• A Proposed Computerized Payroll System
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Introduction As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. The multi function ability of technology for its advance system i
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  • American Airlnes Sabre System
    American Airlines: SABRE Reservation System in Europe INTRODUCTION : • Presentation of the company American Airline inc. is a US-based airline and also the largest airline in the world in terms of total passengers-miles transported and passenger fleet size, and the second-largest airline co
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  • The Role of Modelling in Information System Development
    “Change in artificial systems (business systems, information systems etc) is inexorably linked to design. Discuss the role of modelling in the development and use of information systems for management decision making”. Change in artificial system The rapid changes in market such as electron
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  • System Security Threats
    Possible threats to Security Computer systems are vulnerable to many threats which can result in significant damage or loss of data such as natural disasters, a fire, loss can also stem from supposedly trusted employees defrauding the system and unauthorized access from an outside source. Threats
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  • Developing an Effective and Efficient Tax System in a Developing Economy - a Case Study of Ghana
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  • Payroll System
    Problem Statement The study specifically seeks to answer the following problems in manual payroll process: • Speed in processing payroll tends to be slow. • Prone to mathematical errors that could consume much time than it should and could cause financial or legal trouble. • Ta
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  • Payroll System Documentation
    DEVELOPMENT OF WEBSITE FOR JARO DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION 2-1 Chapter 2 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 2.1 Introduction Information System is processing of information received and transmitted to produce an efficient and effective process. One of the most typical information systems is the Transaction Pro
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  • Enrollment System
    The rapid growth of technology has contributed a lot to the continued progress of all classification of industry. However, the education sector today has seemed to be left behind in adapting the use of different methods to have a progress on their part. One of the main problems of a school, institu
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  • Enrollment System
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION The discovery of the computer was the great function of modernity for different application to make work easier, more capable, and more adaptable for the humanity. It has brought a new level of knowledge that became the new standar
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  • Hacking: Implications for Computerized Accounting Information System
    HACKING AND IMPLICATIONS FOR COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM Introduction Along with the growth of computerized accounting information system (CAIS), the threats to the security of these systems have also grown. One such threat is hacking. In the recent years hacking has become a se
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  • Accounting Information System
    A. FOREWORD On current term where technology and system is information has wented places that so quick, have revamped each'''s transaction processing finance transactions of earlier one manual to process computerised one. This causes a lot of entitas carries on business to have gets to confor
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  • Quality Issues in System Development
    Quality Issues In System Development The period between the 1970's and 1980's was a time of great advancement in computer hardware technology which took an industry still in it's infancy, to a level of much sophistication and which ultimately revelutionised the information storage and process
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  • Accounting System Controls
    Accounting System Controls In accounting systems, certain controls are needed to ensure that employees are doing their jobs properly and ensure that the system runs properly. These checks are in the best interest of the organization. These controls come in the form of internal and external c
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  • Information System
    1. Introduction It is generally accepted that information is a vital commodity for the successful operation of today's organizations. Nowadays modern business organizations are using computerized information systems in order to obtain such information. However as the technology advances rapidly t
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  • Bank Accounting Information System and Electronic Banking
    Introduction Information technology has had as much impact on our society as the industrial revolution. In the information age, companies are finding that success or failure is increasingly dependent on their management and use of information. Therefore, companies need a good information system th
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  • Why Do Companies Spend Money on Computerized Systems?
    Starting in the late Twentieth Century, many companies started using computerized systems. Most of these companies started using these systems to save time and reduce costs. Even though these computerized systems are rather expensive, in the long run they saved companies money. The companies saved
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  • A Computerized World: Important Role in This Modern Society
    COMPUTERS A Computerized World Computers play an important role in this modern society. All people around the world are forced the "computer age" nowadays. Since the first computer was made in the late 1950s, which I heard that was came from the Chinese Abacus, the technology has developed ext
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  • Computerized Manufacturing
    Jennifer Pickle Computerized Manufacturing Systems Professor: Packey Laverty October 8, 1999 CI/366-Pittsburgh Historical manufacturing and accounting management systems did not provide data for effective development of a production schedule or supply chain management. (6) Compani
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  • Cybercrime on Computerized Systems
    Cybercrime on Computerized Systems This situation involves a large bank that has recently installed a new software system for handling all transactions and account storage. An employee at the company developing the software programmed a "back door" into the system, and got another employee to unk
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  • Gis System
    Abstract The author was recently asked to make a presentation on the use of geographic information systems, commonly referred to as GIS, to a local chapter of the Appraisal Institute. The purpose was to show how an appraiser or appraisal reviewer could use GIS to find cases of white collar real est
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