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Chinn Kramer

Any parents thinking of divorce should be court-ordered to watch "Kramer vs. Kramer." If there is even a slight chance of compromise after seeing it, they will stay together rather than inflict their separation upon their children. Everyone should see Kramer vs. Kramer, including parents and children of broken families. I first viewed the movie only a short time ago and I was blown away at how pertinent it still is to today’s culture. This is an account of a man who falls in love with his son...

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Kramer vs Kramer

KRAMER VS. KRAMER KRAMER VS. KRAMER is a film everyone should see. I watched it for the first time and I was amazed at how relevant it still is (film was made in 1979). A film more than just about divorce, it's a story about a man who falls in love with his son. He realizes that their relationship is the most important thing in his life. By finding joy in fatherhood, he becomes more than just the family provider. Watching this movie made me confront my feelings. It made me feel. ...

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Kramer Versus Kramer

Kramer Versus Kramer After watching the movie Kramer Versus Kramer, I will create a brief summary and cover several aspects of communication, including hearing versus listening, nonverbal communication, and relationships. A brief overview of the film Kramer Versus Kramer starts out by the main character Ted coming home late from work and his wife Joanna tells him that she is leaving him. She leaves Billy (their son) with Ted, and goes off on her own. Ted knows next to nothing about their son...

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Kramer V Kramer

Kramer v. Kramer” In the beginning of the movie, Billy was primarily raised by his mother while his father, Ted, was apathetic towards the raising of his child. Not even aware of Billy’s grade level, Ted was seen as a workaholic with an overall permissive parenting style. He was always subject to Billy’s desires, had little punishment, and also little bonding time with Billy. For example, Ted was working on a project for work and Billy, being a kid, wanted him to play with him. Instead...

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Human & Ethical Values Questions Kramer vs Kramer Questions; 1. Why did Mrs.Kramer leave her family? 2. Describe Mr.Kramer in detail. 3. How did the relationship between Billy and Mr.Kramer change through the story? 4. Write a paragraph about what Mrs.Kramer must have done while she was away. 5. What consequences might a kid who's been abandoned by a parent face? 6. What could be the effects of a time consuming job on a family relationship? Why? 7. How did Mr...

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Runaway Jury

drama/thriller film from 2003. It was directed by Gary Fleder (Don’t Say a Word, The Express) and stars an all-star cast made up of John Cusack (The Thin Red Line, Being John Malkovich), Gene Hackman (No Way Out, The Royal Tenenbaums), Dustin Hoffman (Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man), and Rachel Weisz (Enemy at the Gate, The Constant Gardener). Runaway Jury is a film adaptation of John Grisham’s The Runaway Jury, a legal thriller written in 2001. Two years after Celeste Wood’s husband was gunned downed at his...

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Malleus Maleficarum Essay

Malleus Maleficarum Heinrich Kramer, a Dominican friar, wrote the Malleus Maleficarum in 1486. He believed witches to be “members of a vast conspiracy directed against Christian society that was allowed by God to cause immense physical and spiritual hardship” (Behringer 716). Therefore, Kramer believed the real way to rid witches was through physical eradication. The start of the manuscript came from his experience in witchcraft trials in Upper Germany. Kramer’s views on witchcraft and activities...

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Jerry Seinfeld

Costanza and Cosmo Kramer. Jerry Seinfeld, known by his own name on the program, is the central figure of the sitcom and the catalyst for almost everything that happens. He is involved in the antics revolving around Kramer, George and Elaine. On one episode George, Kramer and Jerry are spying on the naked lady across the street all day to see who can win a bet. The twist at the end of the show is when we see George and Jerry peering through the window and gasping, " Is that Kramer in her apartment...

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Analysis of a Current TV Comedy Show, Seinfeld.

character that makes him almost endearing to audiences. Jerry's neighbour Kramer, (played by Michael Richards) is most definitely one of American TV's most memorable characters. He is essentially quirky, over-the-top, inventive and in many cases, mysterious. Kramer is most memorable for the way he consistently steals the scene as he enters a room, though he has few lines and few plots are focused on his character. Kramer also has no visible means of financial support (except for Jerry's refrigerator)...

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"seinfeld" and friendship

very large part of the audience – urban professionals ages 18-34. Often referred to as “the show about nothing”, Seinfeld shows the everyday lives of Jerry, his childhood friend George Costanza, his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes and his neighbor Cosmo Kramer ( Seinfeld). Even though the theme of friendship may not seem to be the most important part on the show, giving way to such topics as employment, dating, racial and ethnic stereotypes, - the friendship of the four main characters is the base that...

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Seinfeld Analysis

Chronicles at the time and it was really a work in progress according to those who were there(Sauter, 2002). The characters were underdeveloped, the plot was all over the place and the network never expected positive feed back from the burn out slot. Kramer was named Kessler, and Elaine was not even invented yet. And as often happens in television history, there was no rhyme or reason for it to happen, but it did. The network had stumbled across a gold mine of success (Sauter, 2002). The critics...

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Puritans and Witches - Natural Enemies

of witchcraft is proof that they themselves were strong believers in witchcraft. Much of the information the Puritans had about witchcraft came from a book published in 1490. Malleus Maleficarum (translated to "The Hammer of Witches"), by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, and it was used by members of the court in the prosecution of witches during the 17th century. These authors described witches who could fly on broomsticks, change into animals, and kill or wither a person at a glance. These witches...

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Not Anything

through an episode of Seinfeld titled The Pitch, in which he discusses the idea of nothing as being a much more complex notion than just an empty experience with no actual value. They illustrate this idea with Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, and Elaine Benes, when they spend countless days doing “nothing”. The time they spend doing nothing is filled with interesting dialogue, while mostly comic, it still portrays a further importance that affects their personal thoughts and daily motives...

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The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer

The Normal Heart In the play “The Normal Heart” by Larry Kramer there were a couple of scenes that really impacted me. One of these was when Ned was taking to his brother Ben for some help for his fight against AIDS and the other was the last scene when Ned and Felix were married. Both of these scenes really show the impact of Aids on New York City. In the first scene where you meet Ben and realize he is more than anything else scared of his brother because he is gay. This was a very powerful...

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Joanna’s Monologue from Kramer vs. Kramer Look, during the last five years of our marriage, I was scared and I was very unhappy. And in my mind I had no other choice but to leave. At the time I left I felt that there was something terribly wrong with me. And that my son would be better off without me. I know I left my son. I know that that’s a terrible thing to do. Believe me I have to live with that every day of my life. But in order to leave him, I had to believe that it was the only thing I...

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Little Brother Is Watching

Brandon Lehmann March 8th, 2012 English 98 Section 1178 Little Brother is Watching In “Little Brother is Watching” Eric Gall talks about the positive and negative effects of the website YouTube. He starts off by talking about Michael Richards, Kramer from the sitcom Seinfeld, and how he was filmed when he had a racial meltdown towards an audience member which was uploaded to YouTube for the world to see. Students upload videos of their teachers “losing it” in class and also uploading it to YouTube...

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Ben and Jerrys

eliminating the underlying causes of environmental and social problems. (Ben and Jerry’s) However, Ben and Jerry’s has a business leadership challenge of prioritizing the social issues that the foundation supports. As Michael Porter and Mark Kramer wrote in Strategy and Society, No business can solve all of society’s problems or bear the cost of doing so. Instead, each company must select issues that interest with its particular business. Social issues affecting a company fall into three categories...

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Soup Nazi

generally supposed to be some what submissive to the desires of the customer. The "Soup Nazi", as he is called, makes the customer feel privileged to be receiving his soup and as if they were doing him a service, and not the other way around. Kramer, who is the only one that the "Soup Nazi" seems to speak openly too, understands him, and states that the "Soup Nazi" is a slave to his soup, the "Soup Nazi" agrees saying, "How can I expect anything less from my customers?" As far as prescriptive...

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............................... Spectacular Happiness is a novel written by Dr. Peter D. Kramer, which attempts to describe what constitutes the good life. The story is about a loving husband and devoted father whose wife takes their son and deserts him in search for a more conventional life. The story has received rave reviews from many critics within the media such as Amy Hempel, author of Tumble Home who states that "The grace, restraint, and precision of Peter Kramer's writing amplify the...

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Edith Kramer: Art As Therapy

E D I T H   K R A M E R :   A r t   a s   T h e r a p y                                                                                       1        EDITH KRAMER: Art as Therapy  Carolyn T. Tongco  World Education University        Author Note  Carolyn T. Tongco, Expressive Arts Therapy, World Education University  Carolyn T. Tongco is a student in Expressive Arts Therapy Course at World Education University.  She is also an Expressive Arts Meditation Facilitator at Artist Madhouse  ...

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Kramer Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Harvard Case Study Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. By: Derek A. Newton Management “Honors” 3300 Section EMWA Professor Walsh Kris Bonilla Daniella DiBenedetto Fact Sheet: * Company name: Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. * Major manufacturer of prescription drugs. * Sales force of over 500 detailers * Detailers responsible for about 200 accounts * 35 District managers * Detailer: Bob Marsh * Worked for Kramer Pharmaceuticals for 12 years * Territory...

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Kramer Pharmaceuticals Inc

Facts: Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a major manufacturer of prescription drugs for the medical and dental professions. It had a sales force of over 500 detailers, whose primary responsibility was calling regularly on hospital personnel, doctors, and dentists to describe the product line and to persuade these medical personnel to use and prescribe Kramer drugs. After having worked at Kramer for 12 years, Bob Marsh, a detailer of the company, was fired for unsatisfactory performance, poor attitude...

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Knowing and Knowledge

sometimes-subtle social and political ramifications influencing his or her practice and patient care. The nurse must first recognize that something is wrong, and then have the courage to meet the challenge to attempt to change the status quo (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). Hegemony is the ability of a certain group or dominant class to influence or control another population or group and influence them to accept their view. The hospital environment and relationships within them can be considered hegemonic...

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Lean Kramer Sports

Kramer Sports Case Study Overview of case As a result of Kramer Sports’ struggle to keep up with demand, decreasing profits, and fierce competition, the CEO, Tim Wilcox, decided to change the organization’s production environment to follow the lean production method. This method had allowed other companies to reduce their inventory by at least fifty percent, cut production costs, and improve customer satisfaction, quality, and employee morale. Since the bicycle production area involved...

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jade kramer

A critical discussion of marketing to the bottom of the pyramid The bottom of the pyramid refers to the 4 billion poorest people in the world who live on less than R25 a day and refers mainly to India and Africa which have the highest levels of poverty in the world. The BOTP can’t access global markets so have to pay more for products and services. Big companies don’t view them as a viable market- infact this group actually represents the biggest market in the world if companies can offer affordable...

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Aha! That's Empirical Knowledge

“aha” moments but never knew that an actual definition existed for this experience or that this was a concept developed by Dolores Krieger, RN. Clearly, nursing is a profession that requires ethical knowledge to guide our practice as stated in Chinn & Kramer (2008) but it was not until after reading the chapter on ethical knowledge and reflecting back on a day at work, that almost caused me moral distress, that I was able to understand the chapter and my “aha” moment much clearer. In this paper...

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Florence Nightingale

with environment and that health was dependent on the proper control of the environment (Parker, 2006).   Florence Nightingale believed that the environment is the central concept of nursing with focus on warmth, odors, noise, and light (Chinn, Kramer, & Chinn, 2008).  Theory’s Historical background: In 1854 (Ellis, 2010), Florence went to serve in the Crimean War where she discovered the poor conditions of the hospital and that more soldiers were dyeing inside of the hospitals then on the...

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Framework For Praxis

nursing practice to recognize the importance of praxis (Penney & Warelow, 1999) According to Chinn and Kramer (2011) praxis may arise out of a single person or a group. Praxis arising at an individual level is based a person identifying and pondering on an issue that controls one’s capabilities and understandings, then taking the responsibility in changing the issue for themselves and others affected (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). A significant intent of praxis is the incorporating of theory and practice that...

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Roles and Ways of Knowing

knowing is based on factual knowledge that is able to be verified (Chinn & Kramer, 2008). Empirical knowing is displayed when a nurse uses accepted clinical practices to take care of a patient and the AG ACNP takes this same knowing to bassist in diagnosing a patient using evidence based practice research. The second type is ethical knowing, and it is brought about by personal self-awareness of one’s attitude and moral values (Chinn & Kramer, 2008). A nurse is using ethical knowledge by being a patient...

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Theory of Nightingale

in a certain situation. A consideration regarding the contribution of the theory to body of knowledge must be made. There have been some guidelines created to help guide the analysis of nursing theory. Some well-established criteria come from Chinn and Kramer (1998). These include clarity, simplicity, generality, empirical precision, and derivable consequences. Clarity – To be useful, a theory must be clearly understood. Each concept in a theory must be given a theoretical definition that precisely...

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Mental Health Nursing

where I can obtain accurate information, as well as facilitate a professional relationship with my patient. Empirical knowledge is also important since it is the verifiable, factual description, and explanation that EBP guidelines are based (Chinn & Kramer, 2004). As I struggle with outdated EBP guidelines is psychiatry, a new and exciting development has emerged which is challenging the future of mental health care. I am utilizing genetic testing for treatment resistant patients. Genetic testing...

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theoretical proposition in the study. Conceptual Framework  After formulating the theoretical framework, the researcher has to develop the conceptual framework of the study.  A concept is an image or symbolic representation of an abstract idea. Chinn and Kramer (1999) define a concept as a “complex mental formulation of experience”.  While the theoretical framework is the theory on which the study is based, the conceptual framework is the operationalization of the theory. Conceptual framework ...

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Nursing as a Discipline

will get even better in practicing her vocation if she is enlightened with ethical principles. Nurses are constantly reminded of the reality that mind and body are a unity while working with people who have health problems. According to Chinn and Kramer (1995) nurses do interact not only to cells, body organs, or minds, but people with all of these dynamic traits who have families and cultures, past histories and futures. All people have personal values and beliefs that have undesirable influence...

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Patterns of Knowing

aesthetic knowing. It gives us the knowledge that focuses on the art of nursing – tacit knowledge, skill and intuition. Also, there is personal knowing and this represents knowledge that focuses on self-consciousness, personal awareness and empathy. Chinn & Kramer (2008) mention an additional pattern of knowing labelled emancipatory knowing The fundamental reason for developing knowledge in nursing is for the purpose of creating expert and effective nursing practice. It is through inquiry processes for...

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The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer

The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer The capitalist system is under siege. In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies are widely perceived to be prospering at the expense of the broader community. Even worse, the more business has begun to embrace corporate responsibility, the more it has been blamed for society’s failures. The legitimacy of business has fallen to levels not seen in recent history...

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Roles and Ways of Knowing for Advanced Practicing Nurses

empirics, aesthetics, ethics and experiential. Empirical knowing is the science of knowing (Chinn & Kramer, 2011, p. 11). It uses evidence-based practices to shape the current way nurses provide care to patients. PMHNPs decision to use long acting injectable antipsychotic medications over oral medications as a way of addressing medication compliance is a way empirical knowing is used. Chinn and Kramer (2011) identify aesthetic knowing as “the art of nursing that can be expressed through the actions...

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Myra Levine Theory Critique

Theory Critique of Levine’s Conservation Model Dana Carroll Nur 600 February 24, 2013 Jacqueline Saleeby Theory Critique of Levine’s Conservation Model Introduction Myra Levine proposed a grand theory of energy conservation. Using the Chinn and Kramer Model for critique, this paper will describe the theory reviewing purpose, concepts, definitions, relationships, structure, assumptions, and rationale for selection. Then, the theory will be critically examined for clarity, simplicity, generalizability...

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Jean Watson

a middle-range theory and is based on the role of care and the influence of caring on healing. Caring is a moral ideal of nursing that involves mind, body, and soul engagement with another, which can be expressed through nursing interventions (Chinn & Kramer, 2011). Many nurses have adopted Jean Watson’s Caring Theory in their own practice. Nursing has a commitment to protect, enhance, and preserve their client’s humanity by helping them restore harmony. Caring moments should transform both the patient...

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Tradition vs. Modernity, Amy Kramer

England and India never did understand one another. (Prasad 37) Undilute East had always been too much for the West; and soulful East always came lap-dog fashion to the West, mutually asking to be not too little and not too much, but just right. (Prasad 37) The struggle of individuals caught between tradition and modernity, or between India and the west, is a very common theme in Indian literature. This struggle is evident in Nectar in a Sieve, as Rukmani often finds herself battling between...

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Importance of Teams Paper

to help one another when needed” (Chinn, 2013). Problem solving begins with the process of finding the problem. This is the most challenging stage because things are frequently not what they seem. “Committees and task forces are increasingly used to bring together people from various parts of an organization to work on common problems. But to achieve the desired results, these teams must be carefully established and well run”  (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & Kramer, pg 77). When a task force is formed...

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Kolcaba's Comfort theory : Analysis and evaluation

world of nursing and also in other health care disciplines. Level and Scope of the Comfort Theory The middle range theory has more specific focus and is more concrete than nursing theory in its level of abstraction (Alligood, 2006b, 2006d; Chinn & Kramer, 2008; Fawcett, 2005). They specify such factors as the age group of the patient, and most important the action of the nurse (Alligood, 2006c). Given this information, the comfort theory can be referred to as a middle range theory. I believe that...

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Carper's Four Ways of Knowing and Scholarliness in Nursing

nursing practice. Carper’s empirical knowing and aesthetic knowing are used as pathways leading to knowledge. Carper’s fundamental component of a personal knowledge in nursing is a continuous process of knowing one’s self. According to Chinn and Kramer (1999), “One can truly know another person through knowing the self.” Through the nurse-patient relationship, as nurses, we give all that we are able to with the relationship and use this to benefit both the nurse and the patient. Thus, both...

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NR 501 Week 2 assignment Importance of theory 1

Nursing NR:501 Theoretical Basis Advance Nursing March 2015 Within the context of theory illustrates a demanding yet creative shaping of plans, structured requirements, and prediction of a provisional, determined, and systematic sight of phenomena (Chinn, 2011). Nursing theory is a crucial function within the nursing practice. Theories afford nurses with the distinctive facets that are in encompassed within patient care and the nursing profession. Clarification of practice governance, and expectations...

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Critique of Jean Watson's Theory

person to learn from the other, how to be human. Watson implies more than a mere mergence of experiences; she suggests a spiritual union of souls (Watson, 2008; Walker, 1996, p. 992). This writing will evaluate Watson’s theory and critique using Chinn and Kramer’s model of evaluation using description, clarity, simplicity, generalizability, accessibility, and importance (Meleis, 2012, p. 184). Clarity Watson precisely defines the concepts and sub concepts central to this theory. Watson explains...

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Nursing Philosophy, Model and Theory Discussion

their ideas about the essences and empirics of nursing, they spoke out about the need for theory to guide the practice of nursing. They reminded us that theory is the goal of scientific work and is essential to the development of any profession”(Chinn & Kramer, 1999). Nursing theory within nursing practice simplified; is the basis of understanding what exactly it is that a nurse does. When looking at each of the theorists, it is easy to incorporate their thoughts into our everyday work. Following...

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Cases and Laws

expandable.” (Gollnick & Chinn, pg. 181, 2013) The rights we have today as women, African Americans, and those disabled are because of results that came about from case laws. The case laws to help these individuals obtain their rights started in 1896 with the Brown vs Board of Education (Gollnick & Chinn, 2013) case. This case was much, like the Plessy v. Ferguson case, which was upheld by the Louisiana Separate Car Act. According to Gollnick & Chinn (2013), “African Americans had...

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Johns Model of Reflection - Nursing

valuable teaching experience of how to care for a client while under pressure of being short staffed, emergency care as well as being an a client advocate. Learning How has this experience changed my ways of knowing? Empirics – Scientific: Chinn and Kramer (1995) report that empirical knowledge is knowledge that is supported by scientific facts and observations which means that it can be reflected by others. This experience helped me to see the importance of vital signs in an emergency situation...

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Case Recitation Karen L. JERMAN, Petitioner, v. CARLISLE, McNELLIE, RINI, KRAMER & ULRICH LPA, et al.

Professor Preston May 10, 2014 BUSI 2301-4005 Karen L. JERMAN, Petitioner, v. CARLISLE, McNELLIE, RINI, KRAMER & ULRICH LPA, et al.No. 08-1200. United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Supreme Court of the United States Decided April 21, 2010.Page(s) 890-891 Karen L. Jerman had a mortgage with Countrywide Home Loans and was contacted by the law firm Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer & Ulrich LPA, on behalf of Country Wide, seeking a foreclosure on Jerman’s property. The notice...

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Theoritical Framework vs Conceptual Framework

affect media’s performance. (After: Littlejohn, 1992) Concept After formulating the theoretical framework, the researcher has to develop the conceptual framework of the study. A concept is an image or symbolic representation of an abstract idea. Chinn and Kramer (1999) define a concept as a “complex mental formulation of experience”. While the theoretical framework is the theory on which the study is based, the conceptual framework is the operationalization of the theory. Conceptual Framework It is...

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Conflict Resolution Paper

transformational theory is beneficial. According to Chinn (2008), using the conflict transformation theory, the conflict transformation is used before there is a conflict. Any rising issue is addressed in a constructive way, paying attention to possible lessons learned (Chinn, 2008). Using the transformational theory would have prevented the bad feelings towards each other. It is not one person’s responsibility to try to resolve a conflict (Chinn, 2008). If transformational theory were used in...

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Dorthea Orem

2001). Orem also sees health as a state of well-being, which refers to a person’s perceived condition of existence, characterized by experiences of contentment, pleasure, happiness, and movement toward self ideals and continuing personalization (Chinn & Kramer, 2004). Health state is how and individual values their well-being or state of illness or wellness. Orem also separated the term health state from illness, disease, or injury. In describing Orem’s self-care theory, she believed the patient...

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their examination of patients in relation to their compliance with hand washing policies. (Carol Benton, 2007) Empiric Knowledge is based on the theory that includes sensory perception, belief, faith, tradition and experience. (Peggy L. Chinn, Maeona K. Kramer, 2011) “Socialization into a discipline is guided by theories use of language, identification of concepts, definition of relationships, structured ideas, and facilitation of discipline inquiry, practice and communication, as well as predicting...

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Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Theory

beings, environment, health, and nursing (Fawcett, 2005). In 1971, Orem described a human being (humanity) as “…an integrated whole composed of an internal physical, psychological, and social nature with varying degrees of self-care ability” (Chinn & Kramer, 2004). Using this Theory a nurse can discover the patient’s developmental level and can predict the path of care that guides both the client and family to an increase health care self level. The Self Care Model scales down the actual nursing...

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Created Shared Value

our best chance to legitimize business again (Porter & Kramer, 2011). Creating shared value incorporate value institution for which function simultaneously yields procedure for more value and greater social impact, ensuing dramatic transformations, and opportunities for growth in business and community. Shared value creation focuses on identifying and expanding the connections between societal and economic progress (Porter & Kramer, 2011). Shared value is the principle that looks for...

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Sales and Bob Marsh

net/mkdas_ongc/group-7-sdm-kramer-pharmaceuticals * 1. Case Study Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Presented by Debi Prasad Bagria Kishor Chandwani Nandini Mudgil Mrinmoy Kanti Das Rahul Agarwal Ritesh Kumar Singh * 2. Case Background Company : Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Inc Business : Pharmaceuticals (Manufacturer of Prescription Drugs) Country : U.S. Year : 1978 Competitors: Abbott, Lilly, Merck, Upjohn & Schering * 3. Case Background Bob Marsh, a former detailer, worked at Kramer Pharmaceutical for...

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Creating Shared Value

maximizes a company’s benefits to society and minimizes the risks and costs to society—all while keeping the company focused on creating business and brand value (Epstein-Reeves, 2011). The following makes the separation of CSR from CSV. Porter & Kramer begin the article by blaming business, overall, as the major cause of social, environmental and economic problems. They say that the companies are prospering amidst all that is going on around us and it is at our (community’s) expense. The notion...

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Orem's Nursing Theory

theory which is a general theory of nursing, is used widely in nursing today (Hartweg, 1995). Orem’s contributions played significant role in shifting nursing away from a medical model of practice and to gain recognition as a legitimate science (Chinn & Kramer, 2004). The Four Metaparadigm Human Orem used multiple terms while referring to humans such as individual, patient, multiperson unit, self-care agent, dependent-care agent (Fawcett, 2005). Health Her definition of health directly contradicts...

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Lasiuk And Ferguson 2005

Nurses Association issued a position paper declaring theory development to be the primary goal of the profession. Nursing scholars responded and the earliest nursing theories went to press in the late 1960's and through the 1970s. Theory: a primer Chinn and Kramer describe theory as the creative and rigorous structuring of ideas that project a tentative, purposeful, and systematic view of phenomena. More specifically, it consists of concepts and the relationships among those concepts, for the purpose of...

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Chester G. Starr and Samuel Noah Kramer’s views on the topic, the answer remains far from clear. Starr took the side of yes, that Sumerian society was male dominated in both the mortal and divine realms and barely acknowledges the role of women at all. Kramer, on the other hand, found the powerful roles that women played in both heaven and earth. The conclusions these two writers come to are convoluted, at best, by their ability to find evidence that supports their assumptions about gender roles of Sumerian...

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Deloitte and Touche Case Interview Preparation Guide

Interview Preparation Guide for the Deloitte and Touche Management Consulting Case SKS Meeting Details Name: Roger Kramer Position: CFO of SKS Meeting time: Monday October 15, at 4:00 p.m., at his office Length of meeting: 45 minutes Appointment confirmed? Yes Who else is coming? Another consultant, waiting for confirmation Meeting Objectives: 1.Introduce myself and the purpose of the engagement 2.Allay any fears and concerns that he might have regarding the engagement 3.Create a rapport ...

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