• Financial Analysis
    BHARTI TELE-VENTURES Financial Report for 2004-2005 BHARTI TELE-VENTURES Introduction…………………………………………………………….... 3 Objective………Â
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  • Tourism Industry in India (Nov 2006)
    Tourism Industry in India (Nov 2006) Contents • Introduction • Incredible India • Boom Time • Economic Growth Engine • India on the World Map • The scene till now • Govt Policies and Initiatives • Open Eyes- Open Arms • Challenges • Conclusion • References Intro
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  • India Risk Analysis
    INDIA: THE HINDU ELEPHANT PICKS UP SPEED Dr. Suman Modwel A few years back Edmond Lisle and Ping Huang-Lisle titled their paper in the Bulletin de l'Association ……(Nov 2001, No. 27), "La Chine: la plus ancienne civilisation… etc?". Given the unrelenting pace of growth exceeding10% p.a ever si
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  • India vs. China
    INTRODUCTION With a combined population of close to two-and-a-half billion people , China and India- neighbors across the Himalayas- control a significant portion of world demand. Add to this the high GDP growth rates shown by the two economies in the past five years and you get what is now well
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  • Financial Analysis of Hmt
    1.1 Introduction Industrialization commenced in earnest only after the independence in 1947. From a predominantly agrarian economy, India has moved towards rapid industrialization with the state retaining the privilege of entrepreneurship an authority in a system of mixed economy. For four decades,
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  • Ikea in India
    Table of Contents Particulars Pages 1. Executive summary 1 1.1 Introduction 2 2. Company Background 3 2.1 The growth of IKEA 3 2.2 IKEA Malaysia company's strategy 4 3. New Delhi's Background 5 3.1 New entry strategy 5 3.2 The international business 6 3.3 The market screening 6 3
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  • How the American Dollar Impacts India
    Fin 242 Financial Management Term Paper How the American dollar ($) impacts India, a general report By Samarth Bahl Since, 1991 when the then Indian government was run by the Indian National Congress (INC), the political party instituted a plan to implement economic reforms, short and
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  • "Financial Integration Without a Proper Set of Preconditions Might Lead to Few Growth Benefits and More Output and Consumption Volatility." (Prasad, Rogoff, Wei, and Kose, 2003) Discuss.
    ECN353-2 040160438 "Financial integration without a proper set of preconditions might lead to few growth benefits and more output and consumption volatility." (Prasad, Rogoff, Wei, and Kose, 2003) Discuss. Introduction The question refers to financial integration which is basically a coun
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  • Sasol Financial Analysis
    OVERVIEW OF SASOL & ITS OPERATIONS Sasol Limited is an innovative and competitive global energy company. GROWTH STRATEGY With a global growth strategy that has reached new dimensions and a work ethic rooted in loyalty to South Africa, Sasol looks to expand its platform in the worldwide markets as
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  • Automobile Industry in China and India
    Table of Contents Introduction 3 1 The Nature of the Automobile Market 4 1.1 China: 4 1.2 India: 5 2 The Country Situation in India and China 7 2.1 China: 7 2.2 India: 8 3 The Type of FDI to Further Minimise Risks 10 4 Conclusion and Recommendations. 10 5 Bibliography 13 6 Appendices 17
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  • India Paper Industry
    CONTENTS Indian Paper Industry Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Industry Analysis 3 Structure of the industry 3 Current paper market 3 SWOT Analysis 4 Economic Parameters 4 The demand supply 4 The cost structure
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  • Telecommunication - India
    INVESTING IN INDIA TELECOMMUNICATION Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 5 1.1 A brief review of the macro-economic status of India 5 1.2 Telecommunications market information 5 2.0 Investment and Regulation 8 2.1 Regulatory Structure 10 3
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  • Microsoft's Financial Analysis
    To our shareholders, customers, partners, and employees: Fiscal 2006 was a year of significant achievement and transformation for Microsoft. During 2006, we celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of our founding, reached new records for revenue and operating income, and laid the foundation for fu
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  • Asian Financial Crisis
    Contents: Abstract 2 Research Questions 2 Hypothesis 2 Literature Review 2-3 Timeline 3 Asian Financial Crisis • Overview 4 • Singapore 4-6 • Malaysia 6-7 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 7 Abstract:
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  • Sezs in India
    MACRO ECONOMICS SEZs HIGHWAY TO INDIAN ECONOMIC GROWTH? SUBMITTED BY: DEEPTI MITTAL INTRODUCTION There has been much debate about the role Special Economic Zones (SEZs) play in the economic growth of a country, and whether they should be the first option, or the next best policy.
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  • Business in India
    EVOLVING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN INDIA AND DOING BUSINESS IN INDIA LEARNING DIARY 01/09/2007 ۞ 08/09/2007 José Ricardo de Almeida Rodrigues Nº 34 VI MBA "…A Índia não se lamenta. Como poderá ter pena se já não lhe resta nada do
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  • Textile Industry in India
    ANALYSING THE MACROENVIRONMENT OF TEXTILE INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION The textile industry occupies a unique place in our country. One of the earliest to come into existence in India, it accounts for 14% of the total Industrial production, contributes to nearly 30% of the total exports and is the se
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  • India Shining
    Brand India: History Repeats, India Rising!! By: Amisha K. Shah – PGP 1 Rishabh Maheshwari – PGP 1 IIM Indore Indore   Table of Contents 1. ABSTRACT 3 2. INTRODUCTION – POSITION OF INDIA INTERNATIONALLY 4 3. BRAND INDIA 5 4. PRIMARY RESEARCH 6 4a. Survey Que
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  • Sustainability Challenges to the Airline Sector of the Economy
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  • Transfer Pricing Rules in India
    TRANSFER PRICING RULES IN INDIA Some Problem Areas, Issues and Suggestions R. Das, PGPPM-2007, IIM Bangalore Definitions and Background: Transfer pricing was till recent years a subject of interest only for tax administrators and subject specialists. But recent economic developments in th
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