• Reliance Communication
    A Project report On “Study on different plans of Reliance Net Connect and which is the best selling Plan” SESSION: 2009-2011 Guided by: - Submitted by:- Dr. Sachin Mittal Rohan Ahuja MBA-IIISemester (MM) CERTIFICATE OF FACULTY GUIDE
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  • Reliance Communication
    Market Competitiveness of Reliance Communications in Lucknow A Report on the Project SUBMITTED TOWARDS PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (Approved by AICTE,Govt. of India) (Equivalent to MBA) ACADEMIC SESSION (2007-2009) Faculty Guide:
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  • Distribution Network of Reliance Communication at Allahabad
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  • Reliance Communication
    reliance communication | Consumer behaviour | Term paper | | Abhimanyu(1pi11mba06) | 5/10/2012 | | 1. Introduction..............................................................................................................2 2. Ove
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  • Swot Analysis of Reliance Communication
    Shanzhai Home o About Us o Contact Us • News o News o Shanzhai Business o India Stories o Market Reports o China Buzz • Bandit Gadgets o Phones o Media Players o Notebooks & Netbooks o Diamonds in t
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  • Report on Telecom Services in Reliance
    Brief Study On “TELECOM SERVICES OF RELI NCE COMMUNICATION’’ PROJECT REPORT Submitted for Partial fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2007 – 2010) INTERNET INSTITUTE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION Kanchana Bihari Marg, Kalyanpur, LUCK
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  • Reliance Telecom
    A Brief Study On “TELECOM SERVICES OF RELIANCE COMMUNICATION’’ PROJECT REPORT Submitted for Partial fulfillment for The Award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration (2007-2009) INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & RESEARCH # 62B, ELECTRONIC CITY, PHASE-1, O
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  • Reliance Telecom Analysis
    Contents History of the Industry 3 Shift in Trend toward Mobile Telephony 3 Reasons for Growth in Mobile Subscriber Base 4 Segmenting the Indian Mobile Consumer Market 5 Key Success Factors 7 Government Policies 9 Industry Structure 11 Financial Performance and Analysis 15 SWOT Analysis 1
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  • Reliance Marketing Plan for Australia Part-1
    Executive Summary This report deals with the introduction of the Telecommunication giant in India Reliance communications, by giving a brief introduction about the company, its scope and its position in India. It also provides the financial strength of the company and the overall market position
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  • A Success Story of Reliance Infocomm in a Mature Market
    1. INTRODUCTION What kind of a company enters an industry with competitors already entrenched? Which ones actually succeed? The answer to both the questions is Reliance Infocomm now known as Reliance Communication. Reliance Infocomm is a confident and smart company that was able to enter a satura
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  • Relience Communication
    PROJECT REPORT AT RELIANCE COMMUNICATION BHOPAL A Project Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Industry Integrated)
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  • Analysis of Distribution Channel of Reliance Communications
    Table of contents | Chapter Name : Chapter No: | |Executive Summary 07
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  • Impact of 1 Paisa Plan on Telecom Sector
    A Study On The Impact of 1 paisa pulse on the Consumer Preference Project Done By: Sudarshan.D (09MBA017) Manikandan.A (09MBA028) Santosh Shankar (09MBA047) Table Of Contents: Serial No. | Title | Page No. | 1 | Introduction | 3 | 2 | Review Of Literature | 7 | 3 | Methodology | 8 |
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  • Consumer Behaviour of Reliance Users
    CONSUMER BEHAVIOR OF RELIANCE USERS Submitted by: Shubhangi Tripti Trishna 09BSHYD0931 Varuna 09BSHYD0963 Task 1: MOTIVATIONAL RESERCH A) Use the model of the motivation process to analyze how the ads of the chosen brand are motivating the
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  • Marketing Strategies of Telecom Sector
    Executive summary: We are in the era of entertainment through mobile handsets. Downloading a ring tone, watching your favourite movies of tracking cricket score, sending messages, doing internet and chating the list of activity that you can do using your cell phone is endless. To supplement stag
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  • Reliance at a Glanc
    1. TELECOM INDUSTRY [pic] The telephone subscriber base in India has crossed 200 million. The GSM has more than half of this subscriber base - that is 115.3 million. Total subscriber base (mobile and fixed) of CDMA (code division multiple access) mobile group is has already c
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  • Organizational Communication
    Applied Organizational Communication LEA’S COMMUNICATION SERIES Jennings Bryant/Dolf Zillmann, General Editors Selected titles in Organizational Communication (Linda Putnam, advisory editor) include: Cooren/Taylor/Van Every • Communication as Organizing: Empirical and Theoretical Explorat
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  • Effectiveness of Advertisement in Telecom Industry
    A PROJECT REPORT On A study on Effectiveness Of Advertisement in telecom industry Submitted to:- B.K.School of Business Management, Gujarat University, Ahmadabad Guided by:- Dr. Prateek Kanchan Submitted By: Sachin chokhawala (1912) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The satia
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  • Training Need Analysis at Reliance Communications
    CHAPTER – I INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION At the outset, the study has a focused approach on identifying the Training Needs (TN) of the employees in RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS. There are many methods in identifying the Training Needs of the employees. One such method is the assess
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  • Competative in Telecom
    www.final-yearprojects.co.cc | www.troubleshoot4free.com/fyp/ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Imran Siddique who has be en guiding force for my Project Report on “Customer Perception towards GSM services at Aligarh.” I am also very thankful to all of my t
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