• College Choose Me
    “Major in Agribusiness. Own my own stable.” This has undoubtedly been my dream since I can remember. I’ve always known that horses would be a major part of my life, and more importantly the career path I would follow. With a degree in Agribusiness, this will allow me to have the freedom, kn
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  • Factors in Which Students Choose a College
    Factors that should be considered when selecting a college One of the most important decisions facing students wanting higher education is selecting a college. Selecting a college is a systematic process involving critical factors where some factors out weigh others. When making big
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  • College Essay: If You Could Meet Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why - Pol
    College Essay: If You Could Meet Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why - Polonius of Hamlet Polonius, father of Laertes, in William Shakespear's Hamlet, strikes me as someone exceptional. In the first act, he gives advice to his son who is departing on a journey. Polonius's advice guides me in alm
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  • College Fraternities
    College Fraternities College fraternities have always struck me as being an organization of guys who spend their time drinking beer and having their "social gatherings" (parties). Just moving to Austin recently (which is by no doubt a "college city") has made me want to know more about t
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  • College Fraternities
    College Fraternities A fraternity, as defined by the The American Heritage Dictionary is "a chiefly social organization of male college students, usually designated by Greek letters."(pg. 523) This definition, however, is very limited and leaves plenty of space for short sighted people to believ
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  • Personal Writing: College
    Personal Writing: College In life people have to make choices, in my life I have had to make many, many choices. I think that my biggest decision or choice would be my application and move to college. This would be considered the biggest decision I have had to make in my life so far. When your
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  • Highschool vs College
    "Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes." Johann Von Goethe wrote the previous quote. He was trying to emphasize that everything in life brings about change. Attending high school and college is a decision that brings about consistency as well as change. Even t
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  • College Hazing
    Hazing in universities across the nation has become an increasingly dangerous ritual that is seemingly becoming more difficult to put an end to due to its development into an "underground" activity. Though a regular activity in the seventies, hazing, a possible dangerous act of initiation to a grou
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  • Argumentative Essay About College
    Dear Ben,<br><br>Hey Ben! I was talking with Sean yesterday when he told me the news, you're planning to delay college. This came as a shock to me when I heard it. By not attending college, you may get a year's rest and a chance to think your decisions through, but if you ever do decide to attend co
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  • College Student
    Throughout life people are faced with a variety of hurdles. How they choose to overcome these hurdles determines whether they become successful or not, it would be nice if there was an instruction manual to tell one how to be successful, how to overcome these hurdles. One of the most difficult hurdl
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  • Electoral College
    THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE- IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON The next President of the United States, the successor to William Jefferson Clinton and man who will lead America as the first President of the new millennium is George W. Bush, the Republican governor of Texas, the son of a former President. Or it's
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  • The Establishment of the Electoral College
    The Electoral College is the system established by the Founding Fathers to select the President of the United States. It is important that Americans have a fundamental knowledge of this system, and the obstacles overcame in its development. There were many obstacles faced by the Founding Fathers whi
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  • Key Prepartions for College Life
    In today's society it is important to receive a college education to join the workforce. However, the transition from high school to college can be a very intimidating experience for many students. To make the college transition less frightening, students can take several precautions while still in
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  • Electoral College
    Electoral College The Electoral College is not important in choosing the president of the United States. I agree with this because it should matter what the voters say, this is a democracy and it should be the people's final choice, and if the Electoral College changes the voters' choice then they
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  • The Origin of Electoral College
    In the United States of America, the presidential election takes place every four years, on the first Tuesday of November [1]. Most people believe they are directly voting for the presidential candidate, and the person with the most popular votes will win the election. However, instead of voting f
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  • College Admissions
    After twelve years of school, college is the last place to go until I'm finally out in the real world. No one knows what the future has in store for them, they can only try as hard as they can to make it what they want it to be. From as far back as I could remember I've always wanted to be a nurse
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  • Why Should I Attend College
    Why I Wish to Attend College I have always been the type of person who has a tremendous amount of desire to achieve. I want to be somebody. I want to make a difference in my community. As a result I set four major goals for myself during my junior year in high school. The first of these goals is
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  • Electoral College
    The framer's intent of setting up the American Government will never be know for sure, but it is gathered that they preferred a republic over a democracy. In the constitutional convention the drafters had to decide how much power they would entrust with the people of the United States, and how mu
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  • College Essay
    Accomplishments for my college years My name is NAME. I am Age and I live in WHERE YOU LIVE in fact I have lived here all my life. I am currently attending SCHOOL NAME, which has helped prepare me for my future at a college or university level. I began working with children and youth at a ve
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  • College Sports Gambling
    With all of the controversy of gambling in college sports, why is the issue still an issue? The answer is money. There were actions taken towards this by Congress, but the problem is that it was never completely abolished. Congress had made the mistake of creating a way around it. It is now c
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