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Compare Dog And Cat

Jacob Smith English 1010 Fletcher 1 April 13 Cats and Dogs The rivalry between cats and dogs has been going on what seems forever now. These two animals have a long history of simply not getting along. Why though? Why is it that these animals cannot get along with each other? It's because they are different from each other in so many ways. There really isn't anything that these two have in common besides their mutual relationship with humans. Their physical characteristics are different, they...

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Compare and Contrast Essay with Cats and Dogs

Comp 1 Compare and Contrast Essay Cats and Dogs From my childhood until now, I have always been an animal lover. Over the years, I have owned lots of pets such as cats, dogs, fish, and hamsters. Currently I have one cat. Cats and dogs rank at the top of the most popular pets of today. Both of them have a vast number of similarities; however the differences between canine and feline are just as enormous. I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between dogs and cats...

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dogs and cats

Darling Dogs or Cold-Hearted Cats There are two different kinds of people. The dog person, and the cat person. The kind hearted, friendly individual, and the aloof, left brained individual. We all know who is who. Certain people come to everyone’s mind when the words “dog person” and “cat person” are brought about. Is it the difference in personality or temperament from one person to another? It very well would could be. Dogs and cats mean a lot to different people, but can a cat be taught to...

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Cats and Dogs

cuddle, like cats and dogs, and others just cool to have, like tarantulas, fish and snakes. Almost every household has either a cat or a dog, but most people do not realize the similarities and the differences between the two. Our pets are like humans, they all need to eat, drink, sleep and bathe. With every member of a family, there are expenses and responsibilities. This includes our pets. Cats need to eat every day and they have a clean, fresh litter box to use when needed. Cats usually do not...

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cats vs dogs

Cats vs. Dog After living with them, I have noticed that although there are innumerable similarities between the dog and the cat, there are also some important differences. These two animals are the two most popular pets today. "In the U.S. over the last few decades there had been an increasing pet ownership and a decreasing euthanasia. From 1970 to 2010, the number of dogs and cats in homes has increased from 67 million to an estimated 164 million".Some people prefer the company of a cat...

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Cats vs Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs Many people own both a cat and a dog and love them both. Then you have people who would only have a dog or a cat, not both. If you had to choose between one or the other, which one would it be? Cats are very cuddling and have a soft purr that tends to put people to sleep. Dogs on the other hand, lick during the night. Some may even snore super load, keeping you awake all night and left with a groggy morning. Cats are sweet, cute, furry and cuddly. They are the most beautiful...

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Ban on Eating Cats and Dogs

Animal Behavior Mid-Term Have you ever considered eating a dog or a cat, or wondered what it would taste like? In America eating a dog or cat is a very controversial issue and is not accepted by society as a whole. In foreign countries they will consume almost every animal that inhabits their land but in American society it is frowned upon to eat food like the foreigners do. Is it morally wrong or unethical to eat a source of food that is not considered a delicacy? Everyone must eat in order...

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Compare and Contrast Cats and Dogs

Michael Mucci Compare and Contrast Essay Cats vs. Dogs 06/02/13 There are several similarities that cats and dogs share, but at the same time they are very different. These two animals are two of the most popular pets today. Some people prefer the company of a cat, while others are considered to be called dog lovers. Through all of the aspects of each animal, we look at the similarities and differences each one holds, now lets get a good insight as to why these animals are so loved. First...

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Cats Are Better Then Dogs

Cats are better then dogs All of my childhood, I grew up with dogs.” A dog is man’s best friend.” That common saying may contain some truth, but dogs are not the only animal friend companionship people enjoy. For many people including myself a cat is their best friend. It wasn’t until I got my first cat that I realized how much better of a pet they are then dogs. Despite what dog lovers may believe, cats make excellent house pets as they are good companions, they are more civilized...

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Cats vs Dogs

Colleen Chatcavage English 121 Dr. Kika Dorsey 3/18/12 Cats vs. Dogs There comes a time in most people’s lives when they decide upon choosing a pet for their household. Whether it should be a fish, bird, rodent or reptile, many push those ideas aside and choose the most common household pet; a cat or a dog. Dogs and cats share many interesting characteristics, but inside they are completely opposite animals. Each has its own attitude, needs and habits. Once you understand these differences...

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Domesticated- Cats Verses Dogs

Domesticated- Cats verses Dogs Alicia Gallegos ENG 121: English Composition 1 Justin Brumit September 17, 2012 DOMESTICATED- CATS VERSES DOGS Humans have domesticated animals for hundreds of thousands of years, cats and dogs are two of the most common. As cats and dogs became more domesticated over the years we can see that they have become used to living in captivity. Since cats and dogs are completely different species, the comparison and contrast will be made on how they are both common...

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Compare and Contrast- cats and dogs

centuries dogs and cats have been man’s best friend. All around the world cats and dogs have been the most common household pets. Cats and dogs have been used for many things, from protection to companionship. Humans can establish a great relationship with cats and dogs, due to their love and companionship. This essay will compare and contrast dogs and cats as they have many similarities as well as differences. Cats and dogs have many similarities. The similarities between a dog and cat are that...

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Dog vs Cat Battle

Stamina? The sled dogs that compete in Alaska’s annual Iditarod run about 1,100 miles in less than two weeks, often in temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. “They use fat as their primary energy source—far better than any other athletic species that’s been studied,” says exercise physiologist Michael Davis, who notes that a 55-pound husky can burn as many as 12,000 calories a day. Davis’s research has also shown that sled dogs have an enormous capacity to process oxygen. Cats are more like sprinters:...

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats I think dogs are better than cats for many reasons. I’m sure it is not without reason that dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They are loyal, obedient, and also protective. Even if their attempts at protection are sometimes unnecessary, at least they try. On one occasion while our family was setting off various fireworks on the Fourth of July, we set off a ground bloom. A ground bloom is basically a firework that spins around on the ground spewing fire...

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Evaluating the Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Evaluating the Differences Between Cats and Dogs Crystal Tomaino Ashford University ENG121 Katherine Ness 09/10/2011 Evaluating the Differences Between Cats and Dogs For centuries, people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, races, genders, and social statuses have found the concept of having a pet appealing. Some might flock to easy-to-maintain pets, while others tend to find more unique and high-maintenance pets appealing. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing a pet...

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Compare and contrast: Dogs and Cats.

or she chooses. Dogs and cats are among the most popular pets; however, their care is drastically different, obviously they do have similarities between the two, they both have hair and are in the mammal family. They also give birth to multiple offspring at the same time. If the potential owner shows love and affection to these animals, they will show it back. The both are also good stress relievers for many owners. Dogs, compared to cats, require more maintenance. Maintaining a dog requires the owner...

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Dogs and Cat

Dogs Makes Better Pets than Cat I. Introduction Dogs Makes Better Pets Than Cat? * The unconditional love a pet is capable of showing a loyal companion, is as necessary in these difficult times of hardship as food, clothing and shelter. * People enjoy the company of their pets as they are lovely and accompany us in the times we need them. Thesis statement: The War between Dog and Cat Needs to Stop. Dogs and cats are both cute and both make good image macros. And before we...

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cat and dog

 Cat and dog Pets are very popular in many households. But out of those pets cats and dogs are the most popular. I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between dogs and cats. First, I will describe the similarities that these two creatures share.Both of this animals have hair. In addition to their similies these animals is that they are domesticated animals kept as pets...

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8/25/2014 Englcom: Argumentative Essay:Dogs vs Cats A d O ptions A ds by Torntv V 9.0 0 More Next Blog» Create Blog Sign In Englcom British couple with their kids live in cemetery (BWNToday) Linggo, Setyem bre 1, 2013 Archive sa Blog Argumentative Essay:Dogs vs Cats ▼ 2013 (7) ▼ September (7) Documentary Essay Writing Dogs are better pets than cats Pets bring happiness to a person’s life. They create a special bond with their owners. Entry Essay:...

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compare dog treatments

Compare and contrast the treatment of dogs in ‘To Flush my Dog’ and the RSPCA leaflet. “To Flush, My Dog” written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the RSPCA leaflet “ Just $3 a month will help rescue more animals like Trio” are two documents exploring the same topic - treatment of dogs. Both documents depict how the owners treat their dogs differently showing the love and bond between dogs and humans. In “To Flush, My Dog”, Elizabeth appraises her dog in a very elaborated manner, while RSPCA...

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Dogs Are Better House Pets Than Cats

Dogs are better pets than cats Yukako Taketani English 122 Instructor Chang March 17, 2013 Dogs are better house pets than cats In the world, there are only three types of people: dog lovers, cat lovers, and please-no-dogs-or-cats-around-me people. Between the dog and cat lovers, there is always a big debate on the subject which animal is more suited as house pets and has better companionship with humans. According to the article, “U.S Pet Ownership Statistics, there are 78.2 million owned...

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Compare and Contrast

Dogs and Cats Compare and Contrast Essay Marielena Mendoza ENG 121 English Compositions I Instructor: Michael Gavino November 7, 2011 I. Introduction II. Dog A. Traits B. Independence C. Complexity III. Cat A. Traits B. Independence C. Complexity V. Conclusion Dogs and Cats A study done by The American Animal Hospital Association say; that if people were stranded on a desert island, they would prefer the company of their pet. Dogs and cats play a huge role in our lives, weather...

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The domestic cat was first classified as Felis catus by Carolus Linnaeus in the 10th edition of his Systema Naturae in 1758.[1][3] However, because of modern phylogenetics, domestic cats are now usually regarded as another subspecies of the wildcat, F. silvestris.[1][4][33] This has resulted in mixed usage of the terms, as the domestic cat can be called by its subspecies name, Felis silvestris catus.[1][4][33] Wildcats have also been referred to as various subspecies of F. catus,[33] but in 2003...

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Compare and Contrast the Similarities and the Differences Between Dogs and Cats.

Topic: Compare and contrast the similarities and the differences between dogs and cats. Outlining: INTRODUCTION: Thesis statement: After living with them, I have noticed that although there are innumerable similarities between the dog and the cat, there are also some important differences. BODY: Paragraph 1: Cats and dogs have several similarities. + Both of them are domesticated animals kept as pets. + They eat meat, mice and never eat vegetable + They require love and affection and...

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Compare and Contrast of the Cask of Amontillado and the Black Cat

Compare and Contrast of “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Black Cat” Today I’ll be comparing the Narration of “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe is the author of many great pieces of literature, using his narrators to explain situations that are going on in their life. The narrators of "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Black Cat" both lead characters love for man’s inhumanity to man and animals through horrific murders.   In "The Cask of Amontillado"...

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Dogs or Cats?

question, are dogs better than cats or are cats better than dogs? Which animal is more loving, more loyal, and independent? Well, people who have cats instead of dogs must surely agree that “Dogs are more loyal than cats truly making them man’s best friend”. While cats like to pet and rubbed, who likes to feel the gross rumbling of a cat purring? A dog that is pet or rubbed, will lick you and lay with you and roll over on his back to have his belly rubbed. You have to wait for a cat to come to you...

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Dogs versus Cats There comes a time in most everyone’s life when he or she decides to get a pet. There are many choices to choose from, like a snake, a bird, or even a rodent. Most people, however, decide on the more common four- legged creature like a dog or a cat. Understanding the differences can help in the process of choosing between them. Important factors in choosing the right pet depends on the following: how much affection you want from a pet, and how much responsibility you want...

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Cats vs. Dogs as Pets

Cats v.s. Dogs as Pets The most popular pets in today’s society are cats and dogs. There has always been a debate for both sides. It’s a matter of opinion to which animal is superior. This essay is going to compare and contrast the two animals. One of the most obvious similarities is that cats belong to the feline family. Cats are independent and require less attention from their owners. Dogs belong to the canine family. Dogs are pack animals; this means they require more attention by their owners...

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Difference Cats vs. Dogs

Dogs VS. Cats I am going to compare and contrast the things that dogs and cats have in common and what is different between our hairy little pets. There are a lot of similarities but there are also a lot of differences between them. First, we will talk about the similarities that these two creatures share. One of the most obvious things in common between these two animals is that they both have hair. They are also domesticated animals people have them as pets. They have to have love and affection...

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Compare and Contrast Essay on Pet Dog or Cat

2013 Pet Dog or Pet Cat All over the world, people adopt or purchase animals to serve as pets. People own pets for a variety of reasons, and there are many different animals that can serve as pets. However, two of the most commonly found pets are dogs and cats. Both animals can serve as excellent pets, but depending on the customer, a dog might make a better pet than a cat, or a cat might make a better pet than a dog. In order for a future pet owner to make a choice between investing in a dog or cat...

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Life of Dogs Versus Life of Cats

The life of a Dog versus the life of a Cat Dogs and cats, they are completely different species because they have different attitudes, needs, and habit. However as pets, they have some characteristics in common and go through the same issues of grooming, caring and feeding. To start with the similarities between dogs and cats, there are some common problems that may occur if these animals are kept as pets. Both cats and dogs have fur; therefore require regular combing and washing, if you don’t...

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Dog Vs Cat

2010 PRINTED IN THE UK Personalities of Self-Identified “Dog People” and “Cat People” Samuel D. Gosling*, Carson J. Sandy* and Jeff Potter† * † ABSTRACT Alleged personality differences between individuals who self- Keywords: Big Five, cat people, dog people, personality, pet ownership traits “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” (Bly 1998). Like many of the jokes about dogs and cats, this one focuses on the different ways each kind of pet is...

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The Secrets of Cat

THE SECRETS OF CAT Have you ever wondered that is there any secret behind your cats? Actually, cats have a lot of secrets that is untold. According to Bonham and Coile (2008), cat is actually related to the North African wild cat or ‘Felis silvestris lybica’. They also claimed that cats get domesticated when they live with human for easy meal. When human started to grow grains, cats were used to hunt down vermin such as mice. In ‘The amazing cat’, (n.d.), it...

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Pinscher  Doberman Pinscher (alternatively spelled Dobermann in many countries) or simply Doberman, is a breed of domestic dog originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Doberman Pinschers are among the most common of pet breeds, and the breed is well known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion dog. Although once commonly used asguard dogs or police dogs, this is less common today. Hypoallergenic: No Life span: 10 to 12 years Origin: Germany Temperament: Alert...

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Dogs are better than cats

There is always the question, are dogs better pets than cats or are cats better pets than dogs? Which animal is more loving, more loyal, and independent? Well, people who have cats instead of dogs must surely agree that cats make better pets; likewise, dog owners prefer to have dogs. Some people are “cat people” and some are “dog people” and some like both. I am a dog person and I think dogs are a lot better pets than cats. ...

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The Differences and Similarites of Dogs and Cats

of a Dog and Cat Two domestic animals that share many common and different elements are dog and cat. Despite being different species they exhibit many surprising similarities. By examining these characteristics of each animal can become helpful when selecting a pet. Domestic dogs and cats share many common elements. They both make great companions as pets and are very loyal to their handlers and family members. Dogs and cats also have over two hundred breeds. In addition, dogs and cats have...

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Dogs vs. Cats

Cats and Dogs How many times have you seen a cat play with their owner or run and fetch a stick? How many times have you seen a deputy cat? On the many occasions that you happen to see a dog, are they always so lazy and cannot be bothered to play with you? Scientists have studied and interpreted the ways of these species. They have come up with conclusions to support their research as well as many similarities and differences between both species. Both of these sophisticated animals have many...

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Technicalities of Dogs and Cats

Technicalities of Dogs and Cats Amazing and loving creature’s dogs and cats are the perfect pets. The comfort and warm feeling they give makes getting through the day so much easier. Many people have their preferences when it comes to dogs and cats. Although cats and dogs have similarities there are many differences as well, such as different types of breeds, food, and training. Dogs and cats are loveable and unique animals that have a plethora of different breeds with many crazy colors, sizes...

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Dogs vs Cats

Do You Prefer: Dogs or Cats?  Dogs and cats have been competing for the title of "man's best friend" for years. Some people will swear that dogs are the best because they are loyal, playful, and friendly. Others will vow that cats make the best pets because they are independent, easy to care for, and are great hunters. Yes, they are both adorable. Yes, they are both cuddly, but which one makes the best pet? This essay will persuade you to lean towards dogs in this debate.  Dogs will love you a...

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Let me tell you a story about old dog incontinence. Jane Smith's beloved old pet has suddenly started dribbling urine. She's finding puddles of urine all over the house. The fur on her dog's bottom is wet from the constant dribbling, and the odor is overwhelming. She fears the worst, thinking that there is no cure for urinary incontinence in dogs. She's afraid it's the end of the line for her beloved friend. Why Is My Older Dog Incontinent? There are many causes for this condition....

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Dogs vs. Cats

Dog or Cats By: Kamburger There is a fundamental difference between dogs and cats, a difference that can only be explained by their hugely opposite intelligences. Cats are clever, almost too clever, but much more detached than any dog. Dogs aren't all that dumb, of course. It's not even their fault if they're a little daft sometimes. Their god-given duty to be endlessly loyal to humans prevents them from having such a calculating disposition like that of felines. The problem with dogs is...

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Cats vs. Dogs

Language Arts 7 Descriptive Essay April 26, 2013 Cats and Dogs “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.” These are the words of Kinky Friedman, an American Poet; yet Rod McKuen says: “Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.” Cats and dogs are the two animals that are most commonly kept as pets around the world. Although there are plenty similarities between cats and dogs, socialization, intelligence, and personality...

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Contrasting the Qualities of Cats and Dogs

Qualities of Cats and Dogs Though dogs and cats are popular pets, they both have vastly different behaviors, attitudes, needs, and habits which require their owners to deal with them in various ways. They both lavish their owners with companionship and affection. There are lots of differences between cats and dogs, they are like day and night. For undying love and loyalty, and extra talk of protection, a dog is a suitable choice. Dogs generally are more loyal and affectionate, whereas cats are more...

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Cats vs Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs If you go out on the street and ask people if cats and dogs like each other, the odds are that they will say that they don’t like one another. Why is this? Most of us would say that they just don’t get along at all because they hate each other. If you were to ask a dog owner why they think that they don’t get along, they would answer “Cats are evil and mean”, the same is true for cat owners, and they would claim that “Dogs are evil and mean”. These stereotypes have been exploited to...

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cats and dogs

Target Audience: The intended learner for this program is a licensed registered nurse with a minimum of 6 months employment as a nurse, who possesses a basic understanding of cancer biology. Course Requirements: All of the following requirements must be met Attend the course in its entirety Minimum of 80% on the post-test Submission of the Course Evaluation within one week of the close of the course Only registered nurses are eligible to receive the ONS Chemotherapy & Biotherapy Provider...

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Which Is Better; Cats or Dogs

Which Is Better; Cats or Dogs? Cats and dogs both are good pets. Before deciding which one is better, there a few things to consider. Since they both are very different, they require owners with two very different life styles. Dogs require more time and attention as to where cats are more free willed. Dogs are very needy animals. Having a dog is almost like having a human. They have to be let out to go to the bathroom every so often. You should take them for walks so they can get exercise...

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Dog and Worksheet No.81 Dogs

Ledesma, Miles Levon Worksheet no.81 Dogs 1. Why is the dog considered to be man’s best friend? * The dog considered to be man’s best friend because dog has a intellectual ability that dog can do tricks, dog can smell anything like bomb and dog can be our savior. They could physically and psychologically help their humans with hearing disabilities, would be more affordable, and would be very loving. They could alert their humans to sounds of doorbells, alarm clocks, electrical...

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dogs make better pets than cats

Dogs make better than pets than cats Everybody has different pets, and most of the time it is usually a dog or a cat. Between dogs and cats, they have their own personality and there are advantages and disadvantages to the owner. Dogs are outgoing, friendly, and loyal; they are easy to train and so dogs, in contrast, with cats make better pets. People prefer dogs over cats because they have better personality than the cats. First, dogs are always happy and outgoing, but cats are very selfish...

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Cats vs Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs The most popular pets in today’s homes are cats and dogs. Today’s cats and dogs are descendants of the wilds that were started on the road to pampered pets thousands of years ago. Some people are “cat people” and some are “dog people” but I think most people like both. Let us first look at cats; a lot of people say that cats are aloof or sneaky. Sometimes maybe they are but it goes back to their heritage when they had to sneak up on their prey to survive. As far as being aloof I really...

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Difference Cats vs. Dogs - Comparative Essay

Dogs vs Cats Comparison This essay will compare and contrast dog and cats, not as animals – as they are completely different species – but as pets, go through the issues of grooming, caring and feeding those animals. In this essay I would like to highlight my points on the advantages of keeping either cats or dogs and explain how to make a choice that will fit your character. Do start with, let us discuss some similarities between dogs and cats, to understand the common problems that may occur...

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Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs are the best companions “A dog is a man’s best friend” this is one of many quotes that explains the importance of having a dog rather than a cat. There are a numerous reasons why a dog is considered more valuable to have than a cat. A dog will keep the owner unharmed and fit. Canines are also intelligent and are more willing to learn. In addition, dogs are selfless and more delighted to be with you than a cat will ever be. In my opinion I also feel that dogs are physically more interesting...

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Similarities between Dogs and Cats

Dogs vs. Cats English 121 September 11, 2011 Dogs and cats have many similarities. They both make great companions. They both are good hunters and they both have been in existence for thousands and thousands of years. In many homes all over the world you will be able to find at least one if not two of these animals. In most of those homes one could probably find one of each. Dogs are known for hunting, herding animals, obedience and police use. Dogs are also common for assisting people with...

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Dogs Will Be Dogs

dogs will be dogs imitations due to the economic situations. The affect of these to unsubscribe and stop receiving mployees enjoy through working at Honda andogs will be dogs imitations due to the economic situations. The affect of these to unsubscribe and stop receiving mployees enjoy through working at Honda andogs will be dogs imitations due to the economic situations. The affect of these to unsubscribe and stop receiving mployees enjoy through working at Honda andogs will be dogs imitations due...

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Dogs and the Holocaust

Dogs and the Holocaust It is said that dog is man’s best friend. For decades dogs have served as a human companion used for hunting and guarding. They are also aides for people with disabilities to improve their health-related quality of life. More recently, dogs are even being used in psychological recovery programs. Dogs can help bring about comfort and decrease loneliness. “Medical research has shown that contact with dogs can decrease feelings of anxiety and stress. This evidence relates...

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Feral Cats

Feral Cats in Australia Introduction and Background Information Cats, felis catus, have been kept as pets for their companionship and their talent for hunting vermin. Cats have dwelt in Australia for at least two hundred years, since the first European settlement in 1788. However the Aboriginal people claim that cats have been on the continent for longer. Some have suggested that traders first brought cats to Australia five hundred years ago from Indonesia and other south-east Asian countries...

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Dogs, Cats as Companions

Many people keep dogs and cats as companions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership for the animals involved and the community as the whole. It is a fact that pets have been treasured as members of the family by millions of people around the world. In 1990s, almost half of all UK households owned at least a pet which was a dog or a cat as usual. Nowadays, in modern society, this trend seems to be more noticeable. Most of the owners believe that keeping dogs or cats as companions...

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dog and cat

 LINK TECHNOLOGIES1 Link Technologies, a small firm located in San Jose, California, is currently engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of high-speed fax modems for use in personal computers. The company was created in 1980 by Mr. James Lee, a researcher who was employed at IBM’s T.J. Watson research center, and two former graduate school classmates from Cornell University. At the time, the personal computer business was in its infancy, and the company sought to fill a niche by...

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The Black Cat

The Black Cat Edgar Allen Poe was never known for being a lighthearted, cheery, or romantic writer. In fact, Poe was renowned for just the opposite. Poe’s stories display such imagery that the reader feels like they have been submerged within his plot. A perfect example of Poe’s dark imagery is his short story, “The Black Cat”. In the beginning of The Black Cat, Poe establishes his narrator’s background and then his current setting. The narrator grew up in a loving home. Poe points out that...

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Cat vs Dog

Period B Cat VS Dog (Hook) “Have you ever thought to have a pet?” Pet is a good friend. Which people often telling each other’s that which are better cat or dog? (GDT) Some people say that cats are cute more than a dog. Some they said dogs are more intelligent because they can be trained by their owner or by themself. (Thesis) Cats, however they have more kind of funny move than a dog they just need their caretaker to play with them. (TS) To begin with, Cat doesn’t like dogs and they are...

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Microchipping Dogs

 Micro Chipping Your Dog By: Kifferi Franklin Our four-legged friends, of the canine variety, can be loyal companions and members of our family. Important decisions that we make for our human children, such as vaccinations and safety, come into play and are just as important when there is an animal involved. Like a vaccine, microchips are injected using a needle and placed under the skin. They are small, roughly the size of a grain of rice and placed between the shoulder blades...

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