• Natural Disasters in India with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu
    J. Acad. Indus. Res. Vol. 1(2) July 2012 59 ISSN: 2278-5213 REVIEW Natural disasters in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu A. Stephen Dept. of Ecology, French Institute of Pondicherry, Puducherry-605001, India stephanos.crown@gmail.com; +91 9841890069 _____________________________
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  • 64th Republic Day of India
    Introduction 64th Republic Day of India - January 26, 2013 Republic Day, celebrated on January 26th every year, is one of India’s most important national events. It was on January 26th, 1950 that the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly Sovereign, Democratic and Republi
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  • Study of Bicycle Market in India
    A Study on Bicycles Market By B. Ashok (PG2008-019) Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies P. O. Yantrapur, Harihar – 577602, India 1. Introduction: The Bicycle has had a considerable effect on human society, in both the cultural and industrial realms. Bicycles wer
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  • Tourism Report India
    INDIA TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 Government of India Ministry of Tourism Market Research Division OFFICERS OF MARKET RESEARCH DIVISION ASSOCIATED WITH THE PREPARATION OF INDIA TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 Dr. R.N. Pandey Additional Director General Shri K.K. Nath Shri S.V. Singh Miss. Neha Sriv
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  • Ministry of Steel Government of India Annual Report 2008-2009
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  • Cafe Coffee Day
    1) Executive Summary Indian consumer is a very interesting entity. The consumer in India is as heterogeneous as the country itself is. The urban consumer contrasts with the rural and the South Indian consumer with the North Indian. Further still, the consumer in the metros militates with his usag
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  • Problems Faced by Children
    Hookah are a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) water pipe for smoking. Originally from India. The hookah was a symbol of pride and honour for the landlords, kings and other such high class people. Now,the hookah has gained immense popularity, especially in the Middle East. A hookah operate
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  • Population of India
    Population [pic] Index |SR NO |TITLES |PAGE NO. | | 1 |Introduction |7
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  • Contemporary Social Issues in India
    Contemporary Social Issues Global Hunger Index -2011 Hunger can be defined as an uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food, the want or scarcity of food in a country. World hunger refers to the aggregated to th
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  • Education in Ancient India
    Education in Ancient India Education in ancient India was tremendously important for the society and was given to the 3 upper classes, namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishya Introduction http://www.sciforums.com/Education-System-In-Ancient-India-t-16676.html It may be said with quite a good
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  • Communal Voilence in India
    COMMUNAL VIOLENCE IN INDIA AFTER INDEPENDENCE Contents i. Acknowledgement ii. Religious violence in post-modern India iii. Instances of religious terror in India iv. The Babri Masjid Demolition v. The 1992-1993 Bombay Riots vi. The 1993 Bombay Bombings vii. Anti-Christia
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  • A Study on Health Aspects and Its Impact on Habitants Working in Leather Tanneries in Ambur, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu
    A STUDY ON HEALTH ASPECTS AND ITS IMPACT ON HABITANTS WORKING IN LEATHER TANNERIES IN AMBUR, VELLORE DISTRICT, TAMIL NADU. A project submitted in Partial fulfilment of the requirement For the degree of MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK Specializing in Human Resource Management To the UNIVERSITY OF MAD
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  • Khadi Workings in India
    A STUDY ON THE WORKINGS OF KHADI AND VILLAGE INDUSTRIES IN TIRUCHIRAPALLI DISTRICT [pic] “If villages prosper, India Prospers” “Khadi is the sun of village solar system the planets are the various industries which supports the Khadi in return for that heat and substance they d
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  • Freedom Fighters of India
    Freedom Fighters of India Vallabhbhai Patel His brave deeds earned Vallabhbhai Patel the title of the iron man of India. For his role in the Bardoli Satyagraha, Patel came to be called the Sardar. Sardar Patel was a famous lawyer but gave up his practice in order to fight for the freedom of the co
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  • India Art and Culture
    CULTURAL HERITAGE OF INDIA WITH EMPHASIS ON 20TH CENTURY Culture is a central instrument of discovering, integrating and asserting the national identity of India which truly and inevitably pluralistic. Culture permeates every sphere of human activity, determines and governs life and pattern of In
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  • Mid Day Meal
    Access to Nutritious Meal Programmes Evidence from 1999-2000 NSS Data The 1999-2000 National Sample Survey data indicates that a large majority of children in India from poorer households did not have access to the meal schemes operational in the country. The only exception to this was Tamil Nadu
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  • Corporate Governance - a Study on Vodafone Int. and Cadbury India
    INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT This project deals with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of companies, and how the companies can improve their CSR profile even more. Two companies, one Indian and one International, have been chosen for the purpose of this study: * International company - V
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  • Transforming India
    Transforming INDIA By empowerment of the people of INDIA Through Relevant Education & Vocational Training By Krishan Khanna Supported By Printed in India by Sheetal Prints, 211, Pragati Industrial Estate, Dr. N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel East, Mumbai - 400 011. Published in India by
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  • Inspire India
    Education and skill development “We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” Introduction-Education in the general sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of
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  • Cafe Coffee Day
    Introduction In the quest of thirst, the customers have a lot of choice to select their best drinks to quench their thirst which has been fulfilled by lot of small and big players right from the local juice maker till the big giants like Pepsi and Coca Cola. As two players like Pepsi and Coca Co
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