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Combination Paragraph

DIVINE MERCY COLLEGE FOUNDATION INC. #129 University Ave. Sangandaan, Caloocan City ------------------------------------------------- PERMUTATION AND COMBINATION In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology School year 2011-2012 ------------------------------------------------- Submitted By: Dacutanan, Francis III C. Estrada, Miel Angela Fradejas, Mariel Salvador, Denvyel Submitted To: Engr. Nelson Rodelas Chapter...

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Iso - Quants

curves. Answer. PRODUCERS EQUILIBRIUM (Optimum factor combination or least cost combination).: The optimal combination of factor inputs may help in either minimizing cost for a given level of output or maximizing output with a given amount of investment expenditure. In order to explain producer’s equilibrium, we have to integrate Iso-quant curve with that of Iso-cost line. Iso-product curve represent different alternative possible combinations of two factor inputs with the help of which a given level...

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Paragraph Transitions

Paragraphs represent the basic unit of composition: one idea, one paragraph. However, to present a clear, unified train of thought to your readers, you must make sure each paragraph follows the one before it and leads to the one after it through clear, logical transitions. Keep in mind that adequate transitions cannot simply be added to the essay without planning. Without a good reason for the sequence of your paragraphs, no transition will help you. Transitions can be made with particular words...

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Writing Effective Paragraphs

college—from the simplest to the most complex. In line with the fact that no student can escape from writing, this aims to give them knowledge on how to compose an effective written piece through the use of effective paragraphs. THE PARAGRAPH A successful, good or effective paragraph is not merely an amalgamation of related units of thoughts called sentences. It serves as a building block of an argument, an instrument of persuasion, a stirrer of a narrative, or a distinctive of a descriptive. It...

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paragraphs and essays

PAAGRAPH WHAT IS A PARAGRAPH? Paragraphs are the building blocks of papers. A paragraph is a group of sentences that develops one main idea. A paragraph may stand by itself as a complete piece of writing, or it may be a section of a longer piece of writing, such as an essay. No single rule can prescribe how long a paragraph should be the unity and coherence of ideas among sentences is what constitutes a paragraph, but a paragraph that is too short can make a reader think that some basic information...

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paragraph helper

Paragraphs 1. Are paragraphs really necessary? Task 1 Read through the following un-paragraphed text entitled 'Coping with examination stress' in Macqueen, C (1998) Getting Ahead in Tertiary Study: A Practical Guide for Business, Social Science and Arts Students Sydney: UNSW Press p.4 Examination stress is most effectively managed through good preparation. If you allocate your preparation time so that you also maintain a healthy lifestyle, then your stress levels should be minimal. Remember...

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Rhetoric and Paragraph

Garcellano BSCE-2A What is a paragraph? A paragraph is a group of sentences that are all about one specific idea. It should begin with a topic sentence, that is, a sentence which addresses the subject of the paragraph. The other sentences in the paragraph should supply information that helps to explain the topic. How long should a paragraph be? There is no set length for a paragraph, but, generally, three full sentences are considered...

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Math221 Disscussion Question

both sides of it False.   Same formulas as before:   1+1=2 or 2+2=4 True or False at least one of these equations is correct.   Since you only need one to be correct the math holds regardless if you make 1+1=3 and 2+2=4 or 1+1=2 and 2+2=5 - either combination at least one is correct so the statement is truthful.   However, to make it false both equations would have to be incorrect and since they have to be evaluated together you need to replace "or" with "and".   If they are both made to be incorrect...

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Binomial Theorem

coefficients. They are the same as the entries of Pascal's triangle, and can be determined by a simple formula involving factorials. These numbers also arise in combinatorics, where the coefficient of xn−kyk is equal to the number of different combinations of k elements that can be chosen from an n-element set. HISTORY :  HISTORY This formula and the triangular arrangement of the binomial coefficients are often attributed to Blaise Pascal, who described them in the 17th century, but they were...

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Types Of Paragraphs

Types of Paragraphs Types of Paragraphs There are three main types of paragraphs: 1. Narrative 2. Descriptive 3. Expository The Narrative Paragraph This type of paragraph describes one primary topic and narrates or tells its story This topic usually involves one main event, adventure, scene, or happening. Tips for Writing a Narrative Paragraph: 1. Start with a topic sentence that grabs the reader's attention. 2. Write events in the order in which they occurred. 3. Use plenty of interesting...

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Paragraph Structure

PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE Good paragraph construction depends mainly on a) thinking through each idea so that you develop it logically and clearly, and b) then guiding the reader through your thought processes by using appropriate joining expressions. This means making the sentences fit together properly. Most paragraphs are composed of three parts. I. Introduction: gives background information or provides a transition; should include the topic sentence (expresses the main idea to be developed...

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What Is a Paragraph

• What is a paragraph? • A paragraph is a collection of related sentences dealing with a single topic. • Learning to write good paragraphs will help you as a writer stay on track during your drafting and revision stages. • Good paragraphing also greatly assists your readers in following a piece of writing. You can have fantastic ideas, but if those ideas aren't presented in an organized fashion, you will lose your readers (and fail to achieve your goals in writing). Qualities of a Good Paragraph: ...

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Paragraph Writing

Writing Although it often seems that paragraphs can take an infinite number of forms, there are really only a few formats for paragraphing in formal, academic prose. What makes paragraphs seem unique to the reader is the style of the writer's prose, not the actual format of the information. There are four main types of paragraphs in academic prose: the standard paragraph, the explanatory paragraph, the evidential paragraph, and the introductory paragraph (whose format is sometimes mirrored in the...

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Area and Goods Train

of spheres of radius 1 that can be got from sphere of radius. 12.)Travelling at 3/4th the speed a man is 20 minutes later then speed is? 13.) there are 6 keys and 6 locks. then number of combinations to be tried out to get the actual solution 14.) choosing 2 people out of 10 in how many combinations can a particular person (some name) be always included.... 15.) from 6 white balls and 7 black balls probability that 2 balls drawn at random are of the same color? 16.) if a sales man gets...

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Characteristics of a Paragraph

CHARACTERISTICS OF A PARAGRAPH Unity in paragraph Unity in the paragraph means oneness of idea. A good paragraph possesses unity when all the sentences develop the main idea. Unity in the paragraph is achieved by the use of (1) a topic sentence with its controlling idea (2) supporting details, and (3) a clinching sentence. Coherence in the paragraph The word "coherence" derived from "cohere" literally means "to hold together". If the sentences in the paragraph should relate to the topic...

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Classification of Paragraph

Classification of Paragraph A paragraph has nine classifications. Each of these paragraphs has its own characteristics. Narrative paragraphs are usually written in a chronological order. It reveals what a reader should learn from a particular story. The narrative makes the reader more involved, helps an idea get across or feels emotionally about it. It needs to explain who is in the story, tell what is happening and when it happened. The topic sentence should be clear so that the reader knows...

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Paragraph and Money

something | III. Main ideas. - Paragraph A: This paragraph is about the introductory ideas of the importance of money. + The main idea: Many people consider money as a very important thing. - Paragraph B: This paragraph is about the analysis of the author about the importance of money. +The main idea : Money is an essential thing in our life. - Paragraph C: This paragraph is about the analysis of the author about how important money is. + The main...

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Math3143 Combinatorics. Lecture Notes (2012), Week 1

MATH3143 Combinatorics. Lecture Notes (2012), Week 1 Chapter I: Permutations, combinations, occupancy problems. We start with some basic counting principles and examples. I.1. Two ways of counting the same finite set give the same answer. Example I.2. (Hand shaking lemma). The number of delegates at a conference who shake hands an odd number of times is even. Proof. Let D1 , ..., Dn be the delegates, and let X = {(i, j) : Di and Dj shake hands}, and let k = |X|. We count k in two ways. First k...

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Counting Methods

MATHEMATICS COUNTING METHODS COUNTING METHODS • is also referred to as COMBINATORICS. • basically concerned with problems of counting as to many ways an event can be done. COUNTING METHODS • Multiplication Rule • Addition Rule • Permutation • Combination MULTIPLICATION RULE If an activity can be constructed in t successive steps and step 1 can be done in 𝑛1 ways, step 2 in 𝑛2 ways, … and step t can be done in 𝑛𝑡 ways, then the number of different possible activities is 𝑛1 ∙𝑛2 ∙𝑛3 ⋯∙𝑛𝑡...

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due to the miserable weather and leave earlier for the concert. Therefore, you will have to do your own stuff. 2-4 Yes, because it’s representing all possible combinations of maximum outputs that could be produced assuming a fixed amount of productive resources of a given quality. 2-6 Yes, because it’s representing all possible combinations of maximum outputs that could be produced assuming a fixed amount of productive resources of a given quality. 2-8 A. because it’s inside the curve. 2-10 “2-8”...

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A Hat of a Different Color

“I know what color hat I have on,” and she gave the correct answer. Our task is to find out how she did this. When I first looked at this problem I started to write out all of the possible combinations of hats. I figured out that there are only seven possible combinations of hats. Possible Combinations |Student One- Arturo |Student Two- Belicia |Student Three- Carletta | |Blue |Blue ...

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Manual On Paragraph Writing For Students

IV. WRITING A PARAGRAPH Compiled by B.Jolamanova 1. DEFINITION/DIFFERENTIATION A paragraph is a basic unit of organization in writing in which a group of related sentences develops one main idea. Such sentences are usually linked by logical connectives. A paragraph can be as short as one sentence or as long as ten sentences. The paragraph should be long enough to develop the main idea clearly. A paragraph may stand by itself (i.e. to answer a test question). A paragraph may also be one part...

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Paragraph: Food and Topic Sentence

1. What is a paragraph? A paragraph is a group of sentences that all refer to the topic sentence. A paragraph is generally at least three sentences long, and should not, if at all possible, exceed half of a page. Transitions between paragraphs lend a fluid smoothness to the finished essay. http://essay-advice.papercheck.com/?p=15 2. What are the parts of a paragraph? There are three parts to a good paragraph. The Topic Sentence, the body, and the conclusion. The topic sentence, states the...

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Writing Effective Paragraphs

What Is a Paragraph? WRIT 1044 What Is a Paragraph? Paragraphs are clusters of information supporting an essay’s main point (in works of fiction, they advance the action or develop the characters). Paragraphs need to be clearly focused, well developed, organized, coherent, and a manageable length – generally 5-8 sentences. See page 81 in your textbook! How Do You Begin? Each paragraph should begin with what is called a topic sentence – a one-sentence summary of the argument...

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The Four Types of Paragraphs

THE FOUR TYPES OF PARAGRAPHS (With Examples) There are four types of paragraphs we write. They include: narrative, informative, descriptive, and persuasive. All paragraphs have certain elements, but the four types are also different from one another in how they are composed. Look at the outline about paragraphs in general. All paragraphs: 1. It has a strong beginning, or introduction sentence, which states the main idea clearly. 2. It has several supporting sentences which make...

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How to Write a Paragraph

writing. Do not use too many paragraphs. If paragraphs are very short, the writer has either introduced ideas without developing them, or separated one idea over several paragraphs. If paragraphs are very long, there is usually more than one idea in the same paragraph. Poor paragraphing is considered poor style and will not get a good grade. As a general rule, a paragraph should use a minimum of three sentences to develop an idea. It is not common to see paragraphs of more than six sentences, although...

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Writing A Compare And Contrast Paragraph

Writing A Comparison / Contrast Paragraph Comparison​ shows similarities between persons, places, things, ideas, or situations. Contrast​ points out the differences between persons, places, things, ideas, or situations. Two Basic Methods for Organizing Comparison / Contrast ​ Paragraphs Block Method 1. If you let A and B stand for the two things (subjects) being compared, then you can use the ​ block method​ in which you tell all about A, then tell all about B. Thus you discuss A in a block and B...

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Humility: Paragraph and Central Idea

idea of what makes a paragraph. Read the explanation below too. Good luck with your next essay. jes Your Score = 80 Possible Score = 100 points The scoring guide below is a good teaching-learning tool designed for all four writing projects. As you compose your personal narrative, you focus and unify the story of your personal experience with a central idea (thesis) that is stated directly or indirectly at the end of the first paragraph and echoed in the last paragraph. Between the introduction...

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How to Write 3 Paragraph Essay Responses

How to write 3 paragraph essay responses Before you read: Take note of the title, the author’s name and look to see if there is any biographical information on the author. Have you heard of this author before? You might want to Google him/her. Go on the internet to look over the periodical (publication) that the article came from. What do you already know about the subject, the publication or the website it came from? I recommend that you print out a hard copy of the reading. That...

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examples of classification paragraph about nursing

PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT The English paragraph can be divided into three sections: INTRODUCTION, BODY, and CONCLUSION. The INTRODUCTION briefly states the content of the paragraph and enables a reader to establish his expectation of what is to come. THE BODY is the main part of the paragraph, which is developed sequentially. THE CONCLUSION, the writer summarizes what he has already discussed in the main part and finishes his presentation of the idea. The following paragraph is an example. Sample...

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Paragraph Practice Homework Assignment: A Special Holiday Memory

Paragraph Practice Homework Assignment “A Special Holiday Memory” Think about all of the holidays that you celebrate with your family and friends. No matter what holidays you celebrate throughout the year, you probably have many special memories of certain holidays. Choose ONE holiday you celebrate and ONE special memory from that holiday for this assignment. For this assignment, you will write at least TWO paragraphs. In your first paragraph, describe the holiday about which you...

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Rhetorical Structure: Contrasting Positive and Negative Paragraphs

Rhetorical Structure My writing expressly conveys my meaning in a direct way. Although I did not start my paragraphs with, "My roommate's tasteful bed is spotless because she is a clean person," or, "My roommate's bed is spotless because she never has a chance to mess up the ugly thing," my meaning was implied. But it was not vaguely implied. By the second sentence in the negative paragraph, my reader knows why I have perceived her bed is always spotless. The first paragraph's meaning is backed...

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How to Write: Topic Sentences and Supporting Paragraphs

Topic Sentences and Supporting Paragraphs Topic Sentences When you write, you form paragraphs. A paragraph is a group of sentences that relate in topic and thought. A paragraph generally consists of three to five sentences and usually begins with a topic sentence. A topic sentence is a general statement that announces what the paragraph is about. By starting a paragraph with a topic sentence, your audience can immediately identify your topic. This construction also helps you, the writer, stay...

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Sample: Government of Japan and Topic Sentence

The Topic Sentence What is a topic sentence? The topic sentence is an important part of the paragraph. The topic sentence is the sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph. Often the topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph. As mentioned in the last chapter, the topic of a paragraph is usually indicated in the introduction. Therefore, the topic sentence is often the same as the introduction. There are a variety of types of topic sentences. For example, a topic sentence...

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Rental System

CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study (paragraph form) –history of the company BASED ON OBSERVATION~ 1. Describe the existing conditions –Summary ng business process nila. 2. Justify the chosen topic 3. Citations from existing facts – compare with others. B. Theoretical Framework -come up with existing theories/FACTS that has something to do with your research (reference) THINGS ABOUT THE COMPUTER SHOP sample: Arnis...

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sop for masters

preferences and solutions, I found that while everybody wanted an upgradation, they had doubts since they would have to learn a whole set of new skills. In order to prepare a budget, I procured quotations from various vendors and analyzed possible combinations. I realized the necessity of a training course for the operators because most of them were not familiar with the GUI interface. I examined the various training classes that offered private in-house training for the employees. After a detailed analysis...

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The Apology of Socrates

I. Introduction In your introductory paragraph, present a thesis that responds to the instruction above: Socrates’ character, his manner of life, and thought. • Thesis: • Background Information: for background information, consider a philosophical, academic or anecdotal—or combinations thereof—approach. II. Body Topic sentences: each one of your topic sentences should “connect” directly with your thesis. There will be two or three body paragraphs, depending on your thesis. Be sure that...

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Essay Purpose

and classroom discussion, writing must stick with great determination to the specific point of development. This kind of writing demands tight organization and control. Therefore, your essay must have a central idea (thesis), it must have several paragraphs that grow systematically out of the central idea, and everything in it must be directly related to the central idea and must contribute to the reader’s understanding of that central idea. These three principles are listed again below: 1. Your...

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Analysis of What I Have Lived for

live it again if the chance were offered to me. Analysis: This passage is written by Russell, a most famous English philosopher, mathematician and sociologist in the 20th century. Short as this passage is, its smooth and fresh style with a combination of both serious philosophy and popular expression does impress me a lot. And now I’d like to give a rough analysis of this passage, What I Have Lived for, in terms of the potential style markers. First are the markers in phonology and graphology...

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Supra Phrasal Unity

So a supra-phrasal unit may be defined as a combination of sentences presenting a structural and semantic unity backed up byrhythmic and melodic unity. Any SPU will lose its unity if it suffers breaking.But what are the principles on which the singling out of an SPU can be maintained? In order to give an answer to this question, it is first of all necessary to deepen our understanding of the term utterance. As a stylistic term the word 'utterance' must be expanded. Any utterance from a stylistic...

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TV Show Analysis how to develop

T.V. Show Analysis – how to develop a body paragraph (Remember that you should have at least three body paragraphs, and they should come directly after you introduce your reader to the show you plan to analyze). Follow this basic format for each body paragraph: 1) Point out a significant aspect of the show. Briefly describe it. (This could be your describing a character, a situation / scenario, or a combination of both, from the show.) 2) Explain how this (#1) relates to Waters’ critique. Does...

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Basics of Writing Essays

providing a point of reference. 4. Keep it clear!! o Don’t try to explain complicated ideas in only one sentence. Break your thoughts into two or three well written sentences. o Vary your sentence length through the essay, using a combination of shorter and longer sentences. o Reread when you have time and BE HONEST – does what you wrote really make sense exactly the way it is written? 5. Edit, edit, edit!! o Don’t be afraid to change ideas around as you brainstorm (pre-write)...

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management organisational behaviour

or an individual. Paragraph 1 (What is goal setting?) In detail, explain what goal-setting is and define Edwin A. Locke’s Goal-setting theory Discuss what factors influence goal setting (E.g Specific, realistic goals work best) Evaluate on how organisations and individuals apply goal-settings Paragraph 2 ( why do we use it?) Motivation Help you to visualise and plan actions to achieve what you want then carry it out Paragraph 3 (Benefits/Pros) Begin the paragraph with how goal-setting...

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how to write an executive summary

submission Critical Assumptions: what key information is missing Problem: primary problem only-be concise(must be same as case body) Alternatives: List all the alternatives Facts Considered: Directly from the case. No assumptions Recommendation: one paragraph MAX one page-single space This is a one page synopsis that follows the title page It is written last Point form 3. Critical Assumptions Build on the facts in the case Add credibility and depth to the case State the assumption and then state...

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Kdaskdjlsdjlk Jlka Djlsad

Grade 3- 5 paragraphs written in class. If your spelling and grammar do not meet the MDC Gordon Rule Requirements, you will fail the course! You must purchase a blue book at the book store. In Class Essay 2 20% of Final course! You must purchase a blue book at the book store. In Class Essay 3 20% of Final Grade 3- 5 paragraphs written in class...

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Rocky Mountain Fitness Center

construction of the memo is a military memorandum style. The first paragraph cover what are we going to talk about which is retention of operation of Fitness Center of Rocky Mountain Mutual, it also covers the why, it specifically states the reason of the memorandum, to reconsider the closure of the fitness center as it promote heath and fitness in the organization. It also mentions the benefits that will have in long term. The second paragraph talks about how this fitness program impacted Mr. Mirola personally...

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Basic Structure Scoring Rubric for Narrative Writing

readability of the piece. • Opening paragraph 2 points – There is an opening paragraph consisting of two or more sentences that address the prompt and answers who?, what?, when?, where?, and why? where applicable. 1 point – There is an opening paragraph consisting of two or more sentences that address the prompt and answer who?, what?, when?, where?, and why? where applicable. The opening paragraph is not concise. 0 points – the prompt...

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Accounting Information System: Analysis

The article was introduced with an abstract which presented two main aims of the whole article and the text described very detailed which are based on these two aims. Afterward, the article was separated into four headings with relatively short paragraphs making the information readily accessible and last was a short conclusion. The Introduction presented the background information and the rationale relates the article which can make readers understand the context and importance of this research...

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busi1402 assignment 1

problem described in this article. Clearly in one paragraph [100 words maximum] state the problem as you understand it. 2. [20 points] Please write [150 words maximum] in one or two paragraphs indicating if you agree (or disagree) with the author’s arguments and why. You can make an argument indicating partial agreement to some of their points as well. 3. [10 points] Creatively identify alternative ways to solve the problem and write one paragraph for each one of three possible alternative solutions...

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Marissa Mullins RRI Revised

Maddie about her friend Shannon being in the hospital in Paragraph 4 “ She'll have an operation.” Maddie responds like any other four or five year old would by saying Paragraph 5 “ I want to send her a present.” Shortly after she says to her mother in Paragraph 7 “ Can we go to Dairy Queen?” On the other hand, Beth is acting very different than Maddie. She is responding to the news by clinging to Maddie out of fear and cautiousness, Paragraph 2 “ I am touching her a lot today and she notices.” She...

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that describes acts of rebellion and the experience of social outsiders Will there always be a Mr Van Gogh? You will be assessed on the following criteria: Level Achieved English: A Content (receptive) English: B Organisation (Planning, paragraphs) Area of Interaction Environments Students are able to independently analyse a range of diverse social environments represented in literature and how, these reflect on our lives. Your task: To write a literary essay based...

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Behind "The Tub"

relaxed. The first paragraph was a description about a church, and going in to the emptiest one so she could have silence and so she could hear her heart beat while she prayed, or that’s how it came off to me. It reminded me of the times where I sit in my room staring at a picture of my dead cat, it may sound incredibly strange but when I stare at my photo of Zeus, I am more relaxed just sitting there in silence. I like the feeling of being calm and relaxed, and the first paragraph kind of showed the...

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Article Analysis Rubric

Beginning -Structure is clear and - Structure is mostly - Structure is not easy - Organization and easy to follow. clear and easy to to follow. structure detract from - Paragraph transitions follow. - Paragraph transitions the message. are logical and - Paragraph transitions need improvement. - Paragraphs are maintain the flow of are present. - Conclusion is disjointed and lack thought throughout the - Conclusion is missing. transition of thoughts. paper. logical. - Conclusion...

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The 5 Paragraph Essay Format

statementBody (paragraphs 2, 3, etc.)A. Develops, expands, and/or supports the thesis statementB. Includes a topic sentence for each paragraphC. Includes supporting details which reinforce the topic sentence.Concluding paragraphA. Restates the thesis or sums up the argument.B. Tells the reader what you think is important to remember. (Often, this is a personal response).C. Never introduces new information in the conclusion. Extend your thinking on something from the essay. The 5 Paragraph Essay Format...

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Wala Po Xenxa Na

used, make it brief and centered in one page. No heading is necessary. 6. Abstract. This is a brief and concise descriptive summary of study containing the statement of the problem, methodology, major findings and conclusions. The first paragraph must be single-spaced. It must contain the candidate’s name as it appears on the title page, but with the last name first, the abbreviation of the degree, the date (last month of the semester in which the student completes the degree), title of the...

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Magic Words

Magic Words “Magic Words” -Magnetic Words Which Draw Attention to your Announcement! Some words in a combination with one another, involve the reader in the text of your announcement . For example You — Exclusive — Free — the Master — the Power — Force — Opening — is easy — Love — Money — New — Scientific — Proved — Checked up — Reliable — Results — Improbable — Open — Break — the Secret — Private — Intimate — Cash — Shocking — Shaking —— Found out — Opened — Hidden —— Benefits — Inside...

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Theme: Writing and Essay

thesis in the introductory paragraph and ends with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the main points or restates the thesis of the essay. The body of the essay contains paragraphs that support the essay’s thesis. The essay consistently follows one or an appropriate combination of the four major organizational plans (chronological order, spatial order, logical order, order of importance). Transitions are well placed and make meaningful connections between ideas and paragraphs. The essay identifies...

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APA Template

 Title of Your Essay Your Name Course Number & Title Instructor's Name Month Day, Year Title of Your Essay Start the first paragraph here. It should introduce your reader to the subject you are writing about, as well as your particular position or claim. Before you can create your first paragraph, consider these “pre-writing” tips. You can use this template to help you format your paper. For longer papers, include sub-headings or levels of heading. The writing process Spend time planning...

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How to Write the Topic Sentence

often incorrectly defined as the first sentences in a paragraph. Topic sentences, in fact, can be situated as the second or third sentence. Topic sentence is about introducing the main idea of a paragraph, not about chronology. It should discuss an idea only in generic terms without providing too many details. How to Write Supporting Sentences Supporting sentences are also called detail sentences and they constitute the body of the paragraph. They, naturally, provide support to the statement or...

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Reflective Essay in Wr 75

my paper to be cohesive and organized. Using my Cause and Effect Essay, I will explain how I met outcomes one, two, and three. At the paragraph level, my cause and effect essay exhibits control of an array of organizational strategies by writing about one specific subject and keeping only information relevant to my thesis, and organizing it making the paragraphs transition smoothly. Demonstrating understanding of essay structure in my cause and effect essay was reached by creating and following...

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