• Women Entrepreneur
    CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 MEANING The classic definition of an Entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.” The word 'entrepreneur' is derived from the Old French word 'entreprendre' which was first used by t
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  • Role of Women Entrepreneur
    ROLE OF INDIAN WOMEN ENTREPENEUR IN NEW MILLENEIUM (CASE STUDY- LUDHIANA METRO CITY OF PUNJAB) Jagdeep Singh& Poonam Arora Lecturer, B.G.I.E.T &B.G.I.M.T., Sangrur INTRODUCTION: - “Women” as Entrepreneurs in India: “You can tell the condi
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  • Women Entrepreneur
    PERSPECTIVE STUDY ON WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR : SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE CHALLENGES FACED Technical Paper November 2011 | Abstract: Women are an emerging economic force that policymakers cannot afford to ignore. There are however a number of constraints to women owned businesses that need
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  • Women Entrepreneur
    Shodh, Samiksha aur Mulyankan (International Research Journal)—ISSN-0974-2832 Vol. II, Issue-9-10 (Oct.-Nov.-2009) 13 Women Entrepreneurship In India (Problems, Solutions & Future Prospects of Development) Research Paper—Commerce & Management Entrepreneurship Meaning:-The origin of the
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  • Opportunities for Women
    Running head: OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN Opportunities for Women Carolyn Lake HIS 204: American History Since 1865 Prof. Marisea Stanley August 20, 2012 OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN Women had it rough back in the 1800’s they were not treated fairly when it came to being
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  • Women Entrepreneur in Iran
    Women Entrepreneurship in Iran Mehrganrad,Mojdeh.M.A Faculty of Management and Economy Ferdowsi University Mashhad, Iran Mojdeh.Mehrgan@Gmail.com Abstract The only way to survive the volatile situation of today's economy is to utilize all the available resources and to enhance all the pre
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  • Women Entrepreneur
    Women entrepreneur Women entrepreneur is any women who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business. Qualities a women has to hold to become successful entrepreneur 1. Self Belief The first and probably the most important characteristic possessed by successful women entrepreneurs
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  • Women Entrepreneur
    WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN BANGLADESH: Women entrepreneurs constitute less than 10% of the total business entrepreneurs in Bangladesh whereas women in advanced market economies own more than 25% of all businesses. It is heartening to note that despite many barriers, a new women’s entrepreneur cla
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  • Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs
    Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs Ernst&Young Entrepreneur of the Year—Nationwide Recognized as one of the most prestigious business award programs in the country, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year awards celebrate the country’s most innovative business leaders. Nominate an...
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  • Equal Opportunities or Managing Diversity in Organisations Are These J
    Introduction Equal opportunities are very important in the modern workplace. Providing equal opportunities involves providing the same opportunities to all the employees and prospective employees regardless of their sex, age, disabilities, ethnic origins, sexual orientations etc. Equal opportunit
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  • Equal Opportunity in United States Armed Forces: Minorities and Women
    The American Military is widely viewed as a pioneer in bestowing equal opportunity for all of its uniformed members. I am going to study the Equal Opportunity in United States Armed Forces with a particular emphasis on Minorities and Women in the Military. The United States Armed Forces has the most
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  • Women in Leading Positions
    1. Introduction "The day will come when men will recognize women as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race." (http:
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  • Women and International Migration: a Cross-Cultural Analysis
    Women and International Migration: A Cross-cultural Analysis Statement of the Problem International migration is a global phenomenon. There is increasing international connectivity and flow of information, capital and people. Further, the liberalized immigration policies of some of the deve
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  • The More Liberated Women Get, the Fewer Children Couples Will Have
    The More Liberated Women get, the Fewer Children Couples will have: A Debate By: Ushna Khan Lodhi & Asra Zafar Khan SS 255A Population Studies Winter 2007-2008 Dr. Sarah Zaidi Abstract This paper seeks to justify the impact of women’s liberation and autonomy on decreasing fer
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  • Women Enterprenureship
    Paper Presentation Titled “Review and evaluation of potential Business Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs” Presented at National Seminar On Women Entrepreneurship - A Key to National Development Organized by Singareni Collieries Women’s Degree College, Kothagudem, Kham
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  • Workforce of Women
    Running Head: WORKFORCE OF WOMEN A Workforce of Women A Workforce of Women Diversity is more than just different nationalities or religions; it is different genders as well. Up until a few decades ago, women were treated with the same disrespect and detestation as any foreign immigrant
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  • Women Empowerment
    Education: A catalyst for women empowerment James A Ojob 93 REVIEW ARTICLE Education: A catalyst for Women Empowerment in Nigeria James A Ojobo* Abstract This paper examines the place of education as a catalyst for women empowerment in Nigeria. The paper, using primary and secondary
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  • Women in Saudi Arabia
    Introduction The topic of this paper will focus on the women in Saudi Arabia. This topic is not only interesting and timely; it shows that even the countries whose economy is highly developed, can still have problems within the country. Saudi Arabia may be a paradise and an attraction for many peop
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  • Gender and Career Opportunities in Gm
    General Motors Corporation Gender and career opportunities Abstract: Women represent about half of the workforce in many developed countries. However, when we look at the repartition for high positions and leader posts we can see that women are still underrepresented. We focused on the car indus
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  • Empowering Women
    EMPOWERING WOMEN SYNOPSIS 1) INTRODUCTION 2) The women who blazed the trail 3) Microscopic Minority 4) Sad Plight of Women 5) Empowerment is the only answer 6) What is empowerment 7) Women who proved well due to political empowerment 8) Political Empowerment at the National Level 9) Position in
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