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Compare Ralph And Jack

main characters are Ralph, the protagonist and Jack, the antagonist. Ralph and Jack both have different qualities and beliefs that define each of them completely and at times make them both alike in many ways. They both represent what we are and what they were, Civilized and Savage. Ralph and Jack begin the novel with similar beliefs, both wanting to implement rules. “I agree with Ralph. We’ve got to have rules and obey them.” But then the wanting of power from Jack comes to- Ralph says that they out...

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Lord of the Flies: Ralph vs. Jack

rules and order in the island. a) In chapter 8, Ralph steps up to the chaos that was going on in the meeting and complain that he is the chief. He is the one who always calls assemblies and meetings: "All this talk! Talk, talk! Who wanted it? Who called the meeting?" Usually, in situation of survival such as this one, people yearn for power. When someone becomes a leader, after a certain time, they start to aspire and look for more. Nevertheless, Ralph wishes to call an assembly every week. He does...

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Lord of the Flies. Ralph and Jack

Lord of the flies What happened between Jack and Ralph? What is friendship? How does one truly begin a friendship and how does a friendship end? In William Golding’s book “Lord of the flies” he describes this. He shows how jealousy and power affects a relationship. Jack and Ralphs starts liking each other in the beginning, yet as the story unfolds it is easy to se that there is not a single drop of friendship left. When Jack and Ralph first met, they were forced by the situation to like...

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Compare the Relationship Between Ralph and Jack Throughout ‘Lord of the Flies’

boys, the survivors of a plane crash, who find themselves isolated on a desert island, waiting to be rescued. Ralph is first introduced as “The boy with the fair hair” who looks up to his father. Ralph starts off as a rational character and attempts to maintain his rationality throughout the novel. This sense of rationality is expressed at a point in the beginning of the novel when Ralph says “Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things” and expresses his rational approach to how the boys...

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Lord of the Flies: Jack and Ralph Comparison

Jack made a rush and stabbed at Ralph’s chest with his spear. Ralph sensed the position of the weapon from the glimpse he caught of Jack’s arm and put the thrust aside with his own butt. Then he brought the end round and caught Jack a stinger across the ear. The were chest to chest, breathing fiercely, pushing and glaring.”(196). Two strong types of leadership can lead to devastating outcomes. This is shown in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Ralph and Jack have two very different types of leadership...

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Ralph, Jack, Piggy -Lord of the Flies

Ralph, Jack and Piggy, the three main characters in the Lord of the flies encounter with each of their different personalities. Despite their similar ages, they take distinct reaction towards their situation because of their different growing environment. In this isolated and uncivilized island especially with no grown-ups, the development of their characteristics varies in different directions. When the events burst out one by one in chapter one to three, we can discover the contrast between Ralph...

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Lord of the Flies - Comparison of Ralph and Jack

Comparison of Ralph and Jack In a group, there are always people who come out with better qualities as a leader than others. The strongest people however become the greater influences that others decide to follow. Sometimes though, the strongest person is not the best choice. In "Lord of the Flies," Ralph, though not a strong person, demonstrates a better understanding of people giving himself better leadership qualities than Jack. Through the book, it is shown that Jack thinks he is better...

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Lord of the Flies, Comparison of Ralph and Jack

In William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies Ralph though not the stronger person, demonstrates a better understanding of people which gives Ralph better leadership qualities than Jack.<br><br>Ralph displays useful human qualities as a leader by working towards the betterment of the boys' society. He knows that in order to stay civilized the boys need stability and order. He creates rules and a simple form of government to achieve this order. Ralph understands that the boys, particularly Piggy,...

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Character Sketch of Ralph and Jack Lord of the Flies

Character Sketch: Ralph   In the novel “Lord of the flies” by William Golding the main conflict is between ‘civilization’ and ‘savagery’. Therefore the character Ralph is another significant example, because he represents the human instinct. ` Ralph is a twelve-year-old English boy and the novel’s protagonist. He is the first character the reader gets to know. He blew the conch shell to ‘call’ the other boys who stranded on the island. That shows his human instinct to get a situation under...

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Compare and Contrast Golding's Presentation of Simon and Jack in the Opening Five Chapters of the Novel

Compare and contrast Golding’s presentation of Simon and Jack in the opening five chapters of the novel In the opening five chapters of the story, Golding presents Simon and Jack as two very different characters. Simon is a quiet and selfless character across these chapters, whereas Jack is a loud, imperative character. They have quite contrasting roles in these chapters and are compared in very few ways. In chapter 1 of ‘Lord of the Flies’, Golding presents jack as a dictator figure, as when...

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Jack vs Ralph

the temperature of the water. Whatever heat gained by the water was lost by the burning food. This allows us to find energy content of common snack foods in our everyday lives. Purpose: To determine the energy content in various snack foods, and compare results to the manufacturer’s data. Materials: Balance Assorted snack foods: (pecans, Cheetos, Fritos, Cheez-it, marshmallow, potato chip,Popcorn.) Weigh boats Cork stoppers Wire paper clips Empty soda can Tap water Graduated cylinder...

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conflict between the character Jack and Ralph in Goldings " Lord of the Flies"

Throughout William Goldings novel Lord of The Flies there is an ever present conflict between two characters. Ralph's character combines common sense with a strong desire for civilized life. Jack, however, is an antagonist with savage instincts which he cannot control. Ralph's goals to achieve a team unit with organization are destroyed by Jack's actions and words that are openly displayed to the boys. The two leaders try to convince the boys that their way of survival is correct. They continue...

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Hunting and Ralph

things?’ because he sees how Jack and Ralph have control over the other boys and he wants the same thing. 3. Masks are powerful objects because mask can not only hide you face but also your true identity. Jack shows this by painting his face and behind it he is evil and sadistic which he shows through the tribal dance. He feels powerful and liberated like he can do anything he wants while not thinking about more important things. (quote를 못찾겠서요) 4. He scolds Jack for hunting while he should have...

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Presentation Of Tybalt And Jack

Compare the presentation of Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet and Jack in the Lord of the Flies Shakespeare presents Tybalt to be a very stubborn character. Tybalt says, “Fetch me my rapier, boy.” This quote shows the Tybalt is demanding someone to give him his sword. The word ‘fetch’ is an imperative so Tybalt is commanding someone lower than him to do something. Also, it shows that he is relating the person in question to a dog because a dog would normally fetch something for it leader. Furthermore...

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ralph lotf

Ralph Ralph -  The novel’s protagonist, the twelve-year-old English boy who is elected leader of the group of boys marooned on the island. Ralph attempts to coordinate the boys’ efforts to build a miniature civilization on the island until they can be rescued. Ralph represents human beings’ civilizing instinct, as opposed to the savage instinct that Jack embodies. LEADERSHIP: The process in which one person can rely on and organise a group of people in order to accomplish a common task.  He...

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Ralph and Jack Lord of the Flies

Throughout the novel we see that Ralph and Jack share similar qualities, but there is a great difference in the way they use these attributes to benefit both themselves and others. Ralph uses his power to create a democracy, where each person has the right to voice his opinions and ideas. “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he’s speaking and he won’t be interrupted.” The conch becomes a symbol of the right of a speaker to a fair hearing. While Jack uses his authority to produce...

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Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies

Jack and Ralph In “The Lord of the Flies” William Golding presents many ways that Jack and Ralph contrast. Throughout the story Jack and Ralph have ideas and actions that do not go well together. As chief Jack and Ralph are two very different characters. Ralph represents ego, by focusing on reality and making smart decisions. Jack represents id, with a personality that focuses on power to receive satisfaction. Jack wants to control everything and everyone, but Ralph considers himself...

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How Does Golding Show Conflict Between Ralph, Jack & Piggy in Chapters 1&2 in Lord of the Flies?

tension between Ralph and Piggy for a number of reasons. Ralph straightaway thinks of himself as superior to Piggy because he is physically more attractive and athletic then Piggy. While Jack is described as a ‘fair boy’ a stereotypical sign of goodness and pureness who ‘might make a boxer as far as width and heaviness of shoulders went’ and with ‘size and attractive appearance’ that ‘marked him out’. Piggy on the other hand is ‘plump,’ ‘shorter than the fair boy and very fat’. Ralph also mocks piggy...

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Leadership: Jack vs Ralph

Leadership: Ralph vs Jack Ralph is a democratic leader. He thinks situations through before he acts and his decisions are of such a kind that everyone benefits. Ralph has a calm way about him which causes an automatic feeling of respect towards him. He is compassionate, especially towards Piggy, for example when Jack and Simon ignored Piggy, Jack was the one to talk to Piggy and to make him feel a bit better about himself. He has a natural talent for sensing what people are good at and gives them...

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Jack and Ralph: Political Rivals

the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, it can also be said that there are two political parties: the followers of Jack and the followers of Ralph. Jack and Ralph can be seen as representatives of opposing political forces because of their frequent arguments on who is the better leader, the bitter rivalry between them, and the ultimate division of the tribe. Jack and Ralph have different ideas of how the tribe should function. This ultimately leads to arguments between them. But I shall! Next...

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Compare the Ways in Which Piggy and Simon Attempt to Prevent the Boys from Descending Into Savagery.

Compare the ways in which Piggy and Simon attempt to prevent the boys from descending into savagery. The Lord of the Flies shows a group of boys who end up in a plane crash, and get stuck on a deserted island for weeks. Here, we find different types of boys, ones that are good, and like to do the right thing; others will mess around, and try and mislead others into their bad doings. However, through the novel, the two major characters of the book, Ralph and Jack fight for leadership and as Ralph...

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Jack in LOTF character development

At the beginning of the novel Jack is a boy with principles. When we first met him in the novel, he led the choir boys. They were not allowed to take off their clothes and they must walk in two parallel rows. This shows Jack’s commitment to civilization and morality is strong. However, his character changes at the later parts of the novel as he upholds savagery. Also, the more the rules differ from the island reality, the more cruel and ruthless a person Jack turns out to be which contributed to...

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Jack - Expository Paragraph

Jack: Expository Paragraph In William Golding's novel, ' The Lord of the Flies', the author places the character Jack with the role symbolic of a totalitarian figure whose ambitious lust for power corrupts the society of the island with elements of unbridled savagery, and exploits the defects of human nature for his own desires. To begin, Golding grants Jack with vices of greed and wrath to immorally attain his goals for power, symbolizing the avarice that Man as a whole...

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Okonkwo and Jack as Father Figures and their Desire for Power

rashness, but also their fear of weakness. Jack of Lord of the Flies and Okonkwo from Things Fall Apart possess the ability and power to benefit others, yet their lack of humanity leads to the refusal to analyze situations sensibly, incapability of showing consideration, and constant use of excessive force. A desire for power leads to corruption and pushes Jack and Okonkwo to savage and overbearing behavior towards those who see them as father figures. Jack Merridew, one of the leaders on an island...

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Lord of the Flies- Persecuting Jack

will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the defendant, Jack Merridew, is guilty of two counts of murder. We will show that Mr. Merridew was fully responsible for the deaths of Simon and Piggy when the boys were stranded on an island without adult supervision. We will show that Jack quickly became a sadistic savage who believed that the rules and laws of civilization did not apply to him. He constantly fought against and disobeyed Ralph who was the democratically elected leader of the boys. He...

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Lord of the Flies: Ralph and Jack Contrast Essay

adults. It is extremely shocking how they organize their new society, how they treat each other and what results their actions bring. Two main characters, Ralph and Jake, at the beginning of the story become leaders, however their leadership ideas are entirely different. These boys have less in common than in distinction, but I will try to compare them in the light of similarities as well as differences. The first thing similar is that, when they start to be aware of the fact that they are on...

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Compare Ralph and Jack’s Actions and Feelings in This Extract.

Compare Ralph and Jack’s actions and feelings in this extract. This extract is taken from the part when Ralph and Jack are leading the investigation to find out what is on top of the mountain and it follows the unsuccessful hunt when Ralph nearly stabbed a pig. The boys re-enact the hunt with Robert as the pig. At first Ralph sees this as a game as he “entered into the play” whereas the other boys, led by Jack, soon become carried away inflicting “real pain” on Robert. Golding calls the event...

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Lord of the Flies - a Character Study of Ralph

This essay is a character study of Ralph, who is one of the main characters in William Golding's ‘Lord of the Flies'. I have chosen to analyse Ralph's character, as it is the character with which I feel that I can relate most closely. Ralph is probably the novel's main character. This essay will include my identification of the major aspects of Ralph's character and how he symbolises different themes, which are portrayed in the novel. I will cover in this what Ralph contributes to the plot of the novel...

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Lord Of the Flies - Jack

English essay What we learn from the presentation of Jack in Lord of the Flies This novel is about a group of school boys who get trapped on an island. This novel is an allegory, this means that behind this story there is a moral to be learnt, or a hidden meaning. The author tells us that a so called “paradise island” can really be hell. Jack, a key character in the story, has a role in Lord Of The Flies, as the oldest one and the one who likes to be in charge. At the beginning he has a choir...

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Lord of the Flies- Leadership Analysis on Ralph

the group in mind. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph demonstrates many traits that would be considered good leadership. At times he also lacks them, and if he had demonstrated them he could have helped the situation greatly. Ralph understands how people feel and has the ability to respect that and make decisions based off of people’s feelings. He also has the ability to be very serious, which is a good leadership trait if you want to accomplish something. Ralph was also very wise and always made the...

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Lord of the Flies: Ralph

most was Ralph, who was the novels protagonist. The twelve year old English boy, who was elected leader of the boys in the beginning of the novel, is the primary representative of order, civilization, and productive leadership in the novel. Ralph attempts to organize the boys’ efforts to build a miniature civilization on the island until they can be rescued. Ralph represents human beings' civilizing instinct, as opposed to the savage instinct that Jack represents. The very first time Ralph is introduced...

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Ralph (Lord of the Flies)

Ralph. Ralph is a boy who represents leadership in the book. Ralph's capacity for leadership is evident from the very beginning (he is the only elected leader of the boys). During the crisis caused by the sight of the dead paratrooper on the mountain, Ralph is able to proceed with both sense and caution. He works vigilantly to keep the group's focus on the hope for rescue. When the time comes to investigate the castle rock, Ralph takes the lead alone, despite his fear of the so-called beast. Even...

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Scissor Jack

vehicles. Compare and contrast the two devices, explain their advantages and disadvantages. Your report will include; • a photograph and sketch of each lifting device and the lifting capacity, • a comparison on the 2 different methods of application, • a table examining each part of one device;- manufacturing method, material used • the calculated mechanical advantage and velocity ratio of one device • A scaled sectioned assembly drawing of the main screw bolt and nut of a car jack. You must...

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William Goulding's "Lord of the Flies" as an Allegory. Provides analysis for symbolism and the allegories of Piggy, Ralph, Jack, the Lord of the Flies, and fire.

or moral principals in the form of symbolic characters, events, or objects. "The theme is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature" (Golding 204). The novel begins as our protagonist wanders along the beach. Ralph represents leadership, order, and civilization for the island. He uses his power for the good of the people, especially to protect the "littluns." The littluns represent the people ruled by a government. In their case, the "bigguns" (the older boys)...

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Lord of the Flies: Piggy, Ralph, Jack

are compared to the psychological teachings of Freud. The book shows examples of this psyche in the characters Jack, Piggy and Ralph and how they change during their time on the island. <br> <br>Towards the end of the eighth chapter it became very apparent that Piggy and Jack both had two very different ideas on how they would survive. Jack thinks that hunting and having fun is key, Jack is more worried with instant gratification and doesn't worry about what will happen off the island he worries about...

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Golding's "Lord of the Flies", emphasizes in the character Jack Merridew

Flies by William Golding, Jack Merridew, chief of the hunters, represents the hidden human passion and animal cruelty. The name Jack comes from Hebrew and means 'one who supplants,' one who takes over by force. This is how Jack gains and uses power. While Ralph (his rival for the island), with Piggy and a few other children, in contrast, represents 'civilization' and common sense. The name Ralph, is originally from the Anglo-Saxon language, meaning 'counsel.' That is how Ralph works, he is an embodiment...

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Lord of the Flies: Why Ralph Is a Good Leader

own method of leading, and serve different purposes. The elected and democratic leader is Ralph, the self-appointed leader who tries to run a totalitarianist society is Jack Merridew, and the logical leader who tries to lead with his common sense and knowledge is Piggy. In the beginning they work towards common goals, but eventually their different views on how to lead the group lead them into conflict. Ralph is amongst the first few characters mentioned in the story and he quickly takes the role...

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Lord of the Flies Ralph and Piggy's Glasses Symbolism

use of symbolism is obvious throughout the entire novel. The character that stood out the most in the novel was Ralph, who was excellently developed by Golding as a leader. Golding made Ralph in to a round character by using heavy descriptions of him that almost made the reader think as if he or she actually knew Ralph by the end of the story. Golding’s very first introduction of Ralph into the novel the reader could already see his sense of observation even in the first sentence that he says: "This...

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 (Desiree) EAP Compare and contrast essay, Week 10 (28-31 July 2014) Compare learning English in Mexico to learning English in Australia. Paragraph 1: Introduction What do you think about learn English in your country compared to learn in Australia? Is a question that everyone ask when choosing where study English. The class structure, teachers and the environment outside class are 3 areas that relate to studying at home or overseas. All has an important influence when studying English...

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Read the Passages in Chapter 3 Where Jack and Simon Are Each in the Forest. How Does the Language Convey Their Contrasting Character and Roles in the Novel?

language chosen to describe them and their actions. A good example of this is Jack, described in the forest at the beginning of Chapter three, and Simon, described also in the forest, at the end of Chapter three. Jack is a prominent character with an unpleasant personality. His authority is expressed by his leadership of the choir who are now his hunters, and his will to be called by his surname at the boys' first meeting. Jack loves ordering people around and constantly attempts to weaken others, with...

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Comparing Jack and Macbeth

Comparing Jack and Macbeth Jack is an authoritative boy whose leadership attributes was used to manipulate the others rather than provide order. He wants complete control, by using his superiority and savage-like ways. When the tribe was created, it works out of fear, but it is this tribe that prevails. When Jack can no longer control his urge for leadership, the tribe is created, which has a negative influence on all the boys. Through this character, Golding shows how the evil side of society prospers...

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'Lord of the Flies" by William Golding: Should Ralph be weeping for Piggy or Simon?

Should Ralph be weeping for Piggy or Simon? At the end William Golding?s Lord of the Flies, Golding describes Ralph weeping for Simon?s death. I disagree with Golding?s view because I think that Ralph should be weeping for both Piggy and Simon since they are both equally good friends to him and society loses very much with each one?s death. On the friendship level, Ralph should be weeping for Simon for several reasons. First of all, Ralph was actually involved in Simon?s death when he and the others...

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1 Compare, contrast and evaluate the contribution made by Solomon Asch and Muzafer Sherif to our understanding of conformity. Conformity is one’s tendency to tweak his own perception, opinions or behaviour in ways that are consistent with group norms which are patterns of action which people feel compelled to subscribe to because they appear to be appropriate, moral or ethical (Kassin et al, 2014). Muzafer Sherif and Solomon Asch conducted two classic studies that dramatically contributed to...

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Ralph and Jack’s Conflict between Good and Evil in Lord of the Flies

Ralph and Jack’s Conflict between Good and Evil in Lord of the Flies Over the ages, human behavior has shown that purity of thought leads to a similar action and ultimately to an outcome that is consistent with the original thought. Conversely, the history of man is tainted with his inherent lust for power and greed causing great conflict. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the author contrasts the moral thoughts and deeds of his flawed hero Ralph to the self gratifying motives and actions...

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Lord of the Flies - Characters: Ralph, Jack, Piggy

characters of Ralph, Piggy and Jack so far. At the beginning of the novel Ralph, Piggy and Jack are all lost children who fear being alone. The concept of no adults about seems to be both a cause of fear and relief among them. The absence of adults seems to promise freedom causing them to realise that they are now responsible for themselves and each other. Everything appears to be going well, however as the book progresses we see how each character changes, for the better and for the worst. Ralph Ralph...

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are many online stores and sites that can be used to look for products as well as buy them using your credit card. You do not need to leave your house and can do all your shopping from the convenience of your home. There are websites that users can compare prices from different website or retailers. Internet helps users make the right decision in the blink of an eye. Despites the advantages, Internet also has it down side. The three main disadvantages of Internet are: identity theft, virus threat...

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Quotations Describing Ralph from "Lord of the Flies".

Except by me." (pg. 31) - This quotation proves a lot about Ralph and his character. It proves that Ralph demands a lot from everybody trapped on the island, the demands order and respect for other people. It shows his democratic view upon handling many situations or problems that occur on the island. Ralph is willing to listen to suggestions, ideas, or opinions from everybody trapped on the island as long as they have the conch, Ralph will listen to everyone and respect them as long as they are...

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Explore Golding's presentation of Jack in 'Lord of the Flies'

 'Explore Golding's presentation of Jack in 'Lord of the Flies' and their significance in the text as a whole' In this essay I will be looking at how Golding presents the character of Jack. Written after the chaos of the second world war, Golding uses Jack as a way to portray evil in the novel and he has many similarities to powerful world war 2 dictators. Concentrating on how Jack changes throughout the novel as the boys descend into savagery, specifically looking at the beginning, middle...

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How does Golding introduce Piggy, Jack and Ralph?

Piggy, Jack and Ralph? Golding introduces Piggy as an intelligent and more matured boy: "Nobody don't know we're here - We may stay here till we die" Piggy, unlike Ralph, is more aware of the situation and is focusing on the importance of no adults on the island. Piggy is shown looking on the logical, mature side of the situation whereas Ralph, much like most of the other boys they meet later, are excited about living with no rules and no adults. As Piggy therefore seems more mature than Ralph, who...

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Jack Kevorkian or Jack the Ripper

Jack Kevorkian or Jack the Ripper? The ending of one’s life, terminally ill or not, should not be done purposely by another man’s hands. If such procedures were considered acceptable, every ill person with no will to continue living would try to find ailments that deem assisted suicide. Jack Kevorkian, also known as “Dr. Death,” was a lifelong activist for physician-assisted suicide. Kevorkian was said to have assisted in 130 suicides of terminally ill patients during his life and is looked...

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Compare the Ways H.G. Wells in the Island of Dr Moreau and William Golding in Lord of the Flies Examine the Struggle Between Civilisation and Savagery in an Isolated Setting.

Compare the ways H.G. Wells in The Island of Dr Moreau and William Golding in Lord of the Flies examine the struggle between civilisation and savagery in an isolated setting. H.G. Wells and William Golding diversely explore the struggle between civilisation and savagery in an isolated setting, through their novels: The Island of Doctor Moreau and Lord of the Flies. Both texts feature an untainted island location, where characters' morality and humanity is challenged by fear and lack of order. Wells...

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Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren: An American Icon Ralph Lauren: An American Icon Ralph Lauren is an American icon in the fashion industry, not only is he very successful as a designer; he is a successful business owner. Ralph Lauren runs a global distribution network ranging from high-end retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue to discount retailers such as TJ Maxx. Ralph Lauren Corporation is a leader in advertising, distribution, and design of American apparel, as well as products in many different...

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren has become the epitome of classic fashion. Ralph Lauren (born Ralph Lifschitz on October 14, 1939) is an American fashion designer and business executive. "The first image-maker", according to New York magazine, Lauren is one of the fashion industry's biggest hitters. But Lauren studied business science and served his time in the army before breaking into fashion. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, by his parents who had emigrated from Belarus. He...

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Character Compare And Contrast Essay

1 Character Compare and Contrast The 2 characters that are the main spotlight in this story are Jack and Ralph. They are great leaders but they have different ways of leading others. However they have different goals and that leads to arguments and in the end separation. Even in all the hardships, the littleuns still caused Ralph and Jack to add another worry about the “beast” into their list of worries Even though Jack and Ralph are innocent and mature at the start, they will break mentally in...

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Ralph Lauren

Industry Survey: Polo Ralph Lauren belongs to the Apparel and Footwear: Retailers & Brands Industry. According to the industry survey the current trends are driven by consumers demand and relate to the size of the various demographic groups and their particular wants, shopping patterns, and spending capability. In order to stay above and ahead in this industry it is essential to change styles in the workplace and leisure attire and influencing retail and manufacturing operations. One of the...

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Ralph Bunche

David Ramos American Civ 2 11/25/14 Professor Molloy Ralph Bunche Ralph Bunche was born on August 7, 1904 in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up Bunche had an extremely strong and supportive family that included his parents, his aunts, his uncles and his strong-minded grandma. The Bunche family was extremely hard working and took nothing for granted. “We were a proud family- The Johnson clan. We bowed to no one, we worked hard and never had any shame about having little money.” (PBS) Fred Bunche, Ralph’s...

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Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow Donna Kennedy PSY/504 July 16, 2012 Dr Angela J. Williams-Steele Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp is “Captain Jack Sparrow” and quite the personality Captain Jack Sparrow displays in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate however he is not the ruthless, raping, and pillaging type. Captain Jack Sparrow...

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Lord of the Flies - How Does Jack Represent Savagery in the Novel?

do you agree that Jack represents disorder and savagery in the novel? You should refer closely to his words, to events and to actions and opinions of other characters in your answer. (Chapters 1-4) In this book, Lord of the Flies, we see young boys stranded on an uninhabited island. As the story progresses the boys more savage sides starts to show. I agree that one boy in particular, Jack, seems to represent savagery and disorder more than the other boys. In chapter 1, Jack is portrayed as a...

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Jack Arnold

Jack Arnold: More than What Meets the Eye? In a relationship between a father and his children, the father wants nothing more than to be a hero to them. The father would give anything to be “king” for a day. Jack Arnold, who plays the father in the television series, “The Wonder Years”, also wants to be a hero to his children. However, as his children grow up he realizes that the distance between him and his children keeps on increasing. Jack struggles to adapt to the changing times in which this...

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Compare and Contrast the two extracts and analyse the effects of language in Lost and Lord of the Flies

fictional screen drama/realism with a genre of disaster/adventure. Lord of the Flies opens with “Ralph disentangled himself cautiously and stole away through the branches” already “Ralph” sounds like a civilised British and so we can already tell he is at odds with his environment. “Stole away” gives us an image of panic and the fact that Ralph could be a victim and there is a sense of immediacy as Ralph is escaping; however at the same time he could possibly be a villain chasing the victim. “In a...

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