• classroom observation
    Classroom Observation Report I observed a general education kindergarten class at Monte Vista Elementary school in the Albuquerque public school district in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The setup of the classroom had four round tables with six seats for the capacity of 24 students in total....
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  • classroom observation
    Running head: CLASSROOM OBSERVATION Classroom Observation University of Phoenix EDU 301 – Foundations of Education Classroom Observation On September 21, 2009, I observed Mrs. Cristy Cochrane’s first grade classroom. Mrs. Cochrane is a 25 year veteran...
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  • level of competencies of elementary school heads
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction A school head is the most senior teacher and leader of a school, responsible for education of all pupils, management of staff and all policy- making. School heads are the most senior teachers and leaders of primary and secondary schools....
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  • Elementary School Teachers
    Elementary school teachers work in public and private schools. They instruct children in grades kindergarten through fifth. They usually teach one class of about 25 children. Younger elementary children study subjects such as writing, reading, and counting. Older elementary children learn history, m
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  • The William D Kelley Elementary School
    Mission Statement: To promote a positive and successful educational learning environment where students can become thinkers/doers/ and excel. Also to plan and facilitate activities/special events that would further promote a positive student and staff morale. Furthermore through positive rewards and
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  • Elementary School Teaching
    Top Ten Reasons for Becoming an Elementary School Teacher Being an elementary school teacher is a highly rewarding profession. Building the academic foundation of young minds can be challenging, but is incredibly worthwhile. If you are considering becoming an elementary school teacher, here are
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  • Elementary School Teacher
    I am an outgoing, fun, creative, person who loves working with kids. I can speak in front of people, and I work well with others. I have a passion for positively influencing young ones, and helping others. Some of my values include the education of myself and others, creativity, and helping others.
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  • Volunteer in a Elementary School
    Mildred Rivas 11-29-2010 Social Justice Volunteering in an elementary school Volunteering is a fulfilling experience. Many people do not take the opportunity to volunteer in their children’s school for a variety of reasons. In fact, volunteering at your child school give you a lot of opp
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  • Elementary School Teachers' Working C
    Elementary School Teachers' Working Comfort while Using Computers in School and at Home Inger M. Williams, Ph. D. Cergos Consultant in Computer Ergonomics for Offices and Schools Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester, NY This survey of Oregon’s elementary
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  • The Lifestyle of the Retired Public Elementary School Teachers and Administrators in Valenzuela City
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Careers and life cycle have been he focus of various theories and studies for quite a number of years. Most people assumed that careers involve working in an organization; then an individual will try to move up in an organizational ladder, ac
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  • Elementary School Teachers
    The role of an elementary school teacher is to supply the young and innocent minds of our future generation with the ideas and education they will need to be successful. Many do not realize the level of complexity that goes along with such responsibility. Teachers can greatly impact a student’s th
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  • Technology in Elementary School
    Redie Testa English 111 October 26, 2011 Technology in Elementary Schools Computes should not be in elementary schools at the earliest grade levels. Many schools may not have the funds to have luxuries such as computers for each student. While comput
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  • Elementary School Teachers’ Attitude Towards Inclusive Education in Kerala
    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS’ ATTITUDE TOWARDS INCLUSIVE EDUCATION IN KERALA Dr. Santhosh Kumar Vallikkat Principal Farook B.Ed College ,Kottakkal Malappuram, Kerala Abstract Attitudes about inclusion are extremely complex and vary from teacher to teacher and school to school. This a
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  • Teaching Science in Elementary School
    As a young child I was always the curious one, who would throw the cats off the garage, just to see if they would land on their feet, or make a chemistry lab in my grandmother’s bathroom with her perfumes and any random liquid that was in arms reach. This curiosity of science as a young child enc
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  • Rhetorical Analysis on "An Elementary School in Slum
    The poem “An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum” by Stephen Spender, begins with a stanza depicting the worrying condition of the students in elementary school. As the poem extends further, Spender points out the corruptions in the Government and accuses it for paying little attention to chil
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  • Elementary School and Middle School
    Elementary School and Middle School ENG 121 Prof. Melody Debonnel September 2012 Elementary School and Middle School Transitioning from elementary school to middle school is something we all have or had to do! Most kids cringe at the thought of making this huge step in life. For many stude
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  • A Case Study on the Impact of Reading Remediation Instruction to the Non-Reader Pupils of Sun Valley Elementary School:
    A CASE STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF READING REMEDIATION INSTRUCTION TO THE NON-READER PUPILS OF SUN VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: AN ASSESSMENT A Research Paper submitted to the College of Education, De La Salle University Dasmarinas, Cavite In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Issues
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  • Peers in Relation to the Academic Performance of Grade Vi Pupils of Mananao Elementary School
    NAME: ____________________________GRADE & SECTION: _________________ SCHOOL: _____________________________________________________________ PEERS IN RELATION TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF GRADE VI PUPILS OF MANANAO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL | Strongly Agree | Agree | Disagree | Strongly Disag
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  • Research on the Expectations of Elemantary School Teachers and Elementary School’s Graduate Students About Get Pre-School Education Starts at Elementary School Students in 1st Class, Graduate Thesis, Ankara, 2010.
    ABSTRACT Research On The Expectations Of Elemantary School Teachers and Elementary School’s Graduate Students About Get Pre-School Education Starts at Elementary School Students in 1st Class, Graduate Thesis, Ankara,Tr, 2010. Müzeyyen Akyüz. muzeyyenakyuz@hotmail.com The purpose of this stu
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  • E-Learning for Apolinario Mabnini Elementary School
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study In our present life, education has evolved like any other technologies. It became more exciting with the use of e-Learning. According to e-Learning Consulting (2012), e-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhe
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