• Digital bangladesh
    Digital Bangladesh “Digital Bangladesh” and “Vision 2021” are catch phrases in Bangladesh these days. The buzzwords are no longer confined to the lexicon of information and communication technology (ICT) enthusiasts, but have entered the vocabulary of the educated section of the populatio
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  • Digital bangladesh
    For immediate release – 19 May 2009 Bangladesh: Government’s Vision for Digital Bangladesh Must Include Community Radios As part of its vision for Digital Bangladesh, the Government of Bangladesh has committed to issuing licenses for community radio stations. Yeafesh Osman, Minister for Scie
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  • |Digital bangladesh
    |Digital Bangladesh | | | | |The use of information and communication technology has been playing a vital role in the 21st century due to globalization and the | |government is encouraged to adapting with the coming future. The democratic government has declared the “Vision 2021”
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  • Digital bangladesh: prospect or mere dream
    An Assignment on Digital Divide and The Probability of Digital Bangladesh with reference to Education Submitted To Md. Saiful Islam Associate Professor Chairman, Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Submitted by Md. Toufiqur Rahman BBA (hon’s) 8th Semester Roll Numbe
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  • Introduction with digital bangladesh
    Dhaka, Bangladesh Author's name:  Access to Information Programme Prime Minister's Office Digital Bangladesh Concept Note Access to Information Programme Prime Minister’s Office 5/11/2009 DIGITAL BANGLADESH BA C K GR O U N D Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are recogni
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  • Digital bangladesh
    DIGITAL BANGLADESH Bangladesh is resounding with the target of achieving digital Bangladesh. Broadly speaking, a digital society ensures an Information and communication Technology (ICT) driven knowledge-based where information will be readily available on line and where all possible tasks of the
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  • Towards a digital bangladesh
    BANGLADESH Bank (BB) has adopted advanced ICT to be digitised in all spheres of its functions including monetary policy, banking supervision and internal management. BB has already introduced e-commerce, e-banking, automated clearing house etc.; a historic move towards achieving higher productivity
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  • Digital bangladesh
    Digital Bangladesh: A Prime ministers dream Vs Understanding the Present Prof. Syed Ahsanul Alam,Chairman-Center for good governance University of Chittagong Ironical to note that the term "Digital Bangladesh" still remains as a misunderstood concept to many. Due to the strong desire of Prime Mi
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  • Digital bangladesh problems and prospects
    Introduction: "Digital Bangladesh" is currently the most commonly used words in politics, media, among the intellectuals and the civil societies. The world is becoming a Digital Planet. Almost every state is running to become a knowledge-based society by 2015. Bangladesh cannot remain out of it. We
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  • Digital bangladesh
    DIGITAL BANGLADESH Bangladesh is resounding with the target of achieving digital Bangladesh. Broadly speaking, a digital society ensures an ICT driven knowledge-based society where information will be readily available on-line and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government and priv
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  • Digital bangladesh
    Executive Summary The current government’s Digital Bangladesh by 2021 vision proposes to mainstream ICTs as a pro-poor tool to eradicate poverty, establish good governance, ensure social equity through quality education, healthcare and law enforcement for all, and prepare the people for climate c
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  • Digital bangladesh
    Let us now explore the buzzword digital Bangladesh. What does it really mean? Making digital Bangladesh means use of digital gadgets and technology in all possible fields. To materialize 'Digital Bangladesh' may be a risky game. It has already mentioned that the government would need huge money.
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  • Digital bangladesh
    Digital Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh means a computerised Bangladesh which is yet to be fully for Bangladesh or any other country going digital is no lunury but a necessity in the 21st century. Realing this fact our admistration under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken
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  • Digital bangladesh
    ‘Digital Bangladesh’ means digitalizing Bangladesh by ensuring an ICT based society where information will be available on the line and where all possible activities of the government and other non-government or semi-government organizations will be performed using digital technology. Making a d
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  • Digital bangladesh
    Effective Digital Bangladesh: concepts, values perspectives of Third world We all love our country Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi, we have different perception, religious beliefs, and contingency of thoughts, available information and correcting response of emerging issues, which are affecting our
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  • Digital bangladesh
    Bangladesh is a developing country. She achieved independence 42 years ago but still she depends on foreign helps regarding many issues. She is trapped in a lot of problems such as poverty, over population, unemployment, corruption, health hazard, food and accommodation crisis, illiteracy etc. But,
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    ‘Digital Bangladesh’ is a recent but significant term added to the development strategy of the country. It is an ambitious concept adopted by the biggest political party, the Awami League, in their election manifesto for the last national parliamentary election in 2008.The present...
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  • “Telenor & its operation as grameenphone in bangladesh’’ by: abhijit bhattacharjee, bba 18th batch, metropolitan university.
    Executive Summary: The telecom industry has been one of the overwhelming success stories of the Bangladesh economy over the past decade with mobile subscriber growth exceeding all expectations. The industry grew at such an incredible rate in just a decade that anyone could hardly imagine. Now there
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  • Performance of merchant banking in bangladesh
    1. Introduction 1.1 Origin The preparation of this report is a requirement of the course on “Management of Financial Institutions”, M. Jahangir Alam Chowdhury, Professor of Finance Department at Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, who is also the course instructor has assigne
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  • Problems and prospects of poultry industry in bangladesh
    1 Problems and Prospects of Poultry Industry in Bangladesh: An Analysis Muhammad Mahboob Ali * Md. Moulude Hossain** - Abstract: The poultry industry has been successfully becoming a leading industry of Bangladesh. The primary objective of the study is to identify the various aspect relating th
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