• Tlr a commentary about taxation and land reform quoted from an internet article to give a view of carp.
    Big Story There isn't a Biggest Story for Today, yet. | | | | | |BAGUIO : CARP EXTENSION TO BENEFIT 60,000 FARMERS IN CAR | |
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  • Agrarian
    AGRARIAN REFORM Meaning of land reform: REFORM- implies the existence of a defect that something is deform or malformed and those not suit existing condition. LAND REFORM- refers to the full range of measures that may or should be taken to improve or remedy the defects in the relatio
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  • Hacienda luisita and land reform
    Land reform is linked to social justice. When Spain colonized the Philippines by force beginning 1521, its land was already claimed by the conquistadors in the name of Spain. The natives who were already tilling the land were put under Spanish landlords, who were given royal grant to “own” the
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  • Philippine political parties, electoral system and political reform
    Philippine Political Parties, Electoral System and Political Reform The most important characteristic of Philippine political parties is that they are parties of the elite. In some senses, parties anywhere in the world are elite formations whether one defines elite in functional terms as those who
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  • Carp and carper law
    More than 18 years ago, in June 1988 President Corazon Aquino signed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law and thus laid the foundation for the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. The law was passed after nearly a year of heated discussions in Congress. It was passed after t
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  • Philippine land reform
    The National Campaign for Land Reform in the Philippines Saturnino M. Borras Jr. Halifax, Canada Jennifer C. Franco Amsterdam, The Netherlands Web Version September, 2007 http://www.ids.ac.uk/ids/Part/proj/pnp.html [pic] This paper was
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  • Law reform
    Part A. 1. Conditions that give rise to law reform Changing social values: The values of societies change over time. Society is forever changing values which then place’s pressure onto the law to change and adapt over time. What is seen as as acceptable may not be considered acceptable at anoth
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  • Labor law 2
    LABOR LAW 2 A2010 - 235 (The CASE UNDER CIVIL REMEDIES) NUEVA ECIJA I ELECTRIC COOP, INC., (NEECO I) EMPLOYEES ASSO. V NLRC 323 SCRA 86 QUISUMBING; January 24, 2000 FACTS -Petitioners Reynaldo Fajardo, Ernesto Marin, Ever Guevarra, Petronilo Baguisa, Victorino Carillo, and Erdie Javate were per
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  • Law 4
    BOOK FOUR HEALTH, SAFETY AND SOCIAL WELFARE BENEFITS Title I MEDICAL, DENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY Chapter I MEDICAL AND DENTAL SERVICES ARTICLE 156. First-aid treatment. – Every employer shall keep in his establishment such first-aid medicines and equipment as the nature and conditions of
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  • Comprehensive analysis of rice production
    Comprehensive Analysis of the Philippine Rice production in the past seventeen years Table of Contents Abstract......................................................................................................................... Introduction..............................................
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  • Reform
    When President Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty more than 30 year ago, he announced it was an investment that would repay its cost to society many times over. 1 Since that time, the United States has "invested" nearly $7 trillion in programs that provide cash, food, housing, and medical an
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  • Illigal imagration/ reform
    The current immigration law in the United States is an adaptation of laws developed in the 1920’s. These laws set limits on the number of immigrants coming in to the U.S. from specific countries. The current level of immigrants allowed in is 700,000 a year, but with illegal immigration almost doub
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  • Immigration reform
    Illegal Immigrants Deserve a Humane and Fair Immigration Law Which Would regulate Their Status There is an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. They are working jobs that need to be done, that someone has to do and that many of us would never take. They are still
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  • Research proposal: hispanic and immigration reform
    Research Proposal: Hispanics and Immigration Reform Jose M. Peralta American Military University Introduction Inscribed on a bronze plaque of the Statue of Liberty is the poem The New Colossus by Ezra Lazarus. In the poem the poet states “…Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masse
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  • Immigration reform
    Immigration is a very serious issue that is currently facing the United States of America. People are currently crossing our borders without any documentation. These illegal aliens then become a drain on society, benefiting from our government programs without contributing to the tax base. Another d
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  • Arizona's immigration law
    On the weekends I read the article on CNN website about Arizona's immigration law which was controversial and was called as a "cry of frustration" by state and local officials who need comprehensive federal immigration reform. The new Arizona law requires immigrants to carry their alien registration
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  • Law reviewer
    CIVIL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES (RA 386, as amended) Aug. 30, 1950 PRELIMINARIES PERIOD with respect to publication (Art.2) Q: When do laws take effect? A: GR: Laws shall take effect after 15 days following the completion of its publication. XPN: unless otherwise provided (period is spec
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  • Immigration reform
    In terms of employers who willingly hire illegal immigrants, I would more aggressively go after them. While the Government has always been laws prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants, these laws have not been consistently enforced. Those employers who were prosecuted were given a modest fine t
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  • Tort law
    3000 TORT LAW Abstract This chapter gives a general overview of the economic literature on tort law. It discusses the legal definitions of tort law, the development of tort law, the fundamental economic rationale of tort law and the scope of tort liability. A brief overview of the main topics of
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  • Internet privacy law: a comparison between the united states and the european union
    David L. Baumer1, Julia B. Earp2 and J.C. Poindexter3 College of Management, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7229 1David_Baumer@ncsu.edu 2Julia_Earp@ncsu.edu 3JC_Poindexter@ncsu.edu Internet Privacy Law: A Comparison between the United States and the European Union A
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