derivatives. Options and futures can be used to eliminate, reduce, hedge and manage risk, but can also be highly speculative. Foreign currency futures are...

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Appendix I Currency Conversion Development Assignment-Flowcharts

Program Material Appendix I Currency Conversion Development Assignment—Flowcharts Complete the flowcharts for the assignment by typing into the textboxes below. Control Flow Diagram—Main Control ------------------------------------------------- Begin Do you want to quit? Quit ? Provide exit message Display Menu Yes No Convert Currency Display_Results End Begin Do you want to quit? Quit ? Provide exit message Display Menu Yes No Convert Currency Display_Results End -------------------------------------------------...

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Multinational Consolidation and Currency Translation

Multinational consolidation and currency translation • Consolidated financial statement Consolidated financial statements are financial statements that factor the holding company's subsidiaries into its aggregated accounting figure. It is a representation of how the holding company is doing as a group. The consolidated accounts should provide a true and fair view of the financial and operating conditions of the group. Doing so typically requires a complex set of eliminating and consolidating...

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Currency Wars

Currency Wars When we think of war, it is easy to imagine soldiers, guns, tanks and perhaps a bloody chaotic war zone. Then, when we think of trade, exchange rates, foreign exchange, currency and its policies what comes to mind--War? Probably not. We are however, “in the midst of an international currency war…this threatens us because it takes away our competitiveness” (Mantega). A currency war can be defined as a “competitive devaluation, [a] condition in international affairs where countries...

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Process Modeling, Er Diagram and Logical Data Modeling

White paper on Process Modeling, ER diagram and Logical Data Modeling Authors Yogini Wagh Process Modeling Process modeling is the concise description of the total variation in one quantity, by partitioning it into a deterministic component given by a mathematical function of one or more other quantities, plus a random component that follows a particular probability distribution. Software process modeling and business process modeling are the techniques for obtaining a better understanding...

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Data Flow Diagrams Example

System Analysis and Design/ Tools for systems analysts Learning Objectives Learning Objectives What are Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs)? Why they are useful? How are they developed? How to level DFDs? Good style conventions in developing DFDs Difference between Logical and Physical DFDs Tools available to draw DFDs V. Rajaraman/IISc. Bangalore //V1/June 04/1 System Analysis and Design/ Tools for systems analysts Motivation Motivation WHY DFD ? Provides an overview of ...

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Dc-Dc Converter

Departmental supervisor signature Objective * To design a DC-DC bidirectional dual active bridge converter using IGBT having switching frequency of 50 Khz and all the IGBT’s switched using ZVS switching. Literature * Studied a paper titled PWM control of dual active bridge converter by Amit kumar jain and Raja Ayyanar. This paper provided a comprehensive analysis of PWM control of dual active bridge. Some of the basics in that are given below :- When both the sides are IGBT’s and...

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Avicular Controls and Pakistan Airlines

FINC 667 - CASE ASSIGNMENT - AVICULAR CONTROLS AND PAKISTAN AIRLINES BACKGROUND International projects present multinational corporations with many complexities in organizing a profitable transaction structure.Foreign exchange risk is an underlying problem. Credit risk presents another challenge. Payment terms and the certainty of realizing them can be difficult points. Negotiations with foreign corporations and governments, and with agents and intermediaries, present additional challenges. An...

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Pollution from Diesel Engines and Control

POLLUTION FROM DIESEL ENGINES AND ITS CONTROL Diesel engines and gasoline engines are the most widely used primary sources of power in automobiles and the sheer number of them makes the issue of emissions from these engines an important one. Table 1 gives a comparison of the amounts of different pollutants in the exhaust of diesel and petrol engines. FORMATION OF NOX AND CONTROL METHODS: The main source of NOx in diesel engine emissions is the oxidation of the nitrogen in the air at the high temperatures...

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Assignment: Currency Conversion Design

Assignment: Currency Conversion Design Currency Conversion Design Analysis Process: 1. Display Menu 2. Get Foreign Value 3. Convert Currency 4. Display Results Input: 1. Currency Type (integer: Currency Type) 2. International Value (real: International Value) 3. U.S. Value (real: U.S. Value) Output: 1. Currency Type (integer: Currency Type) 2. International Value (real: International...

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Gas Station Uml Diagram

project from my software engineering class at UNO. The goal of this project was to create a gas station management software package using the classic waterfall development lifecycle. Some of the requirements that needed to be met were: the ability to control gas pumps, keep track of in-store inventory, and provide communication between station employees and the head office management. This project was not so much an exercise in programming as it was in software design documentation. That is to say, the...

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Flow Charts

FLOW CHART A flowchart is a type of diagram that represents an algorithm or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting them with arrows. This diagrammatic representation illustrates a solution to a given problem. Process operations are represented in these boxes, and arrows; rather, they are implied by the sequencing of operations. Flowcharts are used in analyzing, designing, documenting or managing a process or program in various fields. Symbol | Name ...

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process flow chart

thorough investigation of a specific operation in the process. Such an over-all study will ordinarily include an analysis of each step in the manufacturing process or system. Process Analysis Tools ♦Operation process chart ♦Flow process chart ♦Flow diagram OPERATION PROCESS CHART The operation process chart shows the chronological sequence of all operations, inspections, time allowances, and materials used in a manufacturing or business process, from the arrival of raw material...

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Data Flow Diagrams

DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Process Maps Guidelines for Drawing Process Maps Data Flow Diagrams Guidelines for Drawing Data Flow Diagrams REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDED READINGS ANSWERS TO TEST YOURSELF OTHER DOCUMENTATION TOOLS Program Flowcharts Decision Tables Software Tools for Graphical Documentation and SOX Compliance After reading this chapter, you will: 1. Understand why documenting an AIS is important. 2. Be able to draw simple document flowcharts and explain how they describe the flow of data...

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Data Flow Diagram Explain

4.3 DATA FLOW DIAGRAM A data flow diagram is a graphical technique that depicts information flow and transforms that are applied as data move from input to output. The DFD is also known as Data Flow Graph or Bubble Chart. The DFD is used to represent increasing information flow and functional details. Also DFD can be stated as the starting point of the design phase that functionally decomposes the requirements specifications down to the lowest level of detail. A Level 0 also called a fundamental...

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data flow diagram

A data flow diagram (DFD) is a graphical representation of the "flow" of data through an information system, modeling its process aspects. Often they are a preliminary step used to create an overview of the system which can later be elaborated.[2] DFDs can also be used for the visualization of data processing (structured design). A DFD shows what kinds of information will be input to and output from the system, where the data will come from and go to, and where the data will be stored. It does...

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Data Flow Diagram

 Figure 1.0: Entity Relationship Diagram of Generic Academic Performance Monitoring System Figure 2.0: Context Diagram of Generic Academic Performance Monitoring System The figure 2.0 represents the two (2) users of the Generic Academic Performance Monitoring System namely the Administrator and the Professor. The Administrator entity shows the capability to access the system; manage account by modifying account’s profile; managing member’s account such as creating new user profile...

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China Yuan Becoming Reserve Currency

Global Reserve Currency? Jessica Davis Fort Hays State University ECFI 644 International Economics April 30, 2012 Dr. Dosse Toulaboe Abstract China’s economy is growing ever larger, but is that enough to get the Chinese Renminbi (more commonly known as Yuan) to be accepted as a global market currency? This paper will look into the liberalization, but with Chinese characteristics, of five determining factors in becoming a country whose currency is a global reserve...

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Data Flow Diagram

Understanding Data Flow Diagrams Donald S. Le Vie, Jr. Data flow diagrams (DFDs) reveal relationships among and between the various components in a program or system. DFDs are an important technique for modeling a system’s high-level detail by showing how input data is transformed to output results through a sequence of functional transformations. DFDs consist of four major components: entities, processes, data stores, and data flows. The symbols used to depict how these components interact...

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Data Flow Diagram

design Digital consulting 1. Rules of creating context diagram a. Context diagrams are small and fit in one page b. Use the name of information system as the process name in the context diagram c. Use unique names within the other symbols d. Make the process named after the information system e. Identify all entities f. Identify all the names and content of the data flow g. Identify the direction of the data flow h. Draw the diagram using appropriate symbols 2. Make a basic list of dos...

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Data Flow Diagram Tutorial

  Free Data Flow Diagrams Tutorial DFD Tutorial       Data Flow Diagrams - Introduction Data flow diagrams can be used to provide a clear representation of any business function. The technique starts with an overall picture of the business and continues by analyzing each of the functional areas of interest. This analysis can be carried out to precisely the level of detail required. The technique exploits a method called top-down expansion to conduct the analysis in a targeted way. [pic] The...

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Data Flow Diagram

DFD Yourdon Recently reviewed In the late 1970s data-flow diagrams (DFDs) were introduced and popularized for structured analysis and design (Gane and Sarson 1979). DFDs show the flow of data from external entities into the system, showed how the data moved from one process to another, as well as its logical storage. Figure 1 presents an example of a DFD using the Gane and Sarson notation. There are only four symbols: Squares representing external entities, which are sources or destinations...

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Data Flow Diagram

How to : Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs)  Data flow diagram (DFD) is a picture of the movement of data between external entities and the processes and data stores within a system Order CUSTOMER Status Message Status Data 2.0 Shipping Confirmation In-Stock Request WAREHOUSE 1.0 Shipping Order Check Status Order Data D1 Pending Orders 3.0 Issue Status Messages Order Data Payment Invoice Manage Accounts Receivable 5.0 Accounting Data Accounts Receivable Data...

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Currency Hedging

posed by worldwide currency fluctuations. One hedges the currency risk by contracting to sell foreign currency in the future, at the current exchange rate (Fries). If fund managers think the dollar is going to be stronger when they are ready to change the foreign currency back into American dollars, then they take out a foreign futures contract (a hedge). Thus, they lock in the exchange rate beforehand, so that they will not lose profits gained from holding devalued foreign currency (Hedging, 1999)...

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Flow Measuring Apparatus Report

Table of Contents Abstract 1 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Experimental Design 3 2.1 Diagram of Experiment 3 2.2 Methods 4 2.3 Procedure 4 3.0 Results & Discussion 5 3.1 Table of Results 5 3.2 Discussion 6 4.0 Conclusion 8 References 9 ABSTRACT The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the flow rate/discharge and the head loss of 3 particular flow measuring apparatus which are the Venturi Meter, Orifice Meter and Rota Meter in accordance to Bernoulli’s...

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Room Temperature Control Us

Conclusion………………………………………………………………………14 Appendix………………………………………………………………………….15 1 Abstract Room temperature regulation using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) The goal of this project is to develop a fully functional and controllable automated system which is able to control and maintain the stability of the ambient temperature of a room. Similar systems are usually found in industry where i.e. maintenance of a storage room temperature is needed. The simulation was done by using Schneider Electric Zelio Soft 2 software...

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