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  • Research

    Research Outline I. Introduction 1. Topic: Should cell phones be allowed in school? 2. Hook: 90% of students use their cell phones during clsss. 3. Thesis: Cell phones should not be allowed in school. II. Body paragraph 1 1. Topic: Distraction 2. Reason: Games 3...

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  • Hot Shit

    weeks *  longer than 3 weeks *  it varies Bottom of Form See results without voting Reading Response Introduction and Conclusion Ideas Introduction | Conclusion | frame story: start a story (personal or in reading) | Finish the story | expectations fulfilled: tell what you expected or...

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  • How to Write a Reading Response Essay

    of how this text tries to convince the reader and whether it is effective. Bottom of Form Reading Response Introduction and Conclusion Ideas Introduction | Conclusion | frame story: start a story (personal or in reading) | Finish the story | expectations fulfilled: tell what you expected or...

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  • Peer Review

    Megan Crosland 1.) The first paragraph grabs the readers attention by opening the essay with the writer talking about how everyone has a cell phone except for her. The writer doesn’t mention any clues what the essay will be about except for the use of cell phones, which is good. You don’t want the...

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  • Cell Phone Privacy

    you use your cell phone, you are being tracked. Whether you are using an app or connecting to Wi-Fi, your phone company knows where you are and what you are doing. B. It may be true that the laws involving cellphones and the user can be used for safety reasons. But some cell phones track the users’...

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  • How Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially

    Thesis Paragraph: The cell phone is the new tool for communication. The cell phone has made communication “cool” again. Texting, talking, and sharing are just some of the things that take place on these devices. But it is not all technology and roses. There is a down side. The use of cell phones...

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  • Mbnbnmnbn Mnmnm

    English 11 Although texting and using social networking sites are a valuable way of communicating, some people spend too much time sending messages by cell phone or on the computer instead of interacting with others face to face. Addressing an audience of your peers, explain why you agree or disagree with...

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  • Expository

    devices stand out as the most useful: the jet airplane, the television, the laptop computer, and the cell phone.  [This sentence is the most specific and it is the thesis statement.]   BODY PARAGRAPH 1 The first most useful invention is the airplane, invented in 1903 by the Wright brothers.  [‘invented...

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  • Cell Phone Use and Brain Tumors

    the point that it is hard to live without them. Cell phones could safely be included in this category. Cell phones are the smaller and wireless version of the regular phones, which people can take anywhere they want. When people look at cell phones, they see a technological breakthrough, a fashion...

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  • Critical Amalysis Forms

    Analysis Forms Fill out one form for each source. |Source 1 Title and Citation: Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools | |Williams, Armstrong. "Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools." School Policies. Ed. ...

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  • article

    addition, in the first place, moreover, next, too    - Introduction: From general to specific  - Paragraph I: Arguments for (advantages)  - ParagraphII: Arguments against (drawbacks)  - Conclusion: Summarise the points discussed and give your point of view either for or against. Example: The mobile...

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  • Double Entry Journal

    DOUBLE ENTRY JOURNAL REFERENCE PAGE INFORMATION (See MLA format and be sure to include page or paragraph numbers): Title: Titus, Christa. “Negative and Positive Impact of Mobile Phones”. Odewire. July 1, 2002. Pg. 6. Print. Database: Magazine QUOTATION: “Although having the ability to...

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  • Banning Cellular Phones in School

    Banning Cellular Phones in Schools Parents feel schools are no longer safe and feel reassured by giving their children cell phones, but do the pros outweigh the cons? In today’s society the use of cell phones is thought of as a necessity. Parents want to be in touch with their children at all times...

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  • Report Writting on Advantages and Disadvantages on Mobile Phone

    your assignment.

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  • compare and contrast

     1     There are so many different studies on whether cell phone use in college classes potentially affects their learning ability. Through the criteria’s of statistics, expert opinion, and the use of scientific process I’m going to compare the scientific credibility of two different...

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  • School Stuff

    it’s not a blog or from ehow, Wikipedia, etc.) You may choose from the list below: 1. Should cell phones be banned in schools? You will try to persuade people if schools should or shouldn’t allow cell phones. Websites 1. Schools Try to Draw the Line for Wired Kids

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  • Bis for Economic

    to 5 pages). It must include the following headings and include reference or footnotes on the sources: 1. Name of industry. Mobile phone industry 2. Short description of industry (describe product or service, stage of production, consumer of producer market, and other descriptive...

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  • Journal

    INDEPENDENT EXPERT GROUP ON MOBILE PHONES Mobile Phones and Health CHAIRMAN Sir William Stewart © Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones – 2000 Secretariat Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones c/o National Radiological Protection Board Chilton Didcot Oxon OX11 0RQ Foreword ...

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  • The Method of Scientific Investigation

    of induction and deduction in their everyday lives, and it’s very much true but we don’t notice it not one bit. For example; if you go and buy a cell phone you basically examine it and see it suits your lifestyle and liking, this is called induction, you were analyzing and tracing its logical elements...

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  • Synthesis paper

    I Know Your Twenty Cell phones have become the leading source of communication in the world. However, it is not just phone calls or e-mails anymore, someone might take down time to play angry birds or candy crush saga. If your cell phone is left on and completely unattended someone, knows your location...

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