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Clean Brooks Irony As A Principle Of Structure

"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" has with justice been considered an archetypal Hemingway story, morally and aesthetically central to the Hemingway canon. But its crystalline structure and sparse diction have led many critics to judge the story itself a simple one, either about nothingness, "a little nada story," or about the author's positive values, a story "lyric rather than dramatic." I would like to suggest that it is in neither sense simple, but that the feelings and ideas which lie behind it...

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Karen Spears Professor Welch ENGL 2604 20 October 2009 Robert Frost’s West Running Brook: A Couple’s Convoluted Conversation In West Running Brook, Robert Frost utilizes the metaphor of the brook, repetitive syntax, mysterious diction and contrasting imagery to emphasize the importance of effective communication between the sexes, the subordination of a woman by her husband, and the futility of fighting against the natural flow of existence. The conversation between Fred and his wife illustrates...

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Pointless Violence Under a Veil of Tradition in “the Lottery”: a Discovery Via the Tools of Irony and Symbolism Within the Framework of Formalism

Pointless Violence Under a Veil of Tradition in “The Lottery”: A Discovery Via the Tools of Irony and Symbolism Within the Framework of Formalism The approach to literary criticism known as Formalism focuses on the literary text itself as the source for meaning, and deems the text as the only context a critic should turn to for research. It is a style of criticism that places emphasis on the literary tools and techniques in a text, apart from a text’s or authors historical context. The key to...

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ANALYSIS OF VERBAL IRONY AS FOUND IN MADE OF HONOR” written by Desti Angraini student’s number A1B208047, has been corrected and approved to be examined in front of the board of examiners. Jambi, March 13 First Supervisor Yulhenli Thabran, S.S.,M.A.,. NIP 19720703 199802 1 002 Jambi, March 2013 Second Supervisor Melati, S.Pd, MCC. NIP 19820921 200501 2 001 LETTER OF RATIFICATION This thesis entitled “ANALYSIS OF VERBAL IRONY AS FOUND IN MADE...

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Basic Accounting Principles and Business Structure

Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Danny Silvio ACC/537 10/10/11 Professor Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Generally Accepted Accounting Principles The sources of accounting principles and the framework for selecting the principles to be used in the preparation of financial statements are prepared by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). The standard categorizes the major sources of GAAP as being FASB Standards, Interpretations...

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A Report on the Link Between Management Principles, Functions and Organisation Structure


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Irony Matt looked on as Mr Lensher was handcuffed by the police. The wrinkles on his face were suddenly so detailed that Matt suspected if he had made the right decision. Aged sixty, a sentence for theft would have caused to die in jail. Ironically, Matt could remember the exact same words Mr Lensher once told him, "No matter how old or young a person is, or whatever reason he has for committing a crime, if he breaks the law, he deserves to be punished. " It was these exact words that made Matt...

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Deviation in Bronzeville: Gwendolyn Brooks

Deviation in Bronzeville: Gwendolyn Brooks In life, many individuals grow accustomed to taking care of the necessities, such as cooking dinner, doing laundry, and taking care of our family. These tasks become repetitious; life becomes a routine. Other priorities such as dreaming, praying, or simply living life tend to be excluded and some individuals contemplate making room for other activities. While there are many details alongside the bigger picture, Gwendolyn Brooks’s focuses on the messages...

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Authors of short stories use elements of style to make their stories interesting. There are many elements of style used by authors. Irony and theme are often used in short stories. This is clearly shown in O. Henry’s short stories such as: “The Gift of the Magi,” “The Lickpenny Lover,” “The Midsummer Knights Dream,” “The Cop and the Anthem,” and “Ships.” The short stories of O. Henry use the element of theme to bring about ironic endings. In “The Gift of the Magi” there are elements of theme throughout...

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Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks Writing with uncommon strength, Gwendolyn Brooks creates haunting images of black America, and their struggle in escaping the scathing hatred of many white Americans. Her stories, such as in the "Ballad of Rudolph Reed", portray courage and perseverance. In those like "The Boy Died in My Alley" Brooks portrays both the weakness of black America and the unfortunate lack of care spawned from oppression. In "The Ballad of Chocolate Mabbie" Brooks unveils another aspect of her...

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Gwendolyn Brooks

2014 Gwendolyn Brooks According to the National book of Sciences “The socioeconomic stratification that patterns American life, and differences in life for the major racial/ethnic groups is assumed to be the root cause of the difference social statuses that lead lives to differ in almost all aspects---Childhood circumstances, educational experiences, work careers, marriage and family experiences, leisure, neighborhood conditions, and health care” (Anderson 9). Gwendolyn Brooks is well-known for...

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Malaika Brooks

always be the deciding entity; which is the dilemma in the case of Malaika Brooks v. Seattle. State legislature in Seattle Washington requires that all motorists must sign any given citations. On November 23, 2004 Ms. Brooks, a seven month pregnant woman, was dropping off her 11-year-old to school when she broke the 20 mph speed limit in a school zone at an excess of 32 mph. Upon being stopped by the officer, Ms. Brooks’ mechanism of defense was automatic, however she followed routine protocol...

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Irony in Macbeth

Dramatic Irony is the result of information being shared with the audience but withheld from one or more of the characters. Example: In Act 1 Scene 4, line 50 , the witches hail Macbeth, “thane of Cawdor!” Dramatic irony: At this point, Macbeth is unaware that the king has conferred this honor upon him because of his valor in battle, so he attributes his fortune to the witches’ prophecy. However, the audience knows Duncan made the pronouncement in Act 1, Scene 3. Purpose: This dramatic irony is to...

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Structuring the Research Paper Formal Research Structure For emphasis, the primary purposes for formal research are repeated here: • find and understand raw data and information • enter the discourse, or conversation, of other writers and scholars in your field • learn how others in your field use primary and secondary resources For the formal or primary academic research assignment, where you will take your place in the scholarly conversation, consider an organizational pattern typically used...

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Enticing Irony

Enticing Irony For thousands of years, writers have been using irony to enrich an audience’s enjoyment and understanding of literature. The use of this literary device has become so common because its consequences have proven to be positive, often making the literary piece more interesting to read. Irony can be defined as a contrast between one’s actions and statements from what one really means. Simply put, it is a means of revealing something indirectly or obliquely. Specifically in plays, in...

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BTECH: ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY STRUCTURES IV STRUCTURES Figure 1 Image of a structure (Diane Nowlan, 2001) COURSE LECTURER: LAWRENCE B. OGUNSANYA DATE OF SUBMISSION: 31 JULY 2013 SUBMITTED BY: SHAMAL SINGH – 20355550 Contents 1. What is a Structure? 3 2. Existing Arches 3 3. Existing Trusses 4 4. Existing Cables 5 5. Existing Membranes 6 6. Existing Shells 7 7. Brick Failures, Remedies, Advantages & Disadvantages...

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Pro Clean

Company overview/ Statement of Problem Pro Clean LLC is an old-timer carpet cleaning business. It was owned and managed by Kevin Wilson and located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wilson had to manage almost all functions of Pro Clean daily activities. In this industry, the problems Pro Clean faced are how to stay competitive and still make above average returns with one of his main competitor the King Rug. King Rug has a resolute business structure and is able to charge its customers with high prices...

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The Principles

Assignment 2 The principles underpinning development and preparation of resources for learning and development Developing resources to meet learning and development needs Contents Chapter Page No. Explain principles underpinning resource selection for learning and development 3 Analyse factors that are important when developing and preparing resources that conform to national legislation and organisational policies 4 Evaluate the contribution of technology to...

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The Irony in "The Lottery"

The Irony in 'The Lottery' Shirley Jackson wrote the story 'The Lottery.' A lottery is typically thought of as something good because it usually involves winning something such as money or prizes. In this lottery it is not what they win but it is what is lost. Point of views, situations, and the title are all ironic to the story 'The Lottery.' The point of view in 'The Lottery' is ironic to the outcome. Jackson used third person dramatic point of view when writing 'The Lottery.' The third person...

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Cleanth Brooks's Essay Irony as a Principle of Structure

plentiful. But every quotation is also an interpretation. And it seems to the present writer that many very relevant aspects of the Marxist method have been unduly neglected, above all those which are indispensable for understanding the coherent structure of that method from the point of view Of logic as well as content. As a consequence it has become difficult, if not almost impossible, to understand the life nerve of that method, namely the dialectic. We cannot do justice to the concrete, historical...

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Irony in story of an hour

story is limited to a third-person point of view, but is not short on drama thanks to the structure and style of Chopin’s writing. Her theme of oppression is reveled by the irony of the story, in which she discovers a sense of freedom quickly after her husbands death. Chopin uses symbolism to emphasis this newly found feeling. The main character Mrs. Louise Mallard is a very easy to relate to. The structure and style that Chopin uses in The Story Of The Hour, is used to exaggerate the drama of what...

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Easy Clean Case 5.2

Case 5.2: Easy Clean Co. Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Component Evaluation- Control Environment Demonstrates Commitment to Integrity and Ethical Values Rating: 3 Present: Yes Functioning: No Internal control deficiency description: No written code of conduct or formal ethical standards No processes in place to evaluate employees ethical standards Tone at the top is minimal, with Doug and Phil appearing to have integrity, they work hard and stay late and the business is growing...

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Irony in "The Guest"

In "The Guest" Albert Camus uses irony to convey the existential theme of making what you believe to be the moral choice regardless of the consequences. This theme reflects Camus' existential philosophies, stressing free choice and responsibility for one's actions in addition to the inevitability of death. This philosophy plays a major role in the theme and structure of this story, and stresses the individual's unique position as a self determining agent responsible for the authenticity of his or...

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Irony in Richard Cory

ESSAI Volume 5 Article 13 1-1-2007 Irony in "Richard Cory" Peter Cohen essai_cohen@cod.edu Follow this and additional works at: http://dc.cod.edu/essai Recommended Citation Cohen, Peter (2007) "Irony in "Richard Cory"," ESSAI: Vol. 5, Article 13. Available at: http://dc.cod.edu/essai/vol5/iss1/13 This Selection is brought to you for free and open access by the College Publications at DigitalCommons@C.O.D.. It has been accepted for inclusion in ESSAI by an authorized administrator...

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A Simple Story of Imagery and Irony

Simple Story of Imagery and Irony "A Clean, Well Lighted Place", is a story about three men that come across one another one night in a bar. Hemingway uses a minimalistic style with symbolic imagery and verbal irony to reveal a story of three men with three views of life and despair. "Hemingway's style is famous for its simplicity-short common words, short sentences-and is said to be realistic and naturalistic" (Berryman 270). What stands out about "A Clean, Well Lighted Place" is its minimalism...

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Organization Structure

Analyse how organizational theory underpins principles and practice of organizing and management. a. Briefly introduce the various organizational theories (Scientific management, classical administration and etc) b. Analyse in details the various organizational theories in terms of its principles and practice. ( Analysis: 1.Explain what they are, 2.describe their characteristics and under what circumstances each of them may be useful and 3.evaluate their strengths and weaknesses) ...

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Minto Principle

WHAT IS THE PYRAMID PRINCIPLE? DESCRIPTION Barbara Minto's Pyramid Principle is a hierarchically structured thinking and communication technique that can be used to precede good structured writing. The Minto Pyramid Principle assumes that you already know how to write good sentences and paragraphs. It concentrates instead on the thinking process that should precede the writing.   The core of Minto's thinking method is to group Ideas in a presenter's thought process into small clusters that support...

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The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks

The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks There are a good number of issues in the world that stand unsolved. The debates on some of them are on for ever and ever but a feasible solution has never risen in the horizon. The most prominent among these perennial issues is abortion. It is a topic that has been subjected to serious debate across all the parts of the world. However, so far we have arrived at a convincing answer to believe abortion to be secure and justified or as a heinous crime of the humanity...

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Brooks Analysis

Sarah Newcomb Intro to Literature 11/22/10 "The Mother" Gwendolyn Brooks' poem, "The Mother" is an introspective look into the internal struggle of a woman who has had an abortion. The poem is very powerful and conveys a vast array of feelings and sentiments on the subject such as regret, love, and disappointment in one's self. The poem is largely successful due to it's tone, which is achieved through the personification and choice of diction. To begin with, lines one and two state the...

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Gwendolyn Brooks

Brooks, Gwendolyn (Elizabeth) Brooks, Gwendolyn (Elizabeth) From "Encyclopedia of African-American Writing" Poet—this one word describes every cell of Gwendolyn Brooks's being. It was always poetry—from her Chicago childhood to her 1950 Pulitzer Prize to her awakening social consciousness to her Illinois Poet Laureate status and through all the other honors and awards. It was always poetry—and few writers besides Brooks can speak volumes with so few words. Gwendolyn Brooks, Pulitzer Prize...

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Compare & Contrast an Organisations Structure, Culture & Management

happen, there are various basic principles that apply for organisations and management. In order to compare and contrast these principles, we must first identify their different types of culture, structure and management styles. The following charts represent two different companies Figure 1: Chelsea Football Club Ltd. [pic] Figure2: Atlas Converting Ltd. [pic] Organisational Structure & Culture Due to the differentials...

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Principles of Design

Introduction Design principles are used in architecture to organize or arrange structures to create a successful building or environment. Institutions teach different sets of principles regarding architectural design, but all of them have the same goals in mind: to create structures that are visually attractive, user-friendly and environment-friendly. While in the past architects used to mainly focus on functionality and aesthetics. User-friendliness of designs, an aspect which was established...

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Garth Brooks

2012 Professor Sprinkle Garth Brooks Garth Brooks is a known legend in country music. For years people have been listening to his music and loving his personality. Garth was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 7th, 1962 and now resides in a town outside of Tulsa called Owasso. Garth’s success led him to own homes in Malibu, California Port St. Lucia, Florida and Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Garth Brooks is the son of Troyal Brooks and Colleen Carroll. This each...

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ROLE OF IRONIES IN OEDIPUS REX Oedipus Rex is one of the best tragedies. According to Aristotle, a tragedy must be an imitation of life in the form of a serious story that is complete in itself; in other words, the story must be realistic and narrow in focus. A good tragedy will evoke pity and fear in its viewers. Irony: Irony is a figure of speech in which words are used in such a way that their intended meaning is different from the actual meaning of the words. In Oedipus Rex, ironies play a vital...

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Being Clean

it should be removed; and when we remember that this dirt may consist of irritating particles of minerals in the form of dust, or of poisonous chemicals, and, more fatally, of disease germs, we shall be greatly impressed with the necessity of being clean. Cleanliness is the absence of dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells and garbage. Cleanliness includes criteria such as health and beauty. The term Cleanliness derives from the meaning absence of odor, avoidance of and to avoid the spreading of...

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dramatic irony in doll's house

DRAMATIC IRONY IN A DOLL’S HOUSE Dramatic irony usually refers to a situation in a play wherein a character’s knowledge is limited, and he or she encounters something of greater significance than he or she knows. Throughout the play, most of the dramatic irony displayed is between Nora and Helmer, with Helmer being the character whose knowledge is limited. Dramatic irony is a device commonly and frequently used by playwrights. Irony arises from a contrast between appearance and reality between...

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Mel Brooks

Biography [edit] Early life Born Melvin Kaminsky in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., to Polish-Jewish parents Maximillian Kaminsky and Kate "Kittie" Brookman. Brooks' grandfather, Abraham Kaminsky, was a herring dealer who immigrated in 1893. He and his wife Bertha raised their ten children on Henry Street on the Lower East Side of New York City. His father died of kidney disease at age 34. A year later, in 1930, Kittie Kaminsky and her sons Irving, Leonard, Bernard and Melvin were living at 365...

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Organizational Structure

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organizational structure refers to the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met. When a work group is very small and face-to-face communication is frequent, formal structure may be unnecessary, but in a larger organization decisions have to be made about the delegation of various tasks. Thus, procedures are established that assign responsibilities for various functions. It is these decisions that determine...

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Herb Brooks

Peer Ministry Herb Brooks Herb Brooks is one of the most admired hockey coaches of all time. He is most known for his leadership as the coach of the 1980 United States hockey team that won the gold medal at the Lake Placid Olympics. Herb himself was a hockey player from St. Paul Minnesota. He was the last person cut from the 1960 U.S. Olympic team that won the gold medal. Getting cut from that team motivated Herb and he played on the national team a record eight times including the 1964...

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Irony of Macbeth, and Antigone

will make us mad. 1. Act 1 Scene 4, line 50; the witches hail Macbeth, “thane of Cawdor!” Dramatic irony: At this point, Macbeth is unaware that the king has conferred this honor upon him because of his valor in battle, so he attributes his fortune to the witches’ prophecy. However, the audience knows Duncan made the pronouncement in Act 1, Scene 3. (David Schlachter) Purpose: This dramatic irony is to show Macbeth’s belief that the witches speak the truth and are responsible for his success. This...

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Romantic Irony Depend

reflection of nature, actual or improved; the mirror held up to nature becomes transparent and yields the reader insights into the mind and heart of the poet himself. There is also a fourth procedure the objective orientation, which on principle regards the work of art in isolation from all these external points of reference. The objective orientation was just beginning to emerge in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The aim to consider a poem as Poe expressed it,...

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David Brooks -One Nation Slight Divisible

 David Brooks began his essay “One Nation, Slightly Divisible” by dividing America into two sections: “Red America”, the republicans, and “Blue America”, the democrats. Brooks discussed the differences between the two groups. He described how “Red America” was made up of farmers and rural communities, while “Blue America” consisted of big cities with many stores and businesses. As Brooks looked at the red and blue sections of the electoral map, he was interested in the...

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Oxford brooks research and analysis project

OXFORD BROOKS UNIVERSITY B Sc HONOURS IN APPLIED ACCOUNTING RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS PROJECT. Prepared by MD Ahsan Habib Reg: 1699001 1 Contents: 1.1 Executives summery 2 Introduction 2.1 Reason behind the choosing this topic area: The topic on assessing and evaluating the corporate governance on a particular company. Recently corporate governance issue for the global business in raising on focus like on print and electronic media, the press and regulatory authority most specifically after...

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Precautionary Principle

of applying the precautionary principle must be open, informed and democratic and must include potentially affected parties. It must also involve an examination of the full range of alternatives, including no action.”- Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle, Jan. 1998. The principle applies to the environment and human health. As humans we are responsible to protect and restore the global ecosystems in which life is depends on. The precautionary principle helps us determine if we need...

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The Significance of Irony

Significance of Irony Irony is a rhetorical device used to illustrate a discordant situation or verbalization in which the outcome is opposite of what was expected. As a result, this writing technique often introduces humor into the storyline, depending on the tone of the story. This element of indirectness is partly what makes poetry so interesting. Poetry’s lack of simplicity forces the reader to think independently, therefore creating numerous possible interpretations. The techniques of irony used in...

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Starbucks Structure

Starbuck’s Structure MGT 330 Jerry Simpson August 20, 2012 We all live in a world or businesses and organizations. Our day to day lives are dependent on large public organizations, small businesses, well-known private companies or even voluntary groups. The ways these organizations are structured varies a lot and even in the same business categories companies/organizations differ a lot. initially started in 1971 as a very small structure, run by three partners in a small shop...

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The Power of Irony in "The Death of a Salesman"

English 102 Professor: Jeff Ousborne 04/05/2013 The Power of Irony on “The Death of a Salesman” Authors use irony in literature in order to give double meanings and make it more interesting to the reader. In the play “ The Death of a Salesman” Arthur Miller uses irony as a strong writing technique in order to express the character's behavior. In “The Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller moments of situational and dramatic irony helps to illustrate the story's theme in which Willy is a man...

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Conservation Principles

Major Concepts of Conservational model Goal of the model is to promote adaptation and maintain wholeness using the principles of conservation Model guides the nurse to focus on the influences and responses at the organismic level Nurse accomplishes the goal of model through the conservation of energy, structure and personal and social integrity Adaptation Every individual has a unique range of adaptive responses The responses will vary by heredity, age, gender or challenges...

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Principles of Management

observing workers complete tasks through a method he devised called scientific management. Taylor developed a set of principles of management from his studies, one of which he argued should be the division of work between manger and workers. He believed that if managers apply scientific management to planning the tasks of workers, they would actually perform the work assigned. Another principle was scientifically selecting, training and developing a worker to do the job to which he is best suited. Cooperation...

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Structure of Dna

store all the information that the body inbeds such as how one looks and functions. This paper will first describe the structure of DNA; second discuss how the structure of DNA allows it to serve as the basis for inheritance, third examine how meiosis allows DNA to be divided into gametes and finally, describe how this relates to Gregor Mendel’s patterns of inheritance. The structure of DNA DNA is a thread formed by two strands, related together to form a Double Helix. The Double Helix looks like...

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The Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King

The Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King Before taking a closer look on the identity of the protagonist and murderer, and having in mind that Oedipus the King is a very spacious and difficult to analyze play, including opportunities for discussion on quite a few topics, I have chosen to briefly focus on the dramatic irony used by Sophocles to disclose the characters’ identity throughout the play. In general, irony is a very common technique used in every drama work and it is usually used by the...

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Irony in Kate Chopin

ENGL 1302-021 2 March 2014 Irony in Kate Chopin's "The Storm" and "Désirée's Baby" Kate Chopin's stories characteristically end or contain an ironic twist. Chopin uses irony to create excitement and suspense and to also provide a deeper meaning to her story. Irony can create different parallels to a story that would otherwise be one dimensional. Kate Chopin uses irony in "The Storm" and "Désirée's Baby" effectively creating beautiful and complex stories. "The Storm" contains both dramatic...

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Caskofamontillado Irony

 The Use of Irony in “The Cask of Amontillado” In Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado,” Poe uses various types of irony to develop his theme of revenge as tool of justice. Poe’s use of irony deals the audience a vast knowledge of the story’s conclusion, and gives the narrative a dark humor that was signature of his work. In this story of an unreliable narrator in the first-person point of view, the dark humor and irony makes this tale of cold-blooded murder interesting and entertaining to...

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Irony Essay

Irony Essay In the timeless tragedy Oedipus the King, Sophocles implements masterful irony in the forms of dramatic, verbal, and situational ironies, which are essential contributions to the theme of the limitations of a man’s potential caused by fate. The dramatic end of Oedipus raised a crucial question of the extent of a man’s impact on society in the minds of the Chorus, “Luckless Oedipus, whom of all men I envy not at all” (1378). The reason that this question is elevated into the minds of...

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Principle of Chemistry

R. (2012). Chemistry & chemical reactivity (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole. Method of Assessment No. Method of Assessment 1. Coursework a) Test 1 & 2 (15% each) b) Experiment (20%) 2. Final Examination Grand total Total 50% 50% 100% Chapter Scopes FHSC1114 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHAPTER 1 Principle of Chemistry Relative Atomic Masses of atoms & molecules Mass number & atomic number Atomic structure (neutrons, protons & electrons) Mole concept & conversion Avogadro’s concept...

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Organizational Structure

will be looking at the organizational structure of Lime Jamaica (Montego Bay Head Office). Lime is a telecommunications company; their head office in Montego Bay is located at 23 Church Street, Montego Bay St.James. Lime is a public limited company. It is owned by Phil Bently. Lime specializes in phone and internet industry. Organizational structure is very important to a business because it is the framework of the business. Without an organizational structure there would be no order in the business...

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Organisational Structure

Organizational Structure An organization is a social unit of people, systematically structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis. All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between functions and positions, and subdivides and delegates roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out defined tasks. Therefore, in order to better manage the large amount of resources and assets organizations need to be in some sort of...

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The Necklace Irony

2012 Enc 1102 The Irony In "The Necklace", by Guy De Maupassant As I worked on my pervious paper, I questioned myself if there was a literary term and if there was which one over powered the story. As I began research for this essay and typed in "The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant" in the Google toolbar, I saw the word irony and quickly came up with the question as to, where is the irony in the story "The Necklace"? To my surprise, this story surrounds itself with irony being found in the smallest...

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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure Organizational structure plays an important role in day-to-day functions of an organization. The delegation of authority, work specialization, and employee reporting framework are some of the elements that help determine what the organizational structure should be. An efficient structure will facilitate decision making and smooth the span of control or scope managers have over operations. The first and most common structure type that managers would choose...

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Leeches: Principles Leech Study

Bio: Ecological Principles Leech Study It is a most maligned animal, the leech. So it’s only fitting that we continue our animal studies by discovering the wonder of an often-misunderstood primitive animal. This is a two part investigation. Just see to it that both are done to the best of your ability. Getting to know our friend the leech. 1. You and your partner get yourself a leech, a shallow dish, and a magnifier. Search through books, and the articles provided...

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