• Park Place Community Assessment
    Community Assessment of Park Place Norfolk State University Names of People in Your Group April 29, 2010 INTRODUCTION This following report provides the results of a community health assessment conducted by Group # 00, Nursing Students at Norfolk State University. The purpose of the Com
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  • Windshield Survey
    SELECTED HEALTH PROBLEMS N492 COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING WINDSHIELD SURVEY NAME: _______________________________ DATE OF SURVEY____________ COMMUNITY NAME AND LOCATION ASSIGNED IN CLINICAL________________________________________ A Windshield Survey is the data collected as the observe
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  • Windshield Survey
    Abstract A Windshield Survey can be described as a form of information gathered by an individual after traversing through a particular neighborhood. It is an observational evaluation that aims at revealing particular aspects of the community such as available resources, community safety,...
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  • Community Windshield Survey
    Community Windshield Survey Monica Feinberg Chamberlain College of Nursing Community Health Nursing NR443 Hyacinth Carreon April 28, 2013 Community Windshield Survey The community I have chosen for this paper is The South ward of Newark, New Jersey where the hospital which I work is locate
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  • Community Assessment
    Place Fayette, the county seat of Jefferson County, in Southwest Mississippi, is a civic town with a population of approximately 2,242, according to the 2000 census. The latitude of Fayette is 31.711 North; the longitude is 91.06 West with elevation of 290 feet (www.epodunk.com, 2006). The land are
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  • Community Assessment of Senior Health Using a Telephone
    Running head: COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT OF SENIOR HEALTH Community Assessment of Senior Health Using a Telephone Survey and Supplementary Methods Community Assessment of Senior Health
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  • Windshield Survey
    Windshield Survey Reflection Michele C. De Vito Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice April 25, 2011 Amy Weaver
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  • Windshield Survey
    Windshield Survey When planning a care plan or services for a community as a registered nurse, it is imperative to be fully aware of all aspects pertaining to that specific area. Such aspects include acquiring knowledge of the community, health-related resources that may be useful to
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  • Windshield Survey
    Assessment and Diagnosis July 24, 2011 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR443: Community Health Nursing S. Cleveland Summer 2011 Session A Community The city of Cheyenne is the capital and the largest city in the state of Wyoming. Located in the southeastern most part of the state and
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  • Windshield Survey
    Through the experience of the windshield survey community assessment I found that there were a few issues that negatively affected the residents of south buffalo. The major issues that affected this community are substance abuse and unmaintained homes. These are two issues that certainly affect the
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  • Nur 405 Windshield Survey
    Windshield Survey with Reflection Sarah Kinnard NUR/405 Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice November 7, 2011 Beth Edwards, MSN, FNP- BC   Windshield Survey The first step required for providing community health nursing services involves a comprehensive assessment of the community. Th
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  • Windshield Survey
    A windshield survey is an assessment and evaluation of a community performed by traveling throughout the community in a car or public transportation to make observations about a community. The data gathered will help identify health care strengths and weaknesses in the specified community. A comm
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  • Community Assessment
    Abstract This paper will conduct a community assessment of Marion County, Indiana. Marion County is located in the heart of Indianapolis, which is the capital of the state of Indiana. Marion County was created April 1, 1822 and was formed from Delaware New Purchase. It was named after General Fra
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  • Windshield Survey
    Windshield Survey Reflection Windshield Survey Reflection Community health nurses treat communities through the application of the nursing process. The process is community focused rather than treating the individual. Phase one begins with identifying a community. Phase two is the assessmen
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  • Community Assessment
    In the Merriam Webster for English (2012), defines a community as a “society or body persons living in the same place, having the same rights, privileges, and interests, and acknowledging the same laws”. This paper will conduct a community assessment of Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. Ang Mo Kio is loca
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  • Assets-Oriented Community Assessment.
    PATRICIA A. SHARPE, PHD MPH U MARY L. GREANEY, MPH PETER R. LEE, MPH * SHERER W. ROYCE, MPH Assets-Oriented Community Assessment S Y N 0 P S I S Dr. Sharpe, Ms. Greaney, and Ms. Royce are with the Prevention Research Center at the University of South Carolina School of Public Health. Dr
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  • Windshield Survey Reflection
    Windshield Survey Reflection Sandra Middlestate NUR/405 June 25, 2012 Windshield Survey Reflection While completing my windshield survey I had many revelations about the community I have lived near all my life. They will be discussed along with three aspects of community life that could affe
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  • Community Assessment
    Community Assessment and Analysis Yuma Community Of all the problems faced by Yuma community, along with the state ranking for teen births, the community also takes third place. (County Health Rankings, 2012). Programs that
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  • Assessment and Diagnosis
    Caring for Populations: Assessment and Diagnosis Introduction Pertussis, also known as the “whooping cough”, is a highly contagious respiratory illness that is passed from person to person through coughing and sneezing (Gregory, 2013). Early symptoms are similar to those from common colds, but
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  • Community Assessment
    Community Assessment Daemen College Department of Nursing Holly Weaver, Kristen Weaver, Dianna O’Brien, Jake Lundquist Table of Contents Page I. Background Information on Affiliating Agency………………………………… 5 II. Definition of the Community…â
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